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  • Originally posted by phoenix98
    If only Paloma was more hip with the kidz Speaking of her concerts, though, I remember Fan praising her stage presence at one point. In addition to her amazing voice, he mentioned that she does a great job of incorporating fun antics/cute little routines too. (If only more of that charm had shown through during her time on The Voice...)
    Haha the irony is that when Paloma features on a Sigma or Sigala track, she's suddenly popular with the Spotify generation. The downside to any tv talent show is that the producers call the shots - Paloma might've done some amazing stuff during the filming of The voice that never got aired.

    Originally posted by phoenix98
    I'm with you there! "There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back" remains his biggest hit on my chart by a comfortable margin.
    Yes same for me although Youth is definitely his second biggest and that's also by quite some distance.

    Originally posted by phoenix98
    Amen to that. Trying to wrap my head around why certain acts are SO widely beloved, while others remain irrelevant (or niche at best), can be exhausting.
    One of life's little mysteries.

    Originally posted by phoenix98
    Aw, I'm really enjoying the countdown, of course - I just wanted to emphasize how much I appreciate you calling out some of UKMIX's most annoying clichés (like the over-reliance on "basic"/"generic" as a "critique").
    Well when you put it that way...

    Originally posted by phoenix98
    "Rollin" seems like the clearest choice left: upbeat, catchy, and just a lot of playful/cheeky sing-a-long fun overall. "Never Let Me Go" is a pretty strong candidate too, though.
    Ohh thanks for the links. I shall check out those two tracks over the weekend.

    Originally posted by phoenix98
    • I have you to thank for introducing me to "1,2,3." It's kind of a bummer that Jason couldn't have stood in for one of those shirtless lamp-men ;) but the video's still a ton of colorful fun.
    I don't suppose "kind of a bummer" is your way of saying "i wanted to see his naked ass" is it? The colourful video definitely gave off big summer vibes plus that reggaeton beat became so synonymous with many summer hits last year.

    Originally posted by phoenix98
    • "If You're Over Me" is such a delight, so I'm absolutely on-board with you showing it all this love! I can understand that some fans are frustrated by how it got so much more attention/success than "Sanctify" (and everything else from Palo Santo, for that matter), but I'm way too busy dancing along to hate on it. Well, not dancing quite like that thumbnail, though I feel like this track embodies the fun, fierce, flamboyant side of Olly that really blossomed this era (and listening to it allows us to channel some of that for ourselves). <3
    I genuinely think the song appealed to a wider audience which would explain its success whilst other songs weren't being promoted. It's an unashamedly pure pop song so of course i was gonna like it.

    Originally posted by phoenix98
    • "Sincerely Yours" is a real gem, and easily Golden's biggest missed opportunity singles-wise. I love that it played a role in helping Kylie make JakeP chart history by tying Adele's impressive achievement!
    Well it was a record breaking week as all 16 tracks off Golden made my top 20 - again, only the second album after Adele that an entire album has charted for me. That's right, Adele achieved the feat long before Ed Sheeran did the same feat in the UK. I'm such a trendsetter!

    Originally posted by phoenix98
    • HUGE props to Emily for helping The (infamous) Chainsmokers get as high as No. 41 here!
    If you think that's impressive, Coldplay helped The Chainsmokers get as high as #8 in my chart of 2017 with Something just like this.

    Originally posted by phoenix98
    "...whose vocals FLOAT over the tender backing music..." I see what you did there ;) Ever so clever, sir! "Animals" was alright, but like you said, I've also preferred Martin's more recent collaborative material ("Scared To Be Lonely," "There For You," "Ocean").
    It really does having a strong soothing nature about the track. Scared to be lonely was divine and pure bliss.

    Originally posted by phoenix98
    • I'm glad these Dua collabos kept her momentum going strong throughout 2018, but I'm definitely ready to hear some new solo stuff now. Hype!
    Well Dua's new single Swan song was released today!!!!! Have you heard it yet?


    • Originally posted by Thriller
      Just Got Paid, Electricity and One Kiss are all thumbs up from me, especially Hunger which was Florence back at the top of her game.
      I do love my pop bops, there's still plenty more to come in my top 30 of 2018. <3 I agree about Hunger such an epic track, really impacted hard when it was released. I'm quite surprised Florence has already released a brand new single. Not had chance to check it out but seeing as UK Mix is going offline for the upgrade i'll most likely be on YouTube in my spare time.


      • K-391 featuring Alan Walker, Julie Bergan & Seungri - Ignite
        Thanks for this! It went completely under my radar!


        • Originally posted by ludichris View Post
          Thanks for this! It went completely under my radar!
          Aww no worries. I loved Faded by Alan Walker and this caught my attention on YouTube purely because of Alan Walker's involvement on the track.


          • 30. Eleni Foureira - Fuego

            So it's about time i completed my top 100 of 2018. Kicking off the top 30 is the highest ranked entry from the Eurovision song contest 2018 courtesy of Cyprus. Eleni Foureira amazed me with her dazzling choreography and owned the stage like a true diva. Fuego may have finished 2nd overall but it was quite comfortably my winner. <3


            • 29. The Weeknd - Call out my name

              The Weeknd continued to enjoy more success in 2018 with the first of two entries in my year end chart - both inside the top 30. My Dear Melancholy, was released back in March and the main track Call out my name was an instant hit and peaked at #2 in my chart.


              • 28. Billie Eilish & Khalid - lovely

                Billie Eilish emerged as one of the most promising new talents last year with a string of intriguingly quirky singles. lovely was the breakthrough single that made me sit up and pay attention. It was certainly a slow burner and didn't achieve its peak of #2 until a month after first entering my chart. At its peak, i was truly captivated by this song. Both Billie and Khalid's distinct vocals really add to the eerie atmosphere in the song. For a song all about depression, it's still one i find really endearing to listen to.

                With Billie Eilish currently #1 in my chart it's safe to say she's going to be enjoying even more success in 2019.


                • 27. Alan Walker & Sophia Somajo - Diamond heart

                  After topping my chart with Faded in 2016, Alan Walker made a triumphant return in 2018 with the release of his debut album Different world. Diamond heart was the lead single released in October and on first listen i was instantly hooked. With the gorgeous vocals of Sophia Somajo, a haunting melody and a big anthemic chorus Diamond heart was an instant hit smashing into my chart at #1.


                  • 26. Marshmello & Anne-Marie - FRIENDS

                    The highest placed entry for Marshmello comes in at #26 featuring Anne-Marie with their collaborative worldwide smash FRIENDS. The track got off to a fairly steady start before picking up momentum when the track peaked at #2 a month into its chart run. The music video equally played an essential part in its success in my chart. It was certainly one of those videos i kept returning to several times during its peak.


                    • 25. The Weeknd & Kendrick Lamar - Pray for me

                      I don't think my own personal write up of Pray for me could ever hold a candle to that of Akini's from his top 100 songs of 2018 thread. So here it is...

                      Originally posted by JSparksFan
                      My beloved Black Panther anthem, "Pray for Me" pairs two gentlemen and utilises their unique talents to a greater extent than any other track has. On hook duty is the Weeknd, whose vocals are adept at beat surfing, and this is about as bouncy and intense a beat as he's ever ridden. And delivering the substantive verse messages? Who better than the archdeacon of hip/hop himself, Mr. Kendrick Lamar? This song feels very Erik Killmonger, who had some harsh and radical views in the film, but whose passion also indirectly brought about positive change (admittedly, the same change for which Nakia more diplomatically advocated). My favourite line is undoubtedly, Clutchin' on deaf ears again, rapture is comin', it's all prophecy, and if I gotta be sacrificed for the greater good, then that's what it gotta be. I love the intense passion of the song, and that martyrdom line is the apex of emotion for me. The tribal La la la sounds at the back end of the chorus are also a brilliant touch, but for me, this song is close to flawless, discussing key societal issues in the world, as well as aligning closely with the film's plot. "Pray for Me" gave me one more reason to be proud of the whole Black Panther experience. #WakandaForever
                      Admittedly i've still not seen Black panther but that doesn't stop me from loving and appreciating Pray for me. The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar can do no wrong and when they strike gold, the end results are outstanding. <3


                      • 24. Mabel & Not3s - Fine line

                        I first discovered Mabel in 2017 when Finders keepers was making steady progress climbing up the UK charts and after checking out the music video it was instant love. I was also interested in the teaser at the end of that music video for the upcoming single Fine line. For me, it sounded promising and i was already loving the chorus. Finally last January the single was released and it got off to a flying start entering my chart at #2.


                        • 23. Mark Ronson featuring Miley Cyrus - Nothing breaks like a heart

                          A combination of Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus was an exciting prospect - both artists having already scored #1s in my chart prior to 2018. When Nothing breaks like a heart was released in late November, the track couldn't have been more instant for me and as such propelled its way to #1 in my chart just 24 hours after release.

                          The track, like a modern day Jolene by Dolly Parton, seemed so refreshing to hear a song quite like this. Plus it came with one extraordinary music video, almost like watching a 4 minute movie.

                          Then of course there's Miley Cyrus whose vocals work such a treat on the track. I genuinely don't think any other singer could've done as tremendous a job on the track. Everything about this song works so superbly.


                          • 22. Niall Horan - Finally free

                            Those of you who have been following my chart over the last two years will know that i have a soft spot for Niall Horan. <3 Back in July Niall announced on Twitter that he was releasing his new single Finally free taken from the new animated movie Smallfoot and naturally i was excited.

                            Finally free is such a fun, uplifting and upbeat slice of pop/rock that doesn't break away from the trademark sound Niall has created for himself as a solo artist. In truth it could've quite easily have been a One Direction single/album track. I still genuinely believe Niall is releasing the best material out of all the guys from One Direction. The track shot to #1 in my chart just 24 hours after release benefitting from a relatively quiet week during the summer.


                            • 21. George Ezra - Shotgun

                              George Ezra had one of the most remarkable comebacks in 2018 with a reversal of fortune i doubt anybody would've predicted after the lukewarm reception to Don't matter now in 2017.

                              Sure enough George defied all the odds and went on to enjoy his most successful year to date with second album Staying at Tamara's becoming one of the biggest selling albums of last year whilst also spawning three top 10 singles in the UK.

                              Shotgun was the single that really catapulted George's success into the stratosphere and finishes at #21 in my top 100 of 2018.


                              • 20. Freya Ridings - Lost without you

                                We've already seen Freya Ridings at #52 with Waking up and here at #20 it's her breakthrough smash Lost without you. The rise in popularity for this single has been astronomical imo as it seemed to appear completely out of nowhere. However, i do know it was featured in an episode of Love island (which i never watched) and so when this first starting climbing up iTunes, i thought it was a cover of Delta Goodrem's song.

                                After checking out the song on YouTube i was instantly transfixed by the beauty and sincerity of the song. To see a heartfelt piano ballad becoming one of the longest running hits in the UK in the latter half of 2018 was wonderful. I'm still hoping Waking up will get its chance to become a bonafide hit too but regardless i predict Freya's success is going to continue in 2019.


                                • 19. Troye Sivan - Bloom

                                  What a year 2018 was for Troye Sivan who released some absolute beauties including Bloom which finishes at #19 in my year end chart.

                                  Bloom was released in one of the busiest weeks for new releases back in May but despite all the competition, Troye successfully made the top 3. However, Bloom got a major boost the following month when the rather fabulous music video was released sending the track all the way back up to #2 in my chart.

                                  Having been a fan of Troye's music since Happy little pill in 2014, it really felt like Troye came into his own in 2018 and his music and accompanying music videos definitely did all the talking.


                                  • 18. Mylène Farmer featuring LP - N'oublie pas

                                    Il est temps d'aller en français...ooh la la At #18 it's Mylène Farmer who scored her biggest hit in my chart to date back in June when N'oublie pas topped my chart. However, it was featured artist LP's involvement that got me the most curious and excited considering Lost on you was my #1 single of 2016.

                                    When i checked out N'oublie pas for the first time it was instant love. Such a catchy pop song where both Mylène and LP shine so strongly and equally their distinctive vocals blend so amazingly well.


                                    • 17. Sofi Tukker featuring NERVO, The Knocks & Alisa Ueno - Best friend

                                      ...and those catchy songs keep on coming! I had been aware of this song for a couple of weeks as it had already appeared in Benjamin's chart. When the song topped the Belgium iTunes chart, i was more curious and decided to check it out. It wasn't an instant hit but more of an earworm that continued to niggle at my brain - i found myself going back for repeated listens.

                                      In its third week on my chart, Best friend climbed to #1 providing Sofi Tukker, NERVO, The Knocks & Alisa Ueno with their first #1 in my chart although NERVO had previously peaked at #2 with the Kylie Minogue & Jake Shears banger The other boys back in 2015.


                                      • 16. George Ezra - Paradise

                                        Another single that grew over a period of weeks before climbing its way to #1 is George Ezra with the incredibly uplifting Paradise. It's still fascinating to think just how dramatically George Ezra's fortunes changed after this become something of a surprise hit - not that i was complaining!

                                        I was so happy seeing George finally achieving really strong success as i've always liked his music, but 2018 was the year where i loved his music, and it just so happens that the UK felt the same way. <3

                                        Shotgun (#21) might well be his new signature tune (sorry Budapest ) but here its Paradise that just edges out in front and claims George Ezra's highest placing in my chart of 2018.


                                        • 15. Troye Sivan - My my my!

                                          Just look at those eyes...teasing! Yes, at #15 it's Troye Sivan who successfully achieves two placings inside my top 20 of 2018. What makes My my my! all the more exceptional is the fact this gave Troye his very first #1 in my chart - a sort of justice after TALK ME DOWN was cruelly denied top honours in 2015 after Adele's Hello blew everything out of the water after just 24 hours.

                                          As for My my my! not only is it a bop but i was living seeing Troye totally owning it in the music video. It was a whole new Troye appearing more confident and so much comfortable with his sexuality. It was as if this is the type of blissful pop music Troye was born to deliver, and boy did he deliver. <3


                                          • 14. Avril Lavigne - Head above water

                                            Each year has its triumphant comebacks and Avril Lavigne's comeback in particular couldn't have been more amazing to see. Showing how much of a fighter she truly is after battling lyme disease, Avril came back strong with powerhouse vocals still intact.

                                            Head above water was the lead single and title track from her upcoming new album which finishes at #14 in my year end chart. The song just clicked on first listen, a powerful piano ballad reminiscent of the Avril i loved when she was starting out in the early 00s. A shame that this track never really caught on with Spotify and minimal iTunes success but then to this day i have never seen the video on any music channel nor heard the song played on the radio. How can any song become a genuine hit in there isn't any airplay? :( Needless to say all i needed was the audio clip on YouTube and Avril bagged herself a #1 in September.


                                            • 13. Clean Bandit featuring Demi Lovato - Solo

                                              At #13 it's Clean Bandit who teamed up with Demi Lovato and together they gave us the summer anthem that is Solo. Released in May, Clean Bandit went on to break one of my own personal chart records when Solo became their seventh #1 single having previously been joint holders with Coldplay on six chart toppers each.

                                              It also gave Demi Lovato her second #1 in the process following the success of Cool for the summer back in 2015 although there's no doubt that Solo was quite comfortably the more successful track by comparison.

                                              I'm sure i wasn't the only one who heard "quack, quack, quack" on first listen either!!!!



                                              • 12. Ariana Grande - thank u, next

                                                There are so many words i could use to describe Ariana's success in my chart in 2018...i think i'll go with MINDBLOWING!!!

                                                Quite literally when it came to official singles, Ariana really was a force to be reckoned with. Especially when your lead single from a new album is released in the same week as the official music video for the third single from the album thats already out.

                                                That's precisely what happened when thank u, next got released in November. There was no way Ariana was gonna fail after enjoying such a mammoth eight months of success up to this point. Sure enough thank u, next broke streaming records and quite shockingly gave Ariana her first #1 in America. Then along came the music video and even more records were smashed. <3


                                                • 11. Céline Dion - Ashes

                                                  Just missing out on a place in my top 10 of 2018 is the exceptional talent that is Céline Dion with the incredible Ashes taken from Deadpool 2.

                                                  Released in early May alongside several other big new releases, it was Céline - with a little help from Deadpool himself - who beat off all the competition when Ashes rocketed to #1 after just 2 days of release. Whilst the song itself is a stunningly beautiful ballad with Céline owning those vocals, it was the release of the music video that boosted the song the most.

                                                  Iconic and hilarious, who knew Deadpool was such a fabulous dancer...and that's whilst wearing high heels!!! Then of course is the monologue at the end of the video which is epic.

                                                  When Céline says this *thing* only goes to 11, she sure ain't lying. <3


                                                  • What can I say? One of her greatest pop culture moments IMO.

                                                    It's a pretty average song actually IMO, but her vocals & personality, and the crucial link in with Deadpool makes this a fabulous overall project.

                                                    Also Jake - one too many "1s" on that ranking...