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Stevyy's Chart :: 21/2023 :: Paradise is Here, Tina Turner gets her first #1

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  • So you label fun. as rock? I consider them alternative pop .
    Je n'ai qu'une philosophie: Être acceptée comme je suis. Malgré tout ce qu'on me dit, je reste le poing levé.

    Say no to streaming!


    • Shaniallah! Canadian Queen <3
      P=MC2's Top 20
      Originally posted by Merci
      Poszilicious, pussy served delicious!


      • great to see songs from Lennon and Glee in your chart!

        Love Sheryl Crow!


        • fun. and Bruno are my favorites from that batch.


          • Great re-entry from OneRepublic in your chart! From the artists are Bruno Mars, Shania Twain and of course Celine Dion great!




            • Year End Chart: Top Artists of 2012: Top 80 of 89 artists that reached my top albums chart

              #49.(03) Lady Gaga

              Gaga released such a strong album with Born This Way. She ended that era in 2012 and is about to start a new one. Last year she won the Bronze Award as the third most played artist of the year.

              #48.(95) Kings of Leon

              Kings of Leon had a quiet year, nevertheless they stayed loved in my world. The End stays their most successful song of all times on my chart and their most played tune of 2012.

              #47.(re) Barbra Streisand

              Her highness Miss Streisand, Barb is back in 2012. The queen of gold albums came into full force in 2012. Woman in Me, Evergreen, Memory and above all People became smash hits.

              #46.(new) Deichkind

              Deichkind are a German rap/funk group that have been around for many years. It wasn't until 2012 that I discovered their greatness. Bück Dich Hoch became a smash.

              #45.(re) Leona Lewis

              Glassheart didn't become the smash she deserved. Nontheless, Fireflies became one of her biggest hits ever. Leona is my 16th most played female of all times.

              #44.(54) Brandon Flowers

              On the peak of Battle Borns success, Brandon's monstrous smash album Flamingo made a very surprising comeback to the upper realms of my top 10 in 2012. Brandon Flowers has become one of my most cherished and adored singer. He's my 14th most played male "soloist" of all times.

              #43.(new) One Direction

              What a debut for a boygroup I once liked alot and now despise with my heart. I have to say, their first album had some crazy pop tunes on it.

              #42.(re) Tina Turner

              After Barb, Paul Simon and a few yet to chart, Miss Tina is the most legendary one. Her status among women is unparalleled. Her Essential set became a huge hit in 2012 - filled with timeless evergreens.

              #41.(52) John Lennon

              John recently joined my LastFm alltime top 40 artists. This is just further proof how much I love and adore the Greatest Musician of all times. His discography is outstanding and unmatched. He currently leads my albums chart and it looks promising in the coming weeks for him as well. Lennon currently ranks #30th on my alltime male singers chart.

              #40.(re) Katie Melua

              Not many people know how much a fan I am of Katie. her music is so soft and calming, the perfect soundtrack for a rainy evening at home, reading a book. Yes, sometimes I pretend to be sophisticated.
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              • Lady Gaga is my favorite in here!


                • Gaga, Leona, KoL and Tina Turner all great!


                  • Melua, Streisand and Flowers are my favourites there!


                    • MPS/A #3 of 2013

                      Jessie Ware does it again. This week she occupies the entire top 2 on the singles chart, pushing her album back to #1. The emergence of a new Justin Timberlake single has pushed his catalogue back into the top 20 this week. Justin is one of my most loved artists, his album FS/LS is the longest charting top 10 album of all times.

                      1.(new) Jessie Ware - Taking In water
                      2.(1) Jessie Ware - Wildest Moments
                      3.(new) Justin Timberlake ft. Jay-Z - Suit & Tie
                      4.(re) Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around (Comes Back Around)

                      5.(4) Robbie Williams - Soul Transmission
                      6.(re) Justin Timberlake - My Love
                      7.(re) Phillip Phillips - Get Up Get Down
                      8.(re) Jessie Ware - Running
                      9.(re) Robbie Williams - Gospel

                      10.(11) Alicia Keys - Brand New Me
                      11.(re) Alicia Keys - 101
                      12.(14) Robbie Williams - Reverse
                      13.(re) Robbie Williams - Be a Boy
                      14.(re) Phillip Phillips - Home

                      15.(6) Miguel - Adorn
                      16.(new) David Bowie - Where are we Now?
                      17.(re) Phillip Phillips - Gone, Gone, Gone

                      18.(7) OneRepublic - If I lose myself
                      19.(2) Daniel Bedingfield - Secret Fear
                      20.(re) Justin Timberlake - Cry Me a River


                      1.(2) Jessie Ware - Devotion
                      2.(1) John Lennon - Anthology
                      3.(4) Robbie Williams - Take The Crown
                      4.(re) Justin Timberlake - Futuresex/Lovesounds
                      5.(8) Alicia Keys - Girl on Fire
                      6.(re) Phillip Phillips - The world from the side of the Moon
                      7.(re) Olly Murs - Right Place Right Time

                      8.(10) Mariah Carey - The Emancipation of Mimi
                      9.(9) Bruno Mars - Unorthodox Jukebox
                      10.(re) One Republic - Waking UP
                      My Chart


                      • 2013 #1's


                        week 01 - Jessie Ware - Wildest Moments
                        week 02 - Jessie Ware - Wildest Moments
                        week 03 - Jessie Ware - Taking In Water


                        week 01 - Jessie Ware - Devotion
                        week 02 - John Lennon - Anthology
                        week 03 - Jessie Ware - Devotion
                        My Chart


                        • Those 3 Justin singles that re-entered are all brilliant


                          • Epic! Justin, Bruno, David, John, Robbie, Miguel, Phillip Phillips, Olly the malesare bringing it!

                            Also Mimiand Alicia!
                            God Bless You... Akipaul> My Week Chart Potterhead.


                            • Jessie Ware is awesome!!! <3
                              Life tastes better with music


                              • I love to see One Direction being higher on your artists year-end chart than Lady GaGa.

                                But what a huge fall for OneRepublic's latest single! - However, nice re-entry for "Cry Me A River", which is still Justin's best song to date!
                                Mainshow Goes Diva: Kylie Minogue


                                • Oh I see the King charting here already.


                                  • So many great tracks here
                                    P=MC2's Top 20
                                    Originally posted by Merci
                                    Poszilicious, pussy served delicious!


                                    • Originally posted by abi
                                      Oh I see the King charting here already.
                                      the KING currently holds the midweek #1 position on both, the albums and singles chart!
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                                      • Year End Chart: Top Artists of 2012: Top 80 of 89 artists that reached my top albums chart

                                        #39.(65) Christina Aguilera

                                        Christina came back with Lotus which i indeed a cute album and much better than most people make it out to be. Just give it a chance. However, the album wasn't able to match Bionic's unparalleled success (3 weeks at #1).

                                        #38.(40) Snow Patrol

                                        Snow Patrol are slightly up this year. Their catalogue brought in most of their charting points than the latest new album. Finish Line was their most played song of the year.

                                        #37.(13) Plan B

                                        One mosnter smash album is sometimes not enough to become a super star. However, I will always cherish Strickland Banks. Ill Manors was a minor hit.

                                        #36.(35) Chris Brown

                                        Sexy Chris Brown stayed so stable for another year. Don't wake me Up became a huge hit and kept his brand alive.

                                        #35.(new) Frida Gold

                                        I went to three concerts in 2012 and two were by Frida Gold. The magnificent production mixed by great vocals and magic German lyrics made Frida Gold one of the biggest German acts ever on my chart. Wovon Sollen Wir Träumen was the biggest hit of 2012, until Feel the Love debuted with stronger plays.

                                        #34.(new) Phillip Phillips

                                        American Idol winner Phillip Phillips was one of the best charting casting show winners of 2012 on my chart. I think his debut album sounds surprisingly fresh and non-theatrical that it's easier to get to know the artist and not just to glimpse at a layer of him that a certain producer wants us to discover.

                                        #33.(09) Drake

                                        So many big names drop off so early this year. Drake belongs to the hottest new artist on my chart. The Canadian scored multiple mega hits and continues to collect valid charting points. A new album is long overdue though.

                                        #32.(53) Rihanna

                                        What the hell? Rihanna inside my top 40? Yep, Rhisula is back. She scored a relatively success album with Unapologetic. Various songs made my chart, including the Chris Brown duet. In general, 2012 was a great year for a Rihanna collabo. Thanks to Coldplay and Drake Rihanna is no newbie on my singles chart.

                                        #31.(01) Take That

                                        Holy mother! Gary, Mark, Howard, Jason (and Robbie) lose their well-deserved 2011 chart crown. 2012 marked the first time in half a decade, that TT did not release a new album. The success with 2010's Progress had now worn off and I'm anxiously awaiting their comeback.

                                        #30.(05) Amy Winehouse

                                        Miss Winehouse drops and yet she had a successful year. Lioness and Frank both reached the upper realms of my chart.


                                        #29.(re) P!nk

                                        Pink is back. Hell yeah. Try became an instant #1 song while her album had to face too strong a competition to make it to the inevitable top. The Truth about Love became the 26th successful album of 2012.
                                        My Chart


                                        • P!nksus >
                                          P=MC2's Top 20
                                          Originally posted by Merci
                                          Poszilicious, pussy served delicious!


                                          • Rihanna and P!nk >>>>>>>>


                                            • Frida Gold >>>
                                              Mainshow Goes Diva: Kylie Minogue


                                              • I like Xtina, Chris Brown, Drake, Rihanna and P!nk!

                                                Rihanna has been the most active in 2012, then Brown, P!nk, Xtina...


                                                • Pink! I'm gonna explore all her discography this year! TTAL is amazing!
                                                  God Bless You... Akipaul> My Week Chart Potterhead.


                                                  • I dislike that Jason isn't in that Take That picture.