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    "Gold" is terrific. I'm pretty sure I discovered it through you and it's gone to become a big favourite of mine.

    "Run Away with Me" is pop perfection. Its chorus is like an avalanche.

    I adore "People Like Us" and "I Never Told You" is Colbie's best song, in my view.
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      20. Demi Lovato - Sober (2018)
      A personal and prophetic single for Demi Lovato, she did this song after relapsing and sadly ended up in hospital after an overdose around the time this song was out. The message really resonated for me and spent 7 weeks at #1 - the only song from 2015-present not by Kate Voegele or Kelly Clarkson to do this.

      19. Safetysuit - These Times (2012)
      A song whose message applies to any time when things are going bad, but especially the current pandemic, Safetysuit's message of hope really connected with me and it became one of my favourite songs of 2012.

      18. Kate Voegele - World Stops Spinning (2017)
      These days it feels like the world has stopped spinning - another appropriate song released much earlier! This became my favourite from Kate's "Canyonlands" album, and one of many appearances from her in this list.

      17. Colbie Caillat - Hold On (2014)
      A different direction for the normally acoustic singer-songwriter, this change in sound to a more uplifting pop style worked well and I wish she'd experiment more in this direction.

      16. Kate Voegele - Ooh La La (2015)
      Three songs from her "Wild Card" EP made my top 20 of the decade and this is the first of them! I feel Kate excels most at upbeat and well-written songs like this, and it was a huge hit for me the summer of 2015, which was also the most recent time I saw her in concert.

      15. Kate Voegele - Shoot This Arrow (2018)
      Even a total change in sound didn't stop Kate here! Inspired by the "me too" movement, and her experiences thereof on the set of One Tree Hill, this darker, trap-influenced song was yet another long-running #1 for Kate on my chart.

      14. Kate Voegele - Carousel (2015)
      Three songs in a row... only Kate could do that this high up! This was another highlight from her "Wild Card" EP, and still remains one of my favourite songs from her ever.

      13. Carly Rae Jepsen - Cut To The Feeling (2017)
      In a case like Carly Rae Jepsen, I feel even her leftovers are as great as her main releases! This didn't even make the tracklisting of "Emotion Side B", but still became my #1 song of 2017!

      12. Kelly Clarkson - What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) (2011)
      Another empowering anthem that has become one of Kelly's signature songs. The one-two punch of this song and "Dark Side" were on the album "Stronger" that really took Kate from just another core artist - to an easy second favourite artist behind Kate.

      11. Kate Voegele - Heart In Chains (2011)
      And here she is again! Co-written by Chantal Kreviazuk and Raine Maida, this upbeat track with amazing effects in the video to go along with it led another very strong Kate era for me and is indeed my favourite from her "Gravity Happens" album.
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        "Sober" is good. I really enjoy it. "Ooh La La" is definitely the Kate Voegele sound I like. "What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger" is good, but is probably KC's most overrated song for me.
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          10. Kelly Clarkson - Invincible (2015)
          Here is my #1 song of 2015, and the second highest Kelly Clarkson song to rank! I've always liked her empowering songs, and this is a prime example of how she does them so well! To date, "Piece By Piece" is the album of hers to generate the most hit songs on my chart - 9 of its tracks charted for me, all of which made my top 10.

          9. Kate Voegele - Just Watch Me (2014)
          And of course, here is Kate with her FOURTH highest entry! I'd really anticipated her "Wild Card" EP, given it had been so long since she'd last released, and hearing new songs live on tour piqued my interest! This was one of them, and the lead track from it; needless to say, it instantly hit #1 for me and dominated well into 2015.

          8. Stef Lang - Paper Doll (2012)
          Another self-image anthem here, Canadian singer Stef Lang sings about the pressures of the image she had been expected to project and how she has her own standards of beauty. This one was also a quick one for me to hit #1, but it stuck around for the bulk of 2012.

          7. Victoria Duffield - More Than Friends (2014)
          And here's another young Canadian singer! This is the kind of teen pop I really enjoyed in the midpoint of the decade, and this flirty anthem became one of my anthems of 2014. It reminded me of early Britney Spears in style, and her influences were really made clear on this one!

          6. Adelitas Way - Last Stand (2010)
          I've always appreciated a good power ballad, and this one was one of my first mega-hits of the 2010's. A 4-week #1 on my chart, it became my #1 song of 2010; it hooked me from the lyrics to the buildup to the chorus and the guitar solo, basically everything I look for in a power ballad!
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            "Invincible" is good and "Just Watch Me" is even better.
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              5. Marianas Trench & Kate Voegele - Good To You (2010)

              With my interest in Kate Voegele in the late 2000's, clearly I took interest in some of her collaborations too! This one, with Canadian band Marianas Trench, was a ballad that blended their voices very well. Upon its release as a single in the summer of 2010, it quickly shot to #1, spending seven weeks there and lasting well into 2011 - long enough for Kate to make her own return with her "Gravity Happens" album and bridging that era with "A Fine Mess". For obvious reasons, this remains my favourite from Marianas Trench, though I have enjoyed much of their material to date.

              4. Kate Voegele - Must Be Summertime (2016)

              Speaking of Kate, here she is again! She has three of the top five for the entire decade, but as the other two are collaborations, this is her highest solo entry! It's just a fun song for the summer, much in the vein of other main pop girls' summertime anthems up to that point in the 2010's, and the video matches well with it! Plus, Kate looks stunningly beautiful in the video, but then again, when doesn't she? When I saw her back in the summer of 2014, she mostly performed yet-to-be-released material, and this song was one of them - every new song she performed then would go on to reach #1 for me upon official release, but this was what turned out to be my favourite of them all.

              3. Lauren Winans - Better At Breaking (2014)

              You know how I love a catchy tune and heartfelt lyrics all wrapped into one - well, this girl had it all here! Lauren Winans, then an unknown to me, quickly reached #1 on my chart in just her third week on and spent a total of four weeks there, with longevity lasting throughout the bulk of 2014. And while the story may have ended there... I'd noticed that Lauren herself had noticed her presence on my chart! She became the first artist in chart history to acknowledge their #1 hit on my chart! Lauren, if you're reading this, remember my chart? Well, "Better At Breaking" is the third biggest hit for the entire 2010's decade!

              2. Tyler Hilton feat. Kate Voegele - When The Night Moves (2019)

              And here is Kate Voegele again, with her highest appearance! Ever since 2015, she's mostly toured with her fellow One Tree Hill alumnus Tyler Hilton, which has led to many collaborations between these two! It started with live appearances doing each other's songs together, then led to writing songs together! One of the products of this collaboration ended up on Tyler's latest album "City On Fire"; on this one, Kate accompanies Tyler on vocals on this pulsating pop/rock anthem! And while it only spent four weeks at #1, its overall longevity - 43 weeks in the top 100 - made up for it in a big way - and it stayed on until the release of her current single "French"! The big question - if Kate doesn't have my #1 of the 2010's - who does?

              1. Kelly Clarkson - Dark Side (2012)

              Well, it was inevitable, wasn't it?

              I knew from the moment I first heard this, from the moment I first heard her album "Stronger", that this song would be huge for me. Kelly Clarkson was already a long-established core artist by this point - but this exceeded all my expectations as to what she could accomplish.

              From the opening piano notes sounding like a music box, to Kelly's vocals over a four on the floor drum beat, to that powerful chorus, this song had me hooked from the start. And then... that bridge... "don't run away, don't run away, just tell me that you will stay"... really flexing those vocal muscles... it all built up to even more magic moments, only to simmer down near the end with the music box motif again - definitely felt like a great story with how well-crafted it is and you I felt the true emotion of the lyrics Kelly was singing - to me, everything about this song is absolutely perfect.

              I was thrilled when "Dark Side" was announced as a single, and naturally, it would become as huge as I thought it would - I remember saying around its release that I knew it would absolutely dominate for me. Sure enough, it would spend four weeks at #1, then after falling out for a few weeks, couldn't be stopped - and it would return to #1 for another four weeks, totalling eight weeks - the most of any song in the 2010's. And in part due to seeing her in concert for the first time and rebounding just when I thought she'd be out of the top 10 - she spent a total of 26 weeks in my top 10 - a record that has not been broken to this day, and ended up spending a total of 46 weeks in my top 100 - the second longest run ever.

              Despite 2012 having many other strong singles that would've been #1 in any other year, Kelly easily dominated the competition that year, getting my #1 song of the year. And not only does she handily beat every other song that year - but also every other song that entire decade! Congratulations Kelly, you have my #1 song of the 2010's with "Dark Side"!

              Debut date: March 11, 2012

              Chart run: 40-6-2-1-1-1-1-2-2-3-2-1-1-1-1-2-3-3-4-4-7-7-7-9-10-5-8-13-17-20-26-27-29-30-32-32-33-33-33-35-41-48-49-50-53-59-off
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                Great #1! "Dark Side" is a beautiful song and I agree with you that it's got a well-crafted story. 2012 was a fantastic year in music for me so great that your top song is from that year.

                Terrific countdown, as expected!
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                  And now, for my top 100 artists of the 2010's:

                  1. Kate Voegele
                  2. Kelly Clarkson
                  3. Taylor Swift
                  4. Katy Perry
                  5. Carly Rae Jepsen
                  6. Demi Lovato
                  7. Alyssa Reid
                  8. Maroon 5
                  9. Ariana Grande
                  10. Lady GaGa
                  11. Bruno Mars
                  12. Adele
                  13. Stef Lang
                  14. Shawn Mendes
                  15. One Direction
                  16. Britney Spears
                  17. 5 Seconds Of Summer
                  18. Pink
                  19. Ed Sheeran
                  20. Marianas Trench
                  21. Kylie Minogue
                  22. Colbie Caillat
                  23. Selena Gomez
                  24. Celine Dion
                  25. Carrie Underwood
                  26. David Guetta
                  27. Simple Plan
                  28. Rob Thomas
                  29. Goo Goo Dolls
                  30. Avril Lavigne
                  31. David Cook
                  32. Train
                  33. Christina Aguilera
                  34. Zedd
                  35. Hedley
                  36. Tyler Shaw
                  37. Gwen Stefani
                  38. Bon Jovi
                  39. Victoria Duffield
                  40. Ellie Goulding
                  41. Michelle Branch
                  42. Tyler Hilton
                  43. 3 Doors Down
                  44. Alessia Cara
                  45. Barenaked Ladies
                  46. Meghan Trainor
                  47. Calvin Harris
                  48. Imagine Dragons
                  49. The Cranberries
                  50. Jason Derulo
                  51. Daughtry
                  52. Lifehouse
                  53. Switchfoot
                  54. Sara Bareilles
                  55. Lauren Winans
                  56. Elton John
                  57. Flo Rida
                  58. Adelitas Way
                  59. Usher
                  60. Adam Lambert
                  61. Avicii
                  62. Coldplay
                  63. Christina Perri
                  64. Jesse McCartney
                  65. Austin Mahone
                  66. Pharrell Williams
                  67. Kesha
                  68. Troye Sivan
                  69. Harry Styles
                  70. Jessie J
                  71. The Weeknd
                  72. Rihanna
                  73. Owl City
                  74. Midnight Red
                  75. Foo Fighters
                  76. Niall Horan
                  77. Paramore
                  78. Ne-Yo
                  79. Lorde
                  80. Green Day
                  81. Bush
                  82. Backstreet Boys
                  83. Duran Duran
                  84. Jonas Brothers
                  85. Cher Lloyd
                  86. Lady Antebellum
                  87. Nick Jonas
                  88. Tegan & Sara
                  89. Lights
                  90. Natasha Bedingfield
                  91. Neon Trees
                  92. OneRepublic
                  93. U2
                  94. The Script
                  95. Serena Ryder
                  96. Taio Cruz
                  97. Paul McCartney
                  98. Jennifer Lopez
                  99. Paloma Faith
                  100. The Saturdays
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