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Mainshow Goes Diva: Kylie Minogue #2 + #1

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  • I feared for that number 1, but somehow I knew it. I don't like All the lovers, I think it was one week in my charts or so and then fell out. It's the only song I don't like from Aphrodite.

    Confide in me is a masterpiece though, perfect song in my opinion.
    I am not trying to seduce you... Would you like me to seduce you? Is that what you're trying to tell me?


    • So... the first time I ever heard Confide in Me was this summer because it came up in the countdown I did, and I really like dit - I thought the vocals were so hypnotizing and I liked the "dark pop" aspect of it.

      All the Lovers is a great #1! It's one of just a handful of Kylie tracks that I've ever had in my personal chart.

      Looking forward to your next top 10


      • Amazing #1, it has solidified itself as a Kylie iconic classic and is always a highlight of her live sets.

        Shame Spinning Around, Devil and CGYOOMH missed your top 10!