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  • The Sandman (Netflix)

    Much anticipated TV version of Neil Gaiman's fantasy comic books.

    Looks good. John Constantine has been changed to Johanna Constantine - an ancestor of John. They probably don't have the rights on John. Interestingly, they're using the British - correct - pronunciation of the surname. See here:

    A joke on the two pronunciations was made in an ep of Legends Of Tomorrow when they talked about the historical figure Constantine. But it never made any sense that John himself would pronounce it the American way if he was British.

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    Nobody else here cares but here's the newest trailer:

    and here's Gaiman breaking it down and basically explaining the whole premise


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      Much like the early comics - the first few episodes are variable but it finds itself eventually. Tom Sturridge is perfect. I loved episodes 4 and 6. Lucifer is great, Jen Coleman is cool as f as Johanna Constantine. Death is great - i wasn't sure when i heard of the change but she is the essence of the comic character. Bit weird that it has a "this season" preview at the end of episode 1 when you can binge the whole thing. It's not a network TV show! That suggests a lack of confidence in the viewer sticking with it.

      I'd love to see A Midsummer Night's Dream and Facade in the next series. I can see this will split opinion among casual viewers, though. No idea why the BBFC have given it an 18 for bloody violence. It's not that explicit. You saw more in American Gods.
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        I watched the first two episodes and I nearly died of boredom. Nothing makes sense and all the actors suck so much.
        "King isn't overrated, your fave is just undertalented."


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          I watched episode 1 and I liked it. Fills the void for the big budget scifi/magic/horror show.

          It reminds me of that His Dark Materials show. I'll keep watching as the preview for the rest of the season looked glorious. Reminds me of Dorothy Must Die book series.
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            ^ oh well, maybe the preview served its purpose. Just seemed odd to me. I think Sabrina had previews but they don't usually do it with a Netflix original.

            #1 Netflix show in 80 countries.

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              A fit naked man trapped in a glass ball + a very hawt blond guy with sunglasses. I am sold already.
              98 - OUT


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                This is great, refreshingly different from all the other shows, I've watched the first 5 episodes so far and really enjoy it!


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                  I seriously can’t see what you guys are seeing

                  I gave episode 3 a try and it’s still giving shadowhunters levels of quality.
                  "King isn't overrated, your fave is just undertalented."


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                    ok, ive put it on my watchlist
                    what's going on?


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                      I'm really liking this! It's different at least ...btw what's up with the elongated video ratio?