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  • jio's best of 2021 - #05-#01

    jio's top 100 of 2019

    ...well, not exactly since my chart began again in the end of February of 2019. So almost 2 months of data will be missing which means that some very obvious hits such as, for example, Ava Max' "Sweet But Psycho" or Halsey's "Without Me" will be missing even though I liked them quite a lot. Other than that, 276 current songs made my charts (not counting the retro hits that were charting in some early editions of the chart) and 33 of those made it all the way to #1. While the vast majority of those songs spent only a single week at the top, 7 songs managed a fortnight at #1 whereas two songs, both of them British ("Enough Is Enough" by the Spitfires and "Red Leather" by Callow Youth) managed a 3rd week at #1. Could one of these be the biggest jio hit of 2019? Kylie Minogue's "New York City" is the only #1 song that only lasted a single week inside the top 15 whereas AJ Tracey is the clear winner of 2019 for me having charted with a whooping 9 songs this year: "Fashion Week" (with Steel Banglez & Mostack) and "Choose Sides"(with M.O) made it to #1, "Ladbroke Grove(with General Levy & Novelist) and "Cat Pack" made it to #2, "Floss" (with Mostack & Not3s) made it to #4 whereas "Leave Dat Trap"(with Unknown T), "Kiss And Tell" (with Skepta) and "No Limits" (with Big Zuu & D7) all made it to #5. This week, he enters (yet again!!!) at #8 with "Trendsetter"(with Nyge & Kranium). His debut album was also a listening mainstay during 2019 for me (but more about the albums later) so it was a pretty good year for AJ Tracey... But enough talk and let's have a look at this year's 33 #1s from February to today:

    CHAKA KHAN: Hello Happiness 1 week
    SUNDARA KARMA: One Last Night On This Earth 2 weeks
    ROZALLA: Turn On The Light (DJ Marauder Club Radio Remix) 1 week
    TRAVIS DENNING: After A Few 1 week
    JENNY LEWIS: Red Bull & Hennessy 1 week
    MADONNA/MALUMA: Medellin 2 weeks
    KYLIE MINOGUE: New York City 1 week
    EDITORS: Barricades 2 weeks
    BIFFY CLYRO: Balance, Not Symmetry 1 week
    KAISER CHIEFS: Record Collection 1 week
    CHASE & STATUS/CUTTY RANKS: Retreat2018 1 week
    CHERYL: Let You 1 week
    M.O/AJ TRACEY: Choose Sides 1 week
    PRINCE: Manic Monday 1 week
    KYGO/WHITNEY HOUSTON: Higher Love 2 weeks
    DANIEL CAESAR/BRANDY: Love Again 1 week
    THE SPITFIRES: Enough Is Enough 3 weeks
    VOLBEAT: Pelvis On Fire 1 week
    WILDER WOODS: Supply & Demand 1 week
    SLAVES: One More Day Won't Hurt 1 week
    JOHNNY MOPED: Hey Belinda 1 week
    TOVE LO/KYLIE MINOGUE: Really Don't Like U 1 week
    PIXIES: On Graveyard Hill 1 week
    SAM FENDER: Borders 2 weeks
    CALLOW YOUTH: Red Leather 3 weeks
    CLIPPING: Nothing Is Safe 1 week
    DURAND JONES & THE INDICATIONS: Morning In America 1 week
    PRINCE: Don't Let Him Fool Ya 1 week
    TAYLOR SWIFT: Beautiful Ghosts 2 weeks
    VILLAGERS: Don't You Know 1 week
    ALANIS MORISSETTE: Reasons I Drink 2 weeks
    KRISTINE W: Just A Lie 1 week so far...

    So over the next few days I am gonna have a look at the albums and I am gonna countdown my Top 100 of the year. Eligible for the Top 100 is any song that charted this year except the retro songs which charted early on and songs which spent more weeks in the chart during 2020 than 2019. 2019 songs that continue charting in 2020 and are eligible for this chart will have their 2020 points added for this countdown. Feel free to comment and I hope you are gonna like it...

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    jio's top 100 of 2019-albums

    ...well, not exactly since my chart began again in the end of February of 2019. So almost 2 months of data will be missing but, anyway here are the albums that ruled 2019 for me. I chose those albums based on albums I owned on physical form and I played the most each week through various means. The one exception to that rule was Yelawolf whom I played a lot digitally without actually owning a physical copy.Once again, AJ Tracey's "AJ Tracey" was the most played album of the year over here, as it has, quite obviously, the most weeks of any album on top by far. What is not that obvious from the table below is that those weeks are also evenly spread throughout the year which gives that rap album quite strong staying power. In terms of artists though, all-time's best, Prince is the winner of this year for me(again) with multiple releases. AJ Tracey managed 9 weeks at #1 with a single album release whereas Prince managed 13 weeks on top with 5 different posthumous releases. Special mention also to the Lissie concert I attended (I live in a country where few international acts ever come and even fewer of those I actually like so travelling abroad just for a concert can be quite expensive and a big deal for me) -well actually she was just supporting Jack Savoretti but I only cared about Lissie- so that caused her one month at #1 with 2 different albums, one old and one new. But enough talk and let's have a look at this year's 26 or 24 #1s from February to today:

    THE TWILIGHT SAD: It Won/t Be Like This All The Time 1 week
    AJ TRACEY: AJ Tracey 7 non-consecutive weeks*
    THE PRODIGY: Their Law: The Singles 1990-2005 1 week
    TAYLOR DAYNE: Tell It To My Heart 1 week
    LISSIE: Castles 1 week
    LISSIE: When I'm Alone: The Piano Retrospective 3 non-consecutive weeks
    PRINCE: His Majesty's Pop Life/The Purple Mix Club 1 week
    STEVIE NICKS: Stand Back 1981-2017 2 non-consecutive weeks
    PRINCE: Ultimate Rave 1 week
    VANESSA PARADIS: Best Of Vanessa Paradis 1 week
    MADONNA: Madame X 1 week
    PRINCE: Originals 3 non-consecutive weeks**
    EN VOGUE: Born To Sing (deluxe) 1 week
    THE SPITFIRES: Year Zero 1 week
    ICE CUBE: The Predator 1 week
    DR.DRE: The Chronic 1 week
    PRINCE: Originals (japanese version) 2 weeks**
    ALEXANDER O'NEAL: Complete Single Collection 1 week
    S.O.S. BAND: Tabu Anthology 1 week
    PRINCE: Versace Experience: Prelude 2 Gold 2 weeks
    BELINDA CARLISLE: Gold 2 weeks
    AJ TRACEY: AJ Tracey (deluxe) 2 weeks*
    EDITORS: Black Gold 1 week
    YELAWOLF: Ghetto Cowboy 1 week
    DURAND JONES & THE INDICATIONS: American Love Call 2 weeks
    PRINCE: 1999 (super deluxe) 4 weeks so far...
    *AJ TRACEY: AJ Tracey (all versions) 9 weeks combined
    **PRINCE: Originals (all versions) 5 weeks combined

    So over the next few days I am gonna countdown my Top 100 of the year. Eligible for the Top 100 is any song that charted this year except the retro songs which charted early on and songs which spent more weeks in the chart during 2020 than 2019. 2019 songs that continue charting in 2020 and are eligible for this chart will have their 2020 points added for this countdown. And just to keep the action going let's just say that the song with the most weeks in my Top 15 is a song that didn't rise any higher than #8. What can that be? Feel free to comment and I hope you are gonna like it...

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      jio's top 100 of 2019-positions #100-#41

      ...well, not exactly since my chart began again in the end of February of 2019. So almost 2 months of data will be missing but, anyway here are the first batch of the songs that ruled 2019 for me. The song that remained the most into my Top 15 was "Must Be" by J. Hus which spent 6 weeks in my Top 15 without ever reaching the Top 5. Instead it peaked at #8 having the following chart-run: #11-#12-#10-#8-#12-#15. Not bad at all for a position #81 in the overall top 100. Other than that, American and British artists are ruling the Top 100, with 45% of the songs being American with another 44% being British. The remaining 11% are shared among Australia, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Mexico, Sweden and Zimbabwe. AJ Tracey has the most entries into the Top 100 with 5 entries, two of which are in the Top 40. However, AJ Tracey is the lead artist in only two of those, which means that, as a lead artist, he does not hold the record for the most entries. That one goes to acts that have 3 entries into the Top 100, something that has been achieved by several acts. But enough talk and let's have a look at this year's positions #100-#41 from the Top 100 from February to today:

      41. KOKOROKO: Adwa
      44. FOALS: Black Bull
      45. SLEEPER: The Sun Also Rises
      46. BIFFY CLYRO: Balance, Not Symmetry
      47. OF MONSTERS AND MEN: Alligator
      48. STEREOPHONICS: Bust This Town
      49. MADONNA/SWAE LEE: Crave
      50. HIGHWOMEN: Highwomen

      51. YOUNG T. & BUGSEY/AITCH: Strike A Pose
      52. GEORGIA: About Work The Dancefloor
      53. MARIAH CAREY: In The Mix
      54. PRINCE: Don't Let Him Fool Ya
      55. TONES & I: Dance Monkey
      56. TEMPLES: Hot Motion
      57. KAISER CHIEFS: Record Collection
      58. CLIPPING: Nothing Is Safe
      59. TOVE LO/KYLIE MINOGUE: Really Don't Like U
      60. AVA MAX: Torn

      61. JESCA HOOP: Red White And Black
      62. MIST/FREDO: So High
      63. THE KOOKS: So Good Looking
      64. AVA MAX: So Am I
      66. CHASE & STATUS/CUTTY RANKS: Retreat2018
      67. LISSIE: Dreams
      68. EDITORS: Black Gold
      69. SKEPTA/NAFE SMALLZ: Greaze Mode
      70. MARY J. BLIGE: Know

      71. STEREOPHONICS: Fly Like An Eagle
      72. WILDER WOODS: Supply & Demand
      73. NIPSEY HUSSLE/RODDY RICCH/HIT-BOY: Racks In The Middle
      74. REFLEKTER: 75 Trips
      76. BRUNO MARS/CARDI B: Please Me
      77. COLLECTIVE SOUL: Good Place To Start
      78. FONTAINES DC: Boys In The Better Land (Darklands version)
      79. PRINCE: Holly Rock
      80. THE SKINTS: Learning To Swim

      81. J. HUS: Must Be
      82. UNKNOWN T./AJ TRACEY: Leave Dat Trap
      83. CARRIE UNDERWOOD: Drinking Alone
      84. ROZALLA: Turn On The Light (DJ Marauder club radio remix)
      85. MADONNA: God Control
      86. AVA MAX: Salt
      87. M.O/AJ TRACEY: Choose Sides
      88. DJ SPOONY/SUGABABES: Flowers
      89. JOHNNY MOPED: Hey Belinda!
      90. TEYANA TAYLOR/KING COMBS: How You Want It

      91. PETE DOHERTY &PUDRA MADRES: Who's Been Having You Over
      92. MELISSA ETHERIDGE: Faded By Design
      93. THE Ks: Aurora
      94. KAISER CHIEFS: The Only Ones
      95. JASON ALDEAN: Rearview Town
      96. SANTANA/BUIKA: Breaking Down The Door
      97. THE BUDOS BAND: Old Engine Oil
      98. SPANISH FLY: Voices In My Head
      99. BANKS/FRANCIS & THE LIGHTS: Look What You're Doing To Me
      100. KAISER CHIEFS: People Know How To Love One Another always feel free to comment ...

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        Tove Lo/Kylie deserved a shoutout, plus multiple Kaiser Chiefs' songs, and Stereophonics' one wasn't too bad either (although I expected more).
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          Well, actually there are 2 Stereophonics' songs. "Bust This Town" (the second single) was far better than "Fly Like An Eagle", me thinks...
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            Originally posted by jio View Post
            Well, actually there are 2 Stereophonics' songs. "Bust This Town" (the second single) was far better than "Fly Like An Eagle", me thinks...
            I only noticed "Bust This Town"
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              Great to see The Budos Band in your top 100 of 2019!
              My weekly charts:


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                jio's top 100 of 2019-positions #40-#36

                40.CHAKA KHAN
                Hello Happiness

                album: Hello Happiness

                -The first #1 of my chart in 2009 and a big comeback single for great Chaka Khan. Although it didn't actually set the international charts on fire (as it should have), it did debut at my #1 but it only managed to spend a total of 3 weeks in my (then) top 10. Chaka herself said in relation to this track: ""I think we need a shot of just not taking the little things so seriously. Little things are important. It's about the little things, but just flow"... and isn't she right? Fun trivia #1: Chaka Khan has achieved 16 BB Hot 100 Top 40 hits beginning with 1974's "Tell Me Something Good" (as a member of Rufus) and ending with 1996's "Missing You" (with Brandy, Tamia and Gladys Knight). Her only #1 remains her duet with Steve Winwood "Higher Love" (more about it later on this chart). Over in the UK, she had had 11 Top 40 hits with the biggest being her #1 cover of Prince's "I Feel For You", although she is probably more well-known for her Rufus duet "Ain't Nobody", a top 10 hit twice by Chaka Khan (in 1984 and 1989) and a hit another 4 times as a cover (including a #1 version by LL Cool J.) Trivia #2: This is one of 23 of my #1s to appear in my top 40 of 2019 so there's plenty more to come...

                Manic Monday

                album: Originals

                -"Originals" was the second posthumous album release for Prince, following 2018's live "Piano And A Microphone" album. "Originals" was of more interest though, as it included the original Prince demos of songs Prince eventually gave to others. And boy, was he responsible for many many other artists' hits. All in all Prince was a composer of 12 BB Hot 100 Top 40 hits by other artists, 8 of which went Top 10 including one (Sinead O'Connor's "Nothing Compares 2 U") that went all the way to #1. Over in the UK, Prince was a composer of 17 Top 40 hits by other artists, 7 of which went Top 10 including two #1s ("Nothing Compares 2 U" was the second biggest hit of 1990 in the UK, also Chaka Khan went to #1 with "I Feel For You"). "Manic Monday" was a #2 hit on both sides of the Atlantic for the Bangles way back in 1986, over in the USA it was #2 behind Prince's own "Kiss". Although Prince's version was not officially released as a single, a video was filmed to promote "Originals", an album which eventually reached #21 in the UK and #15 on Billboard. Over in my charts it was the biggest of two #1 hits for Prince this year (the other being "Don't Let Him Fool Ya") spending 3 weeks in my Top 15.


                album: It Cost To Live Like This

                -One of the most striking rap records of 2019, "Uno" remains the only chart success for rapper Ambjaay reaching #82 on the BB Hot 100. I don't know much to write about this rapper, other than a friend of mine used for a while this song to wake up her 3 year-old in the morning after I introduced her to it. Fan trivia: she otherwise hates rap. "Uno" never made it to #1 on my charts, it had to settle for #2 being one of 17 non-#1 hits to make it into my personal top 40 of 2019.

                Let You

                -Cheryl is no stranger to the charts of course, having been a member of Girls Aloud who had 22 UK Top 40 hits including 21 Top 10 hits and 4 #1s ("Sound Of The Underground", "The Promise" and two terrible covers) and a very successful solo act too, having a further 13 UK Top 40 hits as a solo act including 9 Top 10s and 6 #1s (too many to mention). But all that seem pretty old for Cheryl, as she hadn't had a Top 10 hit since waaay back in 2014. In fact, her highest charting single since then ("Love Made Me Do It") couldn't reach any higher than #19. "Let You" itself missed the Top 40 for a UK #57, leading to the indefinite postponement of her forthcoming 5th studio album. But that doesn't mean anything to me though, because I enjoyed this song tremendously, which is why it reached #1 on my chart, hence we find it here.

                Pelvis On Fire

                album: Rewind, Replay, Rebound

                -Denmark's Volbeat have been scoring hits in their homecountry and several other since 2007. Their fourth studio album, "Beyond Hell/Above Heaven" in 2010, managed to become a cross-over success over in the United States too, achieving a number of BB rock hits and leading to their next three albums becoming BB 200 Top 40 successes. "Pelvis On Fire" was the fifth single taken from their latest album "Rewind, Replay, Rebound" which made #27 on the BB 200. It hit #1 on my charts, spending a total of three weeks in my top 15.
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                  jio's top 100 of 2019-positions #35-#31

                  35.JENNY LEWIS
                  Red Bull & Hennessy

                  album: On The Line

                  -A child actor who formed a successful rock band with yet another child actor and then graduating into an equally successful solo career? Pretty unlikely but, that's exactly who Jenny Lewis is, a child star of such '80s embarrassing classics such as "Troop Beverly Hills" and "The Wizard" who went on to form the band Rilo Kiley and then went solo. The biggest success of her solo career remains 2014's "Just One Of The Guys" which went top 20 on the rock charts. The rather fantastic "Red Bull & Hennessy" though remains her first, only and of course biggest Top 10 hit on the AAA charts and also her biggest hit ever on my chart where it went all the way to the top spot. Good stuff indeed

                  Don't You Know

                  album: American Love Call

                  -Seemingly coming out of nowehere, Durand Jones and the Indications scored two #1 hits on my charts last year with a sound that is undoubtedly and unashamedly retro R&B. This was the first of their two #1s, a song which has nothing to envy from the classic soul ballads of the '70s. Durand Jones and Aaron Frazer substitute each other in lead vocals with the baritone melodies of Jones complementing the falsetto style of Frazer. All in all, a real winner which would have hit the Top 40 easily half a century ago!

                  One More Day Won't Hurt

                  album: Velvet Ditch E.P.

                  -British indie band The Slaves didn't release a full album this year but, instead, gave us a gorgeous E.P. with four fantastic new songs. "One More Day Won't Hurt" is the opening song of this E.P. and the one which got the video treatment and rightly so, since the song hits the listener with sufficient power to make him/her leave aside whatever he/she is doing and dance, or at least jump. #1 on my charts for a week and a feature of my top 15 for a month.

                  32.SAM FENDER
                  All Is On My Side

                  -Although Sam Fender has yet to score a hit single in his home country, the UK (his biggest hit remains "Will We Talk" which peaked at #43), he impressed the country enough to win awards and nominations every year since his debut in 2017. That year he was nominated for BBC "Sound of 2018" award, the following year he won the "Critics' Choice" BRIT award, in 2019 he was nominated for "Ones To Watch" MTV Push award whereas even this year he is nominated for "Best New Artist" BRIT award. His album "Hypersonic Missiles" did do way better than his singles, hitting #1 on the UK album charts in 2019. "All Is On My Side" is the first single from his yet-unnamed sophomore album, it is classic Sam Fender 80s-influenced pop/rock music (I do hear some Fleetwood Mac in there) and, although it only reached #3 on my charts, it was big enough to be included among the 40 biggest jio hits of 2019.

                  31.AJ TRACEY
                  Cat Pack

                  album: AJ Tracey (deluxe)

                  -AJ Tracey is the most successful artist of 2019 on my charts and the most successful UK rap artist of 2019 with a Top 5 album and four Top 40 hits including the somewhat unexpected rhythm & bass Top 5 success of "Ladbroke Grove". So, in a move more reminiscent of standard practices of the '00s rather than today, his debut album got re-released with four new songs and "Cat Pack" was the first of those to be released. Pretty standard AJ Tracey music here and that's perhaps why it missed the Top 40 for position #56 on the UK single charts. On my charts though, it was another massive hit for AJ, peaking at #2.
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                    jio's top 100 of 2019-positions #30-#26

                    30.TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB
                    Dirty Air

                    album: False Alarm

                    -Northern Ireland's Two Door Cinema Club peaked commercially with 2012's "Beacon", a UK #1 and US Top 20 album, three years after achieving their only UK Top 40 hit to date "Something Good Can Work". Since 2012, they have scored lower with each subsequent album release, faithful to the laws of diminishing returns. That however, doesn't mean that their music stopped being any good because it hasn't. It is still quality indie rock. "Dirty Air" was the third single taken from the band's latest album "False Alarm", which peaked at #28 on the UK album charts. Here in my charts, the single peaked at #2 spending a month inside my personal top 15.

                    29.BLACK KEYS

                    album: Let's Rock

                    -The Black Keys went from being rock's best kept secret in between 2002 and 2006 to being rock's most refreshing breath of fresh air in between 2007 and 2009 to being nothing short of a phenomenon during 2010's "Brothers" and 2011's "El Camino". Those two albums established the band as a force to be reckoned with in the rock charts, with a sound that is both modern and purist. Since "El Camino" the band managed to keep their fanbase intact while becoming less of an ambitious newcomer and more of an established quality veteran act. "Lo/Hi" was the first single taken from the band's 9th studio album "Let's Rock" and topped Billboard's alternative charts early in 2019. It also helped the album reach the Top 5 on both the US and the UK album charts. Over in my charts the song peaked at #2, spending a month in my top 15.


                    28.DURAND JONES & THE INDICATIONS
                    Morning In America

                    album: American Love Call

                    -Second single off Durand Jones & The Indications' "American Love Call" album and second straight #1 on my charts from the band. I have to say socially conscious "Morning In America" is not only far better than the already very good "Don't You Know" but it is also the obvious highlight of the entire album. The song's strong message is reminiscent of Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" and it is a definite career highlight that I suspect will give them a pretty hard time to top in the future.

                    27.ELLIE GOULDING

                    -This single is pretty unique in this countdown for more than one reason. For starters, while most other songs in my chart stayed well away from the top 40, this one was actually a UK #1 hit. It is also the only Christmas record in my top 100. And it is a cover. Originally an album track composed and performed by Joni Mitchell way back in 1971, the song has been covered by other artists a gazillion times. It has been an adult contemporary top 20 hit twice, once by Barry Manillow and once by Sarah McLachlan. Nevertheless, Ellie Goulding's version marks the first time the song enters the main charts, in this case the UK top 40, and quite deservingly so. Fun trivia: this song is also the song that managed to be included in my top 40 of the year with the lowest peak, having peaked at a mere #4 on my charts.

                    26.ANGELICA VILA
                    More In The Morning

                    -R&B sensation Angelica Vila may have not quite managed mainstream success yet but, she has grabbed the R&B headlines more than once until now, firstly by her response song to Justin Bieber's "Sorry", then by opening shows for Trey Songz and finally by being championed as the next best thing by Fat Joe. Her finest moment is undoubtedly this single, which made #19 on Billboard's mainstream R&B/hip-hop charts. It heavily samples Grace Jones' iconic "La Vie En Rose", creating a radically different jam based on the exact same beat. Deserved far more than what it achieved but hopefully there is plenty of success lying ahead for Angelica.
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                      jio's top 100 of 2019-positions #25-#21

                      25.MADONNA & MALUMA

                      album: Madame X

                      -With 38 US and a whooping 63 UK Top 10 hits Madonna remains the most successful female singer of all times. That said, 2019 was not a very good year for her. Her 15th studio album "Madame X" became her least-selling studio album ever, despite topping the BB 200 album charts. It also failed to produce a hit on either side of the Atlantic, a first for a Madonna studio album. "Medellin" was the first single from that album, a duet with Colombian megastar Maluma (not a very lucky collabo for him as it barely became a top 40 hit over in his native Colombia) and, despite being a disappointment chart-wise, I pretty much enjoyed the single. I felt that it was Madonna back at her roots as the song sounded a bit like Marika's "Take On Me" meeting "La Isla Bonita". All in all, a #1 hit for a fortnight on my charts and one of the 40 biggest hits of 2019 for me, for sure!


                      -Blanc is the artistic name of former Maccabees member Will White. The Maccabees achieved four UK hit albums (including a #1) and three UK hit singles in between 2006 and 2015, and, despite White not yet achieving comparable (or any for that matter) chart success, the song has been making waves in indie circles. Hence it finds itself landing here as the 24th biggest 2019 hit on jio charts, where it peaked at #3.


                      23.TRAVIS DENNING
                      After A Few

                      -Country star Travis Denning did not shoot suddenly into the limelight. He began by composing songs for much more famous singers such as Jason Aldean, then he opened concerts for country acts such as Lanco and finally, in 2018, he began charting on his own. His second hit single "After A Few" became his biggest hit ever, scoring at #25 on the Country charts. Over on jio charts it was not only a #1 hit, but the only country #1 hit of 2019. Despite that, it is not the biggest country hit of the year. What can that one be? Watch this thread to find out.

                      22.TOVE LO
                      Sweettalk My Heart

                      album: Sunshine Kitty

                      -Tove Lo had already had four hit albums and singles and a 7 years-old career, but it took a flop duet with Kylie Minogue for me to take notice. That duet shot to the top of my charts but, most importantly, made me finally appreciate Tove Lo. That helped this single, the fifth and final single off her "Sunshine Kitty" album, to become such a jio hit. Although it never went any higher than #3 on my charts, it had far more staying power than the Kylie duet "Really Don't Like U" which resulted in this one being in the Top 40 of the year instead. A really truly great song.

                      21.LIAM GALLAGHER
                      One Of Us

                      album: Why Me? Why Not

                      -Now let's see: Oasis had had 13 UK hit albums (including 8 #1s) plus 6 US hit albums, 26 UK hit singles including 23 Top 10s and 8 #1s plus an american hit too with "Wonderwall". Since brothers Liam and Noel decided to go their own separate ways, Liam-headlined band Beady Eye achieved two UK top 5 albums and a US hit album plus a UK hit single with "The Roller" in 2011. Then Liam went completely solo achieving two UK #1 albums on his own plus an american hit album. He also achieved three UK hit singles. The introspective single about brotherly relations "One Of Us" is not one of those (it peaked at a mere #50 on the UK charts) but it remains a rather massive gem in his discography. A beautiful video to go with a beautiful song, this one was my biggest hit of any Gallagher brothers' release this year.
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                        jio's top 100 of 2019-positions #20-#16

                        On Graveyard Hill

                        album: Beneath The Eyrie

                        -For such a legendary band, the Pixies have had surprisingly few hits back in their 80s/90s heyday. They never scored a UK Top 20 hit but they did score 3 UK Top 40 hits, biggest of which was 1997's "Debaser" which made #23. That is still better than their US fortunes where, despite having five Rock Top 5s, they never managed a mainstream Hot 100 entry. But that doesn't matter much since the band does have all their studio albums minus one making the UK Top 10 and having everybody from David Bowie to Nirvana naming them as influences. "On Graveyard Hill" was the band's first single in three years and first single off their seventh studio album "Beneath The Eyrie" which peaked at #7 on the UK album charts. A jio #1 hit and a fantastic song indeed.

                        19.SUNDARA KARMA
                        One Last Night On This Earth

                        album: Ulfilas' Alphabet

                        -Going from legendary to up & coming, England's Sundara Karma have a career dating back to 2014 and that so far includes 2 hit albums and 0 hit singles. "One Last Night On This Earth" was originally released back in 2018 as the second single off their second album "Ulfilas' Alphabet" but since that album was released in 2019, the song's presence in this chart is pretty legit. Another jio #1 that never bothered the mainstream, this one has a dance/rock type of energy that would have made it at least a top 10 hit back in the day when charts mattered.


                        Did You Know?

                        album: The Sunday Walker E.P.

                        -Ireland's The Villagers first made a big name for themselves in their home country where their first three albums all went to #1 and then crossed over to neighboring UK. Over there, they achieved three Top 40 albums with the first of those, "{Awayland}" remaining their biggest. In 2019 the band released "The Sunday Walker" EP and from that EP comes this song which made it to jio's #1 at the very end of the year. It was also one of my entries in the FSC where it would have been top 10 if only navi hadn't forgotten to vote for me lol. A beautiful melancholic indie ballad with a spiritual/religious message that somehow manages to move me each time...

                        17.EMELI SANDE

                        album: Real Life

                        -Emeli Sande is one of the most prominent UK R&B singer/songwriters with four UK Top 10 (and a Billboard Top 40) albums under her belt and 12 UK Top 10 (and 2 Billboard Top 40) hit singles. She has also composed songs for a variety of artists including Mary J. Blige, Tinie Tempah and Leona Lewis. "Shine" is the third single taken off her latest album "Real Life" and is another spiritual/religious gospel/pop song. Quite surprisingly it didn't bother the charts at all, even though it comes from a major artist and has "hit" written all over it. Over in jio charts, it peaked at #3 becoming the biggest (and only) Emeli Sande hit for me this year.

                        16.TAYLOR SWIFT
                        Beautiful Ghosts

                        album: Cats; Highlights From The Motion Picture Soundtrack

                        -I have to confess that Taylor Swift's success remains a mystery to me. In the beginning, when she was still pretending to be a country artist and had hits only in her home country, I put it down to the rumored lack of taste of the American record-buying public. Then when she went bubblegum pop and became a worldwide phenomenon, I just couldn't understand it. Surely she had a good tune here and there (namely "Love Story", "You Belong With Me" and the gorgeous "I Knew You Were Trouble") but 6 Billboard #1 albums, four more Billboard Top 40 albums, five Billboard #1 singles, another twenty Billboard Top 10 singles, another 39 Billboard Top 40 hits, four UK #1 albums, another two UK Top 10 albums, 13 UK Top 10 hits and another 16 UK Top 40 hits? Totally incomprehensible to me. That said, this year Taylor had the honor of having legendary Andrew Lloyd-Webber compose a brand new song for her from the movie adaptation of the musical "Cats" and that's why she finds herself landing here. Now, Lloyd-Webber is the composer of more than 20 musicals including "Cats", "Evita", "The Phantom Of The Opera", "Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" etc. It is not the first time he collaborates with a pop star either having before composed songs for Elvis Presley, Petula Clark, Barbra Streisand, Cliff Richard, Jason Donovan, Dina Carroll, Madonna, Tina Arena, Boyzone etc. The last time he actually released a single was 10 years ago, when he composed the UK's ill-faded attempt to win the Eurovision Song Contest again with Jade Ewen's rather underwhelming "It's My Time". "Beautiful Ghosts" is (thankfully) far more Lloyd-Webber than Swift and it is a real winner that even Taylor cannot spoil. Probably the best song in Taylor's career.
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                          Liam Gallagher almost coming top 20 is impressive. "One Of Us" is one of the better singles he did, really heartfelt if you ask me.
                          Pixies, Sundara Karma and Villagers are all fine.
                          Waffles are checked cookies


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                            jio's top 100 of 2019-positions #15-#11

                            15.RUSS & TION WAYNE
                            Keisha & Becky

                            --Despite having scored his first UK Top 10 hit in 2018 with "Gun Lean", 2019 was Russ' (the British rapper and not the more famous American one with the same name) real hit year. He had two hit singles this year with the first of them, the one featured here, becoming his biggest hit ever peaking at UK's #7. Over on jio's charts the song peaked at #2, becoming a somehow unexpected success. Although the song didn't really need no help at all, a remix featuring a number of other UK rap acts got the video treatment as well. Surprisingly for a rap act with three Top 40 hit singles under his belt, Russ' debut album is yet to be released.


                            14.JULIA JACKLIN
                            Head Alone

                            album: Crushing

                            -Australia's Julia Jacklin has been gaining traction since 2016 due to quality music and extensive touring. Despite being originally inspired to sing by none other than pop bubblegum princess Britney Spears, her style couldn't be more different. Julia is shining in indie folk/pop. This track is the second release off her second studio album and it has a bit of a retro 60s feel to it. It comes with a gorgeous music video and it also peaked at #2 for a fortnight on jio's chart.


                            13.NLE CHOPPA
                            Shotta Flow

                            album: Cottonwood

                            -NLE Choppa shot into fame during 2019 with this track that peaked at #14 on R&B and #36 on the BB Hot 100 chart achieving a platinum certification. The rap track was indeed so popular that a remixed version featuring Blueface and two sequels to the song were released during the subsequent months. The song ended up as the 92nd biggest hit of the year in the USA, not a small feat for a debuting teenager rapper. Over on jio's charts the song peaked at #2. NLE Choppa had a further US Top 40 hit with "Camelot".

                            12.ALICIA KEYS
                            Time Machine

                            album: A.L.I.C.I.A.

                            -Alicia Keys is no stranger to success having 16 BB Hot 100 Top 40 hits including nine Top 10 and four #1 hits. Over in the UK she has accumulated 18 Top 40 hits including eleven Top 10s. Although I always thought Alicia Keys was somehow overrated simply due to her ability of being an instrumentalist in an era that very few pop stars can make such a claim, one cannot deny her staying power and her musicality. And that makes somehow unfair the fact that her last BB Top 40 hit came way back in 2012. Despite that, she has found a much warmer reception on the R&B charts where her duet with Miguel "Show Me Love" went all the way to #1 in 2019. Personally, I liked this retro-sounding funk jam far more though. "Time Machine" peaked at #2 on my charts making it the real Alicia comeback single (despite the ugly cover art), as far as I am concerned...

                            11.BRANDY & DANIEL CAESAR
                            Love Again

                            album: Case Study 01

                            -And whereas I do find Alicia a bit overrated, there is nothing overrated about Brandy. Being in love with her from day one, having all her albums and never been disappointed with anything she did (OK, I could do without her version of Bryan Adams' "Everything I Do"), it is no wonder Brandy finds herself landing here. Of course this is a duet with fabulous R&B star Daniel Caesar who totally deserves his very own shout-out. He has been doing his thing since 2015 and his career already includes three adult R&B #1s. The first of those, the duet with Kali Uchis "Get You" was my own entry in the FSC a while back (although it didn't do terribly well). "Love Again" reached #21 on R&B and #1 on adult R&B and on jio charts. It is the first single off Daniel's sophomore album "Case Study 01" and the first or second single off Brandy's yet unnamed forthcoming seventh studio album. I have to say I am a bit annoyed that, despite its success, Brandy didn't bother filming a video for this song. No, an interview video is really not enough...
                            jio CHARTS NOW: 13/9/2022:


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                              Julia Jacklin in the top 20 s great
                              Waffles are checked cookies


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                                Nice to see "Time Machine" in the top 20!
                                Sergej's Personal Chart


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                                  jio's top 100 of 2019-positions #10-#06

                                  10.ALANIS MORISSETTE
                                  Reasons I Drink

                                  album: Such Pretty Forks In The Road

                                  -To be fair, even I wasn't expecting this one to end up so high... but I am glad it did because it is not only Alanis but it is also great. The Canadian superstar began her career as a moderately successful strictly local dance/pop princess and then went on to become an international indie/rock phenomenon in the mid '90s. Her third studio album did that, that was of course "Jagged Little Pill" that sold over 30m copies worldwide. Alanis never managed to repeat that feat but she didn't need to really as she continued releasing quality records for the next couple of decades. Until 2004, she scored a total of ten UK hit singles and five BB Hot 100 Top 40 hits, whereas all her studio albums went Top 10 in the US and Top 15 in the UK. But after 2012's "Havoc and Bright Lights" she kinda disappeared for 7 years until the release of this single... and it feels like 1995 again... Now we just have to wait for Alanis' ninth studio album.


                                  09.SAM FENDER
                                  The Borders

                                  album: Hypersonic Missiles

                                  -Sam Fender is nominated for the Best New Artist Brit this year and I totally think he should get it. Long story short, despite him featured in the FSC with "Dead Boys", it was actually this single, the seventh and final single off his debut album "Hypersonic Missiles" that made me notice him. And rightly so since, reportedly, this is Sam's own favorite song too. Eventually, the song hit #1 on jio charts and stayed there for a fortnight. Over in the real charts (the UK ones I mean) it made #59 but that's OK since the album went all the way to #1.


                                  08.THE EDITORS

                                  album: The Blanck Mass Sessions

                                  -I listened to the Editors A LOT during 2005, 2006 and 2007. Their first two albums "The Back Room" and "An End Has A Start" were pretty much played non-stop in my flat, headphones, whatever. But then I kinda lost touch with the Editors' output before I rediscovered them this year. Funnily enough, "Barricades" was the single that made me regain interest for the band, even though it wasn't really successful. And following that, I purchased their greatest hits discovering all the gems I missed all these years. So in essence, I love The Editors and I love this single which is not included in their greatest hits but in a (much less interesting) remix album. Still great though


                                  07.LUKE BRYAN
                                  What She Wants Tonight

                                  album: Born Here, Live Here, Die Here

                                  -And the biggest jio country hit of the year goes officially to... Luke Bryan. Even though Travis Denning had the only country #1 of the year, it was Luke Bryan who had the better chart run by staying five weeks in the Top 15 including a month in the top 5 and peaking at #2. So yes, I did love it although country fans weren't as excited about it as I was... the song peaked at #11 on the country charts breaking Luke Bryan's streak of twenty five continuous Top 10 hits beginning eleven years ago with "Country Man", it also peaked at #9 on country airplay breaking a streak of 20 continuous records to peak at #1 or #2 there. But those are details that don't matter since the song is still great. For whoever is interested Luke Bryan counts sixteen BB Hot 100 Top 40 hits, the biggest of which was 2014's "Play It Again" that peaked at #14. He also has four hit albums, the last two of which went top 5.

                                  06.KYGO & WHITNEY HOUSTON
                                  Higher Love

                                  -I do think it's totally unnecessary to write anything about Whitney Houston. The greatest voice of all who left us way too early has left her unmistaken mark in pop music and will remain so forever. I did love and did respect her (yes, I was definitely a fan) and continue doing so even now. Now, Whitney's output during her life was not plentiful culminating in a total of seven studio albums in between 1985 and 2009. So it was to be expected that her posthumous output wouldn't be all that plentiful either. Indeed in between compilations and live albums, nothing really breathtaking came out after her death. So in comes the unlikely help of Norwegian dj Kygo, who took Whitney's 1990 cover of Steve Winwood's classic "Higher Love" and gave it a lift for the new generation. And the result is nothing less than magic. Of course, both the original and the original Whitney version were pure magic as well, the original Steve Winwood version was an American #1 hit way back in 1986. Fun fact: Chaka Khan did backing vocals on the original version of the song. Not so fun fact: the Kygo/Whitney version came with a video that makes total disservice to the song and which I refuse to list here. Instead I will go with a much better fanmade one. The song peaked at #2 on the UK single charts becoming the 35th hit single and the 19th top 10 hit for Whitney over there. It is also Kygo's 8th (and by far biggest) Top 40 hit over there.
                                  jio CHARTS NOW: 13/9/2022:


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                                    Was pretty sure that Luke Bryan would be the highest but going Top 10 is a surprise!
                                    trebor's - 2016 in Country Music
                                    trebor's - 2015 in Country Music


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                                      jio's top 100 of 2019-positions #05-#01

                                      05.STEEL BANGLEZ feat. AJ TRACEY & MOSTACK
                                      Fashion Week

                                      -To be honest, the main attraction in this was the fact that it was the first AJ Tracey hit after he shot to superstardom with his "AJ Tracey" album that was not included in that album. So the interest was high and it helped propel this song to my personal #1. Over on the main UK charts "Fashion Week" was a sizeable hit too, making it to #7 and becoming the first Top 10 hit ever for all three rappers involved. AJ managed an even bigger top 10 hit later in the year with the Top 3 success of "Ladbroke Grove" and two more smaller hits including "Kiss And Tell" which peaked at #31. Steel Banglez managed a further Top 20 hit in 2019 with "47" which peaked at #17 whereas MoStack managed two more hits with "Shine Girl" that peaked at #13 and another AJ Tracey collabo "Floss" that peaked at #22.


                                      04.THE SPITFIRES
                                      Enough Is Enough

                                      -2018's "Year Zero" album by the Spitfires was one of the most played albums of that year for me. The British band brought ska back to life with a sound that was reminiscent of early 80s ska bands such as The Specials and Madness. So it is only natural that their first single to be released after that album would be met with great interest. The anticipation didn't hurt as "Enough Is Enough" was absolutely great and all that I was personally expecting from the band. Shame the new album hasn't been released just yet


                                      Freedom Rings

                                      -Another act that has been delaying a new album release for ages now is Brandy. She has been promising a new album since at least 2016 and although three singles came and went, the album is nowhere to be seen. February of 2020 was the latest unfulfilled promise of a date that came and went. Despite that, I have to say that I did enjoy all three released singles, especially the last of the trio, "Freedom Rings". Initially I did think it was a bit weak but it grew on me and, as a result, it finds itself as the highest-charting non-#1 song of the year. I have been a Brandy fan since 1994 and I am very happy she is still making quality music despite not releasing as many albums as she used to. All in all, Brandy had had 13 BB Hot 100 Top 40 hits to date including seven Top 10s and two #1s. Over in the UK she had had 12 Top 40 hits including six Top 10s. She also scored seven american Top 40 albums including four Top 5s and four UK Top 40 albums.


                                      02.KRISTINE W.
                                      Just A Lie

                                      album: Episode One: Love And Lies

                                      -Kristine W. is not really a household name. Despite her career dating back to 1994, she could be considered as an one-hit wonder as the only time she graced the UK Top 40 was in 1994 when "Feel What You Want" peaked at #33 and then again three years later when a remix of the same song peaked at #40. But that's a very superficial way to see things since Kristine has achieved no less than seventeen Dance Club Songs #1s making her the eighth most successful club act ever behind such artists as Madonna, Janet Jackson, Rihanna, Beyonce, Pet Shop Boys, Donna Summer and Mariah Carey. That is no small feat at all but there is more. She has also her own day in her native state of Nevada. Indeed June 28 is officially the Kristine W Day over there. In 2019 Kristine returned with a smash of a song that is reminiscent of the peak of dance music in the '90s. Surprisingly, "Just A Lie" missed the Dance Club Top 10 for a peak position of #11. Despite a video having been filmed for this song, I chose to include the lyric video here instead because the video is not only terrible visually but it also uses a remix that completely destroys the song. Otherwise, this is pure magic.

                                      01.CALLOW YOUTH
                                      Red Leather

                                      -If I ever do such a countdown again, one thing is for sure: there will be no commentary. Although I think my whole format looks good, it did make it very difficult for me to find things to write about each act since many of the songs I liked this year came from acts that I knew little to nothing about. Case in point: the years' biggest hit that came from an obscure UK indie act that I personally never heard before (or since to be honest). A fast google search revealed that the band is still unsigned and that's a fact I strongly protest to. The song was one of only two songs this year to remain at my #1 for three weeks (the other was the Spitfires' entry) and it is officially the biggest jio hit of 2019. Congrats and see ya in 2020 hopefully.
                                      jio CHARTS NOW: 13/9/2022:


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                                        Thanks for the countdown!
                                        Nice #1. Not ground-breaking or very inventive but it sounds really good.
                                        trebor's - 2016 in Country Music
                                        trebor's - 2015 in Country Music


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                                          2020 #1s


                                          - 2020 was not my favorite year ever, the "C"-virus really made a mess out of everything and it is officially the first year of this century that I did not leave my home country not even for one day... The music was not bad however, in fact it was a pretty good year so let's get into it and let's check out this year's jio #1s.

                                          - In terms of #1s, the UK is clearly the winner of 2020 for me with almost 48% of the #1s this year coming from that music powerhouse of a country. Just behind the UK with just over 36% is the USA whereas the remaining #1s came from a variety of countries including Ireland, Canada, Germany, Australia, Georgia, Albania and Belgium. In terms of acts, there was a great variety of acts in terms of age (perhaps tilted heavily towards older acts thanks to the compiler's own age) with acts born as far back as 1937 and 1943 and as recently as 1995 hitting the #1 this year.

                                          - Country act Miranda Lambert managed to have the longest #1 of the year with "Bluebird" but does this mean it is also the biggest hit of the year? I can already reveal that no. Multiple #1s this year by Prince and back to back #1s by The Spitfires and also sibling #1s by both Kylie and Dannii Minogue (is it 1991 again?).

                                          So enough talking and here are the #1s of 2020 in chronological order:
                                          1. MIRANDA LAMBERT: Bluebird 3 weeks
                                          2. BOOMTOWN RATS: Trash Glam Baby 1 week
                                          3. COURTEENERS: Better Man 1 week
                                          4. TALK SHOW: Fast And Loud 1 week
                                          5. BEN WATT: Figures In The Landscape 1 week
                                          6. MEGAN THEE STALLION: B.I.T.C.H. 2 weeks
                                          7. ISOBEL CAMPBELL: Ant Life 1 week
                                          8. DEACON BLUE: Hit Me Where It Hurts 2 weeks
                                          9. BODY COUNT: Bum-Rush 1 week
                                          10. SPITFIRES: (Just Won't) Keep Me Down 2 weeks
                                          11. SPITFIRES: Tear This Place Right Down! 1 week
                                          12. GORILLAZ/PETER HOOK/GEORGIA: Aries 2 weeks
                                          13. RAZORLIGHT: Burn, Camden, Burn 1 week
                                          14. AWOLNATION/ALICE MERTON: The Best 1 week
                                          15. HAYLEY WILLIAMS: Simmer 1 week
                                          16. FM: Broken 1 week
                                          17. MELANIE C: Blame It On Me 1 week
                                          18. PALAYE ROYALE: Lonely 2 weeks
                                          19. DANNII MINOGUE: All I Wanna Do 2020 1 week
                                          20. PRINCE: Witness 4 The Prosecution 1 week
                                          21. KATIE MELUA: A Love Like That 1 week
                                          22. POP SMOKE/ROWDY REBEL: Make It Rain 2 weeks
                                          23. KYLIE MINOGUE: Say Something 1 week
                                          24. BRANDY: Borderline 1 week
                                          25. BLINDERS: Forty Days And Forty Nights 1 week
                                          26. SLOW READERS CLUB: The Wait 1 week
                                          27. LEVELLERS: Calling Out 2 weeks
                                          28. STRUTS/ROBBIE WILLIAMS: Strange Days 1 week
                                          29. DJANGO DJANGO: Spirals 1 week
                                          30. PRINCE: I Need A Man 1 week
                                          31. EMILY BARKER: Where Have The Sparrows Gone 1 week
                                          32. PUBLIC ENEMY/DJ PREMIER: State Of The Union (STFU) 2 weeks
                                          33. FUTURE ISLANDS: For Sure 2 weeks
                                          34. KEITH RICHARDS: Hate It When You Leave 1 week
                                          35. SHIRLEY BASSEY: Look But Don't Touch 1 week
                                          36. DUA LIPA/ANGELE: Fever 1 week
                                          37. MIKE WILL MADE-IT: What That Speed Bout!? 1 week
                                          38. STAVES: Good Woman 1 week
                                          39. CHRIS STAPLETON: Starting Over 2 weeks
                                          40. SNUTS: Always 1 week*
                                          *still at #1

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                                            jio's best of 2020-albums

                                            As last year, the albums were chosen from ones I own in physical form and I played the most each week through various means. The one exception to that rule was "Suga" which I played a lot digitally without actually owning a physical copy. Prince's posthumous releases continue ruling the jio albums' chart this year with 2 new releases. The super-deluxe ultra-expensive 9-disc version of 1987's "Sign O' The Times" is this year's winner with over 2 months at the top, while that, the "One Nite Alone" collection and last year's re-release of "1999"combined give Prince a total of 14 weeks at the top this year (more than in 2019 with less releases). In terms of new album releases, Brandy's "B7" is the clear winner of the year with one and a half months at #1. Other than Brandy, just a couple of new albums by The Spitfires and Megan Thee Stallion hit the top this year whereas everything else were releases made up of older material, something indicative of both the quality of modern music and the compiler's age. But enough talk and let's have a look at this year's 25 #1s:
                                            PRINCE: 1999 (super deluxe) 5th week at #1
                                            MARY J. BLIGE: HERStory Vol. I 3 non-consecutive weeks
                                            ETERNAL: Greatest Hits 1 week
                                            SUGABABES: Catfights And Spotlights 1 week
                                            NENEH CHERRY: Raw Like Sushi (30th anniversary edition) 2 weeks
                                            BEVERLEY KNIGHT: The Collection 1995-2007 2 weeks
                                            2PAC: All Eyes On Me 1 week
                                            MEGAN THEE STALLION: Suga 3 weeks
                                            SPITFIRES: Year Zero 1 week
                                            TAYLOR DAYNE: Tell It To My Heart 1 week
                                            TONI BRAXTON: Toni Braxton 1 week
                                            KYLIE MINOGUE: Let's Get To It 1 week
                                            KYLIE MINOGUE: Rhythm Of Love 1 week
                                            ROXETTE: Don't Bore Us-Get To The Chorus! 1 week
                                            PAT BENATAR: Crimes Of Passion 2 weeks
                                            PRINCE: Up All Nite With Prince: The One Nite Alone Collection 2 weeks
                                            CHARLATANS: Some Friendly (20th Anniversary Edition) 2 non-consecutive weeks
                                            DANNII MINOGUE: The Hits And Beyond 1 week
                                            PRINCE: One Nite Alone 2 weeks
                                            BRANDY: Human 1 week
                                            G-UNIT: Beg For Mercy 1 week
                                            SPITFIRES: Life Worth Living 3 weeks
                                            BRANDY: B7 6 weeks
                                            KATIE MELUA: Ultimate Collection 1 week
                                            PRINCE: Sign O' The Times (super deluxe edition) 10 non-consecutive weeks*
                                            CHARLATANS: Between 10th and 11th (deluxe) 1 week
                                            *still at #1

                                            jio CHARTS NOW: 13/9/2022:


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                                              jio's top 100 of 2020-positions #100-#41

                                              A year that gave us no less than 40 #1 hits may seem like not leaving much space for anything else to shine but just 25 of those #1 hits made it into the big 40 of the year. In fact we even had a couple of #1s which failed to make it into the Top 100 altogether. That unfortunate distinction goes first to the big Boomtown Rats' comeback "Trash Glam Baby", a pretty wonderful track which, however, fails to be one of the year's big 100. Last year the only #1 failing to enter the Top 100 was Kylie Minogue's "New York City", this year it's the turn of sister Dannii Minogue to miss the Top 100 with a #1 song, a re-edition called "All I Wanna Do 2020" that stops short of the top 100 at #101, despite being a #1 hit. AJ Tracey was the most successful act of 2019 making that year a big one for British grime. This year, rap continues being huge with Megan Thee Stallion being the act with the most hits through the year. She scored with eight records including "Fkn Around (with Phony PPl)" (#3), "Captain Hook" (#10), "Savage" (#13), "R&B" (with Young Dolph) (#4), "WAP (with Cardi B)" (#5) and an additional three records that appear in this year's top 100. Although no other act had more than eight hits this year, there is an act that has more than three entries in this year's top 100 but more about it later. Most weeks in the top 15 for any record was six, something that has been achieved with three different songs, all of which appear (quite unsurprisingly really) in this year's top 10. The record for the lowest-peaking song to appear in this year's top 100 is one shared by two entries: Enter Shikari's "{Τhe Dreamer's Hotel}" and The Anchoress' "Show Your Face" both of which peaked at #7. But, enough talk and let's look at this year's positions #41-#100:

                                              41. THE SPITFIRES: Tear This Place Right Down!
                                              42. BIFFY CLYRO: End Of
                                              43. TONI BRAXTON: Do It
                                              44. BLAKE SHELTON feat. TRACE ADKINS: Hell Right
                                              45. ROSALIA: Dolerme
                                              46. PRINCE: I Need A Man
                                              47. DJANGO DJANGO: Spirals
                                              48. RAZORLIGHT: Burn, Camden, Burn
                                              49. SEA GIRLS: Do You Really Wanna Know?
                                              50. CARLY RAE JEPSEN: Let's Be Friends
                                              51. POP SMOKE feat. ROWDY REBEL: Make It Rain
                                              52. FLAMING LIPS feat. KACEY MUSGRAVES: God And The Policeman
                                              53. STORMZY: Still Disappointed
                                              54. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN: The Power Of Prayer
                                              55. THE KILLERS: Caution
                                              56. ELLIE GOULDING: Power
                                              57. PAUL WELLER: On Sunset
                                              58. BLUES PILLS: Low Road
                                              59. GEORGIA: Never Let You Go
                                              60. TOVE LO feat. MC ZAAC: Are U Gonna Tell Her?
                                              61. MEGAN THEE STALLION feat. YOUNG THUG: Don't Stop
                                              62. KEM feat. TONI BRAXTON: Live Out Your Love
                                              63. THE 1975: If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know)
                                              64. JI: Need Me
                                              65. ROACHFORD & BEVERLEY KNIGHT: What We Had
                                              66. CHARLIE WILSON: Forever Valentine
                                              67. LARKIN POE: Holy Ghost Fire
                                              68. ALICIA KEYS: Underdog
                                              69. ORVILLE PECK: No Glory In The West
                                              70. NYGE feat. AJ TRACEY & KRANIUM: Trendsetter
                                              71. PA SALIEU: B***k
                                              72. FM: Broken
                                              73. AWOLNATION feat. ALICE MERTON: The Best
                                              74. MEGAN THEE STALLION: Girls In The Hood
                                              75. THE ANCHORESS: Show Your Face
                                              76. SHIRLEY BASSEY: Look But Don't Touch
                                              77. ROISIN MURPHY: Something More
                                              78. BONNY LIGHT HORSEMAN: Green Rocky Road
                                              79. EMILY BARKER: Machine
                                              80. BILLY JOE ARMSTRONG: I Think We're Alone Now
                                              81. PIXIES: Hear Me Out
                                              82. BODY COUNT: Bum-Rush
                                              83. BOB JAMES: Nautilus
                                              84. THE STRUTS & ROBBIE WILLIAMS: Strange Days
                                              85. THE SLOW READERS CLUB: The Wait
                                              86. GORILLAZ feat. ELTON JOHN & 6LACK: The Pink Phantom
                                              87. PVRIS: Dead Weight
                                              88. DISCLOSURE & KELIS: Watch Your Step
                                              89. KELSEA BALLERINI feat. HALSEY: The Other Girl
                                              90. KACEY MUSGRAVES: Oh, What A World 2.0
                                              91. DIGGA D.: Chingy (It's Whatever)
                                              92. ENTER SHIKARI: {The Dreamer's Hotel}
                                              93. BEN WATT: Figures In The Landscape
                                              94. JAMIE XX: Idon'tknow
                                              95. DUA LIPA: Hallucinate
                                              96. PS1 feat. ALEX HOSKING: Fake Friends
                                              97. LITTLE MIX: Break Up Song
                                              98. CJ: Whoopty
                                              99. MORRISSEY: It's Over
                                              100. REAL ESTATE: Paper Cup
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                                                Good to see Biffy Clyro, Pixies, Real Estate and Blues Pills.
                                                I expected The Struts & Robbie a little bit higher.
                                                Waffles are checked cookies


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                                                  I would like to ask the moderator to move this into the proper forum (year/decade-end personal charts) but I don't know who is the moderator
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