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  • MRK 2018 End of Year Chart

    Posting shortly...big #1s this year from Monarchy, Christine & the Queens, Satin Jackets and (of course) Friendly Fires .

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    Re: MRK 2018 End of Year Chart

    What about Shift K3Y? I'll follow this...
    Top 10 - 27.11.2020.


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      Originally posted by Top10
      What about Shift K3Y? I'll follow this...


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        Over the remaining days of 2018 I'll post my End of Year countdown and thoughts.

        As in recent years this begins with a reminder of all of the 17 songs to reach #1 during the year...

        07/01/2018 Feder — Breathe
        14/01/2018 MK — 17
        21/01/2018 Feder — Breathe
        28/01/2018 Monarchy — Hula Hoop 8000
        04/02/2018 Monarchy — Hula Hoop 8000
        11/02/2018 Monarchy — Hula Hoop 8000
        18/02/2018 Monarchy — Hula Hoop 8000
        25/02/2018 Lo Moon — Thorns
        04/03/2018 Lo Moon — Thorns
        11/03/2018 Lo Moon — Thorns
        18/03/2018 Lo Moon — Thorns
        25/03/2018 Shift K3Y — Only You
        01/04/2018 Shift K3Y — Only You
        08/04/2018 Duke Dumont — Inhale
        15/04/2018 Friendly Fires — Love Like Waves
        22/04/2018 Friendly Fires — Love Like Waves
        29/04/2018 Friendly Fires — Love Like Waves
        06/05/2018 Friendly Fires — Love Like Waves
        13/05/2018 Friendly Fires — Love Like Waves
        20/05/2018 Friendly Fires — Love Like Waves
        27/05/2018 Friendly Fires — Love Like Waves
        03/06/2018 Friendly Fires — Love Like Waves
        10/06/2018 The Parcels — Tieduprightnow
        17/06/2018 Christine and the Queens — Girlfriend (feat. Dâm-Funk)
        24/06/2018 Christine and the Queens — Girlfriend (feat. Dâm-Funk)
        01/07/2018 Christine and the Queens — Girlfriend (feat. Dâm-Funk)
        08/07/2018 Christine and the Queens — Girlfriend (feat. Dâm-Funk)
        15/07/2018 Sacre — Lemonade
        22/07/2018 Satin Jackets — Take It From Me
        29/07/2018 Satin Jackets — Take It From Me
        05/08/2018 Satin Jackets — Take It From Me
        12/08/2018 Satin Jackets — Take It From Me
        19/08/2018 Satin Jackets — Take It From Me
        26/08/2018 Satin Jackets — Take It From Me
        31/08/2018 Kraak & Smaak — I'll Be Loving You
        07/09/2018 Kraak & Smaak — I'll Be Loving You
        14/09/2018 Morcheeba — It's Summertime - Single Version
        21/09/2018 Morcheeba — It's Summertime - Single Version
        28/09/2018 Silk City — Electricity (with Dua Lipa)
        05/10/2018 Silk City — Electricity (with Dua Lipa)
        12/10/2018 Silk City — Electricity (with Dua Lipa)
        19/10/2018 Silk City — Electricity (with Dua Lipa)
        26/10/2018 The Knocks — Goodbyes (feat. Method Man)
        02/11/2018 The Knocks — Goodbyes (feat. Method Man)
        09/11/2018 MK — Back & Forth
        16/11/2018 iZNiiK — energy
        23/11/2018 iZNiiK — energy
        30/11/2018 iZNiiK — energy
        07/12/2018 iZNiiK — energy
        14/12/2018 iZNiiK — energy
        21/12/2018 iZNiiK — energy
        28/12/2018 iZNiiK — energy


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          Can't wait for the countdown


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            It’s that time again, it comes round quicker each year. I countdown the biggest hits of the year for me. As usual expect lots of obscurity, many one off dance records (again), some indie/alternative, some soul/RNB, bits of pop here and there and not that much in the way of mainstream hits (I don’t change ).

            633 tracks entered the Top 75 this year, which is an average of 11-12 per week. This year has been one of change, on 31st August I switched to Friday as the new chart day to be in line with the global release date for new music. On 1st July I began collating the charts based on # of plays, how current the song was and how much I liked the song. This was a change from previous where it was based on plays and how much I liked the song. The effect this has had is that tracks are receiving less points, but it’s easier for new tracks to chart higher than before. Also, multipliers had previously been added for tracks which had exceeded a certain number of plays in a week at the end of 2017. The rise of Feder's 'Breathe' to #1 in time for last Christmas was the first to gain from this change. In 2018 the effect was most prolific in two situations with tracks arriving at #1 within a week of each other; these were Duke Dumont’s ‘Inhale’ & Friendly Fires’ ‘Love Like Waves’.

            Checking the EOY countdown against previous years I immediately see the complete absence of Coldplay who’ve been in the last 3 years’ Top 40s (and 2014’s Top 50), the latest project Los Unidades being released too late to have any impact. Nothing from Little Dragon this year, despite several releases from them or last year’s big hitters from down under, Pond. However, this has left room for newer artists and several of those have achieved more than one appearance. So roll up, here we go…


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              633 tracks entered the Top 75 this year, which is an average of 11-12 per week.
              That's quite a solid number.

              The abscence of Coldplay is maybe a good thing, slightly refreshing, I guess.
              Waffles are checked cookies


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                Before kicking off, as usual here are some tracks which I think should have been in the EOY Top 40 but missed out.

                ROOSEVELT, WASHED OUT – FORGIVE Check music here

                Roosevelt released a new album in 2018 and this was the only track he collaborated on. It surprises me that this has ended up at #61 as at the time, I really liked the track and it spent 12 weeks in the Top 75. The guitar twangs really made this stand out as well as the melancholy vocals. It was his biggest hit here and it was a shame he didn't produce a video, instead choosing to promote ‘Shadows’ (EOY - #113) & ‘Under the Sun’ (EOY - #362).


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                  AMBER MARK – LOVE ME RIGHT Check video here

                  Newcomer Amber Mark hails from New York and produces soul/RNB music. She released one EP this year and it spawned two big hits. ‘Love Me Right’ was the biggest of these reaching #6 in March, but only manages #43 on the EOY chart. Later release ‘All the Work’ went to #2 but ends up at #56.


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                    CUB SPORT – CRUSH/ PHIL GOOD - BETTER

                    Check Cub Sport's video here

                    Check Phil Good's music here

                    Finally Two tracks which sit together on the EOY outside of the Top 40 are equally worthy of mention.

                    Cub Sport never reached the Top 10 but spent 12 weeks in the Top 75 and wins the title of highest placing song to not reach the Top 10, ending up at #50.

                    Rising indie star Phil Good (great name) had a minor earlier hit with ‘Miss You’ in 2017 and returned to almost reach the Top 10 in June with this track which yo-yoed around in the Top 30 for a while with its phil good chorus . His track ends up at #51.

                    Absolutely expecting to hear from these in 2019, ones to watch.


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                      40 [5] VIOLET SANDS, JUSTIN FAUST– WHAT DO YOU FEEL click for music

                      A very chilled start to this year's countdown. French Horn Rebellion is one third of Violet Sands and they produced this Zero 7-ish track in June with Munich producer Justin Faust, providing a great soundtrack to the heat of summer.

                      39 [2] PRESETS – DOWNTOWN SHUTDOWN click for video

                      Presets returned in 2018 with renewed energy, this was their biggest hit.

                      38 [4] GO! TEAM - ALL THE WAY LIVE click for live performance

                      So many great genres and retro sounds on this track, it arrived loud and proud and Go! Team was at #4 for 3 weeks in March with this.

                      37 [2] ARMANDO YOUNG, JOHN SPLITHOFF click for music

                      John Splithoff has a great voice on him and is sure to enter the mainstream at some point. Little is known about Armando Young, but the combination of piano and soulful vocals on this track sent it to #2 in early March.

                      36 [3] ZHAO – MELTAWAY click for music

                      The opening keyboard on this immediately stood out for me. And it’s a very aptly titled track from Zhao because musically, the song literally has a melting away quality to it. He is a rising artist and appeared in 2017's EOY chart with Eric Sharp on "The Thirst".


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                        35 [2] JUNGLE – HEAVY, CALIFORNIA click for video

                        English band Jungle returned with a great album in 2018 and this was the biggest track from it, how cool is the video?

                        34 [3] FICKLE FRIENDS – BROKEN SLEEP click for video

                        2017 was a hugely successful year for this band with three of their tracks inside the EOY Top 10, so to top this would have been impossible. Here is their one and only appearance on the EOY countdown with ‘Broken Dreams’, a slow burner at first.

                        33 [4] SMOKIN' JACK HILL - NOBODY click for music

                        London House Music Producer served up this house anthem with it's piano breaks (a la 1991) in May. Incidentally it just got re-released last week if you fancy it :-D.

                        32 [2] AXMOD, DIRTY RADIO – TALK click for music

                        Axmod is Jannin Foucault, a Parisian deep house producer. Dirty Radio lent the vocals. A big stomper for the summer.

                        31 [6] BIPOLAR SUNSHINE - PEDESTAL click for video

                        I’m still surprised that this guy isn’t bigger than he is, but I guess it’s slow progress these days with so much competition. In 2016 he appeared on DJ Snake’s ‘Middle’, a big UK hit, and that ended up at #32 on my 2016 EOY.


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                          I've expected Presets to appear a little bit later
                          Waffles are checked cookies


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                            30 [1] SACRE – LEMONADE click for music

                            And now for some light relief, there’s so much seriousness in life these days, that it can be nice just to say hi to your paradise, have some lemonade :smile:. Sacre had only had a brief hit with "The Calling" before this shot up the chart in July. It rightfully went to #1 if only for the week and really should have had a video.

                            29 [4] JAFUNK, DIRTY RADIO – PLEASURES click for music

                            If the world ever gets fed up with hearing your name, just gatecrash other people's records (!) Dirty Radio made several appearances this year, and this was the most successful. Australian-born Jafunk is a newcomer to the house music scene and cites Disclosure as one of his influences.

                            28 [1] MK - 17 click for video

                            A great year for Dance Music again here, and especially for Detroit's Mark Kinchen who (amazingly) has been producing music for 25 years! 17 was nearly Christmas #1 last year and finally managed a week in early January.

                            27 [2] THE BOXER REBELLION - LOVE YOURSELF click for video

                            To the most powerful song in terms of lyrics and meaning (and music) in this year’s chart, a very deep message (and a strong video) from The Boxer Rebellion. Quite an emotional ride this one.

                            26 [4] HER - WANNA BE YOU click for music

                            This was never an official release but soared up the chart in May on the back of earlier tracks like "Swim" and "Five Minutes" owing to its funk. Now only one half of the duo remains following Simon Carpentier's death in August 2017.


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                              25 [1] THE KNOCKS, METHOD MAN – GOODBYES click for video

                              The Knocks returned with several releases during 2018 including a collaboration with Foster the People (#99 on the EOY) and this duet with American hip hop artist Method Man, featuring a classic soul sample. The track was #2 for 2 weeks in November with its all-about-NYC video.

                              24 [4] CHOCOLATE PUMA, CHATEAU - GOTTA GET AWAY click for video

                              Chocolate Puma (AKA lots of different names) released a number of tracks this year but this one was by far the best. An uplifting dance tune featuring the vocals of US-based Chateau.

                              23 [2] MIDAS HUTCH - 80/20 click for music

                              This guy is cool, he’s very good at electro funk. He had two big tracks this year, ‘I’ll Go There’ reached #8 (EOY - #94) and this less obvious hit, which was #2 for 3 weeks in Nov/Dec. Quite similar to Bruno Mars if that’s your thing.

                              22 [3] SATIN JACKETS - MIRAGE click for home made vid

                              There is no official video to this track, why?? German deep house pioneer Satin Jackets does not produce videos for his music it seems. A brilliant track from him though and did really well in the first part of 2018, still in the charts in mid-April.

                              21 [4] PENGUIN PRISON - KEEP COMING ALIVE click for music

                              He missed last year’s EOY Top 40, ending up #62 with ‘Turn it Up’, but the optimism of ‘Keep Coming Alive’ with its jangly sound and slapbass guitars ensured he would have a bigger hit this year. Again no video.


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                                Re: MRK 2018 End of Year Chart

                                Yes to MK, complete banger!

                                But even bigger yes to Broken Sleep! It's so good to see Fickle Friends appearing in another chart, I love them and this was actually quite instant for me though not among their best ever. I grew to like all the EP, this being my fave,
                                Check out my Top 100 of 2012 Countdown!


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                                  Thanks for the comments . Onto the Top 20-11...


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                                    20 [2] SSION, ARIEL PINK - AT LEAST THE SKY IS BLUE click for video

                                    I’d never heard of Ssion until I stumbled across this track, in fact it was Ariel Pink who got into the YouTube algorithm somewhere and pushed this my way. But wow, I’m glad I did discover. This year’s official ode to unrequited love and perhaps the best video for their homage to Liza Minelli and Liz Taylor. Just quality.

                                    19 [2] LO MOON - MY MONEY click for live performance

                                    It was Matt Lewell’s voice which drew my attention to the music of Lo Moon early in the year. This was their second and only other hit in 2018. I thought he sounded a lot like Mark Hollis from Talk Talk who I used to listen to a lot. Such a melancholy, chilled sound to this pitiful track about a doomed relationship. Great though.

                                    18 [2] STRONG ASIAN MOTHERS - HARD TO FIND click for video


                                    It’s the keyboard on the chorus that did it for me with ‘Hard to Find’. Will it be their only hit? I haven’t listened to much more to know. Thanks to dziobaseczek for drawing my attention to this track.

                                    17 [1] MORCHEEBA - IT'S SUMMERTIME click for video

                                    Who doesn’t love a bit of Morcheeba, it’s hard not to with the melting quality their music has? This was great, bright and bubbly arriving just at the end of summer and full of positivity in its lyrics. The mix they chose to release had a more uplifting quality to it than the album version, so I’m pleased they did this. It was #1 for 3 weeks in September.

                                    16 [1] FEDER - BREATHE click for video

                                    Bang bang bang house music from France’s Feder now who managed two weeks at #1 in January with ‘Breathe’. Musically it combines synths with exaggerated hi-hats :-D and spacey atmospheric vocals, which I’m presuming he has sung himself. Video was quite good, he collaborated with Rankin, a famous photographer.


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                                      15 [2] MICHAEL CALFAN - ON YOUclick for video

                                      Onto another French artist, this was something of a phenomenon when it arrived in the charts from almost nowhere with its somewhat distorted sound and FANTASTIC heavy bassline, and stuttering, repetitive video, a bit reminiscent of Acid House. Proof that some of the simplest sounding music gets my attention.

                                      14 [1] KRAAK & SMAAK - I'LL BE LOVING YOU click for music

                                      Onto last year’s winners, Kraak & Smaak released a couple of tracks this year. ‘I’ll Be Loving You’ is sung by Ivar who also sung on ‘Scorched’ last year. It’s a sort of mid-tempo track with funk synths and early electro keyboards (thinking Ska music) and spent two weeks at #1 in August/September.

                                      13 [1] MONARCHY - HULA HOOP 8000 click for vid

                                      Monarchy are a great alternative band and I’ve followed them for several years, I’m glad they decided not to split up in the end. So much is good on this song its untrue – from the soaring intro to its amazing electro chorus to where it goes mental at the end in the closing bars. The video was also fantastic, particularly the hula hoop solo with the closing bars of the track. So much energy! They may be about to repeat it with new track ‘Deep Cut’ :smile:.

                                      12 [3] BAD SOUNDS - EVIL POWERS (ALEX METRIC REMIX) click for vid

                                      It’s all about the remix on this track from this hip-hop (Beck comparison) band from Bath, UK. Alex Metric is a British DJ and producer and remixed one of this year’s biggest tracks from Friendly Fires. Listening to this influenced the Spotify algorithm to push his remix of ‘Evil Powers’ into my playlists. And again the presence of the piano-house break at the chorus made this track an absolute winner. Without the remix, the track ‘Evil Powers’ is okay in its own right, but other tracks such as ‘Milk It’ are more memorable for me. 19 weeks on the chart and still counting…

                                      11 [1] SILK CITY, DUA LIPA, DIPLO, MARK RONSON - ELECTRICITYclick for vid

                                      One of this year’s biggest intense mainstream dance hits now from Mark Ronson, Diplo and Dua Lipa. With its piano breaks and strong explosive percussive chorus, it’s very reminiscent of early 1990s house music and was always going to be a massive hit here – if this is what the youngsters of today are into then I’m back in the game! Didn’t rate much more of Silk City’s material but I wonder if Dua Lipa’s coming up again later…


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                                        Michael Calfan and Monarchy are awesome.
                                        Waffles are checked cookies


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                                          Re: MRK 2018 End of Year Chart

                                          SIlk City one is cool, I also liked Only Can Get Better by them
                                          Check out my Top 100 of 2012 Countdown!


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                                              10 [1] LO MOON - THORNS click for video

                                              And we arrive into the Top 10 of 2018, and kicking us off is the second and final appearance from Lo Moon, who incidentally is a three-piece band including the son of Dave Stewart & Sioban Fahey. ‘Thorns’ is another slow, soft, calming love balled and this one is even more like something Talk Talk may have released in the 80s. The video is a bit non-descript but that doesn’t spoil it too much. Loving the guitar moodiness on this.


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                                                9 [1] MK, JONAS BLUE, BECKY HILL – BACK & FORTH click for vid

                                                Here’s MK again with another brilliant dance track, extremely catchy this one. It absolutely should have been #1 for a few weeks but only managed to nip in between The Knocks and Izniik. It was #2 for a total of 4 weeks which says something. Part of the success is down to the video, which when I first watched it, thought what the hell is this cheesy gimmick. I carried on watching and then thought I got it – it’s about mental health – she’s living with someone who has bipolar disorder. Then it all became clear at the end when actually it was just about an epidemic of mania sweeping the population! Anyway it’s an unbelievable follow up to 17 and well deserved #9 of the year.


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                                                  8 [1] THE PARCELS – TIEDUPRIGHTNOW click for video

                                                  From the opening bars of this I knew I would love it, sooo catchy, then in come the funky guitars and the warbling bassline. Absolutely stormed up the charts to end the long reign of Friendly Fires’ ‘Love Like Waves’ and could easily have had longer at the top. And they did really well with the video, cruising along in their Cadillac interspersed with numerous shots of beach, surfers and bathers. There is so much positivity about this song it’s hard to not to feel good when it comes on. Just one thing, does their record company’s laptop not have a space bar? It’sallabitstrange.