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  • Great re-entries from Cee-Lo and Mark Ronson!


    • #40 - MGMT

      Time to pretend made them super stars on my chart. Their second album Congratulation was not able to compete with their debut album's success. Several songs off the album made the Top 10 though. MGMT came in at #13 on 2009's countdown.

      #39 - Train

      Hey, Soul Sister was the super hit after Drops of Jupiter which reignited my love for Train.

      #38 - Katie Melua

      Katie Melua looks like an angel and her music sounds angelic too. I was a huge fan from 2005-2008. Unfortunately, her new album couldn't match her previous albums' successes. She is ranked 23rd most played female artist since 2004.

      #37 - Kylie Minogue

      I hated her for over a decade, then she sang Kids with Robbie and I loved her, then she released the dreadful Fever album but after that she totally catched my fan heart with X. In 2008 she was one of the most played artists. In 2010 I had high hopes for Aphrodite. The album had its moments and its flaws.

      #36 - Coldplay

      They are almost the greatest, Coldplay. They already are the most played band since 2004 and they received the honor to have recorded my most played song of the past decade, Fix you. I hope that they will come back as strong as ever and shake up my charts again. Coldplay reached #9 on 2009's year end countdowm.
      Albums ranks on the Alltime List (2004-2011)

      #13 X&Y
      #16 Viva La Vida
      #29 AROBTTH
      #72 Prospekt's March
      #93 Parachutes
      #112 Live 2003

      #35 - Timbaland

      Timbo was the real deal up to 2007/2008. I think he needs to chance his music to compete with other producers. Carry Out ft. Justin Timberlake was his last mega hit on my charts. Timbaland came in at #39 on last year's countdown.

      #34 - Michael Giacchino

      Lost, the TV series ended in 2010, but Giacchino's rise to fame began. He is the composer of all the background music on the show. Several seasonal soundtracks made the top 10 in 2010.

      #33 - Bruce Springsteen

      Still fabulous, Bruce Springsteen. The american music legend Bruce Springsteen repeats his success with every new release. I'm a huge fan and I will stay it forever. No one can compete with Bruce's genius. In 2010 he placed another #1 hit on my songs chart, Lift me Up. His essential collection was a huge hit for several weeks too. Bruce was the 16th most played artist of 2009. He reaches the year end countdown basically every year.

      #32 - Sade

      What a year and what a comeback. I wasn't a fan of Sade but her Soldier of Love album was one of the most outstanding releases of 2010. The titel track was one of the biggest hits of 2010. I cannot reveal the song's final position yet, as the countdown is still on. If you haven't listened to her album but you like R&B/Soul music in general, then hurry to your next music store and buy it.

      #31 - Susan Boyle

      She has done it again. SuBo is the only artist that I can forgive putting out albums which are full of covers. The Gift was one of only 4 christmas albums which made the top 10 in 2010. Her debut album was also charting.

      #30 - Michael Bublé

      Michael Bublé cannot do anything wrong. His music is brilliant, he looks super cute and his voice is one of the best out there right now. Crazy Love was not as successful as his two previous studio albums, but it catapulted him into the top 30 again. Michael belongs to the top 30 most played artists every year since 2007.
      My Chart


      • Katie, Kylie, Coldplay and Bublé are great!


        • #30 - Michael Bublé
          #31 - Susan Boyle
          #36 - Coldplay
          #37 - Kylie Minogue
          #38 - Katie Melua

          Susan Boyle! FANtastic
          These foolish games are tearing me apart

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          • #29 - Sheryl Crow

            Sheryl Crow released a new album 2010, calles 100 Miles from Memphis. The song featured a huge hit, called Sideways. Sheryl Crow belongs to my alltime favourite singers since I heard the super beautiful ballad Save and Sound.

            #28 - Gorillaz

            The Gorillaz made their biggest impact in 2005 when Feelgood Inc. became one of the most played songs of the year. I discovered some of their catalogue releases this year. Their newest album Plastic Beach was very electro-driven. The Gorillaz are the 18th most played "Band" since 2004.

            #27 - Owl City

            Fireflies was an unexpected hit in 2010. I did not pay much attention to Owl City when they became popular but then I heard Fireflies on a german TV channel and fell in love.

            #26 - Mumford and Sons

            Unbelievably amazing are Mumford and Sons, a band I discovered in october 2010. Their folk sound is what was missing from my music collection. I really love how they sound on record and live. Their voices are great the lyrics are meaningful and the music is taking you away. Sigh no more was a number one song in 2010.

            color=blue]#25 - One Republic [/color]

            One Republic scored a big impact on the past decade when Say (All I Need) belonged to the 15 most played songs of the decade. Their second album Waking Up was a huge hit, even in it's second year. One Republic were ranked #15 on last year's countdown.

            #24 - Kelly Clarkson

            Kelly Clarkson was back in 2010 with her 2009 release All I ever wanted. I didn't give this a try when it first came out until I randomly downloaded it and listened to Tip of my Tongue. Then I read the Booklet and found Ryan Tedder's name on some of the songs which made me super curious. Kelly's most successful album was the 2005 super smash Breakaway which is currently ranked as the 35th most played album since 2004.

            #23 - Celine Dion

            Celine is Celine and she is in her own league. I totally adore her. She is one of the nicest celebrities, I guess. No scandals, no mean words - she concentrates on her touring skills and her incredible music. 2010 was the year of her Taking Chances Tour impact on my chart. I loved the concert. Her french and english songs Pourque tu m'aimes encore/If that's what it takes were her biggest catalogue song. I cannot wait for another album release! Celine came in at #41 on last year's countdowm, well done Celine!

            #22 - Kings of Leon

            The End, the album opener of their 2010 smash album Come around Sundown was one of the biggest hits of 2010 on my chart. The atmosphere and the instrumentation are incredible on this song. If I would publish a Top 30 songs chart, The End would have never left it until now. Kings of Leon were the 10th most played of all Artists of 2009.

            #21 - Kanye West

            Kanye West is the most successful urban artist of all times on my chart. No other rapper is ranked higher. "Fantasy" was an instant #1 album of 2010. It spawned 2 #1's so far. After the moderate success of 808's & Heartbreak he seems to be on a sising star again.

            #20 - Jack Johnson

            Jack Johnson opens the top 20 this year. Last year he came in at #65. Jack Johnson belongs to the most played male artists since 2004. He actually ranks at #6 on that list.

            Jack's albums on the alltime list:
            #40 Sleep through the Static
            #47 In Between Dreams
            #79 Curious George OST
            #82 To the Sea
            #87 On & On
            #124 En Concert
            My Chart


            • Coldplay, Gorillaz, KOL, Mumford and Sons, One Republic great , though One Republic new album really really dissapointed me
              MY PERSONAL CHARTS
              NA NA NA NA OH OH


              • #23 - Celine Dion
                #24 - Kelly Clarkson
                #29 - Sheryl Crow

                Celine is too low
                These foolish games are tearing me apart

                My CHART


                • Sheryl Crow and Kelly Clarkson are both great artists!


                  • MPS #1 of 2011 (07.01.2011)

                    -- Bruno Mars gets the double as he debuts at #1 on the albums chart with Doo-Wops & Hooligans. The Other Side is his first number #1 song on my chart. He previously charted with Just the way you are. Willow Smith is the greatest gainer. Whip my Hair reaches a new peak at #2. Katy Perry gets her first top 10 entry from her Teenage Dream album. Firework previously charted in the top 20 too, #6 is the song's peak and first week in the top 10 though --

                    1.(new) Bruno Mars ft. Cee-Lo Green & B.o.B. - The Other Side
                    2.(3) Willow Smith - Whip my Hair
                    3.(1) Nicki Minaj - I'm the Best
                    4.(18) Mariah Carey - Imperfect
                    5.(10) Mark Ronson ft. Daniel Merriweather - Stop Me
                    6.(re) Katy Perry - Firework
                    7.(9) Kanye West ft. Pusha - Runaway
                    8.(2) Mariah Carey - One Child
                    9.(new) Kanye West - Lost in the World
                    10.(new) Bruno Mars - Talking to the Moon
                    11.(new) Coldplay - Don't Panik
                    12.(re) Brandon Flowers - Jilted Lovers and Broken Hearts
                    13.(14) Cee-Lo Green - **** You/Forget You
                    14.(re) Mumford and Sons - Little Lion Man
                    15.(8) Michael Jackson - Breaking News
                    16.(re) Lady Gaga & Beyoncé - Telephone
                    17.(re) Kanye West - Power
                    18.(re) The Black Eyed Peas - Someday
                    19.(12) Take That - The Flood
                    20.(new) Bruno Mars - Grenade
                    My Chart


                    • yeah a lot of Bruno it!
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                      • Originally posted by stevyy
                        2.(3) Willow Smith - Whip my Hair
                        3.(1) Nicki Minaj - I'm the Best
                        4.(18) Mariah Carey - Imperfect
                        6.(re) Katy Perry - Firework
                        13.(14) Cee-Lo Green - **** You/Forget You
                        15.(8) Michael Jackson - Breaking News
                        16.(re) Lady Gaga & Beyoncé - Telephone
                        What a great jump for Imperfect!


                        • Originally posted by stevyy
                          6.(re) Katy Perry - Firework
                          14.(re) Mumford and Sons - Little Lion Man
                          15.(8) Michael Jackson - Breaking News
                          19.(12) Take That - The Flood
                          Katy ness
                          These foolish games are tearing me apart

                          My CHART


                          • Originally posted by stevyy
                            6.(re) Katy Perry - Firework
                            8.(2) Mariah Carey - One Child
                            16.(re) Lady Gaga & Beyoncé - Telephone
                            20.(new) Bruno Mars - Grenade
                            I feel like such a bad lame, I still don't have "Imperfect"!

                            really great to see "Firework" + "Telephone" re-enter, though! and "Grenade" has slowly been growing on me lately! ;)


                            • A big wooooooo for 'Talking To The Moon'. One of his best songs along with 'Grenade' and 'Somewhere in Brooklyn'.


                              • Really like Willow, Katy Perry and Bruno Mars, Grenade in particular


                                • #19 - Limp Bizkit

                                  Limp Bizkit debuted in 2010 on my chart. Their biggest success has been their Greatest Hitz album.

                                  #18 - Hurts

                                  Hurts are a new duo that I discovered in fall 2010. At first I did not understand the brilliance behind Happiness. But after some time I realized how amazing they are. Wonderful Life spend three weeks atop my songs chart.

                                  #17 - Eminem

                                  Eminem scored the best selling album in the US in 2010. In my chart he was also one of the most played artists. Recovery spawned the number #1 hit Space Bound.

                                  Recovery chartrun: 2010: 10-4-3-4-3-4-5-8-10-9
                                  #16 - Madonna

                                  The material girl herself lands just outside the top 15 on this year's countdown. Madonna is up some amazing 22 spots in comparison to 2009. Sticky and Sweet was her most successful album of 2010. It follows the big footsteps of The Confessions Tour, which is my 27th most played album since 2004. Her highest charting song was Human Nature (taken from this album) which peaked at #2 and came in as the 38th most played song of 2010. Madonna is the second most played female and the third overall most played artist since 2004. She became the third artist to break the 600 points mark. 13 of her releases have made my weekly top 10 which makes her the artist with the second most chart entries ever.

                                  #15 - Linkin Park

                                  Linkin Park are a huge name in my chart since 2007. Their 2010 release A thousand Suns peaked at #2 and stayed in the Top 10 for 10 weeks. Waiting for the End belongs to the Top 10 of the most played songs of 2010.

                                  #14 - The Black Eyed Peas

                                  You cannot get any better than the Black eyed peas. I'm not a fan of the new electro-r&b wave but they did such a wonderful job that I fell in love with The E.N.D.! The END peaked at #3 last year and stayed in the top 10 for 9 weeks. It is currently ranked the 12th most played album since 2004. The new album The Beginning peaked at #1 and is still charting. The Black Eyed Pears were the second most played artists of 2009.

                                  #13 - Maroon 5

                                  I love Maroon 5. I think they are one of the best bands of the past decade. Their sound is unique and powerful. Their new album Hands all Over peaked at #1 and became their second #1 album after It won't be soon before long which re-charted in 2010 and peaked at #2. Not Falling Apart was a huge hit and peaked at #1 in 2010. It was the 27th most played song of the year and even surpassed Misery, Maroon 5's new single, which ended the year at #32.

                                  #12 - Christina Aguilera

                                  X-Tina came back in 2010 and despite all the negative press, I loved Bionic. Bionic debuted at #5 and rose to #1 the week after to stay there for 3 consecutive weeks. Not Myself Tonight was the album's only #1 single, despite that Lift me Up became the 17th most played song of the year. The Bionic era is Christina's biggest success on my chart, topping the Back 2 Basics era.

                                  #11 - Michael Jackson

                                  Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, was a huge name in 2010. This is it, History and Michael made some impact in the last year. Michael, the first new album in 9 years and the first posthumous release debuted at #1 and stayed its entire first three weeks inside the top 3. The album scored the #1 song Behind the Mask and another top 3 hit Breaking news. Michael Jackson was the 4th most played artist of 2009. He is currently ranked the 2nd most played male artist since 2004.
                                  My Chart


                                  • #11 - Michael Jackson
                                    #16 - Madonna

                                    King and Queen of Pop
                                    These foolish games are tearing me apart

                                    My CHART


                                    • #10 - Florence and the Machine

                                      Florence and the Machine is also a new debuting artist of the past year. I discovered her because of her amazing Brit Awards performance. Her album lungs belongs to the most played albums of 2010. Several songs peaked inside the top 5 of my songs chart. My favourite song of hers is Rabbid Heart, which is still in the countdown at the most played songs of 2010 thread.

                                      Lungs: 2010: 1-1-2-5-2-7-5-10- Re1: 9-6- Re2: 4
                                      #09 - Usher

                                      Usher came back in 2010 with one of the most played albums of the year. OMG, There goes my Baby and the outtake from Raymond vs. Raymond Traffic became all huge hits on my chart. Usher's best placing on my year end countdown so far was in 2008 when he reached #20.

                                      Raymond vs. Raymond: 2010: 3-6-3-3-5-10- Re1: 6-6-9-9-6-7- Re2: 4-4-6-10
                                      #8 - Brandon Flowers

                                      The new prince of my chart is Brandon Flowers. Not only did the Killers do extremely well last year with several of their catalogue releases, but Brandon Flowers scored one of the biggest debut album with Flamingo, which peaked at #1 and it's still charting in its 15th week. Crossfire is nominated for the most played track of 2010, several other songs peaked inside the top 5. Flamingo is currently ranked as the 29th most played album since 2004. Brandon also finishes his first year on my chart at #14 on the most played male solo artists list since 2004.

                                      Flamingo: 2010: 1-1-2-2-1-3-3-4-6-4-4-7-6-7- 2011: Re1: 6
                                      #7 - The Killers

                                      The Killers came back in 2010 after they were smashing the charts in 2009. Their live album Live from the Royal Albetr Hall was by far their biggest hit in 2010. The album has also become the 3rd most played live album of all times (behind Madonna's Confessions Tour and Robbie's Knebworth album). The Killers were the 5th most played artists of 2009.

                                      Live from the Royal Albert Hall: 2010: 1-1-2-2-1-5-6-8-10- Re1: 6- Re2: 10- Re3: 7-8
                                      #6 - Take That

                                      Take That have reunited for the second and maybe last time, this time with Robbie Williams. I waited for 15 years for this to happen and now that it's done I can confess that I'm very happy about it. Progress the first ever reunited album was a big hit on my chart, featuring numerous Top 10 song entries. The Flood is still in the countdown of the most played songs year end chart. I became a Take That fan in early 1995 when Back for Good was a big hit. And I stayed a Take That fan all the years through their breakup from 1996-2005. Since they reformed my love and devotion to this amazing band has grown immeasurably. Take That were the 6th most played artists of 2009 which means that they were able to hold their position on this year's countdown.

                                      Progress: 2010: 2-1-2-2-5-3-4-5- 2011: 4-
                                      #5 - Drake

                                      You cannot get any bigger than Drake. He scored one of the biggest hit of the year with the collaboration with The Dream, Shut it down. His album is still bubbling under on my chart, it could re-enter at any given time. The special thing about Drake's debut album Thank me later is, that it has amazing melodies and outstanding melodic productions.

                                      Thank me Later: 2010: 1-2-2-1-1-2-3-2-1-4-9-9-5-8-9- Re1: 10- Re2: 3-6
                                      #4 - John Mayer

                                      John Mayer was the most successful discovery of 2010. I knew about his music for a very long time but I didn't give him any chance to really convince me. But then I accidentally played Battle Studies and got stuck at the song Assassin. This song has dominated my life for 2 months. It's become the year's longest running #1 song with 5 consecutive weeks. It's still up for the title for the song of the year. At one point John Mayer had 4 out of 10 albums on my weekly most played albums chart. He also rose to #9 on the most played male solo artists of all times. John Mayer's highest year end position was #40 in 2007.

                                      Battle Studies: 2010: 6-2-1-1-1-1-1-4-5-7- Re1: 10- Re2: 3-8- Re3: 9-10
                                      #3 - Mariah Carey 179 points

                                      Mariah kitten, only at #3. That is very strange. despite her two current albums in my most played albums top 10, Mariah fails to reach the top 2 or even #1 on the most played artists countdown. Two extraordinary artists have surpassed her royalness Mariah, who is the most played artist since I compile my chart, she owns basically all records, for the most played album, longest running #1 album, longest running charting album, most hits in one year, most #1 hits, longest charting hits and so on. But in 2010 she was not able to compete with the top 2 artists.
                                      Mariah was the #1 most played artists of 2008 and 2009.

                                      Memoirs: 2010: 6-4-5-8-9-8-8- Re1: 10- Re2: 9- Re3: 10-3-4-7-7-9- Re4: 9-8- Re5: 7- Re6: 8- Re7: 9- Re8: 8

                                      MCIIY: 2010: 1-1-1-2-3-1-3-5-1-1- 2011: 7
                                      My Chart


                                      • Mariah smashing!


                                        • Maroon 5, Linkin Park, Madonna <3


                                          • Great to see The Killers and Brandon.

                                            I've got their live album from the Albert Hall too with the DVD - it's awesome.

                                            Also Take That and Usher are great!
                                            Ste's Personal Chart 2020


                                            • #3 - Mariah Carey
                                              #4 - John Mayer
                                              #7 - The Killers
                                              #8 - Brandon Flowers

                                              Mariah Carey is genius of course
                                              These foolish games are tearing me apart

                                              My CHART


                                              • #2 - Alicia Keys 185 points

                                                Alicia Keys scored the first number #1 album on the first edition of my most played albums chart back in february 2004. She was also the one that opened the new decade in january 2010 at #1 with The element of Freedom. Alicia Keys set a new record with the album which became the longest running consecutive stay in the top 2 for 14 weeks. The success of the Domination of Freedom has catapulted her to #4 on the most played femals artists list. TEOF is also ranked 10th on the alltime most played albums list. Alicia came in at #31 on last year's countdown.

                                                The Element of Freedom: 2010: 1-1-2-1-1-1-1-2-1-2-1-4-5-7-7-7- Re1: 8-1-2-1-10- Re2: 9-7-9- Re3: 10- Re4: 9
                                                #1 - Robbie Williams 186 points

                                                Robbie, Mariah, Robbie, Mariah it's like an endless repetition who's leading the year end countdown as the most played artist. This year Robbie strikes again for the third time in total in 7 years. Reality killed the video star hist latest studio album and the 2010 released hits compilation in and out of consciousness were his biggest hits of 2010. It was a tight race for the year end #1 position that Alicia led for 45 of 53 weeks. Robbie overtook her in week 46 of the past year. In 2009 Robbie was the 3rd most played artist.

                                                Reality: 2010: 2-5-4-4-6-2-3-1-3-1-3-2-4-9-10-5 Re1: 10-6-9-5-5-9-10

                                                In and Out of Consciousness: 2010: 1-2-3-2-9-10
                                                My Chart


                                                • Most Played albums of 2010:

                                                  1. The Element of Freedom - Alicia Keys
                                                  2. Reality killed the video star - Robbie Williams
                                                  3. Thank me Later - Drake
                                                  4. Flamingo - Brandon Flowers
                                                  5. Battle Studies - John Mayer
                                                  6. Merry Christmas II You - Mariah Carey
                                                  7. Raymond vs. Raymond - Usher
                                                  8. Live from the Royal Albert Hall - The Killers
                                                  9. Memoirs of an imperfect angel - Mariah carey
                                                  10. Lungs - Florence and the Machine

                                                  11. Bionic - Christina Aguilera
                                                  12. Progress - Take That
                                                  13. A Thousand Suns - Linkin Park
                                                  14. Recovery - Eminem
                                                  15. Happiness - Hurts
                                                  16. To The Sea - Jack Johnson
                                                  17. Hands All Over - Maroon 5
                                                  18. The E.N.D. - The Black eyed Peas
                                                  19. Sticky & Sweet - Madonna
                                                  20. Greatest Hitz - Limp Bizkit

                                                  21. In and out of Consciousness - Robbie Williams
                                                  22. My Beautiful dark twisted Fantasy - Kanye West
                                                  23. Come Around Sundown - Kings of Leon
                                                  24. The Greatest Day - Take That
                                                  25. All I Ever wanted - Kelly Clarkson
                                                  26. Waking up - One Republic
                                                  27. Sigh No More - Mumford and Sons
                                                  28. Ocean eyes - Owl City
                                                  29. The Beginning - The Black Eyed Peas
                                                  30. 100 Miles from Memphis - Sheryl Crow

                                                  31. New Moon OST - Various
                                                  32. Crazy Love - Michael Bublé
                                                  33. Plastic Beach - The Gorillaz
                                                  34. Continuum - John Mayer
                                                  35. Sam's Town - The Killers
                                                  36. Soldier of Love - Sade
                                                  37. Glee: The Music Vol. 4 - Glee Cast
                                                  38. Michael - Michael Jackson
                                                  39. The Essential - Bruce Springsteen
                                                  40. It won't be soon before long - Maroon 5

                                                  41. Glee: Vol 3 Showstoppers - Glee Cast
                                                  42. Shock Value II - Timbaland
                                                  43. Heavier Things - John Mayer
                                                  44. Where the Light is - John Mayer
                                                  45. HIStory - Michael Jackson
                                                  46. Taking Chances Live Tour - Celine Dion
                                                  47. Aphrodite - Kylie Minogue
                                                  48. The Gift - Susan Boyle
                                                  49. The House - Katie Melua
                                                  50. Congratulation - MGMT

                                                  51. This Is It - Michael Jackson
                                                  52. Pink Friday - Nicki Minaj
                                                  53. Where i'm coming from - Stevie Wonder
                                                  54. Time without consequence - Alexi Murdoch
                                                  55. Save me San Francisco - Train
                                                  56. Lost Season 4 OST - Michael Giacchino
                                                  57. Evolver - John Legend
                                                  58. Avatar - Various
                                                  59. Falling Into You - Celine Dion
                                                  60. The Blueprint III - Jay-Z

                                                  61. Butterfly - Mariah Carey
                                                  62. Glee: The Music Vol. 1 - Glee Cast
                                                  63. For your Entertainment - Adam Lambert
                                                  64. Viva la Vida - Coldplay
                                                  65. Savage Garden - Savage Garden
                                                  66. Lost Season 5 OST - Michael Giacchino
                                                  67. Need you Now - Lady Antebellum
                                                  68. Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavoured Water - Limp Bizkit
                                                  69. I look to you - Whitney Houston
                                                  70. Illuminations - Josh Groban

                                                  71. I dreamed a dream - Susan Boyle
                                                  72. Prospekt's March - Coldplay
                                                  73. As I Am - Alicia Keys
                                                  74. Good Evening New York City - Paul McCartney
                                                  75. Rated R - Rihanna
                                                  76. Loose the Concert - Nelly Furtado
                                                  77. ESC 2010 OST - Various
                                                  78. Night Work - Scissor Sisters
                                                  79. Euphoria - Enrique Iglesias
                                                  80. Teenage Dream - Katy Perry
                                                  81. The Greatest Hits Vol. #1 - Korn
                                                  82. Conditions - The Temper Trap
                                                  83. MTV Unplugged - Alanis Morissette
                                                  84. Invincible - Michael Jackson
                                                  85. Glee: The Music Vol.2 - Glee Cast
                                                  86. One Heart - Celine Dion
                                                  87. The Greatest Hits - Robbie Williams
                                                  88. I am Sasha Fierce - Beyonce
                                                  89. Echo - Leona Lewis
                                                  90. Still Standing - Monica
                                                  91. The Collection - Alanis Morissette
                                                  92. 500 Days of Summer OST - various
                                                  93. The Circus - Take That
                                                  94. Version - Mark Ronson
                                                  95. Erotica - Madonna
                                                  96. Urban Renewal - Phil Collins
                                                  97. Sex and the City 2 Soundtrack - Various
                                                  98. Only by the Night - Kings of Leon
                                                  99. Like a Prayer
                                                  100. Who's That Girl - Various Artists
                                                  My Chart


                                                  • Recap of Everything:

                                                    Main categories:

                                                    Most Played Album of 2010:
                                                    -The Element of Freedom by Alicia Keys

                                                    Most Played overall Artist of 2010:
                                                    -Robbie Williams (third win)

                                                    Most played overall song of 2010:
                                                    -Assassin by John Mayer

                                                    Sub categories:

                                                    Most played male artist of 2010:
                                                    -Robbie Williams

                                                    Most Played female artist of 2010:
                                                    -Alicia Keys

                                                    Most Played band of 2010:
                                                    -Take That

                                                    Most Played new-comer of 2010:

                                                    Longest running #1 album of 2010:
                                                    -The Element of Freedom by Alicia Keys (10 weeks)

                                                    Longest running #1 song of 2010:
                                                    -Assassin by John Mayer (5 weeks)

                                                    Longest charting album of 2010:
                                                    -The Element of Freedom (26 weeks)

                                                    Longest charting song of 2010:
                                                    -Bodies by Robbie Williams (17 weeks)

                                                    Alltime List: Most Played artists: 2004-2011

                                                    1. Mariah Carey
                                                    2. Madonna
                                                    3. Alanis Morissette
                                                    4. Alicia Keys
                                                    5. Nelly Furtado

                                                    1. Robbie Williams
                                                    2. Michael Jackson
                                                    3. Josh Groban
                                                    4. Justin Timberlake
                                                    5. Kanye West

                                                    1. Coldplay
                                                    2. Take That
                                                    3. The Black Eyed Peas
                                                    4. The Killers
                                                    5. Maroon 5
                                                    My Chart