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    Back in 2015 when I was still at the beginning of finding the real 'me', this song hit hard. Being insecure and unsure, I listened to this song over and over... and although I am still about to find out who I am, this song helped me along my journey and still does actually. It's still included on my 'work out' playlist. It's so uplifting. Her best song so far.

    This song is also certified 8x Platinum. It spent 8 consecutive weeks at #1 back in 2015 and was the third of four songs in 2015 to debut at #1. The song charted for 69 consecutive weeks on my charts.


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      #007 P!nk - Try

      Although the song 'Try' by P!nk was obviously a smash hit on my charts, it's the only song in the Top 10 Decade End Charts that did not spent at least 5 weeks at #1 on the weekly charts. 'Try' spent 2 weeks atop of the charts back in 2012. It spent multiple weeks at #2, being blocked by another blockbuster song that has still to appear on this list.
      The song showed amazing longevity in 2013 and ended up at #3 on that Year End Charts.

      The song is certified 9x Platinum and spent 64 weeks on my weekly charts.


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        #006 RIHANNA - STAY featuring MIKKY EKKO

        'Stay' by Rihanna is an absolutely amazing song. I've told this story about a hundred times already, but this became my favorite song by her after I see the ANTi World Tour. For the opening number, she passed me by, she was only 1 metre away from me. Something I will NEVER forget.
        But already years before that happened, I was obsessed with this song. 'Stay' was a huge hit in 2013, actually the #1 on that Year End Charts. It spent 5 weeks at #1 in total.

        The song is certified 9xPlatinum and charted for 70 consecutive weeks. 30 of those weeks, the song spent in the Top 10 on the weekly charts.

        The 'Stay/We Found Love' performance from the UK X Factor from 2012 is absolutely mind-blowing.


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          #005 ADELE - HELLO

          Top 5! What a return this was. Being able to follow the '25' era was one of the best things of the last decade.
          'Hello' was not only a huge smash on the worldwide charts, but also on my weekly charts.

          The song debuted at #1 on my charts and spent 14 consecutive weeks at #1 in total. Although it is 'only' the second longest #1 hit of the decade, it's the longest consecutive chart topper. There was no other choice to crown this song the #1 song of 2016.


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            #004 ADELE - ROLLING IN THE DEEP

            One of the songs that defined the early years of the decade. I checked out 'Rolling In The Deep' and '21' because I was hungry for new music. 2010 made me wanting to check out more music. If I only knew that '21' would become my most listened record overall. Because that was the record I played the most in 2011. There was not much space for other albums.
            'Rolling In The Deep' is an instant classic.

            The song's certified 9x Platinum (only 19 points away from being certified Diamond).


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              #003 RIHANNA - DIAMONDS

              One of three songs that was able to achieve a DIAMOND certification. 'Diamonds' was Rihanna biggest hit on my charts the past decade. It spent multiple weeks at #1 and is only one of four songs that have spent at least 11 weeks at #1.
              This song put Rihanna back on my radar. Whilst 'Talk That Talk' was her most unbearable era that decade, or maybe the only one that became unbearable for me, 'Diamonds' was that song that it needed that I become a stan again.


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                #002 TAYLOR SWIFT - LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO

                That song was a huge smash on my charts. It was the second longest charting song on the weekly charts and eventually got more points than 'Diamonds' overall.
                This song is what became a gem in her singles discography.


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                  #001 ADELE - SOMEONE LIKE YOU

                  The #1 song of the decade. One of my Top 5 favorite songs of all time. 'Someone Like You' broke multiple records on my weekly charts. Most weeks at #1 ever. 17 weeks at the summit. The only song to be certified 11x Platinum.


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                    Ah I wish I had followed more closely because there's just so many songs I like on your list. Adele did well on my countdown as well - and the top three you have are also my top three favorite by her. Someone Like You is utterly heartbreaking while RITD is Adele at her bitchy best

                    When I saw Diamonds was #3, I thought We Found Love had to be close behind, but it's down at #65! Surprised!


                    • Hi there!
                      I have to say, I like many songs in your Decade-end chart!
                      The #1 is perfect and nice to see "Don't Be So Hard On Yourself" in the top 10!
                      I could count a lot of songs that I like on here, but it'll take a lot of time.
                      Great chart!
                      Sergej's Personal Chart


                      • OMG!! A massive YAY for these in your Top 20:

                        #002 TAYLOR SWIFT - LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO
                        #003 RIHANNA - DIAMONDS
                        #005 ADELE - HELLO
                        #007 P!nk - Try
                        #009 LORDE - TEAM
                        #010 MADONNA - LIVING FOR LOVE
                        Lily Allen - Hard Out Here
                        2019 Year End Charts: The 20/20 Experience


                        • So much to catch up on! I like/love these:


                          As for your top 10:

                          Living for Love - good, but "Ghosttown" is better for me.
                          Team - quality jam.
                          Don't Be So Hard on Yourself - ah, I believe I discovered this through your chart. I love it, too.
                          Try - a huge grower. I definitely appreciate it a tonne more now than I did back in 2012.
                          Stay - this grew on me a lot as well.
                          Hello - brilliant return after an incredibly successful era.
                          Rolling in the Deep - easily her best song. Lyrically, this song does a lot for me.
                          Diamonds - one of RiRi's finest for me!
                          Look What You Made Me Do - love the video, the song is okay.
                          Someone Like You - great lyrics, but it's all a bit too slow for me. The Glee Cast did a brilliant mash-up of this with "Rumour Has It" that I love.
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