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  • Yeah I liked that too much more than I expected to. The original is very loud and a bit messy, a huge wall of sound...I'm not sure why it seems to be so much more popular than Hasta La Vista, because I don't see much difference between the two songs. That version is lovely though, I like the guitar with it, we already know Sanja can sing since "Goodbye".
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    • Hmm. Montaigne wont be physically in Rotterdam, which sucks but at least still competing. It's strange that our border controls and Hotel quarrantine system AFAIK have been allowing special cases like actors and things to come here and quarantine (Rita Ora for The Voice Australia for example) but TPTB don't want to risk sending her outside Australia is a no no, but thats strange.

      EDIT: Just thinking could also be just that its not just those three, theres a delegation of people that would be travelling over.
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      • She'll stay in semi sadly
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        • I hope this isn’t the first of others, I’m worried for those in the Caucasus. I was beginning to feel like it could feel like a normal Eurovision this year, especially since they spoke about a possible audience, but this is disappointing.
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          • 5.05.2009 / 6.22.2011 / 4.24.2013 / 4.25.2013 / 3.1.2014 / 9.13.2014 / 7.21.2016 / 7.14.2018 / 7.15.2018


            • I’m ready!!
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              • ^ Me too!
                Only a few weeks away now, next week they are starting the technical rehearsals


                • I guess then we will have some idea in the next couple of weeks if all the other acts are going to be able to attend. They want to get over there now and self isolate, imagine if any of the contestants test positive once they’ve arrived
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                  • I rlly hope everyone will be safe and healthy so they can perform. It's already sad cuz Montaigne won't be there.

                    We rlly need this esc as normal as possible
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                    • Can't help it, but I'm not very excited at all, despite it being held in my country.

                      I usually like about ten songs, but this time there's only two I like.

                      Also, I usually look forward to have three great nights with friends, but as it's only allowed to have two guests due to Covid19, it's not gonna be as much fun this year.
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                      • Let's Dance is growing on me.
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                        • I want Montaigne to qualify cause she's one of the few who is definitey taking a risk.
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                          • Originally posted by NoAngels View Post
                            Let's Dance is growing on me.
                            I hate that song. Not the worst tho... I should do my ranking soon...
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                            • Here is my personal ranking. It's not prediction ranking, just my favs, and some thoughts.
                              It's def everything depends on live performances, but for now here it is:
                              1. Switzerland – def the best one for me, love his voice, emotion, production and Gjon seems rlly cute and funny guy, he's rlly likeable, so fingers crossed for him
                              2. Australia – I know many ppl don't like it, but this is kind of music I would listen in private, it's very Marina and the Diamonds, Rina Sawayama, Charli XCX, hyper pop, it's differend and I love it. But it's not going to move to the finals
                              3. France – great song, very authentic and I can see this easily ending up in top 10
                              4. Serbia – this is not great, it's too loud, the lyrics were made in few minutes, BUT I love the girls, I'm in love with Sanja, and girls have great energy, so it's going to be interesting to see what kind of performance they've preprared
                              5. Ukraine – I love this folklore rave, I prefered first version tho. It's crazy and different
                              6. Romania – this is one of my favs, I listen to it rlly often, but I don't see it ending up high, sadly
                              7. Latvia – this was one of the most awkward entry for me, but it stucked in my head, I don't see this doing great, but for me it deserved top 10 in my personal ranking, Samanta has great energy, she's crazy, and super crazy vocalist
                              8. Czech Republic – sadly this song won't do great, but I love it, I love Benny's energy, and he's sooooo cute
                              9. Finland – very The Rasmus/Linkin Park, so they're going to end up for sure in top 5
                              10. Malta – there's somethig missing for me in chorus, but I see Malta in top 3
                              11. Iceland – last year entry was amazing, this year it's cute, but they're not going to win for sure, but ppl will love them and jury
                              12. Belgium – the song is pure quality, great song, I think jury will gave them lot of points
                              13. Croatia – well, I rlly do hope Albina can bring Croatia back to finals and maybe top 15, the song is catchy, and she'll bring joyful, confident, youngful, classy performance but will ppl pick up on her? Idk, but it's the best song by Croatia in many years, and ppl will be suprised that we're not sending ethnic boring ballad
                              14. San Marino – it's going to be weird and funny to see San Marino in top 15 this year, there's no way they're not going to end up high, she'll bring the energy, I like it
                              15. Bulgaria – cute
                              16. Italy – at first this was my top 5, but it's too repetitive, and I got bored, but jury loves Italy, so I'm not afraif for top 10, and they look very different and ppl will like them
                              17. Cyprus – this will do good, at first I loved it, but with time it fall on my personal list, I can't get over that she did the same video like Zara Larsson and that it's copy/paste of The Monster era. I listen often El Diablo as remix El Diablo/Bad Romance
                              18. Azerbaijan – this is going to do good, it has that oriental beats and ESC loves it
                              19. United Kingdom – it's refreshing to see UK sending something current, radio friendly, I see this kinda songs on UK top 40 songs, not great, but for UK it's a hugggge improvement. I see this ending up between 18-20 place in finals
                              20. Albania – this is kinda classic Balkan entry, this could've been their entry 10-15 y.a. and it would do much better back in the day
                              21. Lithuania – not sure, I liked last year entry more, this is kinda remix of last year entry and some song of Justin Timberlake at moments, they'll do fine in finals, but I don't think they'll be in top 5
                              22. Ireland – this song actually grow on me a lot, I didn't liked it at first cuz of the music video, now I'm fine with the song, it's very nostalgic, very warm and positive
                              23. Norway – this is so Post Malone, his first live performance is awful, kitchy, just to much, the song itself is rlly radio friendly
                              24. Sweden – I will be pissed it this ends up in top 10, just cuz it's Sweden, srsly if this was any other country entry it would end up somewhere betwen 15-20 place
                              25. Germany – he's going to do just fine, I like his energy, the song is awful, but ppl will like him, I think Germany won't be last this year, but not a winner also
                              26. Slovenia – she has great voice, so she deseved her spot just cuz of that
                              27. Russia – #russiangirl power? It's cute, but messy
                              28. Israel – the revamp made me hate the song even more, nothing happens
                              29. Moldova – where's the chourus? Not liking it at all
                              30. Denmark – it would be great for German shows and Swedish, where ppl just sit, and clap out of rhythm
                              31. Greece – I'm so confused by this song, just can't get into it, I'm so unconfortable listening it, and when I see her, I am even more unconfortable
                              32. Estonia – he is a good looking guy, that's it
                              33. Spain – classic spanish bland ballad
                              34. Austria – not enough
                              35. Portugal – the singer has such a distinctive voice, at some moments it's even hard to listen it
                              36. The Netherlands – cute afro melody, not enough
                              37. Poland – bland, The Weeknd for poor
                              38. North Macedonia – also unbearable
                              39. Georgia – unbearable for listening
                              BEST SONGS&ALBUMS OF 2017
                              YOURS, FOREVER. // JOSS JONES (Tracklist)


                              • I know I've been a little off lately, but here I am again.. let's see what is going on with streams
                                russia 8.693.952 1.615.906
                                serbia 7.984.264 1.166.445
                                malta 4.916.373 2.129.317
                                azerbaijan 3.911.342 1.217.550
                                croatia 3.326.408 331.602
                                ukraine 3.016.719 584.510
                                switzerland 2.347.000 439.704
                                Israel 2.248.507 478.322
                                finland 1.850.022 297.181
                                cyprus 1.775.124 -
                                Italy 22.576.638 5.289.598
                                Sweeden 12.238.459 3.144.729
                                Finland 5.964.334 1.203.391
                                Norway 4.732.450 926.100
                                France 3.702.503 1.029.305
                                Cyprus 2.357.964 697.528
                                Denmark 2.322.147 606.965
                                Lithuania 2.192.396 420.348
                                Switzerland 1.934.426 704.786
                                Iceland 1.802.419 721.946
                                the only change so far, is that Cyprus seems to have risen in both top 10 lists. This gives me an idea of a general appeal as a grower. East - Youtube, West - Spotify...
                                what do you guys think?


                                • The instrumentation is literally better than the original in the verses.


                                  • I think the biggest grower for me this year has to be Spain and Blas Canto. I think i'm a little biased as I have always had love for Spain and they've been one of my most consistent favourites in recent years, despite the fact they've consistently done badly (and I have no doubt that won't change this year).

                                    They've just released this English language version, and it just shows me how much better everything sounds in Spanish.
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                                    • Some more alternative versions released in the last few days. Including Hurrcaine's English version of "Loco Loco" But here's Ana Soklic's "Amen" acoustic, actually this was one of my least favourites, but this version is really nice, apparently she will be doing a new version of the song at ESC, but whether it's more like this or something different I'm not sure. The two "Amen" songs have a lot in common, they both have these quiet, lower register beautiful verses, which go into these shouty quite annoying chorus's.

                                      I feel like I need to find an alternative to wiwibloggs, but they kind of dominate Youtube and their videos are much more polished than other bloggers, but site owner, William is becoming insufferable, Wiwibloggs is so big now, that it seems he is more concerned with pleasing the artists because he knows most of them watch the videos and he wants to secure interviews with them and be their best friends. So fine if you want your site to be more informative like ESC Today for example, but if you want to fill your site with reviews and song scorings, then it doesn't work if you can't be honest. His good friend and fellow wiwiblogger, Deban keeps calling him out on it and it is giving us some very fiery videos of the pair constantly locking horns. I think if William wants to befriend all the artists, he should just take a step back from reviewing and let the others do that, if he wants to remain neutral about everything.

                                      Besides that, their videos are featuring more RuPauls Drag Race sound bites, and straw sucking etc and it's kind of irritating. I hope an alternative fansite can come and offer something better now.
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                                      • Ana Soklič's track has really grown on me.

                                        I didn't really like her voice to begin with, and I found the chorus quite shouty. But now, I have come to love that deep resonance in her voice. I feel like she's a bit of a dark horse in the competition, and she's gonna absolutely blow it out of the park with her live performance.


                                        • For anyone interested, here is my track-by-track breakdown and scores out of 10. I haven't included my rankings, as I will reveal those in The UKMIXVision Song Contest 2021:

                                          Semi 1

                                          Lithuania - a pretty cool song, and I like that they tried something different this year. However, I don’t think it has winning potential like their entry did last year. It’s decent but a bit forgettable. 6

                                          Slovenia - I wasn’t keen on this to begin with, but her voice is really quite something. The whole thing reminds me a lot of Serbia in 2019. 6

                                          Russia - I laughed when I first heard this. It’s like a bizarre mix of Netta and Missy Elliot. I must say it’s kinda refreshing for Russia to not pull our every trick in the book to win though... and the song has definitely grown on me. 5

                                          Sweden - I loved this from the moment I first heard it. As much as I was rooting for The Mamas, I do think Tusse is a great performer who really does sell the song. I particularly love the snappy “a million voices, voices” hook. It might be generic as hell, but it’s still a really good song. 8

                                          Australia - hmmm. Last year’s entry was one of my absolute favourites from 2020 and I had very high hopes for this year. Unfortunately this year’s song is a bit of a mess and it really exposes her subpar vocals. Unless they film this on Jupiter or something, I’d be amazed if it qualifies. 6

                                          North Macedonia - it has a definite musical theatre feel to it - a bit in the vein of Josh Groban’s “Pure Imagination”. Unfortunately, I think it tries to be bigger than it is. Both the song and his vocals are good, but neither feel particularly special to me. 5

                                          Ireland - this song is a bit of a strange one for me. The song is very well written and a definite improvement on last year (which I also really enjoyed). However, something just doesn’t seem to connect with a lot of people, and I can’t quite put my finger on it. I’ve heard some suggestion that it could be a mixing problem. Her vocals do get a bit drowned out in places, so perhaps this will work better live? 7

                                          Cyprus - Yessss Cyprus! Serve me that diva banger trilogy! Fuego, Replay and now El Diablo... I love this direction so much! Whilst this one is definitely a bit of a Gaga rip off, I’m totally fine with it. The song is a total bop! 9

                                          Norway - I’m still salty about Keiino to be honest. The song itself is quite pleasant (if a bit dated), but the staging is incredibly cringey and I genuinely have no idea how it won. It gives me cheesy Croatia vibes. 4

                                          Croatia - speaking of Croatia... I’m not feeling this much. Her vocals seem weak, and the song is pretty disposable too. A non-qualifier, surely? 4

                                          Belgium - they seem to have really carved out a niche for themselves will these dark, moody tracks, haven’t they? This is a pretty competent entry, but I must say I do cringe at the Johnny Cash lyric. The song actually reminds me slightly of Girls Aloud - Life Got Cold LOL. I don’t dislike this, but it does feel like a bit of a dirge. Bring Blanche back... 6

                                          Israel - Last year’s entry was another of my favourites. I absolutely adored the cultural fusion of sounds and the song itself was a total banger. When I first heard this one, I was so disappointed because it seemed incredibly generic. However, the revamp has definitely saved it for me. It sounds much more ethnic now, and I love the whistle notes. Eden seems incredibly likeable, so I hope she does well. 8

                                          Romania - it’s ok. I preferred Alcohol You, but I guess this does the job. I think it will need something special in the lives if she wants to qualify though. 6

                                          Azerbaijan - this song has caused me a few problems because some of the things I have read about Efendi haven’t been particularly palatable. However, I honestly don’t know enough about it all, so I have decided to judge purely on the music alone. The song is pure FIRE. I adore her snappy vocals and the ethnic instrumental, and how it references Cleopatra. A fantastic song! 10

                                          Ukraine - ugh, what a racket! Let’s start with a positive - it is infinitely better than last year and the instrumental is awesome. Unfortunately, the problems start when she opens her mouth. Her voice is absolutely hideous! It’s not even an objection to the white voice style because it was fine when Poland did it. I just absolutely hate her voice! I’m also low-key kinda scared she’s gonna visit me in the night and cut my heart out or something... 2

                                          Malta - I really didn’t think anyone could top Finland as my favourite this year, but you did it, Destiny. What a truly fantastic song! I love her voice so much. I could definitely see this winning. 10

                                          Semi 2

                                          San Marino - I couldn’t believe it when I first heard this. San Marino sending Flo Rida with an absolute banger?! I just hope this has good staging because I don’t really like the video. But as for the song? A total bop. 10

                                          Estonia - I much preferred his entry last year, but this is still nice. I know people will say he’s cheesy, but I don’t mind that. 6

                                          Czech Rep - not my thing at all, unfortunately. 4

                                          Greece - I think this is absolutely beautiful and very underrated in the competition. The whole thing is such a mood, and I love the ethereal feel it has. I really want her to have phenomenal staging because the song totally deserves it. Hopefully her vocals will be on point too, because I’ve seen a few people suggest she’s not a very good singer? Going off the studio version, I absolutely love her voice... so fingers crossed. 10

                                          Austria - sadly, this is a bit too boring for me. 4

                                          Poland - it’s like a shit version of The Weeknd? The song is kinda catchy I guess, but I feel like Poland are capable of much better? 6

                                          Moldova - so I know it’s generic as hell, but this is definitely my guilty pleasure. I love the Maruv-esque production! The video is a lot of fun, too and I really enjoy her dancing for some reason... 9

                                          Iceland - I was never truly sold on last year’s entry if I’m honest. This is literally the exact same song / performance, so I’m indifferent to it really. It’s pleasant enough I guess. 6

                                          Serbia - bop alert! I have to be honest and say I preferred last year’s banger... but this is still a lot of fun. I really appreciate them singing in Serbian rather than English. And Sanja is a star - I absolutely love her! 9

                                          Georgia - my least favourite Eurovision country. This is better than their usual grunge dirge, but I still don’t care for it. 5

                                          Albania - could this actually be any more Albanian? It’s not a favourite, but I do appreciate the ethnic elements. 6

                                          Portugal - I quite like the classic, smooth, soul vibe they have going on. However, I’m not that keen on his voice. 5

                                          Bulgaria - I definitely liked last year’s entry more. However, I do think this one has potential to create a real moment in the competition. It reminds me a lot of Lithuania 2018. 7

                                          Finland - I freaking love this! Literally everything is on point. It’s a great song, performed really well, offers great nostalgia for a happier time, and it already has excellent staging! I’m also really digging the whole Linkin Park vibe they have going on! 10

                                          Latvia - absolutely awful. 2

                                          Switzerland - reminds me a lot of Duncan Laurence. This guy has an interesting voice and I quite like the mood of the song. I feel like last year’s was better, though? 6

                                          Denmark - did this get lost in a time warp? This could do quite well... in 1985. 5

                                          Big 5 & Host

                                          UK - I’m glad that people seem to be appreciating this. However, the song is not my cup of tea at all, and the dad dancing is embarrassing. I really don’t think he has the stage presence to succeed with this, and I’d be shocked if it ranks much higher than the 20s. 4

                                          Italy - I’m so disappointed in this, as Italy have been killing it over the last few years. It reminds me a lot of The Fratellis, but sadly just doesn’t bring anything particularly special to the table. 6

                                          Germany - I laughed so hard at this when it came out, but the truth is that I absolutely love this. It’s so catchy and creative, and Jendrik seems like a really sweet, genuine lad. All my German friends hate this, but I’m totally here for it to be honest. 9

                                          Netherlands - I haven’t paid much attention to this. It’s actually quite an interesting track. 6

                                          Spain - I feel bad for saying it, but this is so boring. It doesn’t deserve it, but I can see this coming last to be honest. 5

                                          France - I’ve done a complete 180 on this. I really hated it on first play... it’s literally the most French thing I have ever heard! But actually, there’s something quite special about it. I’m not sure quite what that is exactly, but there’s definitely something about it... 7

                                          Please note, I reserve the right to completely change my mind on all of this.
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                                          • The stage looks amazing!

                                            I am still sad that Rotterdam and Dutch people were not given the chance to have a full party like other host cities!

                                            Can't believe rehearsals will kick off this weekend.


                                            • Duncan Laurence will open the first semi-final with 'Feel Something' (his collab with Armin).


                                              • Originally posted by greek_boy View Post
                                                The stage looks amazing!

                                                I am still sad that Rotterdam and Dutch people were not given the chance to have a full party like other host cities!

                                                Can't believe rehearsals will kick off this weekend.
                                                The audience size is about the same as Israel when they hosted in 1999, so audience wise it's fine, I think there will be an atmosphere at least, it's a shame there won't be the other events through the week though.

                                                Hopefully the remaining 38 countries will be able to attend. The first rehearsals at this Saturday so we should soon get some indication of whether everyone (bar Australia) will make it or not.
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                                                • ESC Youtubers talking about ESC
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                                                  • Originally posted by SholasBoy View Post

                                                    The audience size is about the same as Israel when they hosted in 1999, so audience wise it's fine, I think there will be an atmosphere at least, it's a shame there won't be the other events through the week though.

                                                    Hopefully the remaining 38 countries will be able to attend. The first rehearsals at this Saturday so we should soon get some indication of whether everyone (bar Australia) will make it or not.

                                                    I was mostly referring to the parties during the Eurovision week and all the events taking place in the host city but comparing it to a 1999 audience size does not really make sense. Israel had to host the show in a small venue for security reasons and in general, the shows had lower attendance in the 90s.

                                                    In modern Eurovision, we're used to big crowds (with the exception of 2019 and 2017) but it's definitely fine considering the circumstances. I just feel sorry for the Dutch and international fans. The shows were sold out immediately back in 2020 and there was high demand. Let's not forget they've waited for this moment since the 70s lol.

                                                    All the contestants (bar Montaigne) are flying to Rotterdam (no news about Flo Rida yet but i guess it's certain he's not travelling to Rotterdam!) but they need to actually make sure they don't catch the virus during their stay and rehearsals. It's going to be difficult not seeing the fans, singing at parties or even socialising with other participants :( . Actually,I'm curious to see what the Dutch have planned to replace the live events that used to take place in previous editions. I know that there will be some journalists in the press conferences, plus a large number of them asking questions online.