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    Honestly just binged this show and it was so good. It has a weird, sci-fi element but the characters are largely endearing - especially the main guy, Ulysess. Plus there's loads of nudity and sexy times.

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    This show is an absolute disaster, a car crash you can't take your eyes off. I have no idea how this got made.

    It's a string of soft-core porn scenes strung together with no clear plot. It's truly something to behold

    It has a strong gay fantasy lens over it, which is a bit fun for gay viewers, but you have to sit through A LOT of straight sex scenes too.
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      Got a free Starz trial through Amazon Prime to binge watch this a few weeks ago and was completely engrossed. I can't believe Gregg Araki has finally been able to make a TV show.

      Everything about this show is completely Gregg Araki; the incredible soundtrack, outrageous wardrobe/set pieces, the almost bewildered style of acting, bold colours, and of course the aliens. His tone has shifted slightly from alienated youth in LA to the confusion and struggle of being young in LA; a slight difference, but this show is noticeably less angry than his 90s films.

      I also am surprised this show ever got made. Most people who haven't seen Araki's films would probably be completely confused by it (or think it's just extended porn acting nnnn). It makes so much more sense as a continuation of Greg's Teenage Apocalypse Trilogy, though I feel like the show's nuances can definitely be appreciated as a separate piece of work. This is definitely something that attracts a very cult audience though.

      The actors are a perfect fit for this show, especially Avan Jogia and Kelli Berglund. Does Roxane Mesquida (Severine) remind anyone else of Tove Lo? I swear I think of Tove every time I see her (and Disco Tits needs to be used in the next orgy scene tbh).

      I also love how sex positive this show is. Creative freedom has resulted in something completely unfiltered, which examines relationships and sexuality in a healthy and somewhat comedic way without being heavy handed or preachy.

      Despite low ratings and the whole season getting uploaded to streaming early (most likely as a result of this), Starz have greenlit a second season. I'm genuinely shocked, but beyond happy since I've become somewhat attached to the characters, all of whom seem to have been left in dire straits.


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        ^ Absolutely agree - it was one of the most realistic depiction of sexuality in a TV show I've ever seen.

        Severine was the only character who I didn't enjoy, plus the actress wasn't the best.


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          Seems like the renewal announcement was a bit premature....and this has been cancelled.

          I'm not surprised, but majorly disappointed. This is one of the best shows of 2019, and easily one of the most refreshing.


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            I just saw this and was very funny at times, too bad it got cancelled, had promise


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              I’m gonna miss Beau Mirchoff more than anything.