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  • Originally posted by trebor View Post
    Don't really like it. Still bewildered at how successful this was in Germany; and mystified at who they are, where they came from and why this got so big.
    On the other hand, the Nephew Remix (Allein, Alene) is giving the song some needed edge; although the singing and chorus remain painful.
    Fascinated that you are placing this song at number two!

    And thank God for this:
    I am alright with Nephew remix, but I actually like "The Colour Of Snow" more than "Allein Allein". I am a fan of male falsettos and high-pitched voice in general.
    At number one...brace yourselves...
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    • #1 Noir Désir - Le Vent Nous Portera

      Year of release: 2002
      Genre: Post-punk, Alternative Rock
      #1 in Italy

      The classic case of differentiating the art from the performer's personality ain't going to work well here and I was very conflicted to not put this at #1 since I don't really like the rest of Noir Désir catalogue. Depressive music really is my jam and it rarely does well in the charts, but then again.
      But this song (and the background story) goes way beyond depression to downright gruesome perspective.
      I knew from my teenage years that Noir Désir had some kind of stain attached to their name, but I didn't really remember the gist until I started to combine this list.
      I put it at my number one anyway.
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      • Sophie Hunger did a pretty awesome cover as well.
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        • AWESOME Number One! Well done.
          One of my all-time favourite French songs.

          Nowhere near as good as the original but Element Of Crime did a good job on this theme:

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