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    I love the first episode. The talent show was great, was expecting La Grande Dame to win, not mad at Soa winning though.

    La Grande Dame and Soa are coming in really strong and I am expecting that they will make it to the end, either one has a solid vibe to represent the franchise. La Big Bertha is a joy to watch.


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      Originally posted by Tansike View Post
      La Kahena clearly won that lipsync IMO (taking the shoes off = instant elimination for me).
      Lova removing her shoes right at the beginning of the song was a huge turn off for me too. I would have given La Kahena a chance.


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        Second episode is already out… I‘m confused, so they changed it to Thursday instead of Saturday?


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          Originally posted by Tansike View Post
          Second episode is already out… I‘m confused, so they changed it to Thursday instead of Saturday?
          Streaming on Thursday, airing on Saturday.
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            Loved the second episode!

            Honestly the best acting challenge in a long time. All did so well except one. I laughed so much!!

            Interestingly, Paloma was in my head during the whole week. Even though she didn‘t stand out much in the first episode, there was something about her that was stuck with me and after the first few minutes of the second episode, I realized that yep, she may be a dark horse and that turned out to be true now!

            La Grande Dame also did so well, though them calling her out for giving much direction was interesting. She‘s definitely my fave so far.

            Lolita is definitely memorable and also a big standout this week, both challenge and runway combined! Though something about her is giving me some vibes that I‘m not fully enjoying.

            Not La Big Bertha being in her head already on episode 2!!! IMO she has everything that is needed to win but I‘m already super worrier about her!

            Still thought her and Soa weren‘t bottom worthy but Elips was. Her role was so short, didn‘t pop and her runway I also didn‘t like that much.

            Poor La Kahena was robbed tbh, Lova Ladiva should‘ve been gone last week.


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              Lova Ladiva committed another crime by intentionally removing her wig during the lip sync.

              It's my first time hearing the lipsync song, samples Jennifer Lopez's "Play", right?


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                I am shook by how amazing this is.
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                  IMDb rates so far:

                  Episode 1: 7.6
                  Episode 2: 8.2

                  Not bad scores but IMO slightly underrated, because I thought these first two episodes were up there with Spain and Canada?

                  But yes thank godness they are doing it right! I guess I wasn't the only one who was nervous of getting another Down Under / Italy kind of mess.


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                    #1 (=) La Grande Dame - 118,131 (+7,653)
                    #2 (=) Kam Hugh - 99,770 (+7,837)
                    #3 (=) Soa de Muse - 27,676 (+5,364)
                    #4 (=) La Big Bertha - 20,842 (+3,487)
                    #5 (+2) Paloma - 18,848 (+6,119)
                    #6 (-1) Elips - 18,283 (+4,474)
                    #7 (-1) Lolita Banana 18,254 (+4,941)
                    #8 (=) La Kahena - 13,815 (+1,827; 10th)
                    #9 (=) La Briochée - 13,078 (+2,448)
                    #10 (=) Lova Ladiva - 5,999 (+1,172; 9th)

                    Another good update for an international franchise! The premiere episode often has (one of) the best update so seeing three queens out of ten having even better updates this week than the last time is great!

                    Two of these three queens are Paloma and Lolita Banana, the two standouts in the second episode for sure. With this, Paloma even rises two spots in the ranking, surpassing Elips and... Lolita Banana!

                    The third queen having a better update this week is Kam Hugh. Not gonna lie, I'm not sold on her yet and think she'll be the Farrah Moan type of queen (doing well on social and looking fab, but not doing too well in the challenges). She's just about to cross the 100k mark, joining La Grande Dame, who is still well ahead of everybody else with over 118k followers.


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                      The level of talent in this cast is INSANE.
                      The ball was crazy good.
                      La Grande Dame got me speechless with each look, should have won.
                      That lipsync was phenomenal. Pookie >
                      Snatch Game next week!!!!
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                        Probably my favorite episode of the season so far!

                        I didn‘t agree with the judging though. Saw Kam‘s win coming right away but honestly she‘s rather boring to me. La Grande Dame and Paloma were the clear top two and the former should‘ve won. Honestly I even liked Lolita more than Kam…

                        Also, Soa bottom again? She had two great looks and the third wasn‘t good, but surely better than Elips and La Big Bertha (and Briochée obv). IMO these three should‘ve been in the bottom with Bertha lipsyincing. But Soa was expected to slay that lipsync, she‘s probably going to have a similar run like Tayce on UK S2…

                        Sad to see La Briochée go, would‘ve loved to see her doing well in a challenge…

                        Unless there‘s a surprise I feel like Elips is the next to go. Or someone else bombs in the Snatch Game…


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                          #1 (=) La Grande Dame - 127,759 (+9,628)
                          #2 (=) Kam Hugh - 108,030 (+8,260)
                          #3 (=) Soa de Muse - 32,110 (+4,434)
                          #4 (+1) Paloma - 25,584 (+6,736)
                          #5 (+2) Lolita Banana - 24,463 (+6,209)
                          #6 (-2) La Big Bertha - 23,577 (+2,735)
                          #7 (-1) Elips - 22,670 (+4,387)
                          #8 (+1) La Briochée - 15,547 (+2,469; 8th)
                          #9 (-1) La Kahena - 15,210 (+1,395; 10th)
                          #10 (=) Lova Ladiva - 6,710 (+711; 9th)

                          Another great update for the French cast!

                          La Grande Dame wasn't the winner, but she gets the biggest increase for yet another week by gaining nearly 10k new fans this week. She's closely followed by Kam Hugh, who gets over 8k new followers and becomes the second queen of the cast moving past the 100k mark.

                          While Paloma won the previous challenge, she gets even more new followers this time by performing very well again. She just moved up two spots last week and moves one more spot this week to become the fourth most followed queen of the season. Lolita Banana also moves upwards by two spots, having performed well for the third week in a row.

                          Meanwhile, after a great start, La Big Bertha slowly falls down as she gains just 2,7k new fans, the fourth lowest update of the week and therefore the lowest update for all queens that are still competing.

                          La Briochée got send home, but she at least moves up one spot in the ranking by surpassing La Kahena. The three first eliminated queens are also the three least followed queens now.


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                            Yes, best episode so far... the ball was good. La Grande Dame was consistent in all categories, surprised that Kam won although her pigeon look was awesome. La Big Bertha should have been in the bottom, but probably they don't waste that lip sync song so they put Soa there.

                            Soa served it with her face and her strut in the lip sync, and the moment La Briochée did all the tricks she could possibly do, it was all over for her.


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                              Only just started the new episode and OMG I actually love Bilal‘s music, had no idea they are a guest judge!


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                                Just finished... and that was wild!

                                First - Snatch Game completed and they did well all things considered. The runway was great too, definitely another great episode. This season is so good, definitely up there with Canada and Spain for me.

                                I really thought that would be the week when Bertha wins, Soa may flop again, Elips probably goes home... and it ended up so different

                                La Grande Dame is an unexpected, but deserving winner! Paloma keeps slaying, too, and it was so good to see Soa doing that well too. Would've been funny to see her go Win - Btm 2 - Btm 2 - Win though.

                                Elips' Snatch Game was even winner worthy IMO but her runway probably put her back down. I think she & Paloma were on a similar level challenge + runway combined this week.

                                Lolita <3 I was surprised to see she's so in her head... she could've been on top in the first & third episode as well, so she's definitely earned her spot in the competition and I was so relieved when she was called safe.

                                Finally... Kam & shockingly Bertha completely flopped in the Snatch Game and deserved that bottom two - but the result had me gagging. Third week in a row when Bertha disappoints, while Kam just came off of a win... so yeah, definitely a shocking elimination this week. Bertha really needs to step it up or she'll be gone next week. I wasn't the biggest fan of Kam and I was not surprised to see her flopping... at least she got the Ball win. I'm kinda ok with seeing her go, but still shocking for sure.

                                The lipsync song was censored over here like WTF. That was such a stupid thing honestly but based on the performances alone I thought both did well.

                                Excited for Girl Group!

                                Also... La Grande Dame, Paloma and Soa de Muse are easily Top3.


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                                  I've watched the first two episodes. Lolita is my favorite. She should have won the first challenge and was a strong contender on episode two. Hope the judges wake up! I'm enjoying Paloma too. And I feel like La Grande Dame is the new Art Simone: hyped and carried for her popularity prior to the show. No way she was one of the best on episode 2.

                                  Anyway, with that said, the season started weak for me. The talent show was a borefest and the acting challenge was ridiculous. I've read somewhere that the runways were going to be amazing, but I feel like only Kam is bringing it so far (Bertha's first look and Lolita's second were really good too). Let's see if this gets better.

                                  Nicky is doing okay when she's not emulating RuPaul. Her looks are really good too!
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                                    You guys have no idea how much I laughed during Snatch Game. It was PHENOMENAL.
                                    Paloma, Elips and Soa were incredible. INCREDIBLE. I will remember Félindra at Snatch Game for a long, long time. Just thinking about it makes me laugh.
                                    I expected the reading challenge to be funnier, and giving that win to Bertha was a choice. The jokes were not funny.
                                    Another spectacular runway, the way they always deliver wow.
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                                      France is actually great. Right beside Espana.
                                      Queens seems real and the show doesn’t seem overproduced, and Nicky is really doing great job.

                                      La Grande Dame, Paloma and Lolita are my favs.

                                      Kam Hugh had the best runways, too bad there’s not much personality, but she’s young.
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                                        #1 (=) La Grande Dame - 137,595 (+9,836)
                                        #2 (=) Kam Hugh - 115,768 (+7,738; 7th)
                                        #3 (=) Soa de Muse - 36,416 (+4,306)
                                        #4 (=) Paloma - 34,086 (+8,502)
                                        #5 (=) Lolita Banana - 28,650 (+4,187)
                                        #6 (+1) Elips - 27,677 (+5,007)
                                        #7 (-1) La Big Bertha - 26,833 (+3,256)
                                        #8 (=) La Briochée - 17,361 (+1,814; 8th)
                                        #9 (=) La Kahena - 16,438 (+1,228; 10th)
                                        #10 (=) Lova Ladiva - 7,251 (+541; 9th)

                                        Compared to a week ago.

                                        Snatch Game happened and the cast of Drag Race France experiences another great boost through it!

                                        Challenge winner La Grande Dame gets the biggest update with nearly 10k new fans, moving even more ahead of everybody else. Kam Hugh, her biggest competition social media wise, was just shockingly eliminated and therefore isn't a threat anymore when it comes to followers. I guess it's clear that La Grande Dame will remain the most followed queen of the season, even if she won't win the season.

                                        Meanwhile, Paloma snatches another fantastic update with 8,5k new fans, moving past the 30k mark and closer to the Top3. Why do I slowly start to believe that Paloma is going to win the whole season? We'll see...

                                        After two bottom two placements, Soa de Muse finally shined again and remains the third most followed queen of the season with that.
                                        Meanwhile, Elips was a surprising standout in the Snatch Game and gains a good 5k new fans, which let her move past La Big Bertha, who dips another spot in the ranking. After a fantastic start into the season, Bertha is definitely fading away in the cast...


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                                          The Nails NAILED (pun intended) their Boum Boum performance. One of the best we’ve ever seen in Drag Race.
                                          The runway once again was ICONIC. omg
                                          I would sent La Big Bertha home tbh.
                                          And I am so in love with La Grande Dame.
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                                            Not the lipsync song being blocked again

                                            It was another great episode. I probably would‘ve put Les soeur into bottom, the Nails tops, because even Elips did good IMO. But I still get it, it felt like she was the next to go. Though Bertha should‘ve lipsynced…

                                            I hope Paloma recovers, she‘s still my pick to win the season.
                                            Soa‘s track record is so wild… but if she keeps up like that, she‘d be a great winner too!
                                            Love me some La Grande Dame but I see her as runner-up only.


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                                              Just wanted to comment that I have started this last weekend.
                                              Watched the first two episodes. I didn’t read any comments here so far to avoid being spoiled.

                                              The two episodes were super nice, a bit too long tho.
                                              My favorite so far is clearly Paloma. She was amazing in the acting challenge! Lova Ladiva’s sashay away was super sad! You could feel that she felt so honored being considered good enough to be on the show. It was really sad seeing her go, seemed like a very likeable queen.

                                              La Grande Dame has amazing looks but so far she comes across as very arrogant.
                                              Lola or Lolita Banana whatever her name is, is a mess but fun to watch, I enjoy her so far.
                                              Elips & Kam Hugh are also among my favorites so far.

                                              Can’t stand Soa tho.


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                                                #1 (=) La Grande Dame - 146,094 (+8,499)
                                                #2 (=) Kam Hugh - 120,800 (+5,032; 7th)
                                                #3 (+1) Paloma - 43,054 (+8,968)
                                                #4 (-1) Soa de Muse - 42,381 (+6,235)
                                                #5 (+1) Elips - 35,855 (+8,178; 6th)
                                                #6 (-1) Lolita Banana - 34,084 (+5,434)
                                                #7 (=) La Big Bertha - 30,281 (+3,448)
                                                #8 (=) La Briochée - 19,083 (+1,722; 8th)
                                                #9 (=) La Kahena - 17,666 (+1,228; 10th)
                                                #10 (=) Lova Ladiva - 8,082 (+831; 9th)

                                                Compared to a week ago.

                                                Despite being in the bottom two, Paloma and Elips have two fantastic updates, with the former even having the biggest update of the week, crossing the 40k mark and surpassing this weeks challenge winner Soa de Muse to become the third most followed queen of the season. Meanwhile, Elips just got eliminated, but still surpasses Lolita Banana by having the third biggest update of the week. La Grande Dame owns the second biggest update with 8,5k new followers.


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                                                  Lolita is such a sweetheart, she kinda reminds me of Shangela.

                                                  Paloma is winning this season for sure.
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                                                    The lip sync this last episode was so good. Lolita is so underappreciated, glad she's in the top 4.