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    Originally posted by JSparksFan View Post
    Thanks to this episode, I now really like "I Really Like You". Only took half a decade.
    You didn't like it previously?

    Anyways, the lipsync was solid and I also liked that they played more than just a minute or so of it. I'm always here for the full lipsyncs.


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      Originally posted by Tansike View Post
      You didn't like it previously?

      Anyways, the lipsync was solid and I also liked that they played more than just a minute or so of it. I'm always here for the full lipsyncs.
      I'd long considered it pretty basic and forgettable. It's grown on me since the lip-sync.

      I appreciate that, too!
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        Can anyone explain Rita Bagas name
        Does it mean something
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          This first episode is so mixed and ultimately underwhelming. The judging panel and how they all share something of Ru doesn't work for me. Neither does making the guest judge a host, then not give them a vote too.

          The judging overall was... A choice. Even by current RPDR standards. The best outfits were safe, while the worst ones filled top & bottom.

          Not feeling the Canadian joke moments either. Hope they run out of them fast as it might be too regional to "get".
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            Just finished watching the second episode. Good winner, she's been my fave since last week and what an improvement to week one!

            Though Jimbo was robbed again and should have been a clear winner of the challenge.

            Shocked BOA wasn't in the bottom, because I thought Kyne actually did a great job in the challenge.

            Overall another enjoyable episode. Anastarzia's story was so heartbreaking!

            Still not used to the judging panel though...
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              Pretty decent second episode. I don't think anyone did terribly in the maxi challenge, though I agree Jimbo delivered another great performance and should have won. She had much more of a winning role than Lemon did.

              I'm surprised that I didn't recognise Anastarzia's accent earlier on, but when she said where she was from, I kept hearing it every time she spoke thereafter. Definitely a sad story and one of many violent stories of homophobia in action in the Caribbean. Sadly, there really hasn't been much progress since she fled...

              Kyne definitely grew on me this episode and I was sad to see her go. It was hilarious when Tynomi was tearing up after the lip-sync and Kyne said, "Don't cry, sis. I'm going home. This is my moment." She's definitely All Stars material...though I think she went home too soon here.

              This is another week that I absolutely loved the lip-sync song!
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                This was on par with the bad episodes of All Stars 5. What a boring challenge and again, odd judging. I just can’t stop cringing and Jeffrey. Kyne shouldn’t have been in the bottom, she was one of the stronger ones but happy to see Lemon win as she was the one I thought did the best


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                  The lip sync song was such a good choice! It was a tough call, both performances were quite different. Felt a bit bad for Kyne as there were worse than her this week.

                  Lemon was a deserving winner and good to see her go from bottom to a win, did think Jimbo would get it though.

                  Jeffrey was well annoying.


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                    I thought Jimbo deserved the win too, but Lemon was very good as well, as was Priyanka

                    I thought Kyne did quite well so was surprised she was in the bottom. BOA was a lot more wooden

                    Tynomi served that lip sync, so good!

                    The judging panel feels off, something isn’t right
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                      Stacey can stay on the judging panel. ... the other two are ROUGH.

                      I think Ms Edwards though American should have been the Judge
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                        Originally posted by Loveguru View Post
                        Stacey can stay on the judging panel. ... the other two are ROUGH.

                        I think Ms Edwards though American should have been the Judge
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                          Omg Jeffrey is absolutely awful. I never knew who he was before the few challenges on RPDR but was he this affected? He seems to try and pretend to be Ru almost mocking her? The head knocks, the weird dramatic voice. He is literally unwatchable.

                          brooklyn isn’t far behind.

                          the challenges we’re boring yet I think a few of them really shone.

                          Kyne should have went yet a lot of these looks are like season 1 DR ( even the UK was more polished). Tynomi is a lip sync assassin. That was the best part of the series so far. The song took me back and her dancing and poise. Damn.
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                            Whether people like it or not, Drag Race is what it is thanks to RuPaul. He's a really good host, very charismatic. So, to take his position is very difficult. A good advise would be to NOT pretend to be him, which Jeffrey, Brook and this weeks extra host are trying to do. It is just awful to watch it.

                            Looking to the queens, I think this looks like a very refreshing cast after so many look alike queens in the american version. The truth is the show need a break and a reformulation, somehow. It's becoming a little exhausting, at least for me. The judging is a little off too. I agree with the winner based on the challenge, but it doesn't speak much because the challenge was horrible. lol


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                              I don’t get the dislike for the judges panel, Give them time, Brooke is doing a good job and she’ll only get better in future seasons, Ru hardly shone in S1 of Drag Race as host.

                              im so over these acting challenges, they need to go!

                              Kyne going was the right choice, bad attitude and her runways have been awful.


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                                I’ve heard a few people offline say they think this series is awful - I’m the opposite, I’m enjoying it more than AS5 and season 12 already. It feels more like old drag race.


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                                  I think the contestants are interesting because America has all become about branding and not wanting to be cancelled. However the judging panel is so bad that it drags EVERYTHING SO DOWN. You kinda wish Ru would just host it with Visage tbh.

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                                    Yeah, Stacey is the only good judge to be honest. Though I also enjoyed the first guest host. But Jeffrey is just too full of himself, Brooke needs to step her game up as well.

                                    I can see why people think this is awful but yeah, I'm also enjoying it. It's actually kinda fresh compared to the latest seasons of RPDR.


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                                      I don't think it's awful. I think it's just so different to drag race that you can't help but pick at it. Brook isn't strong enough to lead a show. Stacey is. Stacey is a pro. Jeffery is annoying to watch. He's so try hard but it comes across as fake. It's like he's doing a parody of drag race hosting.

                                      The cast is good, it doesn't look 'cheap' or anything and I'm still enjoying it but it's not as good as the US or even the UK versions but again, they have ru and Michelle so it's hard to judge them the same way.
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                                        Solid third episode. Not sure why Jimbo was that much in her head during the challenge, but she rocked the runway for the third episode in a row. Definitely someone you can count on this season.

                                        Sad to see Anastarzia go, but she lacked energy and her lip sync was... not so good. Still would have loved to see more from her, because I really enjoyed her in the competition so far. Tynomi is a lip sync assassin at this point.

                                        I actually would have switched Scarlett with Lemon when it comes to Tops this week. Lemon was doing a phenomenal job in the challenge and I also loved her runway.

                                        BOA is one of the biggest surprises so far and definitely a standout, too.

                                        Kinda good to see Ilona and Kiara as low this week because they both flew under the radar so far, especially Ilona. I think she will have to go soon if she won't step her game up. Kiara is giving me Naomi Smalls S8 teas.

                                        Three episodes in and every queen has some stuff that I really like/enjoy, so it's definitely a strong cast IMO.


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                                          I think they are all such a mess, it's almost the opposite to All Stars, as if they got together the worst of each season having said that, I think that's kind of what I'm enjoying about the show. The one thing I don't like though is this Jeffrey guy, we all know he bent over for Ru for this job, but why does he keep speaking like Ru? The weird voice he keeps putting on and I don't think he should be copying Ru's phrases word for word like "i'm sorry my dear..." etc, I feel that those phrases are synonymous with Ru, not the show host.
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                                            I actually think this cast is one of the most entertaining we've had across all series! And they're quite strong too!

                                            REALLY good 3rd episode! Jeffrey as usual was too cringe at the beginning but when he was drowned out by the end with the other judges it was more bearable... until they put Anastarzia in the bottom with Tynomi (producers at it again ) They were both poor but I think Kiara deserved to be in the bottom.

                                            Excuse me but where do I sign up to be an official Jimbo stan?


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                                              I love Jimbo. I just love him
                                              Love you like a love song!


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                                                I'm living for all the West Indian girls this season! The lip-sync songs are also fire!

                                                Priyanka definitely deserved to win this week. She was so fun and energetic in the challenge and on the runway. Rita Baga actually grew on me this week and I would've rated her high over BOA. I'm not yet sold on BOA, though it seems that the judges are.

                                                I thought Kiara would've surely been in the bottom two, alongside perhaps Tynomi. Disappointed to see Anastarzia go, as I felt like she had more to give.

                                                I'm actually really enjoying this season. It's a good bit better than AS5.
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                                                  A really good ep. Loved Priyanka... a clear winner.

                                                  I would have placed Lemon high over Boa, and Jimbo felt like a low/bttm performance to me. But I really like Jimbo, and I felt she was the winner of the first ep, so... Justice deserved!


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                                                    Oh my God.
                                                    This cast is IT.
                                                    I love everybody.
                                                    They're giving me everything that I need.
                                                    Priyanka, Lemon, Tynomi, Jimbo, Rita Baga, BOA, Scarlet Bobo..omg
                                                    And that rap challenge was absolutely fierce, I had so much fun from start to finish.

                                                    Jeffrey is goddamn awful, he just recites his lines. But he's good when he's out of that host role, giving his opinion and critiques.
                                                    I have nothng against the judge panel except that there is no clear leader, no one giving the rhythm. But it takes time to have great chemistry, balance, and be 100% in your role. I feel like in this 3rd episode, they were already better than during the first twos.
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                                                      Good episode, enjoyed the challenge and most queens slayed it, apart Anastarzia just standing there during the group choreo sections, Ilona flailing and Tynomi forgetting her words. Ilona’s runway saved her. Kiara really blended into the background.

                                                      Priyanka won the week for me and she’s fast becoming my favourite along with Lemon. Scarlet also did great but she’s coming across a bit bitter to BOA.

                                                      Jimbo looked a lot like Davina from Drag Race UK this week.


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                                                        Priyanka is really great.
                                                        lemon and Bobo too. I was rooting for Tynomi and Anastarzia. The rest I think are awful
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                                                          This is really turning out to be a very good cast; lots of balanced talking heads and screen time!

                                                          Priyanka was definitely the winner this week. I would’ve had Lemon as 2nd and Scarlet completing the top. Boa was good too

                                                          I'm surprised Jimbo wasn’t in the bottom, she looked like she couldn’t give a crap during the challenge! She had the best runway though. I agreed with the other bottoms though. Ilonas runway saved her.

                                                          l like the way the runways can actually influence the result compared to the US season.

                                                          Tynomi again served the lip sync. I like the song but not for a lip sync

                                                          BTW, I’m a big Ralph fan! She’s so good
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                                                            I'm enjoying it so far. I've taken to it easier than the UK version, which to me seemed kinda rough. The Top 4 of UK were great performers (though Vivienne and Davina were the only 2 who didn't deliver something truly underwhelming) but the rest of the cast were hitting the runway in some really unfinished looking ish.

                                                            Canada's cast by comparison seem much more professional, and I would say there's a greater US/original feel to it. So far, Priyanka, Lemon and Jimbo are doing it for me, but there could be some others yet to realise their potential.

                                                            As for the judges, I must be the only person commenting on here who doesn't mind them. I think it was smart to get 3 + guest judges each week and share the load as they each get used to it. I think it works. Brooke Lynn I think is a natural. Jeffrey's a little much but he does OK too.
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                                                              Jimbo is the first Queen from Canada‘s Drag Race to reach 100k followers on instagram
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