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My All-Time Top 100 Countdown! [Finished]

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  • My All-Time Top 100 Countdown! [Finished]


    So I looked at my top 500 songs so far (which I've roughly tracked since 2011) and took the top song from each artist and made a top 100, because of this way of doing it, the list is truly bizarre but it gives an idea of the mix of music I've liked over the years, plus I'm bored.

    This is such a breezy and feel good song, which talks about the up and down nature of life.

    Jem's all time hits:
    - Just a Ride (#274)
    - And So I Pray (#511)
    - Finally Woken (#558)
    - On Top of the World (#671)
    - It's Amazing (#937)
    - I Want You To (#943)
    - They (#1070)
    - Beachwood Canyon (#1240)
    - I Always Knew (#1310)

    Grew up listening to UB40 in the household, this happens to be the top song from them for now, I had Kingston Town played at my dads funeral, love Ali's voice.

    UB40's all time hits:
    - I Would Do For You (#266)
    - Watchdogs (#446)
    - Higher Ground (#693)
    - Rat In Mi Kitchen (#925)
    - Kingston Town (#1500)
    - Food For Thought (#1525)

    Love the offbeat jazzy melody and it's an uplifting track!

    Steely Dan's all time hits:
    - Peg (#261)
    - Home at Last (#1099)
    - The Last Mall (#1363)
    - I Got the News (#1448)

    Love PJ, looking at my all time list, realised she is so underrepresented, she has a gritty and authentic sound.

    PJ Harvey's all time hits:
    - The Words That Maketh Murder (#258)
    - Big Exit (#263)
    - Let England Shake (#708)
    - The Last Living Rose (#906)
    - The Glorious Land (1014)
    - A Place Called Home (#1208)
    - Good Fortune (#1250)

    Nina is so much fun to listen to, this one is catchy and trashy.

    Nina Hagen's all time hits:
    - My Sensation (#256)
    - The Change (#469)
    - New York, New York (#611)
    - Future Is Now (#1052)
    - Berlin (Is Dufte!) (#1062)
    - I Love Paul (#1100)
    - Las Vegas (#1297)
    - Frühling in Paris (#1507)
    - Lorelei (#1588)
    - Smack Jack (#1667)
    - Prima Nina In Ekstasy (#1719)
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    Glad to see you here again.
    My celebrity crushes : Monika Sedziuviene, Kristina Ivanova (YVA).
    In my head I like to imagine LastDreamer in the land of Lithuania right now with a suitcase of simcards, a box of chocolates and a wedding ring. It would be a great base for an epic Eurovision fan fiction.


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      Glad to see you back and I'm always here for random countdowns!

      "Just a Ride" is a good song with a lovely message.
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        Remember hearing this when I was a kid and thinking it sounded eerie and weird, love it and the video is cool and sad too.

        Moby's all-time hits:
        - Natural Blues (#254)
        - In This World (#651)
        - Porcelain (#673)
        - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? (#1285)
        - Stock Radio (#1639)

        Think I discovered this on here, sassy rnb ditty, catchy!

        Jazmine Sullivan's all-time hits:
        - Mascara (#253)
        - Silver Lining (#1035)
        - Brand New (#1704)

        Master of voodoo folk/rock, bewitching track.

        Exuma's all-time hits:
        - Baäl (#252)
        - Damn Fool (#268)
        - Love Is Strange (#699)
        - Paul Simon Nontooth (#1046)
        - Andros Is Atlantis Rising (#1540)

        I love Euphoric and uptempo Björk, classic.

        Björk's all-time hits:
        - Big Time Sensuality (#246)
        - Possibly Maybe (#490)
        - Alarm Call (#503)
        - Hyperballad (#586)
        - History of Touches (#675)
        - I Miss You (#955)
        - Cover Me (#1059)
        - Headphones (#1173)
        - Stonemilker (#1232)
        - Crystalline (#1372)
        - Isobel (#1516)

        Tender pop from Morten with his crazy high falsetto.

        Morten Harket's all-time hits:
        - Scared of Heights (#241)
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          This looks like a great countdown.
          Love Moby.
          I'll definitley check out Just a Ride because of that description.
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            200 The Pretty Things - SF Sorrow Is Born
            199 Groove Armada - At The River
            198 John Martyn - Solid Air
            197 Orianthi - According to You
            196 Justin Townes Earle - Hard Livin'
            195 Bill Fay - War Machine
            194 Poe - Haunted
            193 Madonna - Body Shop
            192 Kelis - Acapella
            191 Arca - Anoche
            190 Paul Buchanan - Mid Air

            189 Tori Amos - A Sorta Fairytale
            188 Michael Jackson - Beat It
            187 Kimbra - Sweet Relief
            186 Alex Gaudino feat. Crystal Waters - Destination Calabria
            185 Max Jury - Something In The Air
            184 Phil Collins - You'll Be In My Heart
            183 The Flaming Lips feat Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band - Do It!
            182 Georgia Mae - Move
            181 Cee Lo Green - Purple Hearts (Soldier of Love)
            180 Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott - D.I.Y

            179 Justin Hayward & John Lodge - Who Are You Now?
            178 Dan Fogelberg - Stars
            177 Kendrick Lamar - HUMBLE.
            176 Jack Savoretti - Sweet Hurt
            175 APE feat. Marina Maximilian - My Boy
            174 Ricky Nelson - Travellin' Man
            173 Mika Hary - When Morning Comes
            172 Juliette Lewis - Uh Huh
            171 Juanes - La Camisa Negra
            170 Haley Bonar - Kismet Kill

            169 The Lighthouse Family - (I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be) Free/One
            168 Tina Turner - Private Dancer
            167 Marvin Gaye - What's Going On
            166 K.Flay - Blood In The Cut
            165 Gong - Mystic Sister/Magick Brother
            164 Bossie - There Will Be Time
            163 Fryars - Thing of Beauty
            162 Daevid Allen - Gaia
            161 Neon Trees - Sins of My Youth
            160 Donald Fagen - Memorabilia

            159 Snowman - You Are a Casino
            158 Jack Johnson - To the Sea
            157 Eurythmics - Beethoven (I Love to Listen To)
            156 Sam Beeton - Big Guitar
            155 Spice Girls - Too Much
            154 John Grant - Pale Green Ghosts
            153 Buffy Sainte-Marie – Cod'ine
            152 Bat For Lashes - In God's House
            151 Space - Fortune Teller

            Links above for those who wanna listen to something new!
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            Don't know where my interest in him started but I remember my brother was a fan so I also like some songs from him, he died so young, another artist who died in the same accident is further up.

            Ritchie Valens' all time hits:
            - Hi-Tone (#232)
            - Little Girl (#417)
            - La Bamba (#512)

            First album from her I tried fully and it birthed some hits, sweet song about those special yet difficult memories of your kids.

            Tracey Thorn's all time hits:
            - Babies (#229)
            - Queen (#257)
            - Sister feat. Corinne Bailey Rae (#372)

            Always loved her voice, this is such a simple, slow and silky rnb/pop love song.

            Corinne Bailey Rae's all time hits:
            - Like a Star (#224)
            - Been to The Moon (#229)
            - Put Your Records On (#499)
            - I Would Like to Call It Beauty (#1403)

            A feel-good dance pop track about being ready for intimacy with a partner. Catchy!

            Sybil's all time hits:
            - When I'm Good and Ready (#221)

            My dad was a Loretta fan so that's how it started with her but I love her voice and authentic country sound, I tend to like her religious songs despite not being religious myself, don't ask.

            Loretta Lynn's's all time hits:
            - Coal Miner's Daughter (#219)
            - Old Camp Meetin' Time (#448)
            - (There'll Be) Peace In the Valley (#554)
            - How Great Thou Art (#975)
            - Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven (#1004)
            - When They Ring Those Golden Bells (#1140)
            - Gethsemane (#1396)
            - Softly and Tenderly (#1474)
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              Might be a weird top track from them but I've always liked it's simplicity, it's a twee and catchy love song, shame it's not another minute longer! I need to play them more as well.

              Oasis' all-time hits:
              - Songbird (#214)
              - Go Let It Out (#642)

              Another 1 hit wonder for me, it's kinda like a cross between Feist and Sara Bareilles, it's a chirpy and upbeat pop track, another catchy one if I do say so myself!

              Janelle Kroll's all-time hits:
              - Barricade (#213)

              Honestly? This song is good and catchy, kinda like Suzi Quatro style pop/rock but it's not my favourite from her, despite it being my biggest thus far but I imagine that will change.

              KT Tunstall's all-time hits:
              - Human Being (#212)
              - Heal Over (#298)
              - Fade Like a Shadow (#307)
              - Still (A Weirdo) (#325)
              - It Took Me So Long to Get Here, But Here I Am (#419)
              - Black Horse and a Cherry Tree (#438)
              - Little Red Thread (#441)
              - Push That Knot Away (#565)
              - Uummannaq Song (#708)
              - How You Kill Me (#753)

              +7 more all-time hits.

              Another 1 hit wonder, a very calming and reflective type song, soft voice too. I love the line “I know I will find the one to hold on to...” hope that day comes.

              Nadia Reid's all-time hits:
              - Preservation (#209)

              Nostalgic for me, so funny and warm, also very catchy but what else would you expect from them! I downloaded a bucket load of their albums a while ago and will get into them more.

              The Beautiful South's all-time hits:
              - Rotterdam (Or Anywhere) (#205)
              - Don't Marry Her (#623)
              - My Book (#701)
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                I always found it interesting that you liked "According to You". It doesn't really seem like a track up your alley.

                "Beat It" is a classic. "Humble" grew on me. I love "Private Dancer" - it has a great melody!
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                  ^ I tend to listen to anything really, doesn't appear to be any rhyme or reason with what I listen to, I can even tolerate Taylor these days albeit in very small doses.

                  I think the style is known as Canterbury rock, it has a quintessentially English sound to it, so charming and catchy. I think the song is about an orgy of sorts.

                  Hatfield and the North's all-time hits:
                  - Share It (#202)

                  This song resonated with me as soon as I heard it, think most of us have felt down and out at some point, the lyrics hit me but Franks humour stops it from being too self pitying.

                  Frank Zappa's all-time hits:
                  - I'm Not Satisfied (#201)
                  - Broken Hearts Are For Assholes (#308)
                  - Any Way the Wind Blows (#452)
                  - I'm So Cute (#504)
                  - City of Tiny Lites (#602)
                  - Inca Roads (#678)
                  - Jones Crusher (#695)
                  - I Have Been In You (#749)
                  - Mother People (#1118)
                  - Tryin' to Grow a Chin (#1193)
                  - Bobby Brown (#1199)
                  - Don't Eat the Yellow Snow (#1210)
                  - Wait a Minute (#1400)
                  - Rat Tomago (#1472)
                  - Dancin' Fool (#1515)
                  - Keep It Greasy (#1582)
                  - Flakes (#1656)

                  Ahh Linda's sound is so hushed and even spiritual, this is a Sunday afternoon one, very pretty vocals and instrumentals.

                  Linda Perchacs' all-time hits:
                  - Freely (#199)
                  - Hey, Who Really Cares? (#367)
                  - Children (#369)
                  - Chimacum Rain (#754)
                  - River of God (#1162)
                  - Call of the River (#1413)
                  - Daybreak (#1434)
                  - Parallelograms (#1548)
                  - I'm a Harmony (#1722)

                  This is a jam! Grew up listening to him as my dad was a big fan, this is a great 50s rockabilly song.

                  Buddy Holly's all-time hits:
                  - Rave On (#198)
                  - Everyday (#617)
                  - Oh Boy! (#1371)

                  This song is so romantic and makes ya wanna swoon with Nancy's soft vocals, it's from one of my favourite Disney films 'Robin Hood'.

                  Nancy Adams' all-time hits:
                  - Love (#192)
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                    150 Billy Joel - Why Should I Worry?
                    149 Lisa Gerrard - Space Weaver
                    148 Roger Miller - Not in Nottingham
                    147 Betsy - Wanted More
                    146 Dio - Caught in the Middle
                    145 Tim Hardin - While You're On Your Way
                    144 Young Fathers - Holy Ghost
                    143 The Jacksons - Blame It on the Boogie
                    142 Dusty Springfield - Spooky
                    141 Dr. Feelgood - All Through the City
                    140 Peter Gabriel - The Veil

                    139 Jim Reeves - Welcome to My World
                    138 Jim Croce - You Don’t Mess Around With Jim
                    137 Classics IV - Stormy
                    136 Perfume Genius - Grid
                    135 Lissie - Record Collector
                    134 Afterglow - Riding Home Again
                    133 Gossip - Love in a Foreign Place
                    132 Scott Walker - On Your Own Again
                    131 Elton John - Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)
                    130 Grimes - Kill v. Maim

                    129 Azealia Banks - Treasure Island
                    128 Public Image Ltd. - Rise
                    127 Lady Gaga - John Wayne
                    126 NAO - Bad Blood
                    125 Utada Hikaru - Fight The Blues
                    124 R.E.M. - Me In Honey
                    123 Patrick Wolf - House
                    122 Jens Lekman - Dandelion Seed
                    121 Emma Bunton - Maybe
                    120 Japan - Still Life In Mobile Homes

                    119 Sam Cooke - You're Always On My Mind
                    118 Cher - The Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss)
                    117 Róisín Murphy - Gone Fishing
                    116 Blondie - Maria
                    115 Electric Light Orchestra - When I Was a Boy
                    114 The Cardigans - My Favourite Game
                    113 John Cale - Hallelujah
                    112 Avril Lavigne - What the Hell
                    111 Neko Case - This Tornado Loves You
                    110 George Harrison - Beware of Darkness

                    109 Darleen Carr - My Own Home
                    108 Deep Purple - House of Pain
                    107 Shoji Meguro - Beneath the Mask
                    106 Steve Hackett - Hands of the Priestess (Part I)
                    105 Colin Blunstone - Caroline Goodbye
                    104 Macy Gray - White Man
                    103 Keane - Bedshaped
                    102 Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Still...You Turn Me On
                    101 David Sylvian - Bamboo Music (with Ryuichi Sakamoto)
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                      I still adore "Record Collector". "Treasure Island" is probably my fave Azealia Banks song, too.

                      "John Wayne" is an interesting Gaga pick. I remember it being the rare Joanne song that actually had remnants of eclectic Gaga.

                      "What the Hell" is pure fun.

                      Originally posted by CrazyCrazy View Post
                      ^ I tend to listen to anything really, doesn't appear to be any rhyme or reason with what I listen to, I can even tolerate Taylor these days albeit in very small doses.
                      Time and its infinite power!
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                        Glad you like those tracks buddy and indeed time is a peculiar force.

                        This French band have quite a few funky tracks, well worth checking, this track is lots of fun and really catchy!

                        Minitel Rose's all-time hits:
                        - Magic Powder (#191)
                        - Business Woman (#557)
                        - Continue (#1598)

                        It seemed weird seeing this song so high from them, it's a good one but not my favourite I don't think, I'd say 'Give Me Novacaine' will end up being my fave from them perhaps.

                        Green Day's all-time hits:
                        - See the Light (#190)
                        - Last Night on Earth (#239)
                        - Give Me Novacaine (#474)
                        - ˇViva la Gloria! (#787)

                        It was exciting having David back and this was an artistic return, I love the video too. Didn't think we'd be saying goodbye not too long after. RIP

                        David Bowie's all-time hits:
                        - Blackstar (#189)
                        - Changes (#259)
                        - Sue (Or In a Season of Crime) (#409)
                        - I'm Afraid of Americans (#416)
                        - Ashes to Ashes (#562)
                        - Red Sails (#644)
                        - Sound and Vision (#647)
                        - Aladdin Sane (#657)
                        - Don't Look Down (#786)
                        - Lazarus (#794)

                        +15 more all-time hits, too lazy to list them all.

                        Soulful rock band probably best known for their hit 'All Right Now'...but this is my personal fave, it's so emotive, I love his voice too, pretty sexy. Give it a listen!

                        Free's all-time hits:
                        - Be My Friend (#187)
                        - The Stealer (#367)
                        - I'm a Mover (#570)
                        - Sunny Day (#1456)

                        I forgot how much I liked this song, haven't listened in a while, a lovely reflective track, I like the dreamy instrumentals.

                        Melanie C's all-time hits:
                        - Dear Life (#185)
                        - Anymore (#1387)
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                          I love these songs :
                          Avril Lavigne - What The Hell
                          Emma Bunton - Maybe
                          Blondie - Maria

                          Very shocking song choice for Madonna.
                          My celebrity crushes : Monika Sedziuviene, Kristina Ivanova (YVA).
                          In my head I like to imagine LastDreamer in the land of Lithuania right now with a suitcase of simcards, a box of chocolates and a wedding ring. It would be a great base for an epic Eurovision fan fiction.


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                            Originally posted by LastDreamer View Post
                            I love these songs :
                            Avril Lavigne - What The Hell
                            Emma Bunton - Maybe
                            Blondie - Maria

                            Very shocking song choice for Madonna.
                            Hey buddy, glad you like those, yes my Madonna top song is random indeed.

                            Again not really sure if this is my favourite as I like so many from them, but this is beautiful and Karen's vocals light up a song and transform it into magic. Richard was an important factor to their sound too, feel like he doesn't really get any credit whatsoever which is unfortunate.

                            Carpenters' all-time hits:
                            - Superstar (#183)
                            - Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft (#237)
                            - Ticket to Ride (#262)
                            - B'wana She No Home (#423)
                            - We've Only Just Begun (#436)
                            - Close to You (#466)
                            - Merry Christmas Darling (#517)
                            - Sweet Sweet Smile (#694)
                            - Top of the World (#724)
                            - Silent Night (#1133)
                            - Touch Me When We're Dancing (#1355)
                            - All You Get From Love Is a Love Song (#1655)

                            I love the spiritual element to some of their work and love Justin Hayward's voice, beautiful track, not sure I have an actual favourite from them. They are known for mixing classical music with rock.

                            The Moody Blues' all-time hits:
                            - Om (#182)
                            - Voices In the Sky (#188)
                            - Legend of a Mind (#429)
                            - Departure/Ride My See-Saw (#434)
                            - The Day Begins (#640)
                            - So Deep Within You (#687)
                            - The Guessing Game (#797)
                            - Are You Sitting Comfortably (#995)
                            - Thank You Baby (#1012)
                            - December Snow (#1123)

                            Oooh so bluesy, love his deep voice and the whole vibe of this song, give it a spin if you like blues, it's pretty catchy too.

                            Fred Neil's all-time hits:
                            - Blues on the Ceiling (#175)​

                            More well known as a Monkees' song but I love this version and it always reminds me of when I first saw Shrek.

                            Smash Mouth's all-time hits:
                            - I'm a Believer (#173)
                            - All Star (#1055)

                            I never know how to describe Van's music, classical mixed with charming pop sensibilities, like something from an old Disney film. he worked quite a bit with the Beach Boys back in the day and provided the soundtrack to the film 'The Brave Little Toaster' the precursor film to Toy Story. I remember being addicted to his debut album 'Song Cycle' and think it something quite unique!

                            Van Dyke Parks' all-time hits:
                            - Black Gold (#157)
                            - Public Domain (#658)
                            - The All Golden (#779)
                            - Palm Desert (#904)
                            - Aquarium (#908)
                            - Many a Mile to Go (#1005)
                            - Vine Street (#1142)
                            - Widow's Walk (#1234)
                            - Van Dyke Parks (#1325)
                            - The Attic (#1434)
                            - Laurel Canyon Blvd (Part 2) (#1494)
                            - Occapella (#1543)

                            Gotye has such an uplifting and feel good sound and I really like his voice, this is a catchy one from him, still need to check out more from him at some point too.

                            Gotye's all-time hits:
                            - In Your Light (#154)
                            - Eyes Wide Open (#281)
                            - I Feel Better (#1061)
                            - Somebody I Used to Know (w/ Kimbra) (#1305)

                            This one is from the film 'From Dusk Till Dawn' with George Clooney and it struck me the first time I heard it with it's sleazy twangy guitar.

                            The Blasters' all-time hits:
                            - Dark Night (#149)

                            This one is just so catchy, I like the urgency the song has which fits the lyrics and the little stories of the people depicted in the song. Forgotten pop gem. Oh and Marky is very cute in the video

                            Mark Owen's all-time hits:
                            - Four Minute Warning (#147)​​

                            This is an Elvis Presley cover but it's one of the best I've heard, such a sultry delivery, fab! Should be more well known this lady!

                            Annette Peacock's all-time hits:
                            - Don't Be Cruel (#144)
                            - American Sport (#554)
                            - Questions (#711)
                            - Solar System (#780)
                            - A Loss of Consciousness (#827)
                            - Rubber Hunger (#940)
                            - The Succubus (#1077)
                            - Elect Yourself (#1083)
                            - Lost In Your Speed (#1352)
                            - I'm the One (#1487)

                            Blondini introduced me to her, she has a gritty vocal with polished production, this song has a very catchy hook, have a listen.

                            Meg Myers' all-time hits:
                            - Motel (#141)
                            - Desire (#1701)
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                              In typical The Feeling style, they returned with this incredibly catchy track which has a touch of sadness in it's lyrics.

                              The Feeling's all-time hits:
                              - Rescue (#140)
                              - Sewn (#172)
                              - Never Be Lonely (#265)
                              - Strange (#637)
                              - Set My World On Fire (#1150)
                              - Love It When You Call (#1573)
                              - Fall Like Rain (#1729)

                              Swoon, this song is romantic but not in a cheesy overblown way, I love the way the music slowly escalates and continues to swell until it just bursts with that emotional crescendo, definitely check this song out if you haven't heard it, it's beautiful!

                              The Blue Nile's all-time hits:
                              - A Walk Across The Rooftops (#139)
                              - Over the Hillside (#273)
                              - Automobile Noise (#404)
                              - Tinseltown In the Rain (#488)
                              - The Downtown Lights (#630)
                              - Heatwave (#1300)
                              - From a Late Night Train (#1478)
                              - From Rags to Riches (#1518)
                              - Headlights on the Parade (#1662)

                              Amazing and so feel good, Franki's voice goes to crazy heights and this song is just a toe tapping delight!

                              Frank Valli & The Four Seasons' all-time hits:
                              - Sherry (#133)

                              This song is so forlorn and sombre, one of her most touching songs.

                              Yoko Ono's all-time hits:
                              - Mrs. Lennon (#130)
                              - Remember Love (#137)
                              - Looking Over From My Hotel Window (#169)
                              - Spec of Dust (#220)
                              - Air Talk (#312)
                              - Soul Got Out of the Box feat. Portugal. The Man (#397)
                              - It's Time For Action (#432)
                              - Mind Train (#455)
                              - Give Me Something feat. Sparks (#497)
                              - Move on Fast (#508)

                              + another 30 all-time hits.

                              Punchy, funny and catchy, this was a really fun return for Lily, it seemed to me like it was going to be a big hit, sadly it fizzled out very quickly.

                              Lily Allen's all-time hits:
                              - Hard Out Here (#129)
                              - Lost My Mind (#166)
                              - Our Time (#260)
                              - Higher (#267)
                              - Trigger Bang feat. Giggs (#339)
                              - Sheezus (#437)
                              - The Fear (#536)
                              - Wind Your Neck In (#613)
                              - Air Balloon (#638)
                              - Why (#672)

                              + another 7 all-time hits.
                              My tits are made of silicone, just like the Earth and sea...


                              • #18

                                Great mix of sounds from different countries to create something uniquely her, this is infectious magic. Bamboo Banga though I've noticed needs to be higher, think this is one song in particular which has been hurt by the big holes in my chart records in the beginning.

                                M.I.A.'s all-time hits:
                                - Jimmy (#127)
                                - Only 1 U (#231)
                                - Matangi (#304)
                                - Borders (#568)
                                - Pull Up the People (#584)
                                - Big Branch (#652)
                                - Bring the Noize (#692)
                                - Warriors (#1064)
                                - Bamboo Banga (#1318)
                                - Jump In (#1421)
                                - Come Walk With Me (#1611)
                                - Amazon (#1667)

                                From his jazz inspired album 'Mellow Yellow', it's a toe tapping gem, great to hear whilst in the sun. Looking at his hits, he seems to have a great average spread, nearly all of the top 10 are captured in my all-time top 300.

                                Donovan's all-time hits:
                                - Sunny South Kensington (#126)
                                - Get Thy Bearings (#131)
                                - Where Is She? (#132)
                                - Oh Gosh (#153)
                                - Guinevere (#159)
                                - Preachin' Love (#194)
                                - Sun (#210)
                                - Mellow Yellow (#264)
                                - The Observation (#306)
                                - Love Floats (#313)

                                + another 27 all-time hits.

                                Most people will know him as the voice of the Toy Story soundtracks and perhaps as the original singer songwriter of some of Tom Jones' hits, he has a rich catalogue. I wouldn't actually say this is my favourite song from him but it's a funny and catchy track from him and obviously worth a listen. His original 'Old Man' is a gut wrenching song and is the song which turned me on to him, another artist further up has their version of the song as their peak song.

                                Randy Newman's all-time hits:
                                - Short People (#122)
                                - Ghosts (#158)
                                - Sail Away (#300)
                                - Old Man (#362)
                                - God's Song (That's Why I Love Mankind) (#608)
                                - Last Night I Had a Dream (#918)
                                - Mama Told Me Not To Come (#1273)
                                - He Gives Us All His Love (#1615)

                                Jeff Buckley's dad, another young death, he had a passionate sound and this song has great musicianship!

                                Tim Buckley's all-time hits:
                                - I Never Asked to Be Your Mountain (#121)
                                - Buzzin' Fly (#204)
                                - Goodbye and Hello (#752)
                                - Song to the Siren (#1131)
                                - Once I Was (#1164)
                                - Strange Feelin' (#1220)
                                - Starsailor (#1552)
                                - Phantasmagoria In Two (#1711)

                                Soulful pop from Ms Khan, an 80s classic and it's just a total tune to be honest! Love how she blows near the end.

                                Chaka Khan's all-time hits:
                                - Ain't Nobody (#115)
                                - Like Sugar (#226)
                                - Like a Lady (#401)
                                - Hello Happiness (#425)
                                - Isn't That Enough (#514)
                                - Ladylike (#543)
                                - Too Hot (#633)
                                - Don't Cha Know (#660)
                                - I Feel For You (#676)
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                                  This is a live performance, not sure if she has ever recorded in it in the studio but this live performance simply grabbed me, her sweet and emotive style really makes her version of this jazz classic something special.

                                  Blossom Dearie's all-time hits:
                                  - Sophisticated Lady (#112)

                                  An infectious funky track from his dance/electronic pop album 'Echoes', I have always loved Will's voice and his videos are usually so fun and creative and this one is no exception.

                                  Will Young's all-time hits:
                                  - Losing Myself (#110)
                                  - Like a River (#247)
                                  - Love Revolution (#299)
                                  - Friday's Child (#386)
                                  - All the Songs (#394)
                                  - Sweetest Feeling (#544)
                                  - Brave Man (#585)
                                  - Jealousy (#801)
                                  - U Think I'm Sexy (#900)
                                  - Switch It On (#976)

                                  + another 5 all-time hits.

                                  A pretty obscure singer songwriter I stumbled upon a couple of years ago, he has quite a few great tracks. i found him on lastfm, in fact I tend to find a lot of obscurities on there, his gentle yet gritty style was a hit with me.

                                  Hamilton Camp's all-time hits:
                                  - Seven Circles (#108)
                                  - Lonely Place (#493)
                                  - For My Loved Ones (#1453)
                                  - Pride of Man (#1677)

                                  This one always sends me into a meditative state, so hushed and calming but there is something also a little sinister about this songs tone, his voice is gorgeous too.

                                  José González's all-time hits:
                                  - Slow Moves (#107)
                                  - Remain (#859)

                                  These guys were one of the most creative pop groups of their time, this song is so much fun, great vocals and funny lyrics, fantastic song!

                                  10cc's all-time hits:
                                  - Don't Hang Up (#104)
                                  - Lifeline (#301)
                                  - Shock on the Tube (Don't Want Love) (#575)
                                  - Dreadlock Holiday (#902)
                                  - Reds In My Bed (#923)
                                  - Old Mister Time (#934)
                                  - For You And I (#1108)
                                  - I'm Not In Love (#1380)
                                  - Waterfall (#1649)
                                  - Last Night (#1737)
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                                    Hey Tony, I knew you'd like those ones, yeah I'm glad you liked Annette, her version of that song is amazing imo. Keep trying out the links and letting me know what you think!

                                    She's been described as a modern version of Karen Carpenter, not sure I'd agree as I think her tone is quite different but she has a warm and soothing voice which compliments this song so well. I can relate to this song, the way I interpret the song is of a young child feeling anxious about going to school because perhaps they are being picked on and they throw themselves into music to help them cope with the pressures the day will bring and the lyrics also talk about showing those who made you feel bad that you made it and are doing well. So it's kinda reflective and sad but also uplifting and positive all at the same time. Oh and she is talking about listening to Aretha Franklin on her morning walk to school which is great. Weird how 'Slow' is not in my all-time as I love that one, will need to spin that one.

                                    Rumer's all-time hits:
                                    - Aretha (#103)
                                    - Reach Out (#1168)
                                    - Saving Grace (#1316)
                                    - Dangerous (#1689)

                                    This song makes me feel so nostalgic for the 70s even though I wasn't born until 1988! She talks about all of her music experiences as a teenager (i.e. buying her first single in Woolies and how her boyfriend gave her a tape, so that's how she knew he loved her ) and it really is a trip down memory lane, the song also is about the passage of time and how things change as we age, I love songs with a sentimental touch, plus it's really catchy which is a plus.

                                    Saint Etienne's all-time hits:
                                    - Over the Border (#100)
                                    - I've Got Your Music (#135)
                                    - Last Days of Disco (#778)
                                    - Something New (#932)
                                    - Carnt Sleep (#1075)
                                    - Heading For the Fair (#1307)
                                    - Out of My Mind (#1458)
                                    - Tonight (#1669)

                                    This song is from the film 'The Point' and this song is from when the little boy is stuck down a hole when he is cast out of his village and gets lost in the surrounding forest and his feelings of despair and loneliness come flowing out of him like a tidal wave, the film is charming and I feel this song sounds even better in the context of the movie but I love it regardless. 'Good Old Desk' , 'Jump Into The Fire', 'Think About Your Troubles' are just a few off the top of my head that aren't even in my top 10 which should be, this man has so many good songs!

                                    Harry Nilsson's all-time hits:
                                    - Life Line (#96)
                                    - Everybody's Talkin' (#116)
                                    - The Moonbeam Song (#395)
                                    - River Deep - Mountain High (#406)
                                    - Coconut (#689)
                                    - Without You (#970)
                                    - Ten Little Indians (#1010)
                                    - Poli High (#1081)
                                    - Open Your Window (#1135)
                                    - Little Cowboy (#1151)

                                    + another 6 all-time hits.

                                    This song is so groovy and has this flamenco-tinged gypsy folk sound, I love Howe's gruff vocals and just think the melody and instrumentation is interesting and infectious, this song is one I play when I'm in the sun.

                                    Howe Gelb's all-time hits:
                                    - Uneven Light of Day (#92)
                                    - The Ballad of Lole Y Manuel (#1058)
                                    - Cowboy Boots on Cobble Stone (#1095)

                                    This 8 minute epic is so gorgeous, sounds like something from 60s band The Zombies or what Simon and Garfunkel would sound like if they dipped their toes into a more atmospheric rock style.

                                    Ray LaMontagne's all-time hits:
                                    - Homecoming (#89)
                                    - Hey, No Pressure (#424)
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                                      Which decade is your favourite in music ?

                                      Great track from Saint Etienne, which I didn't know before.

                                      I predict Amy Studt's win.
                                      My celebrity crushes : Monika Sedziuviene, Kristina Ivanova (YVA).
                                      In my head I like to imagine LastDreamer in the land of Lithuania right now with a suitcase of simcards, a box of chocolates and a wedding ring. It would be a great base for an epic Eurovision fan fiction.


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                                        "Hard Out Here" is one of my top Lily songs, too! I also love "The Fear" from your Lily list.

                                        "Ain't Nobody" has grown on me so much over the last few years. It's my Chaka fave as well!

                                        I think you were the one that sold me on Will's "You Don't Know" and it's not in your Will list? Yay that "All the Songs" made it, though.
                                        Akini's Top 100 Albums of the Decade: [Starting soon]


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                                          LastDreamer - hmm because I'm constantly discovering new stuff I haven't really got a clear-cut fave decade as yet but I'd say the 60s is where I'm most spiritually connected. Glad you liked 'Over the Border'! Try out that album and the song 'I've Got Your Music' which is another great track.

                                          Hmm let's see about the Amy Studt prediction ;)

                                          JSparksFan - Glad you're a fan of those ones Akini (is it just me who wishes you changed your username to 'Akini' already...? ) ...well regarding Mr Young, I love lots of Will tracks, many that haven't even appeared in my overall list, I think the holes in my records are the reason for many songs either missing out entirely or being a lot lower than they should be, one positive thing about doing these recaps is that it reminds you to play those underplayed artists/songs.

                                          Was surprised to see this so high but then remembered how much I have enjoyed it and that in fact it has appeared in all of my year ends since it's release, this was such a good return for Shania, so bouncy and uplifting, classic her, love me a bit of Ms Twain.

                                          Shania Twain's all-time hits:
                                          - Life's About to Get Good (#86)
                                          - Nah! (#792)
                                          - I'm Gonna Getcha Good (#828)
                                          - I'm Jealous (#1410)
                                          - Ka-Ching! (#1668)

                                          I love Darren's voice and think this is a such a great pop gem, the production is grand and euphoric, the romanticism and longing in the lyrics of wanting to be taken away from a place where you feel you will never belong really captured me, the album version has an extended electronic part. Take a listen! Can imagine this sounding great with the roof down on my car driving in the sunshine, even though I don't have a car!

                                          Darren Hayes' all-time hits:
                                          - Casey (#85)
                                          - Bloodstained Heart (#163)
                                          - Setting Sun (#180)
                                          - The Siren's Call (#309)
                                          - Don't Give Up (#450)
                                          - Light (#475)
                                          - Black Out the Sun (#698)
                                          - Talk Talk Talk (#758)
                                          - Cruel Cruel World (#1209)
                                          - I Like the Way (#1465)

                                          I was watching a very random interview of Natalie Cole... and she mentioned this album and poof I fell for Nyro on the first listen, this is a beautiful soulful song. Not really sure what the song is about but the white dove lyrics at the end gives the song a hopeful feeling.

                                          Laura Nyro's all-time hits:
                                          - Brown Earth (#84)
                                          - When I Was a Freeport and You Were the Main Drag (#332)

                                          This song is crazy and fun, a #1 song when it was released, weird thinking of such a song being number 1 today! I guess he was the aesthetic inspiration behind artists like KISS, Alice Cooper...

                                          Arthur Brown's all-time hits:
                                          - Fire (#80)
                                          - Love Is the Spirit (#276)
                                          - I Put a Spell On You (#1208)
                                          - Come and Buy (#1469)
                                          - (Intro) (#1561)
                                          - Planet of the Universe (#1731)

                                          A Randy Newman cover, both versions are wonderful but I seem to have listened to this one more, it's a very emotional song, I think it's about saying goodbye to his elderly father on his death bed but there is some bad feeling between them. Art's rendition adds a softness to the song which makes it easier to listen to it.

                                          Art Garfunkel's all-time hits:
                                          - Old Man (#79)
                                          - Disney Girls (#454)
                                          - All I Know (#1313)
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                                            Originally posted by CrazyCrazy View Post
                                            LastDreamer - hmm because I'm constantly discovering new stuff I haven't really got a clear-cut fave decade as yet but I'd say the 60s is where I'm most spiritually connected. Glad you liked 'Over the Border'! Try out that album and the song 'I've Got Your Music' which is another great track.
                                            My favourite decade is probably 70s. Your way in discovering new music in the past is very similar with mine. I always like the enthusiasm of music fans, who have the interest in a history of music and digging in retro stuff for hiding brilliants, especially when they even weren't born in 60s and 70s like you and me.
                                            My celebrity crushes : Monika Sedziuviene, Kristina Ivanova (YVA).
                                            In my head I like to imagine LastDreamer in the land of Lithuania right now with a suitcase of simcards, a box of chocolates and a wedding ring. It would be a great base for an epic Eurovision fan fiction.


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                                              LastDreamer - Interesting, good to know, the 70s has some amazing music too great choice! Yes I am that way when it comes to discovering music, I see it as open ended love affair, there is so much out there to hear and it's always exciting for me to discover something new.

                                              I suck at write ups for songs, all you need to know is if it's here I think it's a good song, so have a listen! I will say this is nothing like what's on her 'Blue' album though so expect something a bit different in texture.

                                              Joni Mitchell's all-time hits:
                                              - Don't Interrupt the Sorrow (#78)
                                              - Sex Kills (#380)
                                              - Last Chance Lost (#484)
                                              - The Magdalene Laundries (#489)
                                              - God Must Be a Boogie Man (#597)
                                              - Turbulent Indigo (#856)
                                              - How Do You Stop? (#926)
                                              - Edith and the Kingpin (#1393)
                                              - Blue Motel Room (#1414)
                                              - The Jungle Line (#1430)

                                              Blondini introduced me to her years ago, her big brassy voice attracted me to her straight away, this is a great and uplifting sing-a-long power ballad.

                                              Clare Maguire's all-time hits:
                                              - You're Electric (#77)
                                              - Ain't Nobody (#275)
                                              - Happiest Pretenders (#539)
                                              - Lucky (#593)
                                              - Black Coffee (#789)
                                              - Bullet (#803)
                                              - Burn (#818)
                                              - Tears Run Dry (#897)
                                              - Strangest Thing (#951)
                                              - The Shield and the Sword (#1054)
                                              - Freedom (#1565)

                                              Whimsical folk from the 60s, very melodic and with intriguing lyrics and vocals, yum. This definitely satisfied my itch for something a bit different when I discovered it.

                                              The Incredible String Band's all-time hits:
                                              - Koeeoaddi There (#76)
                                              - The Minotaur Song (#1107)
                                              - No Sleep Blues (#1348)
                                              - A Very Cellular Song (#1593)
                                              - Witches Hat (#1618)

                                              Gemma's sound is generally pretty moody with a hint of the eerie, this is a great number from one of her most recent albums. I first discovered her through the British horror flick 'Mum and Dad' with the brilliant '900 Miles'. She has a gorgeous sultry voice. 5 of her songs are in my all-time top 200, only the second artist to do that after Donovan thus far.

                                              Gemma Ray's all-time hits:
                                              - The Original One (#71)
                                              - Everyday (#151)
                                              - Touch Me, I'm Sick (#162)
                                              - S.U.D. (#196)
                                              - We Do War (#200)
                                              - How Do I Get to Carnegie Hall? (#269)
                                              - 900 Miles (#641)
                                              - Come Caldera (#670)
                                              - There Must Be More Than This (#819)
                                              - Caldera, Caldera! (#842)

                                              + 7 more all-time hits.

                                              Even when singing about hard hitting topics like she does here, she still manages a sweetness, this is a great tune with some interesting lyrics, a bit of rap and dance. Her death was one of the most gruesome and sad I heard about in music, RIP.

                                              Kirsty MacColl's all-time hits:
                                              - Walking Down Madison (#63)
                                              - Autumngirlsoup (#66)
                                              - Us Amazonians (#277)
                                              - Can't Stop Killing You (#609)
                                              - A New England (#1055)
                                              - Here Comes That Man Again (#1060)
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                                                This is one of her industrial pop era songs, I think it's about HIV but it's very catchy and with Suzanne's soft voice it's an ear-worm for sure. It has a video but I prefer the album version which is slightly different.

                                                Suzanne Vega's all-time hits:
                                                - Blood Makes Noise (#58)
                                                - As Girls Go (#349)
                                                - Rusted Pipe (#507)
                                                - 99.9 F° (#863)
                                                - In Liverpool (#1022)
                                                - Bad Wisdom (#1198)
                                                - Fat Man & Dancing Girl (#1199)
                                                - I Never Wear White (#1436)

                                                Probably my fave female artist these days spiritually but this is her highest song so far, the donkey sounds the frantic energy of the song, the eerie male voices, this is crackpot Kate and I adore it, this album is spectacular as is most of her stuff. With nearly all of her top 10 in my top 200 she has the best average score thus far and I think only 2 other artists yet to come can beat her on that front.

                                                Kate Bush's all-time hits:
                                                - Get Out of My House (#57)
                                                - There Goes a Tenner (#59)
                                                - Sat In Your Lap (#73)
                                                - Suspended In Gaffa (#93)
                                                - Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) (#102)
                                                - The Dreaming (#114)
                                                - Pull Out the Pin (#170)
                                                - Leave It Open (#177)
                                                - Night of the Swallow (#225)
                                                - Aerial (#278)

                                                + 32 more all-time hits

                                                This is so sad and gentle, old friends reflecting on their shared memories, beautiful. The combination of Paul Simon's masterful songwriting and Art Garfunkel's angelic vocals makes them a match made in musical heaven.

                                                Simon and Garfunkel's all-time hits:
                                                - Old Friends (#54)
                                                - Punky's Dilemma (#94)
                                                - Save the Life of My Child (#97)
                                                - Scarborough Fair/Canticle (#270)
                                                - Dream Alone (#384)
                                                - America (#480)
                                                - So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright (#669)
                                                - Keep the Customer Satisfied (#1067)
                                                - Bookends Theme (#1566)
                                                - Overs (#1640)
                                                - Beat Love (#1686)

                                                My favourite duo, their sound is so diverse and you never know what you will get with them, Alison's breathy sultry vocals and sometimes alien squeals always make for a tantalising listen, this is one of their more folky/pop type songs and the last time they made the top 10 official chart in the UK too. Their album 'Felt Mountain' seems particularly underplayed by me, the song 'Deer Stop' is an eerie masterpiece.

                                                Goldfrapp's all-time hits:
                                                - A&E (#53)
                                                - Clowns (#118)
                                                - Ride a White Horse (#171)
                                                - Ooh La La (#211)
                                                - Rocket (#287)
                                                - Fly Me Away (#327)
                                                - Anymore (#388)
                                                - Head First (#393)
                                                - Pilots (#411)
                                                - Alive (#464)

                                                + 17 more all-time hits.

                                                Apparently he is some actor, I randomly stumbled upon him on and I'm glad I did because this album is a hidden gem and his deep expressive voice is gorgeous and sets this magical song soaring. I know Sonia is a big fan of this song too.

                                                Rex Holman's all-time hits:
                                                - Listen to the Footsteps (#52)
                                                - Come On Down (#465)
                                                - Copper Kettles (#823)
                                                - Today Is Almost Here (#847)
                                                - Red Is the Apple (#873)
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                                                  Kate Bush, Simon and Garfunkel - both are unpredictably low. I was sure for top 10 for these acts here.

                                                  Kirsty MacColl - for me it's the most saddest death of music celebrity, with Heidi Bruhl at # 2 in that awful list.

                                                  She had some # 1s in my retro charts, include such wonderful songs like "There's A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He's Elvis", "Terry", "New England" and very underrated duet with Evan Dando "Perfect Day". Don't know why but I don't like her biggest hit "Fairytale of New York".

                                                  "Walking Down Madison" was stopped at # 2 by my favourite single from 1991 year and British Eurovision entry (Samantha Janus - A Message To Your Heart).

                                                  Goldfrapp is good, when she is more pop than dance.
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                                                  My celebrity crushes : Monika Sedziuviene, Kristina Ivanova (YVA).
                                                  In my head I like to imagine LastDreamer in the land of Lithuania right now with a suitcase of simcards, a box of chocolates and a wedding ring. It would be a great base for an epic Eurovision fan fiction.


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                                                    Kate and the boys would be higher if this was an artist chart but this is just their current peak song. I like all of those Kirsty songs, she has lots of good songs, she's great!

                                                    This is a lovely sing-a-long song from Sheryl, it has some twangy guitars and a really infectious chorus, I really like this album as it shows a more reflective and sad side to her music.

                                                    Sheryl Crow's all-time hits:
                                                    - Good Is Good (#51)
                                                    - Everyday Is a Winding Road (#235)
                                                    - Chances Are (#732)
                                                    - Home (#862)
                                                    - Hard to Make a Stand (#1154)
                                                    - Ordinary Morning (#1445)
                                                    - A Change Would Do You Good (#1601)
                                                    - Letter to God (#1626)
                                                    - Sad Sad World (#1654)
                                                    - Rise Up (#1745)

                                                    This is such a beautiful song, her music has a spiritual quality, well actually a lot of her music is flat out religious but this song isn't so obvious, I think the song is about the kiss from an angel, that's just my interpretation of it though, the vocal layering and grand composition is gold for the ears.

                                                    Judee Sill's all-time hits:
                                                    - The Kiss (#48)
                                                    - There's a Rugged Road (#50)
                                                    - The Pearl (#55)
                                                    - The Lamb Ran Away With the Crown (#134)
                                                    - My Man on Love (#136)
                                                    - Soldier of the Heart (#383)
                                                    - The Donor (#679)
                                                    - Ridge Rider (#835)
                                                    - The Vigilante (#930)
                                                    - Emerald River Dance (#953)

                                                    + 6 more all-time hits.

                                                    I'm sure I read somewhere this was the first song to have been written and produced by a female to hit #1, not sure if that's true but it's a cool bit of info, great meandering classic country song, has a strong nostalgic vibe.

                                                    Bobbie Gentry's all-time hits:
                                                    - Ode to Billie Joe (#47)
                                                    - You've Made Me So Very Happy (#348)

                                                    I love the stressful and paranoid energy this song oozes, I think it's about sorting through all of the thoughts in your head and figuring out which ones are your own and which ones have been planted there by others. Great track, my fave from the album.

                                                    Alanis Morissette's all-time hits:
                                                    - Tapes (#46)
                                                    - Out Is Through (#146)
                                                    - Excuses (#161)
                                                    - Everything (#222)
                                                    - Giggling Again For No Reason (#293)
                                                    - Not All Me (#378)
                                                    - Orchid (#421)
                                                    - Doth I Protest Too Much (#525)
                                                    - 20/20 (#559)
                                                    - Madness (#583)

                                                    + 14 more all-time hits.

                                                    I love Jonathan Brigg's energetic and distinctive voice, the song's lyrics have a touch of sadness and speaks of not wanting to get older. This band should be more popular, they have so many great pop tracks!

                                                    Everything Everything's all-time hits:
                                                    - Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread (#44)
                                                    - Distant Past (#197)
                                                    - Night of the Long Knives (#357)
                                                    - Torso of the Week (#528)
                                                    - Good Shot, Good Soldier (#610)
                                                    - Run the Numbers (#849)
                                                    - Big Game (#946)
                                                    - Two For Nero (#1008)
                                                    - Leave the Engine Room (#1176)
                                                    - Come Alive Diana (#1496)

                                                    + 4 more all-time hits.
                                                    My tits are made of silicone, just like the Earth and sea...