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  • Clickbait [Netflix]

    Just finished binge-watching this and it's so good! Has anyone else seen it?

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    She would stand around after she had set the table and listen to the family give, in unison, thanks to the long-haired man whose gaze always turned upward – probably because he couldn’t bear to see the havoc wreaked in his name.

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    Great show, keeps you guessing till the end!!!!


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      Complete unexpected end!
      I liked a lot.
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        Yeah... I watched every episode over a weekend, so it had me into the story but I don't know that I really enjoyed it. It felt a bit like a grown up 13 Reasons Why, where the characters act only to try and convince the audience they're guilty of something, at which point it serves the plot to do so.... which ultimately makes most of the characters unlikeable.

        But it's well made. And the twist... well. I didn't see it coming...
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          Great show, I binge-watched it within a couple of days. The 'at 5 million views I die' premise was already interesting but I liked the fact that it didn't turn out in the end as the viewer thought it would.


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            I enjoyed this. It’s one of the shows I ask my friends to watch. I find Pia’s hair too distracting though. It’s like a bad wig.


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              Great show. So unexpecting
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                Best show