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    Yeah the first episode really lacked a maxi challenge. What a weird decision that was.
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      I'm still not feeling this much after episode 2 either. The workout challenge was the worst so far. All other in other DR versions have been funnier. Runway was OK, but nothing left me amazed TBH. And even Ru's producers wouldn't use that fake "where is my corset" drama... I mean...
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        I feel like these fitness challenges have always been trash so nothing new there. I do wonder if Sederginne is gonna be Jimbo'd. I really liked her again this week and thought she had a decent shot to win - what a stunning runway! - but once more the bridesmaid.
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          I thought the second episode was much better than the first one. It was really entertaining.
          The maxi challenge was quite ok. I thought the first team was boring but the second team was hilarious. I really loved their concept/looks.

          Seems like the drama is starting now. Janey Jacké is heading to be the bitch of the season. I like her looks, but she's already becoming quite unbearable after two episodes.

          The lipsync was a letdown again though. Let's hope we'll get some great ones in the episodes to come. I actually thought that Patty Pam Pam was better than Madame Madness, so I was shocked to see that she got eliminated. Especially after Madame kind of had a elimination edit with her storyline.

          One thing I will say though is that these queens know how to deliver looks on the runway. I think they're doing so much better than Canada and UK so far. Even some US seasons. So I'm excited to see if they can keep this up.

          Let's hope Sederginne won't be the Jimbo of this season. She's my favorite at the moment. She's super funny and her looks are great. My other favorites are Chelsea Boy and Envy Peru.

          Fred is exceeding my expectations as a host. I really like him so far, which I didn't expect. Much better than that Canada host/judging disaster.
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            That elimination made no sense
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              Fred is amazing host/judge.
              i love him.

              Still am not quite on board w Holland version.

              It lacks some warmth...
              I love Chelsea, Sederginne and guy w blue hair and mama queen is quite interesting.

              Abby is most annoying but also so fu*king cuteeee and hot.
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                Just finishing the first episode and I’m finding it quite difficult to watch with the subtitles. Not sure how I feel about it


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                  This was the best episode yet. I really liked it.
                  The acting challenge was quite fun. Second team was much better. Sederginne, Ma’Ma Queen, Envy Peru and Chelsea Boy knocked it out of the park.

                  Seems like the tension and drama keeps on growing and Abby OMG keeps being involved. Gurlll....

                  There were some great looks on the runway and some bad ones.
                  Chelsea Boy was ROBBED though. Her look was by far the best.

                  I think Madame Madness should’ve been in the bottom. She wasn’t great in the acting challenge and her look was a no-no.
                  She has to go home next week. I’m tired of her.

                  Abby OMG was definitely much better in the lipsync than Megan Schoonbrood. Although I like Megan, she was out of her league. But I think she has potential and could be great for a future all stars Holland.

                  I think the show missing a bit of warmth can come from the fact that Dutch isn’t you guys’ first language. So you’re missing some of the puns and the attitude behind what they’re saying.
                  But I also think the show suffers a bit from being edited in just a few weeks. Drag Race US gets edited for months, but this show was filmed and edited in just weeks.
                  Let’s hope they’ll take their time for a second season.

                  Can’t wait for next week!
                  My favorites are the moment are: Sederginne, Chelsea Boy and Ma’Ma Queen.

                  What are y’all’s favorites at the moment?
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                    I wish they would do a dubbed version. I really want to watch it!
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                      I really liked the fourth episode.
                      The reading challenge was amazingggg. I think it was the best reading challenge since quite a few drag race seasons.

                      Miss Abby OMG needs to chill. It seems like she can't handle any form of critique. Pretty childish if you ask me. She's stunning but also very one note and lacking in her looks.
                      The maxi challenge could've been fun, had it not been so terribly edited. They should've just aired the actual battle, not these weird cuts/fragments.

                      The runway was another slay for me. This girls really serve looks. I'm so happy that their looks are so universally loved and praised. US, UK queens... take note!
                      Ma'Ma Queen was done so wrong though. This is the first time where I felt the judging was crap. Her outfit was great and I didn;t mind the shoes at all. She shouldn't have been lipsyncing. Abby's outfit was by far the worst, followed by Madame Madness.

                      Nnnnn not Madame Maddness shaving off her beard for her to then get eliminated that some episode. I screamed. But it was certainly her time to go.

                      I hope Sederginne will pull through an finally win an episode. She's been serving so much fun, sass, comedy and looks. Whew, I stan.

                      My favorites at the moment: Sederginne, Envy Peru, Chelsea Boy and Ma'Ma Queen.
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