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  • Respect [2020]

    I just feel in my spirit that Jennifer is going to slay this role!

    Respect is an upcoming 2020 American biographical drama film directed by Liesl Tommy. It is based on the life of singer Aretha Franklin.
    I'm seeing release dates of August 14, 2020 and October 9, 2020. Not sure which, if any, is correct.
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    The fact that Jennifer Hudson got the part makes me not want to see it all. I can't stand her, she's been nothing but a tribute act for 90% of her career.
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      When I listened to Hudson trying to oversing Aretha, I didn't sense Respect at all

      hopefully she'll keep it (that overbelting) in check


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        This is bound to get criticized merely because Jennifer Hudson is going to do the singing and will probably be seen as "disrespecting" Aretha. Just imagine if Beyoncé starred as Whitney Houston with Beyoncé vocals, it would be so panned (with critics probably saying that she wants to oversing Whitney with the runs and all). Anything that has divas obviously is going to get so much drama.


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          People are too hard on these sort of movies, you’re never going to completely capture the essence or voice of the original artist. I’d definitely like to see it, love Jennifer.

          Did Aretha have any involvement in this or did development begin after her death?