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  • Yeah I think TMS will lose some viewers even tonight. That’s quite a strong start for Saturday’s on ITV in 2020 though.


    • Annual Shares
      2019 vs 2018

      BBC One: 20.86% (down 2.0% year-on-year)
      BBC Two: 5.70% (down 0.6% year-on-year)
      ITV: 16.82% (down 0.5% year-on-year)
      Channel 4: 5.46% (down 1.0% year-on-year)
      Channel 5: 4.02% (up 0.8% year-on-year)

      Source: BARB

      Excluding World Cup weeks:

      BBC One: Down 0.5% year-on-year
      BBC Two: Down 3.7% year-on-year
      ITV: Up 2.4% year-on-year
      Channel 4: Down 2.9% year-on-year
      Channel 5: Down 0.2% year-on-year

      By the way, consolidated ratings for Christmas are in...

      Top 15
      23-29 December 2019:

      1 GAVIN AND STACEY (WED 20:29) BBC One 17,072,500 / 17,915,190
      2 CALL THE MIDWIFE (WED 18:59) BBC One 8,438,000 / 8,690,617
      3 STRICTLY COME DANCING CHRISTMAS SPECIAL (WED 16:40) BBC One 7,572,100 / 7,678,571
      4 CORONATION STREET (FRI 19:31) ITV 7,216,500 / 7,383,210
      5 THE QUEEN'S CHRISTMAS MESSAGE (WED 15:00) BBC One 7,183,600 / 7,301,475
      6 EASTENDERS (WED 21:33) BBC One 6,795,600 / 7,207,196
      7 CORONATION STREET (MON 19:31) ITV 6,876,900 / 7,008,676
      8 CORONATION STREET (WED 20:02) ITV 6,694,400 / 6,879,929
      9 MICHAEL MCINTYRE'S BIG CHRISTMAS SHOW (WED 17:59) BBC One 6,753,800 / 6,854,065
      10 CORONATION STREET (THU 20:02) ITV 6,594,200 / 6,768,181
      11 THE TRIAL OF CHRISTINE KEELER (SUN 21:00) BBC One 6,389,600 / 6,666,263
      12 MRS BROWN'S BOYS CHRISTMAS SPECIAL (WED 22:36) BBC One 6,486,700 / 6,652,474
      13 EMMERDALE (FRI 19:00) ITV 6,359,300 / 6,468,631
      14 FILM: PADDINGTON 2 (2017) (THU 19:21) BBC One 6,299,300 / 6,388,812
      15 CORONATION STREET (MON 20:29) ITV 6,219,800 / 6,351,301

      Holy shit at G&S!


      • "The Masked Singer lost more than a million viewers on its second outing, entertaining 4.3m last night. It was beaten by Call The Midwife (7m) and The Trial of Christine Keeler (4.4m) over on BBC1."

        Last night's Dancing on Ice on ITV had an average audience of 5.14 million beating Doctor Who which got 4.60 million


        • Woah... I didn’t think we’d see ratings like that again on Christmas Day, ever!


          • More than 2.5 million people tuned in for the launch of the first winter series of Love Island on Sunday - but that was 800,000 down on the figure for the opening of the last summer series.


            • I watched the NTAs tonight and it was dull as dishwater - you don't even need to watch the show anymore to know that...

              * Mrs Brown's Boys will always win the comedy award.
              * I'm A Celeb will always win the award they are nominated for.
              * This Morning will always win their award.
              * And Ant & Dec will always win their award.

              It felt really flat tonight, aside from the typical winners.


              • As much as I appreciate Ant & Dec, they haven’t deserved that award for the last two years. Especially last year when Ant was absent.


                • Completely agree, it was crap and David Walliams didn’t do well as host, a lot of his jokes didn’t land. I don’t think the venue is right, it’s far too big, they should move it back to a theatre.

                  How Mrs Brown’s Boys keeps winning comedy is baffling. Ant & Dec may as well just be given the presenter award as a permanent.


                  • I read today that Ant & Dec have won the presenting award for the last 19 years


                    • Mrs Browns Boys winning is the epitome of the British public voting standards. I didn’t even know it was still spewing out new episodes.


                      • The only highlight was Jesy Nelson’s documentary winning her category.


                        • We could see some viewing figures we haven’t seen in decades this weekend/coming week.


                          • Originally posted by Thriller View Post
                            We could see some viewing figures we haven’t seen in decades this weekend/coming week.
                            It feels like a strange time for TV. The issue is people will watch TV out of boredom, not because it's worthy content.


                            • Takeaway got 9.5m viewers last night.


                              • Originally posted by Spartan View Post
                                Takeaway got 9.5m viewers last night.
                                What does it normally get? That seems still quite low considering most of the nation would’ve been indoors.


                                • Not 100% sure but think it think it got about 6m las week according DS.


                                  • Highest EVER audience though...

                                    Saturday Night Takeaway achieves highest ever viewer ratings for first live show without audience

                                    Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly welcomed some astonishing viewer ratings on Saturday Night Takeaway yesterday (March 21).

                                    Thanks to the coronavirus outbreak, the live show didn't include an audience for the very first time, but this actually ended up working wonders for several ITV titles.

                                    Sitting atop the chart for viewing numbers yesterday, Saturday Night Takeaway reeled in an average 9.5 million fans, and peaked at 11.1 million, which broke the show's own record and became the largest overnight draw on any channel so far this year.

                                    Considering the show has been running for 16 series since its first in 2002, this is an incredible feat, under incredible circumstances.

                                    These viewing figures were a 39% increase on the series average, but these statistics also bode well for the show which followed: The Voice UK.

                                    Featuring coaches, Sir Tom Jones, Olly Murs and Meghan Trainor, the singing contest also had its highest audience of the series, with 4.8 million pairs of eyes tuned in.

                                    Nearly 40% increase.


                                    • EE got 6.49m last night (shame it was such a dire episode), when it usually gets about 4m.


                                      • Boris Johnson Coronavirus Speech to UK Seen by 28 Million – Deadline

                                        British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's sober nation speech on the coronavirus will become one of the most-watched moments in the history of UK television.

                                        Johnson's message to the country, in which he introduced a three-week blockade to help stop the spread of COVID-19, was broadcast at 8:30 p.m. via BBC One, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, BBC News and Sky News.

                                        In the 15-minute space in which he was speaking, nearly 28 million people were watching, according to live BARB ratings figures provided by

                                        The staggering number puts him ahead of many famous broadcasts in Britain, including the Opening and Closing Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics, which were viewed by 24.4M and 24.6M respectively.

                                        In fact, it may only be the second after Princess Diana's funeral, which aired to an audience of 31 million in 1997.



                                        • Woah massive figures, I’m not normally a BoJo fan but I think he’s doing well at the moment.


                                          • It was the moment everyone had been waiting for and one of the most significant events in our life time.