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    Did you guys catch up with the final?

    Obvious winner, congrats to Carmen for being the first winner of Drag Race Spain! Well deserved and definitely a worthy addition to the winner circle!

    Overall I must admit I didn‘t enjoy the final maxi challenge. Everything has been so Spain based during the whole season, so them having to lipsync to U Wear It Well felt so random. It would have been better if they had to write & record a verse in Spanish to one of RuPaul‘s song (basically as usual with the final maxi challenge but still Spain based).

    Yes to the final runway! Some of the eliminated queens had way better runways than the final three IMO - Drag Vulcano looked phenomenal! Pupi had the biggest surprise there!

    Overall a fantastic season that felt very fresh. Fingers crossed a second season will happen as well plus fingers crossed Carmen will learn some more english, I really want her to somehow shine in the main series at some point as well (like All Stars International or an all winner season)


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      I agree with you Tansike

      I thought the maxi challenge was very out of place. They certainly didn't need an original RuPaul song.
      I think they should've done either a Spanish song or Spanish verses on a RuPaul song.

      Having said that, I thoroughly enjoyed the finale. The top 3 are just so lovely and Carmen is such a star.
      I though Killer Queen was the best in the maxi challenge, but OMG Carmen in the final lipsync was outstanding! She really swept the floor with the other two, The timing of the wig reveal was also perfect!

      I do agree though that the top 3's final runway was a bit lackluster compared to some of the eliminated queens. But they still looked great.

      This was such a fantastic season. One of my all time favorite Drag Race seasons. I already can't wait for season 2.
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        Glad to read some of you out of Spain enjoyed our season despite the language/cultural barrier!

        I haven’t posted here but I’ve been following the competition every week and I’ve really enjoyed it overall.
        Level wise they’re obviously not as polished as the American queens, but it was surprisingly good to be a 1st season and, personally, one of the seasons I’ve loved the most of the entire show. Proud of my country!

        Carmen was a fair winner, really deserved. Maybe those of you not from Spain/Latin America didn’t know the song of the final lipsync or maybe it felt a strange choice for the finale… but believe me, that song is such a classic from the late Rocio Dúrcal, with those dramatic lyrics… it was amazing to see more of their face acting.
        And Carmen with the wig ruveal in that precise moment…

        Kudos to Supremme Deluxe as well, as she was an amazing host.

        The show had an amazing reception in Spain… so hopefully it’ll be a 2nd season.


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          I haven't managed to watch the last episode yet as I can't find a link with subtitles!! help!!
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              Also, all hail Goddess Carmen Farala


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                Best season this year by far and congrats to the Goddess Carmen Faralá
                "What goes around comes back around my baby"


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                  Fantastic news! S2 will have a lot to live up to


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                    Season 2 is here!

                    Meet the Queens airs next 20 Feb.


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                      Whattt? Already season 2?
                      Ir's going to be hard to top season 1!

                      My fav season in yeaaaaars.
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                        Can't wait for season 2 to start.
                        Season 1 was such a slay and one of the best Drag Race seasons in years.
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                          High expectations and so excited!


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                            I hope it’s just as phenomenal
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                              Meet the Queens:

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                                Season 2 of Drag Race España debuted on Sunday!!

                                The expectations were huge and they not only lived up to these, but they even exceeded them! First episode and woah, I'm already so impressed by most of the cast, the werkroom update, and just the whole series!

                                Onyx!! The entrance!!! The first runway!!! And the second runway!!!!!!! Already up there with the best looks of all time! Super excited for what's still to come from her... she seems like a clear finalist to me and I hope she won't face a similar fate like Hugáceo Crujiente.

                                Sharonne is the one to beat I think... so polished! Marina, Drag Sethlas, Juriji Der Klee and Venedita are other early frontrunners IMO.

                                Judging panel is still very likeable, Supremme does a fabulous job.

                                The judging was great, too, as I agreed with most of the decisions that were made. Maybe I would've put Drag Sethlas in the Top over Marina, but I get it.
                                Also, Diamante Merybrown was such a clear bottom (two, even) for me but I still get why the others were there.
                                Honestly, Diamante and Maria Prisa both gave me first elimination vibes the moment they walked it, so I wasn't surprised by the outcome for the later. Diamante needs to step it up though, I don't think she will make it far (unless she lipsyncs her way to the top, as I have a feeling that she's great at lipsyncing).

                                Samantha is the Pupi Poisson of the season, isn't she? I like her a lot and I'm glad we get to see more from her.

                                Reading challenge and Talent Show next week, I'm super exicted!!

                                Also... surprised no one posted on this one so far... España deserves the world!


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                                  Since I'm doing insta updates for the regular US seasons, but also done some for others, I thought I do a first update for España as well today. I forgot about the start of the season last week so I didn't do one prior the first episode. Also, I'm not yet sure if I do these weekly for España due to lower numbers, but we'll see how it goes...

                                  #1 Drag Sethlas - 35,267
                                  #2 Ariel Rec - 32,906
                                  #3 Samantha Ballentines - 27,493
                                  #4 Onyx - 25,711
                                  #5 Sharonne - 21,684
                                  #6 Venedita Von Däsh - 21,163
                                  #7 Marina - 15,481
                                  #8 Juriji Der Klee - 13,035
                                  #9 Estrella Xtravaganze - 12,441
                                  #10 Jota Carajota - 11,453
                                  #11 Diamante Merybrown - 9,680
                                  #12 Marisa Prisa - 7,175 (12th)


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                                    Great 1st episode.

                                    Samantha was hillarious. She instantly reminded me of Pupi. Bad taste but great humor

                                    There was a lot of great runways. Spanish queens are here to deliver.
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                                      Omg haven’t seen yet!!
                                      "What goes around comes back around my baby"


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                                        Second episode... and I'm speechless. They had a Talent Show and honestly, it's the best Talent Show of the Drag Race franchise so far (side note, iirc there was one on Drag Race Thailand as well and I haven't seen that yet, so I don't include that one).

                                        They also already had the Reading challenge and there were some really, really fun jokes, but also some nasty reads which I love too!

                                        All queens from Season 1 came back as the audience for the Talent Show and woah, that alone was already so, so epic. They had some fantastic glow-ups. Would've loved to see (or hear) even more from them but still... Inti, Hugaceo, Drag Vulcano, Dovima Nurmi, Sagittaria, Killer Queen, Carmen... some killer looks!! Even Pupi looked great

                                        The Talent Show was spectacular... Sharonne!!!! Every time they showed the S1 queens during Sharonne's set, I thought Inti was not feeling it and I got why (something about Sharonne's show left me confused because I'm not really sure if everything was appropriate there) but the talent itself, woah. Hands down and by far the best singer of the franchise! As I already posted above, Sharonne is definitely the one to beat and I think she could slay as hard as Carmen / Bianca did on their seasons.

                                        Venedita Von Däsh and Marina would've been good options for High placements, too, but I get why they were "just" safe. The second part of Marina's show wasn't as exciting, while Venedita was hold back through her runway. Though I thought Drag Sethlas' runway was probably the "weakest" of the night, but she slayed the Talent Show. Still don't see Diamante Merybrown as a big competitor, but she definitely brought it this week.

                                        Oh yeah, the Runway! Kinda similar to the Monster runway on Holland S2 and on an even better level, probably. No weak runways and some of them were exceptional - Onyx for example, one of the most gagworthy runways ever (and for the second week in a row).

                                        Ariel Rec had clearly the weakest Talent Show performance and I think her runway was also the second weakest of the night, while Samantha's show also had me thinking of Manila right away. Deserving bottom two, though I saw Estrella as low / bottom material as well. I can imagine that lipsync will give many people a lot to talk about and if something like this would've happen on an US season, we would have a different winner... but honestly, I get it! Samantha had all eyes on her, she made everyone laugh and feel emotions, while Ariel did the expected. I think Samantha has more to offer in this competition than Ariel so I'm fine with the outcome.

                                        So ok, I'm done with fangirling now... S2 is even better than S1 for now and that says a lot!

                                        My faves so far are Sharonne, Onyx and the judging panel


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                                          Tansike So glad you liked it!!

                                          I personally thought it was one of the best Talent Show episodes of the whole franchise, but I wasn't sure if that was just me not being too objective with my own country...
                                          Last night's episode currently has a 9.9 score on IMDB with amazing reviews.
                                          It really really had a high level and most of the numbers were top notch.

                                          I'm in love with Sharonne. She has to win this season.
                                          Don't know if you know it but she was part of a drag duo, Shimai, who were very popular in the 00s in Spain in the gay scene and even to mainstream public at some point with a cover of "Estoy bailando".

                                          I have to say I'm a bit disappointed with Samantha... I followed her on IG long before the season started and she's HILARIOUS. When it was announced she'd be in S2, I rooted for her. But I think competing in the show won't be good for her career... She's one of the weakest and she's becoming kind of a one note queen... I didn't even find funny her lipsync last night. Makes you wonder if the show is just too big for her.


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                                            Hands down the best talent show of the whole franchise. Even the “worst” ones here would be at least safe in any other season (US, Down Under...).

                                            The runway as well, amazing.

                                            The only negative for me is that lip sync - it was a mess and I just don’t get how Samantha taking off all her clothes for the 2nd episode in a row is funny and worthy of a save.

                                            She would sashay on a US season for such a performance, but maybe it’s a cultural thing as the judges seemed to love it. Still think that Ariel should’ve stayed.

                                            Other than than, amazing episode and season so far, Spain is truly setting the bar high for DR.


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                                              Wow. What a episode...

                                              I started to hate talent shows cuz of us franchize, always the same boring shows.

                                              BUT ESPAÑA left me craving for more. I was gagged at some shows.

                                              And the runway, wow. Shoot shoot shoot.

                                              I'm disappointed in Samantha only. The most hillarious one, but gurl she didn't expect to the read on Manila? Her runway was one of the weakest too.

                                              Onyx and Sharonne are my favs so far.

                                              And the judges. Why us pannel can't be this real, fun and full of energy. Supreme is my fav host of every franchize. I highly doubt that any other judge can change that.
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                                                Brilliant. The best talent show in the history of Drag Race. Amazing runway. Onyx and Sharonne are also my favorites.
                                                Haven't been early since '88


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                                                  Last week's episode was SO good that it was inevitable to feel a bit disappointed with this one. As RuPaul would say... Meh.
                                                  The maxi challenge was really boring. None of them was brilliant and overall it was messy and not funny.

                                                  I'm a big Almodovar fan so the runway was just a pleasure to watch for me. Really iconic looks. (Juriji's choice, though... Not iconic Almodovar at all).

                                                  And speaking of Juriji... what was THAT untucked moment with Marina? Soooo shady and mean.

                                                  Regarding the outcome... well, I definitely think Diamante Merybrown should have been in the bottom instead of Samantha
                                                  And I think Samantha won the lip-sync this week... But it was her time to go. A 3rd week saved by the judges would have been outrageous.


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                                                    Yeah, new episode was weak. Both mini and maxi challanges were boring. Runway was good.

                                                    I thought Diamante and Juriji will end up as bttm.

                                                    Anyways Jota was clear winner of lip sync.
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