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    Originally posted by LJC123 View Post

    Oh my God yes!
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      That lipsync was wild! More entertaining than most of the US ones over the last few years. I was expecting a double shantay tbh.

      Best episode yet for me, the snatch game was like a classic edition in terms of good and bad.


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        Omg I was laughing hard at Kiara ! I thought she was having a seizure in the lip sync Fair play to her though


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          There was just something very undignified about watching someone supposedly dressed as Celine squatting on the floor with her arse out shimmying backwards. Poor Celine would never
          1 pnau |2 Gabrielle Aplin |3 Dotter|4 Sofi Tukker |5 Afrojack


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            Best episode so far tonight I thought. I really couldn’t call it in the lip sync.
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              That has to be the longest lip sync in herstory, surely?

              Snatch Game was fine, good actually. So glad Jimbo finally got her win! Not happy with the clear favouritism Rita is receiving. Scarlet Bono should have been high instead of her.


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                Yes, it was yet another good one. This is shaping up to be such a fantastic season to be honest. And thank god Jimbo finally won a challenge and then it's even the very first Snatch Game ever in the Canadian version - congrats and well deserved! Her runway had me gagged yet again, she really is by far my favorite runway queen this season (so far).

                Based on the Snatch Game that was an expected Bottom 2. Still don't see what the judges see in Priyanka's runway to be honest, overall BOA was better in both parts so I was relieved Pri landed in the bottom this time.

                I was slightly surprised Scarlet was just safe, I would have put her in the tops over Rita. Though Lemon and Jumbo were a clear Top2 for me, a shame Lemon disappointed on the runway. I was thinking the same about her waist and the dress being beautiful, but also a bit basic.

                Bye Kiara. She did some nice stuff (her first runway is pretty underrated) but it was her time to go. Based on performances so far, I hope Ilona has to go next and then BOA. Ilona is the only one who barely adds something to the cast IMO.


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                  Jimbo already has 138k insta followers. She only surpassed 100k less than two weeks ago and is clearly the most followed queen.

                  Priyanka (104k) and Lemon (100k) also just got 100k followers.