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UKMIX Movie Ratings Thread 2020

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  • UKMIX Movie Ratings Thread 2020

    The concept is simple:

    1. Every time you watch a movie at the cinema this year, post the title and give it a score out of 5 stars.

    2. Important: please edit your original post each time you see a new movie. This will give you a full, consolidated list of every film that you saw in 2020 in the one post.

    3. Please don't include DVDs and stuff you've streamed at home. This is for movies you saw at the cinema only.

    4. It is important that you only use this thread to post the film titles and the ratings. Please don't start a new post for a new rating; just edit your first post to form a list. Please direct all comments, discussion and questions to the ‘what movie did you just watch’ thread. You can post as much as you want in there.

    5. Movie ratings are very subjective, and as such there are many different classification systems for scoring them. For simplicity, we are going for the Five Star Rating system. Providing your ratings are consistent, please feel free to use your own loose interpretation.

    Copy and paste the star symbols from here if you wish, or alternatively just write the number: ★★★★★

    Half stars are allowed as well. Simply add ½.

    JoJo Rabbit ★★★★★
    1917 ★★★
    Cats ★½

    Most importantly, have fun.

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    Films watched in 2019: 28
    Films watched in 2018: 16
    Films watched in 2017: 11
    Films watched in 2016: 28
    Films watched in 2015: 35

    01 / JoJo Rabbit / ★★★★★
    02 / Bombshell / ★★★★
    03 / A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood / ★★★★

    04 / Harley Quinn: Birds Of Prey / ★★★★


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      Spies in Disguise ★★½
      Jojo Rabbit ★★★★
      The Gentlemen ★★★
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        Knives Out/ ★★★★½
        1917/ ★★★★★
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