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  • Originally posted by aaliyahman View Post
    I just think this season hasn't taken off. I can't remember but weren't the AS5 cast getting much bigger gains?
    Well, S13 already had smaller gains than previous seasons (or even compared to UK S2). Here it‘s probably a combination of both: the franchise that seems to have peaked and them switching over to Paramount Plus.



      I am THRILLED once again to see my TKB doing so well. She has proven me right all those years I said she had huge potential and was an All Star and now she's the one to beat. I can't remember the last time I rooted for someone this much. It really is a delight to see her excel.

      I also loved Kylie this week. Her verse was amazing and was probably my second favourite after TKB and she had some really funny one liners during the episode too which I hadn't really seen from her before.

      The challenge was actually quite enjoyable and I thought everyone did good with the exception of Pandora. Actually I thought Jan, Eureka and Ginger were all as good as each other and either one of them could have been in the bottom along with Pandora.

      Now, coming to Jan. As much as I don't like her what Bob said about Jan the first week stands true for the whole season. The producers systematically attempted to break down her psyche for the whole competition in the hopes to get another meme from her and it was disgusting. The elimination part of this episode was hard to watch. I wouldn't be surprised, if the queens have a say, that Jan will be brought back.


      • ^ you just summed it up nearly perfectly for me!

        After waiting for so long it just feels so right to see TKB slaying the way she does. Thank god they didn‘t vote her out in the first week. Under old AS rules she would‘ve lipsynced for her fourth time this week (with episode 4 and 5).

        However for me I got Jan‘s bottom placement and yes Pandora struggled, but Jan‘s verse was just not it and even my least favorite.

        Ra‘Jah did really good and Kylie would have been a deserved winner as well. Ginger and Eureka did their thing, though I expected more from Eureka based on her American verse on S10 and she did her usual stunts yet again.

        I didn‘t expect there to be a tie because why vote against Pandora? For me it was clearly Jan‘s time.

        Poor Trinity, she‘s unlucky with the lipsyncs this season. First she had to go against the assassin of lipsync assasins and now her wig fell off. I thought she could‘ve won without that accident, but Alexis was awesome too! The lipsyncs this season are fierce!!

        Snatch Game next week, finally! Pandora has to step it out or she‘ll be gone, and the expectations on her Snatch Game will be high!

        Finally still nothing on the game within a game - I‘m not a fan of returning queens coming back this late in the game, it‘s just unfair in some kind of way.


        • Trinity and Kylie are my favorites!
          Haven't been early since '88


          • ugh so glad Jan is out. But Pandora also deserved to go. She was lifeless during the performance.
            Her "they see me as a threat speech" really was the cherry on the pie.
            Kylie has really stepped up her game the past few episodes.
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            • Sad to see Jan go, Pandora has been so boring and this week’s episode just proved how boring she is. She didn’t even attempt to write a whole verse, adding those “ha ha ha”s and weird vocal effects.

              Also Jan’s look was superior to Pandora’s.

              This week I thought they were quite equally good, all of them showing their own personal strength. Even Eureka was good in the challenge and I think she could have won this week had she not chosen such a tragic runway look (Michelle Visage “defending” that look was big nonsense. I mean… no)

              Kylie looked like a queen again, both in the challenge and runway.

              Also Trinity losing her wig in the lipsync… gurl not this far in the show and not like after so many years of Drag Race


              • I loved this episode a lot more than last week. I think the acting challenges should cease!

                TKB really killed it this challenge.

                I wish the lipsync was longer. Felt like it was too short and too rushed that I really couldn't get a sense of who was the better star.

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                • Finally another great episode (it might be my favorite so far ) and I agreed with the overall results. Analyzing everything in the challenge (lyrics, both looks and the performances), Trinity was the clear winner AGAIN. Good lyrics, amazing performance and looks. I'm so happy for her and she probably is my pick for the crown ATM! There are still a few episodes left, but I truly hope she gets to be Top4, at least. Such an incredible entertainer (she lost the LS only bc of the wig, damn it).

                  My second favorite was Eureka, followed by Ra'Jah. They were not the best in any aspect but they never dropped the ball in any category. Kylie and Ginger were safe for me (my favorite runway and favorite lyrics, but I wasn't impressed by the rest).

                  Which means Jan and Pandora were the bttm for me. I've been asking for their elimination for quite a while now, but somehow I felt sorry for both during untucked. And although it was great TV, the way they handled the elimination was so shady. Jan went from feeling sorry for Pandora to literally being sent home by Trinity. LOL.

                  Hope Eureka wins next ep. She's been doing so well but the lack of a win is getting on her nerves!


                  • Yeah, Pandora and Eureka still have no wins and as soon as the if you‘re not the top you‘re in the bottom kicks in, they‘ll be in danger no matter what. Though both did well on Snatch Game in their seasons, so I guess they could do really well next week.


                    • Bye Jan, please don’t come back.

                      That lipsync was so short.


                      • How amazing did Trinity and Ra'jah look and perform during the challenge? They had stage presence! Kylie was the other one who for me did well in the challenge. All three also bested the rest on the runway.

                        So happy for Trinity, she was one of the queens I was most excited about this season.

                        Ginger has kinda bored me lately which is sad. She'sa not bringing anything new - it's the same facial expression in any challenge or lipsync.


                        • True Ginger is not bringing anything new or fresh...

                          Hopefully Eureka can step out in next episodes. She's been rlly likeable this season.

                          1. Rajah (I adore her, so funny and likeable)
                          2. TKB (excellence) too bad her lip syncs weren't on point
                          3. Kylie (beast of a performer)
                          4. Eureka
                          5. Ginger
                          6. Pandora

                          Rlly look fwd for snatch game.

                          I would loooove if all the queens come back for snatch game tho.

                          I still miss Scarlet!
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                          • You know the Girl Group challenge is always my favourite and this was the same.

                            I never really liked Rajah at all but she is so damn funny and beautiful in drag. I keep thinking she's a 00's rnb star especially this week she reminds me of Kelly Rowlands and someone else I can't figure out.

                            TKB is my favourite, after a ropey first few weeks, she really looks like the Allstar I always thought she was. That challenge was stunning. She even looked beautiful when her wig fell off. Such a rookie mistake but stuff like that happens.

                            Kylie was beautiful too, she really is a strong performer. I find Eureka hilarious and just want her to get a win under her belt as (for her) she's underperforming. I don't mind Pandora, she wasn't good this week but I'm kind of her for the jaded older queen making a deep run in this competition, it has been so transfixed on youth for a while now (when I think back the early seasons had such a wide age range).

                            Ginger just isn't standing out for me anymore and Jan is inauthentic and annoying to me. They did just want another meme out of her but I think the power of that meme (like with Mayhem) overhyped her as an actual queen.
                            "What goes around comes back around my baby"


                            • Another great episode! Last week's episode was a bit of a dud, but things picked right up again this week.

                              Ra'jah is just a total superstar to me. I can't believe that I was so indifferent to her on S11, because I have become a huge fan of her now and she's by far my favourite queen this season.

                              I feel like I'm gonna be in the minority here but I just can't get on board with TKB just yet. She's been the top name on those "who needs to be on All Stars" lists for years and whilst she's had some great moments, I just can't warm to her for some reason. Her drag is enjoyable but I overall she doesn't excite me, she always seem to be in a low mood too. She is clearly the front runner now but I just can't see her in the hall of fame with the other AS winners.


                              • Ra'jah played it smart. She clearly watched her season back. Read the comments. Learned from what went wrong and came in with a new game and it works. Im loving her this time round
                                Rolling back the rivers in time...


                                • To be honest, I've always enjoyed Ra'jah's drag. She's very talented. I'm glad she's finally being appreciated.
                                  Haven't been early since '88


                                  • Happy insta-ranking-wednesday!

                                    #1 (=) Jan - 565,206 (+6,470; 7th)
                                    #2 (=) Ginger Minj - 553,818 (+5,662)
                                    #3 (=) Eureka! - 533,874 (+3,583)
                                    #4 (=) Scarlet Envy - 524,940 (+2,344; 9th)
                                    #5 (=) Trinity K. Bonet - 421,708 (+13,076)
                                    #6 (=) Kylie Sonique Love - 409,175 (+15,023)
                                    #7 (=) Pandora Boxx - 393,202 (+4,730)
                                    #8 (=) Yara Sofia - 345,567 (+1,407; 10th)
                                    #9 (=) A'keria C. Davenport - 308,993 (+1,458; 8th)
                                    #10 (=) Silky Nutmeg Ganache - 270,529 (+1,393; 11th)
                                    #11 (=) Jiggly Caliente - 217,461 (+920; 12th)
                                    #12 (=) Ra'Jah O'Hara - 175,804 (+8,632)
                                    #13 (=) Serena ChaCha - 54,185 (+203; 13th)

                                    Compared to a week ago.

                                    Challenge winner Trinity K. Bonet has a healthy increase of 13k new followers - though that's not the biggest increase of the week. That one has Kylie Sonique Love for the second week in a row, as she gained 15k new followers this week. If it continues like that, she may surpass Trinity to become the fifth most followed queen of the season soon.

                                    Ra'Jah has the third biggest increase, gaining 8,6k new fans on instagram.

                                    Finally a little bit more airtime = a little bit bigger gain compared to many previous weeks for Pandora, despite her bottom placement.


                                    • Rajah being the 12th most followed queen of the season is a problem.


                                      • Originally posted by biscuits View Post
                                        Rajah being the 12th most followed queen of the season is a problem.
                                        Her followers have almost doubled since the season began, she started off as a very disliked Queen, she is clawing her way up.

                                        i couldn’t stand her on S11 but watching her on Allstars I now like her, I think that’s the same for a lot of people.


                                        • Yeah I didn’t like Ra’jah much on her season but I like her now. But I have to admit that I’m still not warming to her as much I would be if it wasn’t for her time on season 11


                                          • Originally posted by biscuits View Post
                                            Rajah being the 12th most followed queen of the season is a problem.
                                            I agree. She’s easily the biggest glow up for me and I’m loving it. She serves great sass, looks and talent

                                            You say that I must eat so many lemons, cos I am so Bitt-er


                                            • Nice episode. Not the best Snatch Game of Love but it was definitely entertaining.
                                              These Queens are serving some incredible looks this season.
                                              I was so scared the producers were going to eliminate TKB in from of Mrs Tina, thank god they did not.
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                                              • The Snatch Game was fine. Ginger and Kylie made me laugh and I wouldn't have minded a double win.

                                                It felt like TKB's confidence in her track record was being edited in a way that she was going to be eliminated and it was scaring me I think it was a mistake for her to come across that way tbh


                                                • Ginger and Kylie were the clear stand outs. I really laughed at them both.
                                                  Rolling back the rivers in time...


                                                  • I don't like Snatch Game of love tho.

                                                    Ginger was great, Kylie was on spot. The rest were meh. TKB bombed so badly...

                                                    It was time for Pandora to go home.
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