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Freaky Fly Bry's Top 100 - A 20-year retrospective

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    40. Nelly Furtado - Turn Off The Light

    The higheset entry from Nelly Furtado was a long-runner spending over eight months in my top 40, all that despite not reaching #1 on my weekly chart! That longevity helped her get my #1 of 2001.

    39. Kate Voegele - Ooh La La

    Kate Voegele has three songs in a row - this high up sure shows her power on my chart! This was one of three #1's from her "Wild Card" EP, and the lowest of the three - just shows how much I loved the songs from it!

    38. Kate Voegele - Shoot This Arrow

    Inspired by the "me-too" movement that she experienced on the set of "One Tree Hill", this song had a darker, more trap-influenced feel than most of Kate's stuff. The change in style worked for this song, as it was an instant hit for me, spending 7 weeks at #1 in 2017-18.

    37. Kate Voegele - Carousel

    And here's the second highest "Wild Card EP" track! This catchy, upbeat song delivered exactly what I love to hear from Kate, and was a modest hit on other personal charts too. Still seven more Kate songs to come after this, giving her a total of 10 of the top 40!

    36. Carly Rae Jepsen - Cut To The Feeling

    And here is the highest from Canada's Carly Rae Jepsen! It's amazing how many quality songs she recorded during the "Emotion" sessions, and this one, which ended up on an animated movie soundtrack, became my favourite of all from her, and my #1 song of 2017!

    35. Daniel Bedingfield - If You're Not The One

    Normally a dance artist, Daniel Bedingfield had several ballads too, and this one especially I found very chilling! It spent a total of 5 weeks at #1 on my chart, and is by far my favourite from him.

    34. The Wreckers - Leave The Pieces

    Such was the power of Michelle Branch at her peak that even a country duo that she was part of - The Wreckers - had huge success for me! I really enjoyed their "Stand Still, Look Pretty" album, and this lead single from it spent 7 weeks at #1 and was my #1 of 2006.

    33. Kelly Clarkson - What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)

    Kelly Clarkson is another absolutely massive core artist for me; this is only her fourth highest entry! This song, which returned her to #1 on the pop charts, was an optimistic anthem that everything will be alright after a breakup and that what doesn't kill her makes her stronger! Definitely a career highlight from her.

    32. Hoobastank - The Reason

    Many 2000's rock bands are best known for their big ballad and Hoobastank is no exception! This catchy and relateable song became a big favourite of mine in 2004, spending four non-consecutive weeks at #1 and trading places with Britney Spears' "Everytime" during this time. Ultimately, I still love this song and it holds up very well for me.

    31. 3 Doors Down - Let Me Go

    Another band who has had many hits for me - indeed, none of their #1's were weak - is 3 Doors Down! This lead single from "Seventeen Days" proved their staying power for me, and such is its power that it is only their third highest entry this high up! How high are the other two?

    30. Kate Voegele - Heart In Chains

    To lead off her third album "Gravity Happens", Kate Voegele enlisted the help of Canadian songwriters and power couple Raine Maida and Chantal Kreviazuk. The result is this, an uptempo lead-off single that has all the hallmarks of a classic Kate Voegele song, and was my #1 song of 2011. Still six more from her to come.

    29. Evanescence - Bring Me To Life

    One of 2003's big rock hits was this one from the "Daredevil" soundtrack; Amy Lee's soaring vocals with a hard rock backing really made Evanescence stand out at the time. The album "Fallen" became my favourite that year, and this lead single was a 3-week #1 for me.

    28. Jennifer Lopez - Ain't It Funny

    Here's the highest entry from Jennifer Lopez! From her "J-Lo" album, its Latin rhythms really captivated me and became a favourite of mine, spending two weeks at #1 in 2002.

    27. Avril Lavigne - Complicated

    A Canadian teenager really burst onto the scene with this song back in 2002, one that became a huge favourite of mine and made her a core artist for a few years afterwards. This spent 7 weeks at #1 on my chart, and while it was her longest stay at #1, she does have one more song to come that beats it in overall points!

    26. Santana feat. Michelle Branch - I'm Feeling You

    The second collaboration between Santana and Michelle Branch, I ended up liking this one much more than the first, especially as Michelle's core status had increased since then. This was buoyed by a very long chart run, and spent 3 weeks at #1; it is Santana's highest but Michelle still has one more - the obvious one.

    25. Kate Voegele - 99 Times

    If there is any album that cemented a core artist status, it has to be Kate Voegele's sophomore album "A Fine Mess". She struck while the iron was still hot from "Don't Look Away", and this upbeat breakup anthem, showing her attitude, really caught on for me, proving that she was here to stay. This spent 4 weeks at #1 and was my #1 song of 2009; still another five from her to come.

    24. Christina Aguilera - Genie In A Bottle

    In the late 90's, a new wave of teen pop stars abounded, including several who originally appeared on the Mickey Mouse Club. Christina Aguilera was one of these, and this sultry breakthrough single was a huge favourite of mine then, and it spent 4 non-consecutive weeks at #1. Still another song from her to come.

    23. Kelly Clarkson - Invincible

    Kelly has always been about female empowerment, and songs like this, written by Sia, have shown why Kelly's voice is just perfect for songs like this! This was my #1 song of 2015; she still has two more songs to come.

    22. Our Lady Peace - Somewhere Out There

    We saw Raine Maida earlier in this set writing for Kate Voegele, now here he is with his own band Our Lady Peace! I'd enjoyed several of their songs prior to this, particularly from the "Clumsy" album, but this, which hit far beyond their native Canada and was a moderate US hit as well, became my favourite from them overall, spending four weeks at #1 for me in 2002.

    21. Michelle Branch - Are You Happy Now

    Shock crashout here! It's well known how much I was into Michelle Branch back in the day, and this album "Hotel Paper" to this date remains my favourite album of hers. This lead single was an instant hit for me after being very impressed with a live leak earlier in 2003, and spent 7 weeks at #1 on my chart, becoming my #1 song of the entire year. However, 20 songs managed to beat its score overall; this is as high as Michelle gets here!
    Freaky Fly Bry's Top 100

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      20. Kate Voegele - Just Watch Me

      By the time of this release, it had been over three years since I last heard new music from Kate, so naturally, her "Wild Card" EP would be very highly anticipated by me. It was - and this lead track certainly didn't disappoint as it shot straight to the top of my chart for six weeks. She hasn't been off my chart, with one song or another, ever since.

      19. Ashlee Simpson - L.O.V.E.

      A catchy pop ditty from Ashlee Simpson here, at the time it had a record 20 weeks in my top 10! It still brings back great memories whenever I hear it, and is deserving of its top 20 placing on here. Highest entry for her.

      18. 3 Doors Down - When I'm Gone

      3 Doors Down aren't gone yet - this is their second highest entry here! As much as I had enjoyed them before, their second album "Away From The Sun" took that to new levels and made them a core artist. This lead single, with a military-themed video, inspired soldiers apart from their families everywhere and was a long-runner for me, reaching #1 in early 2003.

      17. Kylie Minogue - Can't Get You Out Of My Head

      One of the biggest comebacks here, while many parts of the world never forgot Kylie, this became her biggest hit worldwide. My chart was no exception - it spent three weeks on top in early 2002 and easily remains her biggest hit.

      16. Avril Lavigne - When You're Gone

      Another song about being away from the one you love - this time coming from Avril Lavigne! While "The Best Damn Thing" was overall quite immature for what was expected of her then, it still gave us this ballad which is my favourite from her.

      15. Nickelback - How You Remind Me

      If there was any band that critics hated in the 2000's, it's Nickelback! They did have several moments that did manage to get through that, and this song, their big breakthrough, was one that was generally very well liked. My chart showed that too - it spent 2 weeks at #1 in late 2001 and remains my favourite from them.

      14. Stef Lang - Paper Doll

      A song about self-image here, Stef Lang certainly refused to conform and was just being herself here! This song made a quick impact for me, spending three weeks at #1 in early 2012 and having enough longevity that year to be my #2 song of the year. Easily my favourite from her.

      13. 3 Doors Down - Kryptonite

      And here is the highest entry for 3 Doors Down! Who knew being bored in school could result in a now-classic rock anthem? This song, written when they were teenagers, was a massive multi-format hit in 2000 and my chart was no exception as it had two weeks at #1 that summer. Still holds up very well for me to this day!

      12. Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You

      One of Kelly's most personal songs ever, about her parents' divorce. The emotion she feels in this one is very real, as this was the instant standout from her landmark album "Breakaway". Needless to say, upon its single release, it quickly shot to the top where it stayed for five weeks. Still one more song from her in the top 10 and if you've been following, you know what it is.

      11. Victoria Duffield - More Than Friends

      Now to a fun, happy pop song! Victoria Duffield was one of my favourite teen-pop Canadian singers of her day and this song was the one that really defined her for me. This flirty anthem was another quick hit for me, spending three weeks at #1 and sticking around for the bulk of 2014, where it was my #2 song of the entire year!

      10. Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved

      Into the top 10 now, we're getting to the really big guns! And here is my favourite Maroon 5 song; they had 13 #1's on my chart, and this was the one with the most overall longevity. After a relatively slow rise due to charting it early, it spent 3 weeks at #1 in the summer of 2004, and ended up spending a total of 42 weeks on my chart, becoming my #1 of 2004 and my #10 song of the past 20 years.

      9. Christina Aguilera - Hurt

      I'm a sucker for emotional ballads like this, and this was no exception. From the second disc from her "Back To Basics" album, which featured collaborations from co-writer Linda Perry who also worked with Christina Aguilera on "Stripped", this song, co-produced by Mark Ronson, was a very personal one and you can hear it in her vocals. It spent 8 non-consecutive weeks at #1 - a record at the time - and was in my top 10 songs of 2006.

      8. Adelitas Way - Last Stand

      I'm a big fan of classic power ballads... and when this came out, this had that feel to it. While the Las Vegas hard rock band Adelitas Way has had several other songs make my chart since, none really come close to this one for me, which spent four weeks at #1 in early 2010 and due to its longevity that year, was my #1 song of the year.

      7. Marianas Trench & Kate Voegele - Good To You

      By the time this came out, Marianas Trench had already established themselves with a series of hits from their "Masterpiece Theatre" album. However, this song, due to the guest vocals from Kate Voegele, was an obvious favourite of mine; it spent a total of seven weeks at #1 in the fall of 2010, and its longevity bridged songs from three different Kate albums charting simultaneously with it, forming the centrepiece of her first four and a half year streak with continuous songs on my chart. Kate actually has four of the top 7 including this, meaning three of the top 6 are all hers!

      6. Kate Voegele - Must Be Summertime

      And here she is again! Kate Voegele had already been well established by this point as my favourite singer, and back in the summer of 2014, I saw her perform several brand new songs at the time! Well, eventually all five of them would be future #1's on my chart from various projects; "Must Be Summertime", a very pop-oriented anthem for the summer with a fun music video to match it, ended up on an Amazon songs of summer compilation, and when its studio version was released, it debuted at #1, staying on top for seven weeks and becoming my #1 song of 2016; the margin of victory was not even close at all, considering this song's longevity in an era when very few songs manage to last very long on my chart. And it just shows how strong Kate is for me that she has two of the top 5 so this is only her third biggest hit!
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        5. MAROON 5

        Los Angeles, CA, USA (1994-present)

        Originally starting back in the 90's as Kara's Flowers, this California quintet became Maroon 5 by the time they hit the major labels. Debut album "Songs About Jane", mixing soul, rock and a little jazz, was a slow builder at first, but over time became a bonafide modern classic; its lead single "Harder To Breathe" just missed my top 10, but "This Love" made my top 5 and their best charting song - "She Will Be Loved" - was my #1 song of 2004 amid tough competition. This kept my attention high for a follow-up - and "It Won't Be Soon Before Long" delivered the goods, with three #1 hits, "Wake Up Call" being the biggest - it was in my top 5 of 2007. Their next album "Hands All Over" gave them their second best chart performer, "Misery", but their commercial fortunes started to slip until lead singer Adam Levine appeared as a judge on The Voice, which led to the chart-topping "Moves Like Jagger" - which likely stands as their biggest "real world" hit, and was also a #1 for me. The hit singles continued on "Overexposed", and to a lesser extent, on "V" - but that was an omen of things to come. Its re-release single, "This Summer's Gonna Hurt", while it debuted at #1, becoming their 13th and most likely final #1, had no longevity - and to date, is their final top 20 appearance on my chart. Following this, they sunk deep into generic, basic, trend-hopping pop crap, and indeed, absolutely NOTHING from their latest album "Red Pill Blues" has even made the top 100 on my chart - a huge 180 from their days of regular #1's. Such a shame considering how unique and innovative that they used to be that they turned into one of the worst acts around - and songs like "Don't Wanna Know", "What Lovers Do" and "Girls Like You" are instant shut-offs for me. I hope they can recover and get back to what made them great to begin with, but given all the circumstances, I doubt it.

        1. She Will Be Loved
        2. Misery
        3. Wake Up Call
        4. Won't Go Home Without You
        5. Love Somebody
        6. Goodnight Goodnight
        7. Moves Like Jagger
        8. Payphone
        9. This Love
        10. Makes Me Wonder
        11. Maps
        12. Never Gonna Leave This Bed
        13. Give A Little More
        14. Daylight
        15. One More Night
        16. This Summer's Gonna Hurt
        17. Sunday Morning
        18. Harder To Breathe
        19. Sugar
        20. If I Never See Your Face Again

        4. KATY PERRY

        Born October 25, 1984, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

        The entire top 4 artists consist of 4 solo female artists... and kicking them off is none other than Katy Perry! She started off as a Christian pop singer, and had backup vocals for the likes of Mick Jagger and P.O.D. before breaking through with her proper debut album "One Of The Boys". Its lead single "I Kissed A Girl" generated controversy at the time, and on my chart, it was a quick-rising #1 hit. Shortly afterwards, I heard the follow-up "Hot N Cold", and that also climbed up my chart fast, starting her off with a second #1 in a row, proving that she was on her way to becoming a core artist. The other singles from the album, "Thinking Of You" and "Waking Up In Vegas", were also successful. Following collaborations with 3Oh!3 and Timbaland, her second album "Teenage Dream" was highly anticipated by me, and its lead single "California Gurls" became only the second song in my chart's history to debut at #1. The remainder of the era was also successful with title track "Teenage Dream" and "Firework" also hitting #1. By 2013, her third album "Prism" had come out, with three more #1's to her credit. She took some time off after this, resurfacing for her Olympics single "Rise", which was yet another #1. In 2017, she released the album "Witness"; despite lead single "Chained To The Rhythm" being another #1 hit for me, this album turned out to be a huge disappointment for me, with many of its tracks just plain being awful. I thought she was going to continue on the downhill spiral, but songs like her Dear Evan Hansen song "Waving Through A Window", Final Fantasy song "Immortal Flame" and Zedd collaboration "365" have turned out to bring her back on track; she now has 15 #1's to date, enough for fourth most #1's in my chart's history! She is currently featured on a remix of Daddy Yankee's Snow-sampling "Con Calma" as well.

        1. Hot N Cold
        2. Teenage Dream
        3. California Gurls
        4. I Kissed A Girl
        5. Waking Up In Vegas
        6. Roar
        7. Birthday
        8. Part Of Me
        9. Firework
        10. Feels
        11. Rise
        12. Chained To The Rhythm
        13. Thinking Of You
        14. Unconditionally
        15. Wide Awake
        16. If We Ever Meet Again
        17. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)
        18. The One That Got Away
        19. Hummingbird Heartbeat
        20. Waving Through A Window

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          Céline Dion is an immense talent! Seeing her live in Vegas two years was certainly a highlight of the last five years. She's the greatest singer alive, and has done some pretty solid stuff in the last 20 years. I'm exploring her catalogue in full now, and I'm excited to discover new gems.

          Kylie Minogue has grown on me so much over the last eight years. She has a unique flavour of pop music, and I love that she's kept her lightheartedness and fun vibes. "Raining Glitter" is one of her career-best tracks, and one of last year's big highlights for me. I'd probably rank her similarly if I did a list like this.

          I didn't think Carly Rae had anything left in her tank after the "Call Me Maybe" era, so when she unleashed "Run Away with Me" on us in 2015, I wasn't ready. I certainly underestimated her in the beginning, but no more! Hoping she returns to her Emotion peak soon.

          Demi Lovato has been very hit or miss with me during her career, but when she gets it right, she hits a home run. Avril Lavigne has done some quality stuff, too.

          Despite the fact that I've not yet checked out her new LP, P!nk is easily one of my favourite pop artists ever. She has a genuine grit to her brand of pop that I love.

          Wow at "Two Is Better Than One" being Taylor's biggest hit here! She's a big superstar on my charts, too.

          I strongly disagree that Christina's recent efforts have been disappointments. I applaud how versatile how sound continues to be, and I'll always fawn over her big female empowerment anthems.

          M5 are a bit hot n cold for me, but they're one of the better names in male pop for me. And speaking of hot n cold, it's the California gurl herself! Katy Perry had to grow on me, but I'm a massive fan now. She doesn't always release the best singles off her LPs, though. I can't get over how she didn't release "Walking on Air", "Legendary Lovers", or "Roulette".

          Akini's Top 100 Albums of the Decade: [90-86]


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            5. Lauren Winans - Better At Breaking

            It took 15 years for it to happen, but Lauren Winans became the first ever singer to be aware that she herself had a #1 on my chart back in 2014! This midtempo pop breakup track with an amazing voice that conveyed the feeling very well became an instant hit for me upon hearing it for the first time, taking just three weeks to reach #1 and spending most of the year on my chart. It shouldn't have been much of a surprise that this was my #1 song of the entire year, given how it caught on. Lauren, if you are reading this, congratulations on having my #5 song of the past 20 years!

            4. Kate Voegele - Inside Out

            And at #4, we have no stranger to the upper parts here! Indeed, Kate Voegele has FOUR songs in my top 10! This song was an instant standout on her album "A Fine Mess", which totally dominated my 2009. Upon its single release later that year, it had a quick rise to the top, spending six weeks there and becoming my final #1 of the 2000's. Its longevity into 2010 was incredible, and even not taking into account its run in 2009, still managed to be my #3 song of 2010! Add these two together, and you get my #4 song of the past 20 years! This song had an uptempo pop/rock feel that I enjoy most about Kate's songs, as well as personal, emotional lyrics that she can write and sing so well. I think we all know that she has one of the top 3.... and we know which song it is. But how high is it?
            Freaky Fly Bry's Top 100

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              3. BRITNEY SPEARS

              Born December 2, 1981, McComb, MS, USA - origin, Kentwood, LA, USA

              She's had 30 top 10's, 19 of which were #1... was there any doubt that Britney Spears would be this high up?

              Basically, she's one of those artists who, ever since the beginning days of my chart, has been one of my chart's top artists. On that very first chart, her debut single "Baby One More Time" was at #3, on its way up to #1, where it spent five non-consecutive weeks, and it spent my chart's first eight months on. The hits continued, with "Sometimes" and "(You Drive Me) Crazy" also reaching #1, becoming the first artist to start with her first three singles reaching #1. Anticipation was high for her follow-up and "Oops... I Did It Again" didn't disappoint, being an unusually high debuter for its time, entering my top 40 at #14 and shooting quickly to the top for six non-consecutive weeks. While her next album "Britney" didn't do quite as well, "In The Zone", due to heavy anticipation and a change to a more mature sound, was just the right success to keep her in the core artists zone. It was especially helped by the two-single punch of "Toxic" and the ballad "Everytime", which Britney was the primary writer on, both of which remain favourites of mine to this day and both spent multiple weeks at #1. To this day, I still feel her first four albums was one of the best album streaks released by any pop artist ever, and it shows as my 6 favourites from her are all from one of these albums.

              After a multitude of personal problems, including the infamous head-shaving incident, and giving birth to her two sons, by 2007, Britney Spears was ready to come back - and the album "Blackout" became a fan favourite. While its first two singles both hit #1 for me, ultimately "Break The Ice", which peaked at #2 but had top 10 longevity, became the biggest hit on my chart from said album. The album was quickly followed by "Circus", which had its first three singles all go #1 for me, and "Womanizer" and "If U Seek Amy" are both among her top 10 best chart performers on my chart. Her success continued into a third decade for me and the "Femme Fatale" album generated three more #1's; ultimately, it was "Criminal" that did the best for me, being in her 10 best chart performers to date. Alas, her fortunes slipped for me here, as her collaboration with, "Scream & Shout", only peaked at #100 on my chart. While her Smurfs single "Ooh La La" debuted at #1, it had no longevity, and her next album "Britney Jean" was one of my biggest disappointments of all time, as many of its tracks were IMO awful. The lead single "Work Bitch" was a huge departure for her, and as such, it failed to reach anywhere near the top for me and was gone after just over a month. While follow-up "Perfume" did hit #1, it was a weak #1. Lack of longevity despite anticipation turned out pretty common for her here; her next album "Glory" did the same as lead single "Make Me..." failed to last despite reaching the top 5, and "Do You Wanna Come Over" also did not last long despite a quick rise to the top 10. She has recently been in rehab and I hope she has been getting the help she needs at this tough time in her life; hopefully when she is ready she can resume her career and hopefully deliver more great pop songs like I know she is capable of and I hope she can still do!

              1. Baby One More Time
              2. Toxic
              3. Everytime
              4. Sometimes
              5. Oops... I Did It Again
              6. (You Drive Me) Crazy
              7. If U Seek Amy
              8. Break The Ice
              9. Criminal
              10. Womanizer
              11. Lucky
              12. Gimme More
              13. Circus
              14. Till The World Ends
              15. My Prerogative
              16. Piece Of Me
              17. Me Against The Music
              18. 3
              19. I'm A Slave 4 U
              20. Ooh La La
              21. Perfume
              22. Hold It Against Me
              23. Stronger
              24. From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart
              25. I Wanna Go
              26. Overprotected
              27. I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman
              28. Make Me..
              29. Someday (I Will Understand)
              30. Do You Wanna Come Over

              3. Britney Spears - Baby One More Time

              And what do you know, Britney also has my chart's third biggest hit ever! The impact of "Baby One More Time", both on pop music in general, and on my own music tastes, can't be understated! It was my chart's first major mega-hit, and helped spawn the careers of many other teen pop artists who have also managed success for me. It was my #1 song of 1999 by a huge margin, and has been a huge all-time favourite of mine ever since. Its music video was one of the most revolutionary at the time, and putting this all together, it's no wonder Britney became the huge star she has since become! Despite many more hits in the following years, this has always remained my favourite from her.
              Freaky Fly Bry's Top 100

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                Shocked by Britney at # 3, I thought she is your second favourite singer after Kate.
                My celebrity crushes : Monika Sedziuviene, Kristina Ivanova (YVA).
                In my head I like to imagine LastDreamer in the land of Lithuania right now with a suitcase of simcards, a box of chocolates and a wedding ring. It would be a great base for an epic Eurovision fan fiction.


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                  2. KELLY CLARKSON

                  Born: April 24, 1982, Fort Worth, TX, USA

                  She's had 43 top 10 hits so far, 26 of them were #1... was there any doubt about Kelly being this high up?

                  In 2002, she got her start on the inaugural season of "American Idol", where she won. Her coronation single, "A Moment Like This", was a quick hit, reaching #2 for four weeks. Her album "Thankful" was released the year after, and gave her two more top 5 hits. But the best was yet to come for her - the "Breakaway" album became the first in my chart's history to have five #1 hits, the latter four of which are in her 10 best chart performers ever, and the album remains one of my all-time favourites. Her next album, the more personal "My December", also caught on for me; its second single "Sober" is also among her 10 best charters.

                  Her next album "All I Ever Wanted" was also anticipated by me and lived up to its hype; it added two more #1's to her tally. "Stronger" was another strong album; while its lead single "Mr. Know It All" was successful, the next two singles were one of her strongest double punches ever. "What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)" was another huge hit, her fourth biggest overall, but the real kicker here was instant album standout "Dark Side", which I instantly loved, becoming the next single. I knew it would dominate, but I wasn't prepared for HOW strong it would be! It spent four weeks on top, fell out for another four... then came back for four MORE weeks! And just when it looked like it was going to fall out of the top 10... I saw her in concert and she performed it... and she rebounded to take the record for most weeks in the top 10... 26 weeks! Overall, "Dark Side" spent 46 weeks in the top 100, enough for second biggest hit ever!

                  By this time, Kelly was ready to release a greatest hits album, and two of its new tracks would hit #1 for me, with "People Like Us" being my #2 of 2013 and one of her 10 biggest hits to date. In 2015, she released "Piece By Piece", which had nine of its tracks reach my top 10, including five more #1's - out of those, the biggest was clearly "Invincible", her second year-end #1, and third biggest hit ever. Her most recent album, "Meaning Of Life" was released in 2017 and had seven more top 10 hits, including two #1's. And even into 2019, her success has continued, with soundtrack songs such as "The Greatest Showman" song "Never Enough" and "UglyDolls" song "Broken & Beautiful" also reaching #1. Needless to say, her success definitely isn't in any danger of coming to an end on my chart and I look forward to her next projects!

                  1. Dark Side
                  2. Because Of You
                  3. Invincible
                  4. What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)
                  5. Walk Away
                  6. Behind These Hazel Eyes
                  7. Sober
                  8. Since U Been Gone
                  9. People Like Us
                  10. Already Gone
                  11. My Life Would Suck Without You
                  12. I Don't Think About You
                  13. Heartbeat Song
                  14. Mr. Know It All
                  15. Catch My Breath
                  16. Breakaway
                  17. Love So Soft
                  18. Never Again
                  19. It's Quiet Uptown
                  20. Tie It Up
                  21. Dance With Me
                  22. Piece By Piece
                  23. A Moment Like This
                  24. Would You Call That Love
                  25. Heat
                  26. Nostalgic
                  27. Miss Independent
                  28. Let Your Tears Fall
                  29. I Do Not Hook Up
                  30. Someone
                  31. Love Goes On
                  32. American Woman
                  33. Move You
                  34. Low
                  35. Medicine
                  36. All I Ever Wanted
                  37. Never Enough
                  38. Meaning Of Life
                  39. Run Run Run
                  40. Don't Let Me Stop You

                  2. Kelly Clarkson - Dark Side

                  Well, was there any doubt? Kelly Clarkson was already well established as a core artist by this point, but the release of this song put her over the top and in an elite category as the only artist that could come close to Kate Voegele territory for me. Ever since this song was released, this has been my favourite Kelly song, and my second favourite song of my entire chart era. From the lyrics about acceptance of flaws to the piano intro and build-up... just a perfectly crafted pop song. A very well deserved 8 weeks at #1, and #1 song of 2012!
                  Freaky Fly Bry's Top 100

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                  • #99

                    1. KATE VOEGELE

                    Born December 8, 1986, Bay Village, OH, USA

                    Well, was there ever any doubt?

                    Back in 2008, a young singer-songwriter named Kate Voegele got her start in a recurring role on One Tree Hill, which gave her music some exposure. Her debut album "Don't Look Away" got some attention and the song I first heard from it was its lead single "Only Fooling Myself". I loved it instantly, and wanted to hear more. The song would go on to spend a then-unprecedented 10 weeks at #1 on my chart - a feat that has not been matched since. It was clear she had potential, as I enjoyed her album a lot as well; her cover of the Leonard Cohen standard "Hallelujah" also reached #1 for me, and four further songs from "Don't Look Away" made my top 10. By the end of the year, she was back on top with a Diane Warren-written ballad, "You Can't Break A Broken Heart". Things were only getting started for Kate, after such an amazing first year... where could she go from here?

                    Turns out, she only went up. Her next album "A Fine Mess" came out in 2009, and it quickly had three #1's and a #2 in its earliest days of release, with "99 Times" becoming my #1 song of 2009. This continued her domination in ways that had been unprecedented as she became the first to replace herself at #1 and first to monopolize the top 2 (since then, only she and Kelly Clarkson have done either.) And by the end of the year, she had another monster hit, as "Inside Out" would spend 6 weeks at #1 to close out the 2000's and its longevity into the 2010's made it her 2nd biggest hit ever. Closing out the "A Fine Mess" era, she also charted with a collaboration with Marianas Trench, "Good To You", which spent 7 weeks at #1.

                    In 2011, she released "Gravity Happens", which had another hot strike rate as once again, every song I charted from it made my top 10, four of which - the most enduring being my #1 song of the year, "Heart In Chains", topped my chart. All in all, by the fall of 2012, she had a streak of over four and a half years non-stop with at least one song on my chart. It was an achievement that nobody was likely to top.

                    After a couple years away from the music business, Kate teased new music, now released independently, at her live shows. Some of these songs would end up on the "Wild Card" EP, to be released in late 2014; its first three tracks were all massive #1's and are among her 10 best charting songs ever. Then came a collaborative live album with Tyler Hilton, both of whom have been touring together since 2015; I charted a live cover of "When The Stars Go Blue" that both sang together from it. But the summer of 2016 turned out to be another big one as her anthem "Must Be Summertime" became a huge hit on my chart, dominating my 2016 year-end chart and spending seven weeks at #1 total.

                    At the end of 2016, Kate released her fourth album "Canyonlands", which was much-anticipated for me... and it certainly didn't disappoint, to the degree that EVERY song on the album made the top 4 on my chart, including five #1's! In response to the "me too" movement, Kate released a darker-sounding song, "Shoot This Arrow"; the different sound for her still worked, giving her a massive #1 once again, it was my #3 song of 2018. And into 2019, the success has continued as Kate has contributed to Tyler Hilton's song "When The Night Moves", which was her 24th #1 to date.

                    All of Kate's 49 charting songs so far have at least peaked at #8 - a remarkable achievement for anyone to never miss the top 10 and a testament to how great her discography is. I truly feel that Kate's music has inspired me and changed my life and made me a better person; she gives me someone to look up to, and her lyrics and personality really shine through every time. And after seeing her live six times and meeting her four times, I am truly confident in how awesome Kate is in person.

                    1. Only Fooling Myself
                    2. Inside Out
                    3. Must Be Summertime
                    4. Good To You (with Marianas Trench)
                    5. Just Watch Me
                    6. 99 Times
                    7. Heart In Chains
                    8. Carousel
                    9. Shoot This Arrow
                    10. Ooh La La
                    11. World Stops Spinning
                    12. You Can't Break A Broken Heart
                    13. Who You Are Without Me
                    14. Angel
                    15. Manhattan From The Sky
                    16. Free & Wild
                    17. Not The Only One
                    18. Sweet Silver Lining
                    19. Say You're Mine
                    20. Chicago
                    21. Sandcastles
                    22. Crooked Road
                    23. Don't Count Me Out
                    24. When The Stars Go Blue (with Tyler Hilton)
                    25. Unusual
                    26. Catch Me On Fire
                    27. Forever And Almost Always
                    28. Playing With My Heart
                    29. Middle Of The Night Mind
                    30. Sun Will Rise
                    31. I Won't Disagree
                    32. Lift Me Up
                    33. Impatient Girl
                    34. Leave Me Hollywood
                    35. Burning The Harbor
                    36. I Get It
                    37. Bad Bad Drug
                    38. Beg You To Fall
                    39. Ventura Highway
                    40. Sunshine In My Sky
                    41. Hallelujah
                    42. Caught Up In You
                    43. Gravity Happens
                    44. I Don't Want To Be
                    45. Enjoy The Ride
                    46. Hundred Million Dollar Soul
                    47. Devil In Me
                    48. Enough For Always

                    1. Kate Voegele - Only Fooling Myself

                    And here is my biggest charting song ever!

                    I've gone all over it in my artist description, but the records set by "Only Fooling Myself" really put it in a class all its own. 10 weeks at #1 is a record that has yet to be broken, as is its run of a full year within my top 100. Even among an artist who I've consistently loved since, this has still remained my favourite from Kate and my favourite overall.
                    Freaky Fly Bry's Top 100

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                    • Love how neatly 'corresponding' the top three songs/artists are!

                      Britney is phenomenal. When she's at her Blackout best, there simply isn't anyone in pop music that's as good. "...Baby One More Time" is her best song for me, too.

                      Although she's been pretty successful throughout her career, I still get the sense that Kelly Clarkson is generally underrated, so I've always been happy with how much you adore, and how high you chart, her music. "Dark Side" is good!

                      You're synonymous with Kate Voegele, so this was inevitable. "Only Fooling Myself" is okay, though I do prefer "99 Times".

                      Great countdown overall!
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