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Beyoncé Runs the World: The Top 150 Songs (#1 Revealed!)

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    Flaws and All - so cute!
    One Night Only - Effie White's version is superior.
    Sandcastles - good, but sub-par by its parent album's ridiculously high standard.
    No Angel - forgettable.
    6 Inch - a boss bitch anthem.
    Save the Hero - love the lyrics! This is one of B's most underrated gems, in my opinion.
    Dreamgirls - love it.
    Video Phone - awful.
    Still in Love (Kissing You) - boring.
    Rocket - one of her most overrated songs ever. I like the sit this ass on you line, though.
    Summertime - okay, but Fantasia did this much better.
    Yes - no.
    Sorry - love this. I'm glad we got to hear the demo, too, which I think I like even more than the original.
    Ego - a bit much, but still a bop.
    Part II (On the Run) - B's bits are great.
    Heaven - good.
    Creole - I don't really like this.
    Mi Gente - I prefer this song without B.
    Work It Out - I don't think this has aged well.
    Start Over - brilliant! One of her career-finest.
    Hold Up - I think this was my initial Lemonade favourite. I have lots of love for it.
    Beautiful Liar - good collab!
    Why Don't You Love Me - another super underrated track from her. I love the music video, too.
    Back Up - low replay value.
    Speechless - don't really care for it.
    Lay Up Under Me - a bit sub-par, but not bad.
    Kitty Kat - this is okay.
    Apeshit - this goes OFF in the club.
    Put It in a Love Song - cute!
    Be with You - boring.
    Akini's Top 400 Songs of the Decade: [115-111]


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      Lay up under me, Hold up and Kitty Kat are nice

      Beautiful liar is a great song and Why don't you love me is her best song and her best video ever I would say
      I am not trying to seduce you... Would you like me to seduce you? Is that what you're trying to tell me?


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        Thank you for the comments. This is the last batch of songs that didn't make the Top 50.

        060. "DRUNK IN LOVE"
        (featuring JAY-Z)
        Obviously, this song was released at the most exciting period of Beyoncé's career. Fueled by the hype of the surprise release of her self-titled fourth album, this song eventually marked Beyoncé's return to the Hot 100 Top 10, peaking at number two. The heavy bass and the synths (thanks to Timbaland) are what definitely made the song so infectious. I was a bit disappointed with the music video though.

        059. "DIVA"
        I used to dislike this song so much. I thought it was Beyoncé's worst single ever. I felt that it was such a lame follow-up to the previous two lead singles of I Am... Sasha Fierce. The song only grew on me when she performed it in her most recent tours.

        058. "WISHING ON A STAR"
        This song was already made available thanks to the audio bonus disc issuance of Beyoncé's first live concert DVD Live at Wembley. When I first heard this onn the radio back in 2004, I thought that this was going to be included in a special edition of Dangerously in Love, which was so popular during that time. It could have been a big hit for her since all her commercial singles at that point were always in the Top 10 of the Hot 100.

        057. "END OF TIME"
        This was already a hit waiting to be released in 2011. I anticipated the release of this song as a single after "Run the World (Girls)" didn't impact the charts as expected. I can't believe this was not even one of those songs that had a music video. Though it's not as catchy to me as I first heard it years ago, I still think it's one of those Beyoncé songs that come to life whenever she performs it.

        056. "BROKEN-HEARTED GIRL"
        I like this song a lot. I don't understand why many of the ballads from I Am... Sasha Fierce were met with mixed reviews from fans and critics alike. I guess her core audience wanted more R&B and soul performances from Beyoncé, something she obviously focused on in the 4 album. I love the music video for this, it's very simple but I think it effectively reflects the emotion of the song.

        055. "HEARD ABOUT US"
        (THE CARTERS)
        This song is the highest-charting track from the EVERYTHING IS LOVE album in my personal chart. Though the album is far from being my favorite Beyoncé album, I think it still has some great tracks that won't get much attention (since the album was overlooked by the general public). "Heard About Us" is very catchy, I think it should have been the second single.

        054. "WORLD WIDE WOMAN"
        The B'Day album is obviously one of my favorite R&B albums and its re-release got me hyped with more songs and an extension of the era. I know that the song's lyrics aren't really something serious and deep. I just like it due to nostalgia.

        053. "'03 BONNIE & CLYDE"
        (JAY-Z featuring Beyoncé Knowles)
        Though it wasn't as huge as the many R&B and hip-hop collaborations of the 2000s, the song obviously launched supercouple JAY-Z and Beyoncé (who still used her last name upon being credited in this song). The song still sounds so good up to now. I remember watching the music video a lot in early 2003.

        052. "SUGA MAMA"
        This song still is one of my favorite songs. How I wish this gets performed in future tours. I can still remember downloading this from Limewire. It was during the era of peer-to-peer file sharing. I even liked the music video despite looking extremely low budget.

        051. "DISAPPEAR"
        I don't know if this ever got performed live. I definitely think it's one of Beyoncé's most underrated ballads. Upon discovery, it was actually a cover. A singer named Hugo actually performed this song before it was given to Beyoncé. His version is actually a lot better, it definitely suits his voice and the live version of his performance in Bangkok is very relaxing to listen to.


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          Drunk in Love - this should be in the dictionary as the definition of epic. Quite possibly her career-best for me.
          Diva - a bit much, but cute.
          Wishing on a Star - good.
          End of Time - overrated, but strong.
          Broken-Hearted Girl - beautiful, simple ballad.
          Heard About Us - a standout from its parent album.
          World Wide Woman - noisy production.
          '03 Bonnie and Clyde - feels like a classic to me even if I don't absolutely love it.
          Suga Mama - meh.
          Disappear - this is so tender that it took years to connect with me, but I really appreciate it now.
          Akini's Top 400 Songs of the Decade: [115-111]


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            THE TOP 50
            Here are the songs that made the Top 50. It was so hard for me to rank all of them since all of these songs are my favorites. I still play all of these songs regularly.

            050. "ALL NIGHT"
            This song is so underrated. I think this is one of the best feel-good love songs Beyoncé has released. Sadly, it didn't get that much appreciation as the other Lemonade songs. I love the use of live instruments in this, it was indeed so refreshing to hear compared to the other Lemonade tracks. However, the song was able to peak in the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 when Lemonade was released.

            049. "DREAMING"
            I really love the vocals in this song. It is a Japanese bonus track in the 4 album. I actually wish it was on the deluxe at least, there were other weak standard track listing songs like "1+1" and "I Was Here" that made the album which should have been replaced by many of the deluxe bonus songs.

            048. "RESENTMENT"
            Beyoncé did an outstanding rendition of this song, which was originally performed by Spice Girl Victoria Beckham (for her second solo album in 2004 which was eventually shelved), and then-upcoming R&B artist Jazmine Sullivan (for her 2004 debut album, which also, was shelved). I remember disliking this song back in the day, I felt that it was out of place in the B'Day album, but it grew on me and became one of my favorite Beyoncé songs ever. I'm glad she still performs this song despite not being a single.

            047. "BEST THING I NEVER HAD"
            This song is quite ironic. I feel like the protagonist (despite being thankful of the circumstances that happened) is still very much bitter about that partner who has hurt her. It is definitely very similar to "Irreplaceable" in terms of the theme.

            046. "DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE 2"
            Beyoncé obviously loved this song so much that she was inspired to name her debut album to this song, which was originally released two years prior in the Survivor album with Destiny's Child. It's one of her best R&B ballads, the Grammy 2004 performance where a dove landed on her hand at the end was brilliant. The song never gets old.

            045. "MINE"
            (featuring Drake)
            I still don't understand how this song didn't become a major hit. The song is amazing and it had Drake featured in it. This is one of the best videos in the BEYONCÉ album. I love that it gives a very atmospheric vibe right before Drake starts his verse.

            044. "DANCE 4 U"
            This is one of the best gems in the 4 album. It's definitely one of the standouts and it should have been released as a major single. I love that Beyoncé commissioned a music video for this despite being a deluxe edition bonus track.

            043. "THE CLOSER I GET TO YOU"
            (Luther Vandross and Beyoncé Knowles)
            This was a such a remarkable remake of the Donny Hathaway and Roberta Flack classic. It was one of Luther's last recordings and it was also part of his final album. Upon researching the reviews to this song, I didn't know that this was quite panned, I think this was one of the finest moments in both studio albums released by Beyoncé and Luther Vandross.

            042. "HYMN FOR THE WEEKEND"
            Interestingly, Beyoncé was not credited as a featured vocalist in this song, despite having prominent vocals in the whole duration of the track as well as appearing in the music video for the song. I remember disliking this song when I first heard it, I felt that Coldplay was trying too hard to go in the pop lane with this kind of song. I also felt that there were other stronger songs in the A Head Full of Dreams album. The song grew on me since then.

            041. "PARTITION"
            The self-titled surprise album definitely had a lot of sexual moments, and "Partition" was definitely the part where the sensual theme reaches the climax. It's one of the best tracks on the album. The music video seemed like an explicit and raunchier version of all of Beyoncé's sexy music videos combined. How I wish JAY-Z wasn't the love interest in the video, it would have been nice to see other models or actors take part in this video over her husband.


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              Suga Mama and Diva are nice.
              Partition is very sexy and Hymn for the weekend a good Coldplay song.Mine is a bit weak and Dance for you really nice. Best thing I never had is ok. All night is good and End of time great, same for Broken-hearted girl and drunk in love.
              I am not trying to seduce you... Would you like me to seduce you? Is that what you're trying to tell me?


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                Thank you for the comments. Here is the first batch of songs that made the Top 40.

                040. "LISTEN"
                The Broadway musical Dreamgirls was obviously centered on Effie White, which was Jennifer Hudson's character, in the film adaptation. To be honest, it was so hard to come up with a song that can stand out like "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" which was already considered a classic. However, the producers of the film version were able to create a song that puts emphasis on Beyoncé's character, Deena Jones, in the song "Listen". It's definitely one of Beyoncé's best vocal performances, it's nice that the film was able to produce new material instead on just rely on the existing Dreamgirls songs.

                039. "SINGLE LADIES (PUT A RING ON IT)"
                I have a 'love/hate' relationship with this song. At times, I really love it and then it can get really annoying and repetitive. I must admit that it is one of Beyoncé's best encore songs, it does aid in hyping the audience each time it gets performed. Of course, Beyoncé is still very much relevant in the mainstream but I think she has yet to top this song in terms of iconic mass appeal.

                038. "UNTIL THE END OF TIME"
                (Justin Timberlake and Beyoncé)
                This is one of Justin's best songs ever. I already loved the original version but I wasn't able to pay attention to it as much as his other songs from the FutureSex/LoveSounds album until this duet version was released. It's a shame this didn't get a proper video, it could have been a huge number one single. Listening to it now makes me miss the R&B domination in the 2000s so much.

                037. "FIGHTING TEMPTATION"
                (Beyoncé, Missy Elliott, MC Lyte and Free)
                I love the throwback vibe of this song. It's also rare to see female rappers collaborating in a song, it reminded me of Lil' Kim's "Not Tonight" featuring Da Brat, Missy Elliott, Angie Martinez and the late Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes from TLC. The music video for this song was all over MTV Asia when it was released just like Beyoncé's hits "Crazy in Love" and "Baby Boy" back in 2003. I didn't know that this wasn't a hit in the United States. It's one of my favorite R&B/hip-hop soundtrack singles ever.

                036. "COUNTDOWN"
                This is definitely one of the highlights from the 4 album, I don't understand how the whole album was actually snubbed by the Grammy committee in 2011. I love that it sampled "Uhh Ahh" by Boyz II Men, I remember catching Beyoncé (in the audience) sing along with Jimmy Fallon when he did an impromptu a cappella performance of "Motownphilly" in the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. It would have been interesting to have a remix with Boyz II Men.

                035. "RING THE ALARM"
                I was so obsessed with this song the moment it was released. I remember reading so much fan criticism on how loud and noisy B'Day came to be in terms of the production (and that the album being completed in less than a month was a huge mistake on Beyoncé's part) but I think it was everything Beyoncé needed after a very ballad-heavy Dangerously in Love album.

                034. "NAUGHTY GIRL"
                I was so happy that this song became the fourth single from Dangerouly in Love. I really thought that her team would go for another midtempo after "Me, Myself and I" since the album has a lot of slow songs. It was only fitting that this was released as the last single from the album. The choreography as seen in the music video was very unique and it was nice to see Usher perform the dance sequence as Beyoncé's love interest.

                033. "PARTY"
                (featuring J. Cole)
                Initially, I was so annoyed that Kanye was part of this song. I remember still being irritated by his presence, but the song grew on me. I always listened to this song when 4 was just released. André 3000's verse was amazing but J. Cole did it better, in my opinion. I think this song got the best music video treatment out of all the singles from the album.

                032. "HELLO"
                I said this many times here but I still don't get how the best songs in I Am... Sasha Fierce were in the deluxe edition. Perhaps, it was a strategy made by her team for more sales. It's nice though that songs such as "Hello" and "Why Won't You Love Me" were still performed in her tour. The I Am... Yours: Live at Wynn performance of this song is my favorite. It could have been released as a single.

                031. "PERFECT DUET"
                (Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé)
                This song is already amazing as it is. To be honest, the solo version by Ed Sheeran is way better than this duet version. I think this duet was nice but it really felt like a sudden cash-in for both artists so that the song can instantly go to number-one in the United States, which did happen. I also think that Beyoncé should have used softer vocals in singing this love song (maybe have it performed in the same way she sang songs in the I Am... tracks). She sounded like she was a bit angry with the unnecessary growling in some parts.


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                  All Night - I disagree that this is underrated; most people seem to give it the praise it so richly deserves.
                  Dreaming - sweet.
                  Resentment - love the passion.
                  Best Thing I Never Had - catchy and relatable.
                  Dangerously in Love 2 - killer vocals.
                  Mine - quality track!
                  Dance for You - B's sexiest video to date.
                  The Closer I Get to You - I don't remember liking this much.
                  Hymn for the Weekend - B's vocals slay.
                  Partition - raunchy! This was my early fave from the self-titled LP.
                  Listen - terrific!
                  Single Ladies - yeah, I feel the same way about it. Sometimes I think it's this iconic, catchy, empowerment anthem, and at other times, I think it's an overrated song with an even more overrated video that stole attention from superior tracks on its parent album. It's obviously one of her signature songs, though.
                  Until the End of Time - not a big fan.
                  Countdown - ridiculously catchy and easily one of her career-best!
                  Ring the Alarm - lots of fire on this track. Her VMA performance of this is iconic!
                  Naughty Girl - cute!
                  Party - underrated!
                  Hello - beautiful!
                  Perfect - awful.
                  Akini's Top 400 Songs of the Decade: [115-111]


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                    This is the last batch of songs that almost made the Top 20.

                    030. "GET ME BODIED (EXTENDED REMIX)"
                    I don't see anyone being able to pull this song off better than Beyoncé. It really encapsulates the B'Day theme so well. I was surprised that this didn't become a big hit for her. The extended remix choreography is one of the most entertaining part of the music video. It was so nice to see her bring this back in the Coachella concert with her sister Solange.

                    029. "HAUNTED"
                    This is definitely one of Beyoncé's best music videos. I first heard the song at the time I was watching all the visuals for the self-titled album and it really stood out. It reminded me of Madonna's "Justify My Love" and "Erotica" videos. Though I think it's would not have worked as a strong single, it's definitely one of the most experimental tracks from the self-titled album.

                    028. "SCHOOLIN' LIFE"
                    I really love this song because of the feel-good production and its inspiring lyrics. It's very uplifting and positive. The throwback vibe also adds to its appeal. I was so disappointed that this was a deluxe edition bonus track. It deserved to be on the main track listing over some of the other 4 songs.

                    027. "THAT'S WHY YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL"
                    The live instruments in this song really complimented the soft tone of Beyoncé's vocals. It's so refreshing to hear especially since most of Beyoncé's songs are usually beat-driven and uptempo. I also love the lyrics of this song.

                    026. "UPGRADE U"
                    (featuring JAY-Z)
                    Over the past fifteen years, Beyoncé and husband JAY-Z have joined forces in music, and having all of those collaborations ranked, I must say that their third best song together would be this song. It wasn't my instant favorite when I heard the B'Day album for the first time, but it grew on me as soon as I saw the music video. It's one of her catchiest songs and it deserved to be a bigger hit.

                    025. "SCARED OF LONELY"
                    I still don't understand how songs of this calibre were deduced to bonus tracks. I have said my piece on the case of Beyoncé's earlier bonus tracks (mostly from her second, third and fourth studio albums) and this one was again another missed opportunity. Everything from the beat to the melody of the song is a hit in the making. It's one of the best songs from I Am... Sasha Fierce.

                    024. "PRETTY HURTS"
                    I didn't really pay attention to the other Sia tracks that Beyoncé released (in 2013) prior to "Pretty Hurts". Obviously, among those that we have heard, this one is the best. I have always thought that this should have been marketed as a lead single. It had such a strong theme and the music video is outstanding.

                    023. "ME, MYSELF AND I"
                    I remember being very disappointed when I saw this on MTV Total Request Live. I was hoping for another uptempo as a single from Dangerously in Love. Upon seeing the music video many times, it grew on me. It became one of Beyoncé's big hits, but it seems to have been forgotten by the general public now. I'm glad Beyoncé still includes song in her set list every now and then.

                    022. "FREAKUM DRESS"
                    This song was an immediate favorite of mine from the moment B'Day was released. I absolutely loved the performance in The Beyoncé Experience. The song was one of the concert highlights. It's definitely one of those songs that sounds even better live.

                    021. "TELEPHONE"
                    (Lady Gaga featuring Beyoncé)
                    I have always loved since song from the moment it was released. It's sad that it was always overshadowed by "Bad Romance" which remains Gaga's most iconic song and music video. I was also surprised how the huge hype for the music video (especially since it is a Lady Gaga and Beyoncé collaboration) didn't help this top the Hot 100. It was a big hit but it could have been much bigger for both artists.


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                      Get Me Bodied - good.
                      Haunted - underrated, terrific track!
                      Schoolin' Life - anthem!
                      That's Why You're Beautiful - a bit on the bleh side.
                      Upgrade U - this slays.
                      Scared of Lonely - absolutely epic, and deeply relatable.
                      Pretty Hurts - great message, strong song.
                      Me, Myself and I - a bit forgettable, but it has some strong lyrics.
                      Freakum Dress - overrated, but good.
                      Telephone - insanely epic.
                      Akini's Top 400 Songs of the Decade: [115-111]


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                        THE TOP 20
                        Below are the songs that made the Top 20. Three songs from this batch come from the 4 album, while BEYONCÉ, Lemonade and B'Day (if we count "Check on It" as part of the era) have two songs.

                        020. "RUN THE WORLD (GIRLS)"
                        I wasn't a huge fan of this song when it came out. I felt that it was so noisy and messy, and way too all over the place. It only grew on me when I saw the choreography and the performance at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards. That performance (despite being controversial due to on the originality of concept) elevated Beyoncé in terms of showmanship in her televised performances.

                        019. "***FLAWLESS"
                        (featuring Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie)
                        This is probably the most iconic song in the self-titled album. Some of the lyrics are still being used up to now in the language of social media. I think it was a huge mistake for this to be released at the tail end of the BEYONCÉ era. The standard version with the speech from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is far superior than the auto-tuned Beyoncé with the Nicki Minaj verse from the post-elevator scandal official remix.

                        018. "GREEN LIGHT"
                        Beyoncé and The Neptunes (comprised of Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo) have a couple of collaborations throughout the years, and I think this one is their best. I love that it sounds like a song from the past. It's infectious, loud and fun. It could have been a bigger single but I feel like the momentum of "Irreplaceable" was hard to topple despite strong B'Day singles that followed its release.

                        017. "I MISS YOU"
                        Upon listening to the 4 album, this song caught my attention immediately. It gives very relaxing and tranquil mood. I still don't understand how this didn't even have a music video. It could have worked as a single. I love the production, it has this eighties feel that makes it have that nostalgic vibe.

                        016. "FORMATION"
                        The song and the music video is way too strong to be in the Lemonade album. I feel like it has a life of its own. When Lemonade was released, I listened to this song more than any of the other eleven tracks combined. Fan sites have claimed that this was submitted to R&B categories in the Grammys but this didn't manage to sneak in. I don't understand how Solange can win over this masterpiece, to be honest. However, it managed to snag the two General Field Grammy nominations.

                        015. "CHECK ON IT"
                        (featuring Bun B and Slim Thug)
                        I remember being very annoyed upon hearing this song for the first time. I felt that a Destiny's Child song should have occupied its place in the #1's album more than this song. Eventually, it grew on me and became one of my favorite Beyoncé songs ever. The pink-themed music video (which was due to the fact that it was the major soundtrack single from The Pink Panther movie) was outstanding.

                        014. "I CARE"
                        This is one of Beyoncé's finest vocal performances ever. I love that she still includes this song in her set lists every now and then. The song really showed her versatility. It was so different from the usual pop/R&B Beyoncé songs that people are accustomed to hearing. The HOMECOMING performance at Coachella could have worked as an official music video.

                        013. "JEALOUS"
                        At one point, I actually thought that this song would explode and become one of Beyoncé's biggest songs. I love that it's very simple yet powerful. The music video is also very effective, it captured the mood of the song very well. I used to play this a lot, it was my go-to song every time I was stuck in traffic.

                        012. "SMASH INTO YOU"
                        I already heard this song prior to the song's title being changed from "Smack into You" to "Smash into You". It was originally performed by Jon McLaughlin, and was rumored to have been part of his OK Now album. To be honest, it suited his voice so well, it didn't need a bigger artist to have it interpreted better. However, Beyoncé's version (despite having the same arrangement) is still amazing.

                        011. "PRAY YOU CATCH ME"
                        I can still remember the very first time I played this song. I was going to work and got so hooked right away. The chorus is so catchy. It's so solemn and a bit gloomy but it effectively sets the tone of the Lemonade album. It's not as popular as Beyoncé's other hits but I think that it is one of her best ballads ever.


                        • #37
                          Hello and Pretty hurts are great.

                          I hate Listen and Single ladies feels overrated.

                          I care and Check on it are very good songs.

                          I can't stand I miss you.

                          Telephone is Gagas best song.
                          I am not trying to seduce you... Would you like me to seduce you? Is that what you're trying to tell me?


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                            Diva is a bop wish it was higher. Great countdown though.

                            Broken-hearted girl, best thing I never had, partition, ring the alarm, get me bodied, upgrade u, scared of lonely, freakum dress, telephoned, formation, smash into you.. amazing.

                            Particularly smash into you and formation, getting top 20 recognition.
                            If I should die this very day


                            • #39
                              Run the World (Girls) - my relationship with this is essentially a parallel of yours!
                              ***Flawless - I like the Nicki remix.
                              Green Light - solid bop!
                              I Miss You - so gentle and tender. Those qualities took years to really resonate with me, but I genuinely appreciate this track now.
                              Formation - a bit high for me, but I love its message.
                              Check on It - I don't think I ever liked this.
                              I Care - killer emotion in the vocals, but the lyrics are lacking a bit for me.
                              Jealous - good.
                              Smash into You - I've seen how so many people revere this one, and I think it's grown on me a lot over the years. You've still got it at least 30 or so places higher than I would have put it.
                              Pray You Catch Me - probably my least fave from its parent album.
                              Akini's Top 400 Songs of the Decade: [115-111]


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                                THE TOP 10
                                Thank you so much for the comments! We now reached the end of the countdown. To be honest, I didn't plan to make this countdown right away. It's just that I was listening to Beyoncé and Destiny's Child music two months ago, and upon listing Beyoncé songs, it was just fitting to do a chart since she has been active in the industry for more than twenty years now. I was originally going to do a Top 100 only but upon seeing that many of my other faves were left off, I made a Top 150. There were actually about 156 songs that I wrote down.

                                Here now are the songs that placed in the Top 10 of my personal chart.

                                010. "SWEET DREAMS"
                                Way before it was properly released, the song was leaked in 2008 under the title "Beautiful Nightmare". At first, I felt that it was not going to make the third album since it might have been a floating demo that was shelved. Fortunately, the song was included in I Am... Sasha Fierce, and luckily, it became a single. This is still one of her best uptempos, there's something very atmospheric and hypnotizing about this song. The music video is also up there among her classics.

                                009. "BABY BOY"
                                (featuring Sean Paul)
                                Beyoncé was not playing around when she dropped the second single from Dangerously in Love. After experiencing monster hit success with "Crazy in Love", this one continued that streak, and even became a bigger success (based on its peak chart performance). The video edit with the dance break is also a favorite of mine, how I wish it was made available on audio. I'm glad this is always included in her set lists.

                                008. "IRREPLACEABLE"
                                I can still remember playing this a lot even before it exploded. I was so obsessed with the song. I must say this was the era where I probably played Beyoncé music more than any artist. B'Day was in constant daily rotation, this brings so much nostalgia. It may be one of her most overplayed songs together with "Single Ladies" but it is an anthem and it comes to life even more when she performs the acoustic version.

                                007. "LOVE ON TOP"
                                This is by far, the best song from the 4 album. It really should have been the lead single. It's fun, light and relaxing. It represents the majority of the album and should have been given more promotion. Though the performance at the VMAs remains one of her most memorable ones, I think it deserved to have a higher chart peak. Despite 4 being snubbed in its Grammy release year, Beyoncé was surely vindicated when she won Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance a year later.

                                006. "LOVE DROUGHT"
                                This is the non-single that charted the highest in my personal chart. I instantly fell in love with this song. I love that it had a very calm and dream-like production. It stood out in the Lemonade album. I feel like the live performance at the Grammy Awards could have been a proper music video (over the actual video which cut out the song's ending). It's definitely one of her best songs ever.

                                005. "DÉJŔ VU"
                                (featuring JAY-Z)
                                This song was an instant favorite once I saw the music video. I didn't even know that there was a backlash of some sort (from fans) regarding the video's concept and final edit. I was very surprised when it managed to fall short of being a chart-topper in the Hot 100, I really thought Beyoncé and JAY-Z had it in the bag. Though it took some time (eight years to be exact) for her to perform it again, I am glad that she finally brought this back live in the Coachella performance with JAY-Z.

                                004. "HALO"
                                I remember singing along to this almost every day at school. It was my favorite as soon as the album was released. I knew that it would eventually be a single and a big hit. To be honest, I was underwhelmed with the music video, I felt that there could have been a more effective treatment. I was also disappointed that it didn't become a number one hit in the United States. Anyway, it still is one of her best songs ever and it will probably be known as one of her ultimate classics.

                                003. "XO"
                                Ryan Tedder surely knew how to craft songs for Beyoncé. I still think this is one of her most overlooked songs, it never got its chance to shine. The music video also is very fitting to the song's theme. There's something about the melody that makes it so sentimental and sad. However, I still think the NASA sample should have been omitted, it was really improper to use something from a tragedy for a commercial project. No matter how many justifications are made to make it valid, it was just insensitive to include a sample without the knowledge of those families affected.

                                002. "IF I WERE BOY"
                                When I heard that this was co-written and produced by Toby Gad, I finally figured out why I immediately associated it to Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry", which is also another one of his works. It has that pop/rock arrangement that is so different from many of Beyoncé's earlier songs. I think the music video is one of Beyoncé's best ones, I was surprised that "Single Ladies" got so much of the attention, when this song is way better overall. Perhaps, the controversy surrounding the song (with BC Jean being initially upset about Mathew Knowles purchasing the song's rights) made them put more promotional efforts in "Single Ladies" instead. I hope Beyoncé gets to perform this again using the album arrangement. Much of its magic is lost when she changes it up to a more rock version. The original version shows so much more emotion.

                                001. "CRAZY IN LOVE"
                                (featuring JAY-Z)
                                My first comment upon hearing this on the album was that they should have retained the single version instead (which doesn't fade out the horns right away). I remember being so disappointed by that after playing the CD single version for weeks before the album release. This song is definitely Beyoncé's best song ever, it put her on the map as a solo star who was destined for bigger things. Not to mention, the music video showed off her best assets as a performer and visual artist. It has been performed so many times live but she still makes it very interesting after more than fifteen years.

                                Thanks again for following my personal chart, especially to Akini (JSparksFan), Erotica and VoReason for taking time to give out comments!


                                • #41
                                  Sweet Dreams - if my memory serves me right, the video premiered shortly after MJ's passing, and I remember how much I loved it. This is probably among my top 5 B songs.
                                  Baby Boy - underrated!
                                  Irreplaceable - one of the biggest radio hits here ever! I view this one as a classic. When I did my tribute to B a few years ago, this was #1.
                                  Love on Top - sometimes I feel this one is overrated, but it's hard to find fault in it. I guess I don't connect to it quite as much as others do, but it is, technically, a stellar vocal performance.
                                  Love Drought - good, but it's a bit high.
                                  Deja Vu - the original version is fine and strong enough on its own, but that Freemasons remix is epic!
                                  Halo - the general public has really embraced this...perhaps more than any other B song. It's beautiful, but overrated for me.
                                  XO - good, but high!
                                  If I Were a Boy - great lyrics! I think this one is often overlooked, but I completely agree that it's one of her finest.
                                  Crazy in Love - an anthem! It still sounds fresh 16+ years after its release. When all is said and done, I can see this being her signature song. The Fifty Shades remix presents it in a completely different light, but it's almost as epic for me.

                                  Great countdown!
                                  Akini's Top 400 Songs of the Decade: [115-111]