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  • Quite a few characters they don't seem to know what to do with... it feels like there's nothing driving the show forward at the moment. Too much Sam and Lydia, Dan and Amelia, Andrea and Jamie... it's like half the cast are off sick. Did they even explain where Kerry is?

    Zak is obviously not a well man in real life, he's probably been in less than ten episodes over the last 18 months? They should consider killing him off but it's quite close to Lisa so I can see why they wouldn't yet.


    • Oh actually a quick google tells me Steve Halliwell (Zak) had some medical issues last year... I hope he recovers and is able to come back - the Dingles work without him but he helps keep everything central. Although I really like Sam and Lydia and I think it's great they're getting pushed to the front a bit more - Sam is obviously a mainstay and I think Lydia has the makings of a classic character. I don't think Lydia has really been thrown into the middle of a real Dingle family drama just yet, so it'll be interesting to see how she deals with that.

      I think they said Kerry had got a job and couldn't turn it down with Dan out of work and the salon closed.

      This Andrea plot - what exactly is her hold over Jamie? Kim already got rid of the car so there's no evidence.

      I really don't understand why they've expanded the show to include a new eatery place - they already serve food in the pub, have the cafe, David's random 1 table in the shop and the B&B when they need a restaurant.
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