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    Ep 8 deserves all the awards. More than ep 3 for me - as great as that was. Blimey, that was some heavy scenes.


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      I just finished watching The Last of Us and I am eagerly awaiting the final episode. This show has truly blown me away with its gripping story, incredible acting, and stunning visuals.

      I was drawn into the post-apocalyptic world of Joel and Ellie, and found myself deeply invested in their journey. The show does an amazing job of exploring themes of survival, humanity, and the lengths we will go to protect those we love.

      The characters are so well-written and brought to life by the talented cast. Joel and Ellie's relationship in particular is a highlight of the show, with their bond being both heartwarming and heart-wrenching at times.

      The Last of Us has quickly become one of my favorite shows, and I cannot wait to see how it all ends. I have so many questions and theories, and I am excited to see how they will all be resolved in the final season. I watched it on and it was amazing!

      Overall, I highly recommend The Last of Us to anyone who enjoys post-apocalyptic stories, complex characters, and emotionally impactful storytelling. I cannot wait to see what the creators have in store for us in the final season!


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        Episode 8 was fantastic and I actually really enjoy the ‘villain of the week’ format compared to the ‘villain of the series’ that The Walking Dead adopted. Keeps it moving and fresh. Ellie really went through the ringer! Where will they go now? I forgot where they were going after they saw Joel’s brother.

        Episode 7 was a bit of a downbeat moment but I enjoyed seeing some backstory for Ellie and finding out more about her.


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          Episode 8 was amazing. Thrilling. Nice that the zombies have sort of taken a back seat so I’m not semi-terrified the whole episode!!

          Im guessing for the finale they’ll arrive in Denver/Colorado where the supposed lab is?
          You say that I must eat so many lemons, cos I am so Bitt-er


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            Wow that was quite a heavy ending to the season, Joel really went HAM. Nice to see Ellie’s origins and understand a bit more about the immunity. Excited to see what season two holds!


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              The season finale was superb, I loved every minute. Especially the opening scene was fire!
              And the 8th day God created KYLIE!!! <3