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    I told yall Katy won't last long

    Originally posted by aRat View Post
    Beyonce slayed the others, I don't understand how Katy won with those glitter and lights gimmicks. But I don't think Katy will last long, GaGammicks only take you so far after all
    Beyonce is leagues above the others. She needs to win. We love a confident bad bitch.

    Catherine's performance was boring af. Yall just creaming yourselfs cuz she performed a song by yall dusty divas.


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      Vava and Aria are so weak. I dunno how they are not eliminated yet. One of them deserved to go over Katy.


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        Ok, so I've been watching the following three performances a lot lately:

        Aria as Mad Hatter in the third episode
        Bambi as Ursula in the third episode
        Bambi as Klaus Nomi in the fourth episode

        Guess I can count Bambi as my favorite now

        Unfortunately, there are already rumors about the possible finalists and it's probably going to be true, as they already revealed some unfortunate things during the official trailer for Queen of Drags. If you look at it now & knowing what happened so far, you can guess which three will make it to the final. We'll see if it turns out to be true, as I would be surprised...


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          WAIT, my two favorites just got kicked out in the same episode?!

          Justice for Catherrine.
          But as I said before, looking at the price of the contest, I just couldn't see her winning, unfortunately.
          She's my second favorite of the cycle after Candy Crash.

          Bambi was fantastic throughout the season aswell, although her 'Call Me Maybe' performance wasn't my thing.

          My dream final would have been Catherrine - Yonce - Bambi, with either Bambi or Yonce winning.


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            Mixed feelings about the Semi-Final. I mean, Bambi and Catherrine were two very strong competitors through the whole competition and they both deserved to be in the final over Vava and Aria IMO, but the decision was fair based on their performances in the Semi. It's sad to see them go, but they did a great job overall and especially Bambi got a huge following on social media compared to before the show.

            With that said, Aria has been a huge grower for me and I really hope she wins the whole thing. Yoncé would be... too predictable? And she didn't show any versatility at all! I mean, this is not GNTM after all...

            But looking back, all contestants deserved to win. I think this is the first competition show where every single contestant is actually really, really good and likable!

            Have you seen Candy's YouTube videos [MENTION=32221]luckyONE[/MENTION] ? They are more entertaining than the actual show!


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              Today's the Final!
              Really excited to see all the Queens back.

              My personal guess for tonights ranking is 1. Aria 2. Yoncé and 3. Vava. On instagram and YouTube all the comments are basically 80% Aria has to win 15% Yoncé always does the same thing and 5% Vava has to win. Poor Vava being so underrated, but I get it. Her Rammstein performance slayed though.

              Short update on their instagram followers (comparison to two weeks ago):

              84,7k (+10,3k) - Katy Bähm (6th)
              60,8k (+14,2k) - Candy Crash (7th)
              49,6k (+22,2k) - Bambi Mercury (5th)
              35,8k (+17,8k) - Aria Addams (tba)
              32,7k (+11,8k) - Catherrine Leclery (4th)
              24,1k (+8k) - Yoncé Banks (tba)
              18,9k (+8,4k) - Vava Vilde (tba)
              11,9k (+2,9k) - Hayden Kryze (8th)
              8,4k (+1,6k) - Samantha Gold (9th)
              8,0k (+1,2k) - Janisha Jones (10th)

              Aria improved a lot and is the most popular finalist on instagram.
              Bambi had the biggest increase in the last two weeks. Most impressive change is probably Candy, who has been eliminated for a while but still gets lots of love on social media because of her behind the scenes videos.


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                There is a GNTM pattern though: Yoncé is the one that has been strong since week 1 (at least when you look at her weekly rankings), Aria is the one who arose within the show and then we have Vava, the one who has always been there but no one knows why she got so far

                Originally posted by Tansike View Post
                Have you seen Candy's YouTube videos [MENTION=32221]luckyONE[/MENTION] ? They are more entertaining than the actual show!
                They are SO good. I live for them.


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                  ^ Yes, so glad you live for those videos as well! Candy really is the star of the season (kinda like Gerda, not making it that far in the show, coming across as unsympathetic at first/by the looks but ending up as very likable and getting a big fanbase).

                  Also agreed on the pattern. So Aria is the logical winner, right?


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                    So, so excited!

                    I‘m all the way Team Aria going into the final!


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                      Vava is brilliant tonight!

                      Surprise winner?


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                        Poor Vava. She was actually my fave, while I though Aria was the weakest


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                          I told yall Godonce was gonna win
                          COMMON LOVE ISN'T FOR US...


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                            Vava was the weakest today, even though she had the best song: 'California Gurls' is a song I've been practicing to perform since I was 16. Maybe I thought she was weak because I had my own version in my mind and because the ballad performance was weak.

                            Aria was kinda overdramatic tonight.

                            Deserved win for Yonce, not my favorite but since Candy had to leave too early, I'm fine with our first Queen of Drags.


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                              Anyways, this would have been my songs for the performances if I had been a contestant as Madge Swift :

                              1. The Art Of Drag: "Music" by Madonna

                              2. Future Universe: "22nd Century" by Kelis

                              3. Fairytale: "Underneath Your Clothes" by Shakira

                              4. Divas and Icons: "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift

                              5. Horror: "Monster In Me" by Little Mix

                              6. Candy Land: actually "California Gurls" by Katy Perry but since it was a song for the challenge, I would have chosen "My Life Would Suck Without You" by Kelly Clarkson.


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                                Can't believe Yoncé won... she literally just copied Beyoncé in about 90% of her performances. And in the final she even did a number by her.
                                Aria and Vava were so stupid to leave Lady Marmalade to her...
                                Music is the blood in my veins

                                Feel free to add me to your friends list :-)


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                                  A second season has been confirmed

                                  I'd probably go as far and say Queen of Drags S1 was my most favorite TV show in the whole 2019, so I'm really looking forward to S2.

                                  There will be some changes though. Nothing really confirmed so far, but they will probably show more of the performances and less of the private life in the drag mansion.

                                  As of now, the judges will all be the same for S2. I'm fine with that