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    The Voice UK's Sir Tom Jones admits he gets a say in which new coaches join the show

    Sir Tom Jones has admitted he gets a say in which new coaches join The Voice UK.

    The singer has been a coach on the UK edition of the show since it first began and, speaking recently, he revealed that show bosses approach him whenever they're eyeing up a new coach.

    It sounds like he's not always so nicey nicey either, as he admitted that he's actually "said no to" someone before.

    Well, we're sure he had his reasons...

    "They just asked me [about Meghan Trainor joining]," Tom told The Sun Online.

    "They said: 'We are thinking of Meghan Trainor', and then I checked that out. Because she was on a talent show in the States."

    He added: "But yeah really, ever since I have been on the show they have asked - but I won't tell you the ones that I said no to."

    Tom's confession follows Meghan replacing Jennifer Hudson on the forthcoming series.

    Jennifer announced her departure on Twitter in September, telling fans that her busy schedule in the US would be keeping her away from the show for the upcoming series, which is set to debut next month.

    Hopefully, Tom approves...

    The Voice UK returns on January 4 on ITV.
    It's back this coming Saturday! Your judging panel is...

    Sir Tom Jones
    Olly Murs
    Meghan Trainor

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    Seriously though, what has Olly Murs done to his hair? It looks dreadful imo but maybe i'm alone in thinking this. It might work with particular guys but i just don't think it suits Olly at all.


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      Not sure what to feel about Meghan Trainor joining the panel. I really don't rate her and J Hud brought most of the entertainment last season so big shoes to fill.
      Ste's Personal Chart 2020


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        I think the level of talent on this gets less and less each year - not particularly impressed by anyone so far (currently watching the repeat as wasn't able to watch this last night).

        It launched with 4.6m viewers last night (down from 5.3m last year).


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          It’s become very very pedestrian and the continued fact that nobody becomes a star from this show always makes it feel a bit redundant.

          I missed J-Hud and I find Olly gets more big-headed with each series. I swear he talks about Superstitious every year.

          I liked the woman who was Labrinth’s sister and the trio who sang Jade the most.


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            I loved Baby tonight, her voice has so much character.

            I found Lara to be frustrating - the lady who sang Jessie Ware. She typifies the issue with music these days, a solid voice but with not an ounce of character, your typical mid-range belter.

            Zion actually wasn’t that good IMO, meh.

            Poor Olly, sad story - felt sorry for him. What a silly thing to fall out over.


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              Yeh really felt for Olly too there must be more to it.


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                Originally posted by Toxic View Post
                Yeh really felt for Olly too there must be more to it.
                I’d read that story a few years back and it felt to me as if his twin was hugely jealous of Olly’s X Factor success. Obviously it’d be gutting for your twin to miss your wedding, but not ten-year grudge levels.

                Baby was my favourite last week too, very interesting voice.


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                  Wow last performance I was in tears ! So powerful


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                    Originally posted by Toxic View Post
                    Wow last performance I was in tears ! So powerful
                    Was that the 17 year old from Jamaica? Whilst i did think he was a little off pitch with the high notes, there's definitely some major potential there. The fact he looks about 12 will get the granny vote.

                    Maybe it's too early to predict but i honestly wouldn't rule out this young guy from winning the show.


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                      I loved the young man from Jamaica last night, really heartwarming. I was rooting for him all the way through and felt so relieved when Will turned around.

                      Tom turning for that big guy who’s suddenly really emosh as he’s had a child really made my eyes roll - that’s the type of singer that will never go anywhere.