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    5. The Cranberries - Wake Me When It's Over - sad and emotional entry, it actually holds up to their highest standard in terms of their whole catalogue
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      3. Lady Antebellum - What If I Never Get Over You

      That's definitely a nice one! They're whole new album has been quite a nice surprise for me


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        2. Taylor Swift - You Need To Calm Down PEAK: #1 (3 weeks), 28 weeks

        At #2 for the year, we have Taylor Swift with easily her biggest hit so far on my chart. Prior to "You Need To Calm Down", she had never spent more than two weeks at #2 - this spent three weeks, followed by seven weeks at #2. There were many reasons why I enjoyed this song as much as it did - its lyrical content attacked homophobia and its music video was just a lot of fun and fitting with the song's subject matter. This capped off a very successful decade for Taylor, where she had nine #1's overall in the 2010's. But ultimately, on my year-end chart... Taylor fell short of the #1, but still her best performance to date!

        1. Tyler Hilton feat. Kate Voegele - When The Night Moves PEAK: #1 (4 weeks), 43 weeks

        Was there ever any doubt here?

        I enjoyed several Tyler Hilton songs back in the mid-2000's, with "When It Comes" reaching my #2 spot. After a while, I lost track of him, though he did hit with "Prince Of Nothing Charming" in the early 2010's. However, what really got my attention back was his consistent touring with my favourite singer, Kate Voegele. This sparked a renewal of interest, and it also inspired several musical collaborations between the duo, including the double album "Live In London" with one disc of each singer's performances and several bonus track collaborations. These collaborations also led to several tracks on Tyler's latest album "City On Fire", including the #1 hit "Overtime" which was co-written by both singers. And when the album came out, this song was the instant standout - in no small part due to Kate contributing vocals to it. It had a high debut and quick rise to #1, where it spent four weeks, and ended up with a 43-week run in the top 100 - the third longest run ever.

        Kate Voegele has had history with year-end #1's - so far she has had "Only Fooling Myself" (2008), "99 Times" (2009), "Heart In Chains" (2011), "Must Be Summertime" (2016) and now "When The Night Moves" (2019). Congratulations, Tyler and Kate on an amazing song... a well-deserved #1 of 2019!
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          Great #2.
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            Originally posted by Blondini View Post
            Great #2.
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              "Teeth" is great. I think I discovered it from your chart. Same goes for "Can't Help Me Now", though I don't like it as much as "Teeth". "If I Can't Have You" is good. "Lover" is beautiful.

              "Me!" is...a song. It grew on me a bit, but I still think it's crap sometimes. "Higher Love" is brilliant. Not a fan of "You Need to Calm Down", but I do love its video.

              Good countdown!
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                Originally posted by steophonic View Post
                Same here! "You Need To Calm Down" is a great Pop tune and should have been a bigger hit for Taylor!

                Have to check out your number one as I'm not familiar with it.

                Overall a great countdown with tons of great songs!