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The Meaning of Mariah Carey [Memoir]

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    I had this on pre-order and binge-read it over 3 days.

    My reservations before reading it were:
    1) Will it read well? Like, actually, read well?
    2) Will she reveal things we didn't already know?
    3) Will it elevate/deepen my understanding of Mariah Carey?

    After reading it, I would say:
    1) Biggest surprise, actually. I don't know how much of the word choice was Mariah, and how much was Michaela, but (ir)regardless of what transpired, it is an accessible, voice-consistent, engaging and often-inspiring read. Bravo to both women. Some beautiful lines ("I was half black and all poor...")
    2) Yes and no. The hospitalisation, for example is solid. The Tommy and Glitter parts, well, we knew most of this. And it felt like there were missing parts... not a single mention of Bi-polar disorder?
    3) Yeah, for sure. You get a much truer sense of who she is. Even the ridiculous Diva image and houses/clothes/jewels.... it's all so much more understandable, with this context.

    The only thing that doesn't quite make it a true classic autobio for me is the reluctance here of acknowledging absolutely anything she may have said or did that wasn't a "good" thing. She covers so much ground and so many years, but always (always) it's re-telling how others have wronged her. I'm not saying this isn't true, I'm 100% sure it is, but it does come across a little as if she was solely at the mercy of men and the decisions she got to make all were beneficial to her career/life, while none were detrimental. No human exists like this, surely?

    Outside of that minor thing though, it's amazing.
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      I got very lucky in that my sister sent me a hard copy of the book and a friend sent me the audio copy. It was an enjoyable read, Mariah's descriptive, lyrical style lends itself quite well to a memoir. I do feel like I walked away with a better understanding of what makes her tick. The biggest sticking point for me is her continued insistence on conflating the box-office failure of Glitter with 9/11...honey, no. It was doomed to flop from the start since it is basically a made-for-TV movie posing as a theatrical release. Had the producers been honest about its product, it would have premiered on MTV where it had a better chance of being seen as a hit. But she is right to stand by the underrated soundtrack.

      Also, I really want her dad's Linguine with Clam Sauce recipe. Sounds delicious!
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        A guy I know (who isn't a fan) sent me a message today. He's reading the book and as he knows I'm such a fan, he wanted to let me know he really loves it.
        Great to hear non-fans can enjoy the book that much.
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