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My All-Time Top 100 Countdown! [Finished]

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    Thanks for the comment mate, yes all great I agree I think Ray was something I found on your charts too actually!

    I can embarrassingly relate to the lyrics in this song and often wonder what life would be like if I was a different type of person, it's a loser anthem! So catchy, if this doesn't bury itself into your head then the wiring in your brain must be faulty.

    Nerina Pallot's all-time hits:
    - Real Late Starter (#43)
    - Rousseau (#106)
    - The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter (#193)
    - It Starts (#195)
    - Bring Him Fire (#242)
    - I Don't Want to Go Out (#290)
    - Everybody's Gone to War (#483)
    - Mr. King (#506)
    - Boy On the Bus (#623)
    - Learning to Breathe (#648)

    + 16 more all-time hits.

    I discovered him through a song that the Carpenters had covered, in fact it was this very song! This smooth jazzy original swept me away immediately and I preferred this one, his soft voice really compliments this funky song. I think the song is about wanting to stay at home and be left alone, anti-social anthem! Seems to be a running theme here.

    Michael Frank's all-time hits:
    - B'wana He No Home (#42)
    - Eggplant (#152)
    - Sanpaku (#385)
    - Jive (#824)
    - I Really Hope It's You (#1041)
    - Popsicle Toes (#1264)
    - Don't Be Blue (#1628)

    Teenage love, this song really captures that feeling and the video too, never realised it had religious undertones but after knowing it makes alot of sense now lyrically, it's a sugary sweet pop gem, very catchy!

    Stacie Orrico's all-time hits:
    - I Could Be the One (#40)
    - (There's Gotta Be) More to Life (#1484)

    I highest song of the 2010s and the most recent I think...this song was an instant smash with me and has charted high every year since, it was a funky return for them, I love the melody and all of it's transitions, I love to sing along to this gem!

    Jamiroquai's all-time hits:
    - Automaton (#39)
    - Dr Buzz (#105)
    - Vitamin (#184)
    - Love Foolosophy (#215)
    - Stop Don't Panic (#335)
    - Too Young to Die (#382)
    - Seven Days in Sunny June (#413)
    - Cloud 9 (#482)
    - Superfresh (#533)
    - Canned Heat (#707)

    A beautiful piece of ambient music from one of my favourite games from the 90s, to think this was made to fit onto a SNES cartridge is amazing.

    David Wise's all-time hits:
    - Aquatic Ambiance (#33)
    - Cave Dweller Concert (#376)
    - Bad Boss Boogie (#1205)
    - Stickerbush Symphony (#1302)
    - Forest Interlude (#1434)
    - Fear Factory (#1535)
    - Welcome to Crocodile Isle (#1577)
    - Mine Cart Madness (#1588)
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      I lied when I said Jamiroquai were the highest 2010s song, there are actually a few left. This was somewhat of a departure for Melody into a more worldly and exotic sound and less jazz than her usual music, her lush breathy voice paired with this new musical style is bliss, one for the summer.

      Melody Gardot's all-time hits:
      - Mira (#32)
      - Don't Misunderstand (#803)
      - Preacherman (#997)
      - It Gonna Come (#1038)

      Can't seem to find the video on Youtube for some reason, shame as it's great and very colourful from what I can remember. I like the powerful lyrics to the song and the beautiful rich instrumentation especially for something in the charts at the time.

      Nelly Furtado's all-time hits:
      - Powerless (#30)
      - Pipe Dreams (#60)
      - Turn Off the Lights (#314)
      - Carnival Games (#471)
      - Flat-line (#688)
      - Live (#846)
      - Cold Hard Truth (#958)

      This was a moment when she combined her usual avant-garde sensibilities to pop music and it worked wonderfully, fresh and catchy sound, with intriguing lyrics. I still can't get over the fact that her song 'O Superman' charted at #2 in the charts, charts seemed more eclectic back then.

      Laurie Anderson's all-time hits:
      - Language Is a Virus (#29)
      - From the Air (#69)
      - O Superman (#111)
      - Sharkey's Night (#236)
      - The Puppet Motel (#350)
      - World Without End (#470)
      - Let X = X (#522)
      - Bright Red (feat. Lou Reed) (#618)
      - Beautiful Red Dress (#621)
      - Sharkey's Day (#625)

      +20 more all-time hits.

      Joe delivers a delicious country rock gem with this.

      Joe Bonamassa's all-time hits:
      - Black Lung Heartache (#23)
      - Give It Everything You Got (feat. Beth Hart) (#1330)

      This is a freaky folk gem, her lyrics are funny, grotesque, whimsical, provocative, all at the same time (there is an excerpt from this song in my signature)...she is a delight to listen to, this has a rich instrumentation.

      Larkin Grimm's all-time hits:
      - Dominican Rum (#22)
      - Ride That Cyclone (#36)
      - Paradise and So Many Colors (#98)
      - Mina Minou (#101)
      - Don't Come Down Darkness (#142)
      - Blond and Golden Johns (#218)
      - Parplar (#245)
      - Be a Great Burglar (#279)
      - My Justine (#316)
      - Without a Body or a Numb and Useless Mind (#377)

      +22 more all-time hits.
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        Let's finish this, now my top 10!

        I love Gorillaz and how they just like to experiment with all types of sounds, this is probably one of their most catchy songs ever, I have to dance whenever I hear this song, brill!

        Gorillaz's all-time hits:
        - 19-2000 (Soulchild Remix) (#15)
        - Andromeda (feat. D.R.A.M.) (#165)
        - We Got the Power (feat. Jehnny Beth) (#331)
        - Saturnz Barz (feat. Popcaan) (#479)
        - Ascension (feat. Vince Staples) (#593)
        - Busted and Blue (#795)
        - Broken (#826)
        - On Melancholy Hill (#831)
        - Some Kind of Nature (feat. Lou Reed) (#1216)
        - To Binge (feat. Little Dragon) (#1408)

        +7 more all-time hits.

        Mr cool himself! J.J. had such a smooth style, never pushing too hard and always so chill, his tunes are perfect for the summer, this song in particular is a forlorn affair and my favourite from him, beautiful track, he sadly passed away in 2013.

        J.J. Cale's all-time hits:
        - Crying Eyes (#14)
        - Hey Baby (#45)
        - Cocaine (#123)
        - Travelin' Light (#150)
        - Let Me Do It To You (#403)
        - After Midnight (#553)
        - Super Blue (#814)
        - Hold On (#912)
        - You Got Something (#1039)
        - Ride Me High (#1227)

        I love the pulsing electro beat with the melancholic undertones running through this song, this is another one I love to listen to in the sun or anytime really. Annie is so underrated in my opinion, so many cool songs. This song and Heartbeat kept switching for my Annie fave, this is another euphoric masterpiece and is a must listen!

        Annie's all-time hits:
        - Hold On (#13)
        - Heartbeat (#35)
        - Me Plus One (#76)
        - Tube Stops and Lonely Hearts (#113)
        - WorkX2 (#143)
        - Ralph Macchio (#560)
        - My Best Friend (#572)
        - The Greatest Hit (#659)
        - Mixed Emotions (#928)
        - Invisible (#963)

        +4 more all-time hits.

        I can't describe how much I love Glen, his voice and songs just comfort me somehow, his voice is perfect with sad songs as there is this natural yearning quality I hear in his voice. The man is just great and I was so sad to hear of his death after his battle with Alzheimer's.

        Glen Campbell's all-time hits:
        - Hey, Little One (#8)
        - Wichita Lineman (#27)
        - Rhinestone Cowboy (#37)
        - Elusive Butterfly (#49)
        - By the Time I Get to Phoenix (#68)
        - Southern Nights (#70)
        - Turn Around, Look at Me (#117)
        - Here I Am (#178)
        - Funny How Time Slips Away (feat. Willie Nelson) (#207)
        - True Grit (#227)

        +15 more all-time hits.

        The boys are a joy to listen to with their crazy harmonies and melodic splendour. There's more to them than I think most people know about, they have some masterpiece compositions 'Surf's Up' (Smile Sessions version in particular) being one of them and aren't just about the surf pop most people know them for. This album/song is so full of innocence, I just love listening to Pet Sounds, there's a wistful and melancholic quality to it all.

        The Beach Boy's all-time hits:
        - That's Not Me (#6)
        - Surf's Up (SS version) (#9)
        - Good Vibrations (#26)
        - God Only Knows (#41)
        - I'm Waiting for the Day (#67)
        - Here Today (#87)
        - Long Promised Road (#208)
        - Child is Father of the Man (#243)
        - Take a Load off Your Feet (#335)
        - A Day in the Life of a Tree (#456)

        +13 more all-time hits.

        Melodic metal? Not sure how you'd describe this song, but it's a blistering and powerful song which will give you goosebumps, I love the urgency of the music and the versatility of his voice, I also love this live version of the song. His music is very very eclectic overall, drawing influence from all kinds of artists.

        Devin Townsend's all-time hits:
        - Kingdom (#5)
        - Grace (#74)
        - Divine (#297)
        - More! (#342)
        - Hold On (#353)
        - Disruptr (#734)
        - Lessons (#741)
        - Angel (#746)
        - Trainfire (#775)
        - Ziltoida Attaxx!!! (#870)

        + 8 more all-time hits.

        Paul Simon is my favourite artist and this song was #1 last time I did an overall countdown, it's simply beautiful. I've always been a big fan of his songwriting style, so intimate, introspective and just so cleverly written. This song along with the whole album is a masterpiece and the instrumentation is just so rich and fascinating, this album is a contender for my #1 favourite of all-time. He also has 100 songs in my all-time list, nobody even comes close to this beast of a man.

        Paul Simon's all-time hits:
        - The Cool, Cool River (#4)
        - She Moves On (#7)
        - Can't Run But (#11)
        - The Obvious Child (#12)
        - Train in the Distance (#17)
        - The Coast (#18)
        - Thelma (#19)
        - Proof (#20)
        - That's Why God Made the Movies (#21)
        - How the Heart Approaches What It Yearns (#38)

        + 90 more all-time hits.

        Now everyone who knows me, knows that I've been a fan of Anastacia since I was 12 years old, I am 32 now and I still listen to her regularly, not as obsessed as I was back then but she has plenty of great tracks and that lioness voice is always a joy to listen to and always pumps me with the necessary energy I need for the day. This song always reminds me of summer, I used to hear it a lot around summer of 2001/2002 on the radio, it's a great slice of power pop from the biggest pair of lungs in pop. Sick and Tired was my most played song last year so I expect that to enter my top 10 soon.

        Anastacia's all-time hits:
        - One Day In Your Life (#3)
        - Welcome to My Truth (#16)
        - Stupid Little Things (#31)
        - Left Outside Alone (#61)
        - Beautiful Messed Up World (#72)
        - Pieces of a Dream (#82)
        - Take This Chance (#90)
        - Oncoming Train (#95)
        - Caught In the Middle (#124)
        - I'm Outta Love (#128)

        +50 more all-time hits.

        By the time her 2nd album was released I was already a big fan of her dulcet tones and introspective style of songwriting. I remember waiting up refreshing iTunes at 12:00 to download this album I was obsessed with this album for a good 2-3 years straight. I had heard this song on one of the producers Myspace page a year or so before but I was immediately captivated by it's kooky and catchy lyrics/melody, I real ear-worm for me, the more I heard it, the more it got under my skin.

        Amy Studt's all-time hits:
        - Paper Made Man (#2)
        - Nobody (#10)
        - Chasing the Light (#24)
        - Different Colour Pills (#25)
        - Nice Boys (#56)
        - Queen A (#81)
        - Sad, Sad World (#91)
        - One Last Cigarette (#138)
        - Here Lies Love (#160)
        - Ladder In My Tights (#168)

        +34 more all-time hits.

        Anyone who's been following my year-end lists knows this song always makes a high appearance and I just simply cannot ever tire of it, it's a little drop of magic, I love the lyrics and how they conger up images of being in a mythical world with dragons and fairy tale creatures, the richness of the music and the wonderful musical transitions within the song just result in an unforgettable piece of music. One lyric I love from this song is..."remember it pays to pay the sandman well, make no fuss, for you must - in stardust, he puts all the colours in your dreams".

        Caravan's all-time hits:
        - Winter Wine (#1)
        - Policeman (#249)
        - Golf Girl (#250)
        - Can You Hear Me? (#282)
        - Behind You (#461)
        - Nightmare (#691)
        - Ride (#712)
        - Nine Feet Underground (#832)
        - Love to Love You (And Tonight Pigs Will Fly) (#1006)
        - In the Land of Grey and Pink (#1016)
        - Surprise, Surprise (#1692)

        Thanks to anyone who had a look and commented, see ya!
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          Unpredictable # 1. I thought it will be between Anastacia, Amy Studt and maybe Kate Bush (because you was a host of her Ultimate Chart).
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            Thanks for this very interesting countdown! Always nice to see some diversity.
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              Did you like Amy Studt's recent album? I charted it - some quite dark and personal things on it. The Water (the single i charted) is like PJ Harvey.

              Jamiroquai, Annie and Devin stand out from the top 20.
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                "Life's About to Get Good" is actually one of my least-favourite Shania songs. I'm actually not a big fan of any of your top tunes from her.

                I really need to explore Sheryl's music more. I just played "Good Is Good" and I really like it!

                "I Could Be the One" is catchy. It's been ages since I last played it, but I just gave it a spin and it's as good as I remember.

                Interesting selection for Nelly! I don't think I like any of those either.

                Ah, we've long been on a similar wavelength with Anastacia! "One Day in Your Life" is absolutely her finest stunner, and I also love "Welcome to My Truth", "Left Outside Alone", and "Oncoming Train" from her. "Stupid Little Things" has some great lyrics, but the melody never really stuck me. I'll always live for that Stuck on the wrong side of heaven line, though.

                "Queen A" is my fave Amy Studt song from your list. "Under the Thumb" is my most-played song from her since 1/1/2012, though.

                "Winter Wine" is lovely. It's lengthy, but doesn't feel long. I liked it!

                Originally posted by CrazyCrazy View Post
                JSparksFan - Glad you're a fan of those ones Akini (is it just me who wishes you changed your username to 'Akini' already...? ) ...well regarding Mr Young, I love lots of Will tracks, many that haven't even appeared in my overall list, I think the holes in my records are the reason for many songs either missing out entirely or being a lot lower than they should be, one positive thing about doing these recaps is that it reminds you to play those underplayed artists/songs.
                I'm positive you're not the only one.
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