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Spoilers: please read

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  • Spoilers: please read

    In recent months there have been some problems around spoilers in this forum so I think itís time to clarify the issue once and for all. Please read the following rules and adhere to them going forward:
    • Once an episode has aired, it is acceptable for it to be talked about freely within the specific thread. Therefore, if you havenít yet watched the latest episode of a show, it is advised not to enter the thread! For popular shows that are airing at different paces in the UK and US, separate threads may be created.[/*:m:2jk8aywb]
    • For the soaps, spoilers can be posted in the Soaps Spoilers thread without the use of tags, or within the specific soap threads using spoiler tags. [/*:m:2jk8aywb]
    • For all other shows, specifically reality TV shows, the posting of spoilers is discouraged but if you insist on posting them, they MUST be in spoiler tags. Any further discussion of said spoiler must also be in spoiler tags. [/*:m:2jk8aywb]
    • ALL spoilers regarding RuPaulís Drag Race are completely banned, whether in or out of tags. The only discussion around this show must be for episodes that have aired, and any comments about the future of the show should be speculation or predictions ONLY. [/*:m:2jk8aywb]

    Any members not abiding by these rules will face warnings/bans as per the usual policy. Please feel free to PM me if you need any clarification.