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    Great to see Jain and Chloe x Halle songs. Also Tom Grennan deserves a shoutout.
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      Re: UKMusicLova's Hot 100 2018 (100-91)

      One Kiss and Long As I Live are nice, not a big fan of this particular Chloe x Halle song, but overall I really like the girls and hope they make it big


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        Originally posted by UKMusicLova
        Originally posted by abi
        Pleased to see BTS on the list. Didn't know you listen to their music!
        I spent a couple of weeks in South Korea this year, so slowly getting myself into more K-pop. There may be 1 or 2 of the songs I heard a lot over there, in my countdown
        Glad to hear that! Love Yourself: Tear (the album "Fake Love" is from) is a pretty strong R&B/Pop album! K-R&B is LIFE as well!

        "Happy Without Me" is A JAM! I'm so glad I discovered their music.

        That Andersoon .Paak/Kendrick song is not bad but he has way better songs.

        "Entertainer" is a cute alt-R&B song but again, he's done better.

        "Level Up" was a bop! Shame they didn't really push the song on the radio cause it really had potential!

        "Long As I Live" was a great comeback! Kinda surprised to see her quite low here.


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          Re: UKMusicLova's Hot 100 2018 (100-91)

          Don’t know most of them but Long As I Live is THAT throwback R&B jam and One Kiss deserved to be such a monster hit.


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            Re: UKMusicLova's Hot 100 2018 (100-91)

            One Kiss is great but I think it now feels generic EVEN THOUGH it absolutely wasn't on first listen.
            Level Up is ace!
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              94. JAIN | ALRIGHT
              93. CIARA | LEVEL UP
              91. CALVIN HARRIS & DUA LIPA | ONE KISS

              Really enjoy these three tunes so far, with "Alright" definitely being my fave of the bunch. Cool song


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                90. RAVYN LENAE | STICKY
                Let's play, let's pretend

                A slice of Prince-esque funk for you here. Ravyn Lenae is only 18 years old, but she knows how to write a BOP. The psychedelic guitar and electric guitar additions in the production, really complement Ravyn's experimental vocal delivery. There's airs of Kate Bush when she goes into the falsetto parts. The song is about being stuck in a relationship that is falling apart.

                89. DRAKE | GOD'S PLAN
                Tryna keep it peaceful is a struggle for me

                Drake is arguably the biggest artist around right now, and has nailed catering to both the hip-hop, R&B and pop crowds. 'God's Plan' is a perfect example of what Drake does best. Rhythmic music, which is catchy and stays in your head. The "bad things, there's a lot of bad things that they wishing on me" part is so memorable!

                88. CLEAN BANDIT FT. DEMI LOVATO | SOLO
                I wanna f-woop woop woop, but I'm broken hearted

                My favourite genre of heartbreak on the dance floor strikes again, with this winning collaboration between Clean Bandit and Demi Lovato. Demi sounds great singing this, it really suits her. I love the chorus, especially the "f-woop woop woop" part!

                87. ROBYN | MISSING U
                I keep digging through our waste of time, but the picture's incomplete

                Another heartbreak on the dance floor song, this time from the Queen of this genre - Robyn! This song is probably the closest Robyn has come to 'Body Talk' style music in 2018. Definitely one for fans of that album, but a very updated and defiant 2018 version!

                86. MABEL FT. NOT3S | FINE LINE
                Now we're dancing on a fine line, somewhere between a minute and a lifetime

                Fresh off the back of their collaboration, 'My Lover', Mabel and Not3s joined forces again on this tropical-esque banger. The song describes that phase at the beginning of a relationship where you're trying to figure each other out. Two great up and coming British talents.

                85. KHALID | BETTER
                I got so high the other night, I swear to God, felt my feet lift the ground

                Khalid is one of my favourite artists of 2018. His voice is just magic, and lifts every song he is on. This is a sensual, hazy R&B song that at first I thought was slightly too monotonous but has grown on me so much and I think that delivery actually makes the song.

                Seventeen and we got a dream to have a family, and house, and everything in between

                Khalid again, this time teaming up with benny blanco and Halsey for their mega-hit 'Eastside'. This song describes how young love morphs into, and through, the troubles of adulthood. It isn't the most unique song in the world, but I it's super catchy and I have played it A LOT.

                83. POST MALONE + SWAE LEE | SUNFLOWER
                I know you're scared of the unknown

                I think Post Malone is quite polarising - some people adore him and some people don't understand the hype. I'm in neither camp, but I do admit he does know how to write a good hook. This collaboration with Swae Lee is really good, and probably my favourite Post Malone song! I love Swae's voice!

                82. JANELLE MONAE FT. GRIMES | PYNK
                Pink is the truth you can't hide, maybe

                Historically pink has been one of the colours that we use to define gender, being synonymous with girlishness. Well Janelle is using this colour to challenge the and discuss the future of gender. The sparse R&B production, Janelle's bubblegum deliver of the verses are a great companion to the almost punk-ish chorus provided by Janelle and Grimes!

                When I call you, you don't answer phone

                This song is probably one of my most played songs of the year, and I've sort of overplayed it for myself. However I looove Ella Eyre, I think she's very talented so I'm happy this was a big hit for her. This song is full of sass, Ella is not going to put up going straight to answerphone every time she calls her man.



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                  I've heard the majority of these songs but I barely remember how they sounded like. "Better" is a cute little jam though and "God's Plan" isn't bad either.

                  Voted for "Trip" from the list. Definitely my favorite R&B song of the year!


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                    Re: UKMusicLova's Hot 100 2018 (90-81)

                    Yay for Janelle, Robyn and Ravyn.
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                      Re: UKMusicLova's Hot 100 2018 (90-81)

                      Good to see someone else remember Fine Line, and Answerphone should be higher!
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                        Unfortunately I slept on 'Solo', a tune!
                        'Better' is nice.


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                          Shame that these ones missed the main show:

                          CALVIN HARRIS FT. SAM SMITH | PROMISES
                          LADY GAGA | ALWAYS REMEMBER US THIS WAY
                          LITTLE MIX FT. NICKI MINAJ | WOMAN LIKE ME
                          MARTIN GARRIX FT. KHALID | OCEAN
                          RITA ORA | LET ME LOVE YOU
                          THE WEEKND FT. KENDRICK LAMAR - PRAY FOR ME
                          TROYE SIVAN FT. ARIANA GRANDE | DANCE TO THIS

                          ZEDD FT. MAREN MORRIS | THE MIDDLE

                          "Entertainer" is good, but "There You Are" is my clear favourite from his lengthy new LP. "Level Up" is sub-par for CiCi, but when it comes on in the club, I do go off a bit! "Long as I Live" is classy indeed! "One Kiss" is okay; I agree with you on it being repetitive.

                          "Solo" is a bop, one of the best from Clean Bandit and Demi. "Pynk" was a slow burner for me, but I've grown to appreciate it, though it is admittedly among my bottom half from its parent album.
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                            Re: UKMusicLova's Hot 100 2018 (90-81)

                            Yeah, big fan of Answerphone, was a biiig moment when I saw her in the summer and Khalid has released a lot of decent stuff this year too.. though neither of his best for me there. Solo is a bop!
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                              80. LANA DEL REY | VENICE BITCH
                              Fresh out of f*cks, forever

                              Possibly the longest song to ever make one of my End Of lists, 'Venice Bitch' is Lana doing what she does best, but giving herself space to fully immerse into the song. The mood of the song required every second of the nearly 10 minute length. So excited for her album this year.

                              79. BRUNO MARS FT. CARDI B | FINESSE
                              We out here drippin' in finesse

                              What a monster collaboration this is. Again a curse of overplayed strikes here, as I fully loved this song earlier in the year, but now don't listen to it all that much. Still, I adore the 90s new jack swing influence that is dripping all over this song and the video is a real event of the year. A song that fully introduced Cardi B to pop audiences, and another big hit for Bruno Mars.

                              78. EMPRESS OF | WHEN I'M WITH HIM
                              I can't help but repress, all the signs telling me that I'm not fine

                              'Us' was one of the albums I ended up being disappointed with in 2018, after high hopes, but it still did give us the fantastic 'When I'm With Him'. The instrumental of this song is very breezy and light, but Lorely Rodriguez's delivery of the song is a journey. The song looks at a romance that looks perfect on the surface, but is rotten to its core.

                              77. TINASHE FT. FUTURE | FADED LOVE
                              I can feel every breath on the edge of my neck, cigarettes and cologne

                              This is probably my favourite single from the serially delayed 'Joyride' album, Tinashe's 2nd official album. I really enjoyed the album, but it did feel a bit disappointing in comparison to 'Aquarius' and her mixtapes. It felt like a compromise for both Tinashe and her label. Anyway, this song is very Tinashe but does have the catchy radio friendly feel. Shame it wasn't a hit.

                              76. BLACKPINK | DDU-DU DDU-DU
                              Hit you with that ddu-du ddu-du

                              This song was literally EVERYWHERE when I was in South Korea earlier in the year. It was inescapable and I fell in love with it. Love the production, it will get you on the dance floor straight away. The girls are so sassy with their delivery and while I don't understand any of the lyrics, you can't help but join in with 'hit you with that ddu-du ddu-du' when it hits!

                              75. SIGRID | STRANGERS
                              We're falling head over heels, for something that ain't real

                              Sigrid certainly knows herself around a huge pop hook, and they don't really come much bigger than 'Strangers'. That chorus is really such a pop moment, so dancey, that just stands out amongst the more minimalistic verses...then comes the second chorus which takes the production up a step. The song is about a relationship that doesn't quite live up to Hollywood standards.

                              74. NORMANI + CALVIN HARRIS FT. WIZKID | CHECKLIST
                              Slow whine, slow whine, body cold like a necklace

                              Well Normani came all the way through in 2018, with some very high quality music. She surprise released a 2-track EP with Calvin Harris, that featured this dancehall influenced banger, featuring WizKid. Shame they didn't push it, and just released it without much fanfare, as it sounds like something that would SMASH in the UK. It's so uptempo, and i can't help but want to dance when I hear it.

                              73. KOJO FUNDS + RAYE | CHECK
                              Love it when you watch how my weed smokes

                              Well this song had me at the Craig David sample, not going to lie. But also it's a really nice duet, between two great UK talents. Kojo and Raye have great chemistry on this song. Raye does a great job with her sing/rap verse. The use of the '7 Days' guitar, really adds this seductive feel to the song, which sets it apart from the other Afrobeats inspired tracks released in 2018.

                              72. COURTNEY BARNETT | NEED A LITTLE TIME
                              I don't know a lot about you but, you seem to know a lot about me

                              Another song I discovered when I was living in Australia, I absolutely love the vibe of this song. It's so cool, really brings that grunge-pop feel of the early 00s back in such an awesome way. The lyrics are great as well, quite poetic - all about Courtney needing to take a little time out from herself (and you). Actually the song does a great job of making you forget about all the outside noise, and just enter your own little world. Obama also listed this as one of his favourite tracks of 2018, so listen to it!

                              71. MAROON 5 FT. CARDI B | GIRLS LIKE YOU
                              Girls like you love fun, and yeah, me too

                              I really don't know what it is that made me feel in love with this song. It's so damn generic, and I know there's nothing special, but I really love listening to it. Maybe it was the video, which I thought was very cute. The song is also pretty bad lyrically, but there you go- we all need a basic pop bop now anda gain. Cardi has a decent feature on this, another great pop feature for her. There's a great remix by St Vincent as well, if you want something slightly more interesting sonically!



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                                "Venice Bitch" is lovely; your highlighted lyric is my favourite moment. "Finesse" was a huge early 2018 moment, but as good as the remix is, I still prefer the original. Surprisingly, I loathed "Checklist", but I'm still rooting for Normani. "Girls Like You" is good.
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                                  Re: UKMusicLova's Hot 100 2018 (80-71)

                                  72. COURTNEY BARNETT | NEED A LITTLE TIME - artistic, valiant. yet enjoyable
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                                    Re: UKMusicLova's Hot 100 2018 (80-71)

                                    VENICE BITCH, FINESSE, FADED LOVE


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                                      88. CLEAN BANDIT FT. DEMI LOVATO | SOLO
                                      85. KHALID | BETTER
                                      84. BENNY BLANCO, KHALID + HALSEY | EASTSIDE
                                      82. JANELLE MONAE FT. GRIMES | PYNK

                                      80. LANA DEL REY | VENICE BITCH
                                      79. BRUNO MARS FT. CARDI B | FINESSE
                                      75. SIGRID | STRANGERS
                                      74. NORMANI + CALVIN HARRIS FT. WIZKID | CHECKLIST
                                      71. MAROON 5 FT. CARDI B | GIRLS LIKE YOU

                                      Really liking these from the latest two groups. "Solo" is sooo good, a big highlight of the year for me as well.
                                      Also love how "Venice Bitch" made a similar position on your countdown as it did on Akini's and mine (#90 on both) and we all pointed out that she filled these nearly ten minutes perfectly. But even though she did that, I feel like the song could have made a bigger impact if it would have been shorter (= more replay value).


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                                        Re: UKMusicLova's Hot 100 2018 (80-71)

                                        Finesse and Strangers are top tunes! Shame Sigrid has yet to match that actually.

                                        Girls Like You can do one.
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                                          Re: UKMusicLova's Hot 100 2018 (80-71)

                                          I know exactly how you feel about Girls Like You, it's so basic but so good. Strangers was last year for me but is great, so Checklist is the main highlight of this batch for ,e. Grower, too.
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                                            Yassssss for BLACKPINK! K-Pop better come through in 2019!

                                            "Finesse" is really great but I had the same problem with you, I overplayed it way too much when the album was first released. "Faded Love" is really nice as well, she has better songs though.


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                                              70. DMA'S | IN THE AIR
                                              Who's been fooling my emotions?

                                              Australian band, DMA'S, take a lot of influence from the British guitar Britpop movement of the 90s, and this song continues to hone in on that. I love that the song is a slightly more emotional side, a ballad that wouldn't sound out of place from an Oasis album. The occasional electric guitar accentuations really help bring out those sorrowful vocals from the lead singer. There's slight synth sounds in the mix as well, which is a different route for DMA'S and one that I'd like to see them explore more.

                                              69. YEARS & YEARS | SANCTIFY
                                              Sanctify my sins when I pray

                                              'Sanctify' is a rather sensual song isn't it? Probably one of the naughtiest songs the boys have released. The song is about Olly hooking up with a straight-identifying man and trying to reassure what he is doing is not wrong. I love the darker production flourishes on this, and Olly's voice sounds as great as ever. I think it's a shame this wasn't the smash rather than the more basic 'If You're Over Me'.

                                              68. THE CARTERS | APESHIT
                                              I got expensive fabrics, I got expensive habits

                                              What can I say? Pharrell really brought the fire on the production with this. This song feels more like a Beyoncé song featuring Jay, but she is literally killing it with her delivery. Fire verses, and a great chorus with adlib contributions from Quavo from Migos. Whether Beyoncé is bragging about buying her man a jet, or telling her haters to "get off my d!ck", she is sounding confident and in control - basically like the music legend that she has become.

                                              67. JORJA SMITH FT. STORMZY | LET ME DOWN
                                              Sometimes, I wouldn't mind if I was less important

                                              I wasn't too sure about this song at first. I thought Jorja was going to lose her edge, as this came across a bit Sia-esque. But eventually I fell in love. It's so melodramatic in both it's production and Jorja's vocal delivery. It's so haunting. Lyrically the song is about accepting that you mean very little to someone, as long as you have them in your life. Stormzy has a nice feature here, just a voice of advice more than anything, but this song is all about Jorja and her epic vocal delivery.

                                              66. JAX JONES FT. INA WROLDSEN | BREATHE
                                              You're on my mind like a song that I can't escape

                                              Just realised this song was released in the tail-end of 2017, but I don't care as it's a banger. Jax Jones just knows how to write a pop banger, and this song is part of a growing list of hot collaborations he has to his name. Ina sings the song wonderfully, singing about a guy that she know's it isn't worth getting serious with but can't stop thinking about. The "dum dum dara da" parts are so catchy and perfect for a dance floor sing-a-long.

                                              65. TAYLOR SWIFT | DELICATE
                                              My reputation's never been worse, so you must like me for me

                                              The first real vulnerable moment from Taylor's album, 'Reputation', delicate is a really nice song centred around a love story set against the wreckage of Taylor's public image. The vocoder effect placed on the harmonies really helps add this quite distant feel to the song. I love the vulnerability of her man liking her for her, despite the fact her reputation has never been worse. Unfortunately I found 'Reputation' to be quite disappointing but this was a real highlight from the beginning.

                                              64. TIARA THOMAS | RIDE YOU LIKE A WAVE
                                              It's just so dysfunctional, that's the only way it functions though

                                              One of the most underrated songs of the year, this song is just a beautiful sensual, smooth song that describes wanting to get lost with a lover and forgetting all the hardships that life brings. The production has this hopeful feel, it feels quite 80s in a way which sounds beautiful with Tiara's soft and soulful voice. The video is really good as well, considering that she is an independent artist with a very restricted budget!

                                              63. MURA MASA + NAO | COMPLICATED
                                              It's always the wrong thing that makes us feel right

                                              I was lucky to see Mura Masa at a festival last New Year, and it was such an epic night. Unfortunately this song wasn't out yet, but I can only imagine this would be a great one to dance to. There's some great bouncy synths, and some sporadic bursts of guitar riffs that sound great with Nao's soulful vocals. Was surprised that Skrillex had a hand in this, as it is quite restrained, compared to what Skrillex is normally used to. Lyrically it is actually quite deep, she doesn't just love her partner - "I deeply do exalt you", but in typical Mura Masa fashion it sounds fun!

                                              62. KALI UCHIS FT. STEVE LACY | JUST A STRANGER
                                              If the devil was asleep, she'd knock him wide awake

                                              'Just A Stranger' is a middle finger up to all of those random people who judge people they don't know. People are quick to judge someone who has different beliefs, a different way of life, basically if you don't behave exactly like them you will be judged. As Kali Uchis says, "Go on and say what you want, you're just a stranger watching from the bleachers". Kali plays the character of a girl that will take all your money and leave you with nothing, but don't judge she's just having fun.

                                              61. THEOPHILUS LONDON FT. TAME IMPALA | ONLY YOU
                                              Suddenly my mind was bringing out desire

                                              Theophilus London and Tame Impala reunited together to create this reimagining of Steve Monite's 1984 song of the same name. The song doesn't stray too far from the original, but does update the instrumental slightly. I think this song will come from a bigger set of collaborative songs between Theo and Tame Impala. The video has this old VHS home video style feel to it, bringing the psychedelic vibes with it. Can't wait to see what these guys bring us next!



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                                                Re: UKMusicLova's Hot 100 2018 (70-61)

                                                Jorja, Jax and Years & Years are my favourite three there.
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                                                  70. DMA'S | IN THE AIR - reminds me of a post-Britpop band sounds, let's say Travis or maybe Stereophonics
                                                  61. THEOPHILUS LONDON FT. TAME IMPALA | ONLY YOU - I kinda wanted more from this collab
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                                                    "Sanctify" is brilliant! For me, it's the best thing Y&Y have ever done. I love the darkness and sensuality. "Apeshit" sounds great in a club setting, but I'm still underwhelmed by the Everything Is Love project. "Delicate" was a grower for me.
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                                                      Re: UKMusicLova's Hot 100 2018 (70-61)

                                                      I like Delicate from this batch.

                                                      I find Apeshit overrated, but considering how the whole album actually bombed, it's actually well rated


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                                                        60. SABRINA CLAUDIO | MESSAGES FROM HER
                                                        Once you told me, if something's missing in me, to go and find it in you

                                                        Sabrina Claudio had it all going for her to become one of the breakthrough artists in 2018, with a critically acclaimed debut album and high profile collaboration with Khalid as her first single. Some old tweets resurfaced where Sabrina was shown bashing other females and making racist comments, and I've never seen someone be cancelled so quickly. Still, she has apologised and I believe she has grown and matured (I hope). She is truly talented and makes really timeless music, and 'Messages From Her' is a great example of that talent.

                                                        59. NAO FT. SIR | MAKE IT OUT ALIVE
                                                        And maybe you'll find a way to keep me afloat, when I can't

                                                        This is probably Nao's most straightforward R&B release to date, so definitely give it a listen if you like a good bit of R&B music. Nao wrote the song to describe the feeling in your late 20s when you're in a state of flux with relationships, work life, home situation etc...the feeling of how do you make it out of here? I think everyone in this age asks these questions, we are always comparing our situation with our peers or our parents and it can be tough sometimes. Nao and SiR sound absolutely beautiful harmonising with each other!

                                                        58. GRACE CARTER | WHY HER NOT ME
                                                        I'm not tryna burn myself but I can't let it go

                                                        When you first hear this beautiful ballad by Grace Carter, you think she's singing this to a former lover, but actually she wrote this song about her dad who left for another woman. This is Grace pleading with her father to tell her why he gave this other woman unconditional love, but giving his daughter only conditional love. It's written so beautifully, and you can really feel every word with her delivery. She has such a beautiful, unique voice as well. This girl has been tipped for big things in 2019, and you can see why.

                                                        57. RINA SAWAYAMA | CHERRY
                                                        Even though I'm satisfied, I lead my life within a lie

                                                        One of my favourite artists of 2018, Rina Sawayama brings us all the goodness of early 00s pop and R&B with modern flair. The Japanese/British popstar brings a summery slice of pop, that sounds like it would fit perfectly at a sleepover I'd have had in 1999 . The song lyrically articulates feeling lonely and confused, but also very excited when Rina first discovered that she also likes girls. Rina is very open about her pansexuality, and this song is her giving more representation to people who may feel confused with their feelings.

                                                        56. SWAE LEE, SLIM JXMMI + RAE SREMMURD | GUATEMALA
                                                        We can get away, maybe to Guatemala

                                                        This is one of the catchiest bops of the year, and I'm really surprised it wasn't a bigger hit. If it was released by Drake, it would have been a worldwide #1. Still I love the rhythmic production, and I really like Swae's voice. It's a very different sound for Swae/Rae Sremmurd, and takes influence from the latin wave that is big at the moment. I know the song wasn't as well received by some of Rae Sremmurd's fans, but it's just a feel good hazy, wind your window down kind of song! Nothing too serious, just fun - probably more for fans of Swae's collaboration with French Montana, mega-smash 'Unforgettable'.

                                                        55. THE 1975 | LOVE IT IF WE MADE IT
                                                        Modernity has failed us

                                                        'Love It If We Made It' is a social anthem, observing the volatile aspects of modern society but also giving the feelings of hope and optimism with its production and delivery. The song suggests that you can always find a way to keep going, even when you're drowning in the planet's collective misery. I think Matt Healy used real quotes and headlines within the lyrics of the song, which is a really cool idea. Quite similar lyrically actually to Nao's song earlier, these thoughts cross in most of our mid/late 20s minds at some point, questioning the direction the world is taking and how we can improve it.

                                                        54. TASH SULTANA | FREE MIND
                                                        When will my mind be free, from all the chains that hold me?

                                                        Tash Sultana explored many genres on her debut album, 'Flow State', and on 'Free Mind' she took her influence from the jazz/blues sounds both with the instrumentation and her vocal delivery. There is a bit of juxtaposition, however, between the lyrics and the instrumental. The instrumental is very smooth, and easy listening, however the lyrics describe the internal struggle to achieve some peace of mind. Tash Sultana sings the song so beautiful - sometimes you get hints of one her idols, Erykah Badu. I love when she sings more softly.

                                                        53. TROYE SIVAN | MY MY MY!
                                                        Now, let's stop running from love

                                                        Another Australian artist now! I love this song which is a true celebration of love, and the invincibility you feel when you are in new love. Troye sings the song with a lot of confidence, generating this sense of lust in the verses before exploding into the joyous chorus. He's not worried about what other people think, he just wants to know how far this fling can go. It's the first song that really made me stand up and take notice of Troye Sivan. I've liked his previous output, but this song officially put him on the radar. It's a pop banger at its heart, and I love that.

                                                        52. DIANA GORDON | KOOL AID
                                                        My love's forever, and my love is free, you can always come running to me

                                                        Previously known as Wynter Gordon, after some advice from Beyoncé Diana Gordon decided it was time for a reinvention. She now pours her heart and soul into her music, and lyrics. Her EP 'Pure' was all about her struggles growing up and family life. 'Kool Aid' is a soulful song, with some country flair, and is dedicated to her brothers. One of whom Diana was out of touch with for over 16 years, and who they eventually found homeless in LA. Diana's father abandoned the family soon after her birth, and her mother became intensely religious and domineering, so Diana was forced to become a parent to her 5 siblings - this song is an ode to that.

                                                        51. JANELLE MONAE | I LIKE THAT
                                                        A little crazy, little sexy, little cool

                                                        This is Janelle's statement to the world - she likes herself. She is confident and wants the listener to be happy and confident with themselves. I like the little story she tells in the middle, about a guy she liked rating her a 6 and whilst she did cry about it she still felt like she "was the sh*t". 'I Like That' is definitely the most radio friendly song that Janelle has released to date, and I believe with a bit more of a push it could have been a hit. The song is Janelle confirming to you that you cannot pigeonhole her into any category, and she's cool with that. "I don't really give a f*ck if I was just the only one".



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                                                          Re: UKMusicLova's Hot 100 2018 (60-51)

                                                          57. RINA SAWAYAMA | CHERRY - not quite the ''Cyber Stockholm Syndrome'', but still nice
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                                                            good to see 'Delicate' on your countdown!