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  • A couple of movies for ya

    Aneta and I managed to catch a couple of movies while she was over here last week.

    Cast Away

    A slightly weird, but good movie which sees Tom Hanks survive a horrific plane crash in the Pacific and land up on a desert island. Some viewers might wish he stayed there, but his performance wasn't bad in this film.

    Hardly an original concept, it's nevertheless quite well done, and doesn't pull its punches.

    What Women Want which Mel Gibson gets a terrifying insight into what goes on in women's minds!

    I don't tend to like Hollywood comedies, preferring more sick/ironic humour, but there were some good laughs here. Of course, it won't give men any new insight into the female psyche - instead, like any comedy, it is an observation, playing on what we already know.

    Both movies merit about 4/5 compared with the normal Hollywood standard.

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    Tom Hanks might be getting an Oscar (Academy Award) for that! His biggest competitor is Russell Crow (sp?) from Gladiator.

    Who do you think was better?