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  • I was closer with my analogy than I realised!


    • The first of two tonight:

      16/03/89 (Presented by Simon Mayo, Sybil Ruscoe and Rod McKenzie)
      (22) New Order – “Round and Round”
      (07) Gloria Estefan – “Can’t Stay Away From You”
      ( Charts 40 - 31 - Simon Mayo)
      (25) Chanelle – “One Man”

      - (28) Alyson Williams - "Sleep Talk"
      - (31) Elvis Costello - "Veronica"
      - (36) Kim Wilde - "Love In The Natural Way"
      - (37) New Model Army - "Vagabonds"
      (23) Fuzzbox – “International Rescue”
      (02) Madonna – “Like A Prayer” (video)
      ( Charts 30 - 11 - Simon Mayo )
      (15) Soul II Soul featuring Caron Wheeler – “Keep On Movin’”
      ( Charts 10 - 01 - Simon Mayo )
      (01) Jason Donovan – “Too Many Broken Hearts” (video)
      (21) Guns N’ Roses – “Paradise City” (video/credits)

      The breakers weren't listed by Popscene for this week - I have added them in above.

      Nothing of any great interest to me in this one - I bought Madonna's new entry at number two (the second in
      the space of not many weeks) and the Fuzzbox single, but only when the price came down.

      I didn't have the slightest recollection of the number 25 - either the title or the artist, who apparently "used to
      sing in the shower", according to Sybil Ruscoe. I thought it must have come and gone from the top forty
      pretty quickly - but no, this was the second of six weeks there, and it was about to climb again to a peak of
      number sixteen. I had the vague recollection that, many years later, Big Brother housemate Chanelle also
      had a minor hit, giving the Official Charts Company scope for mis-combining them - but checking reveals
      that hers, "I Want It", included her then surname, Hayes (that of her adoptive parents). A few minutes on
      the internet reveals that the 1989 Chanelle's surname is Munford, and she released other singles - but this
      was the only hit for her in the UK.

      Counting down this week - the UKMixParade Top 200 of 2019


      • And the second one this week:

        23/03/89 (Presented by Andy Crane and Mark Goodier)
        (10) The Reynolds Girls – “I’d Rather Jack”
        (18) Alyson Williams – “Sleep Talk”
        ( Charts 40 - 31 - Mark Goodier / Andy Crane )
        (03) Donna Summer – “This Time I Know It’s For Real” (video)
        (24) Coldcut featuring Lisa Stansfield – “People Hold On”
        - (34) Pat & Mick – “I Haven’t Stopped Dancing Yet” (video clip)
        - (29) Roachford – “Family Man” (video clip)
        - (33) Bangles – “Eternal Flame” (video clip)
        - (35) Kym Mazelle – “Got To Get You Back” (video clip)
        (32) Kim Wilde – “Love In The Natural Way”
        ( Charts 30 - 11 - Mark Goodier / Andy Crane )
        (04) Paula Abdul – “Straight Up”
        ( Charts 10 - 02 - Mark Goodier / Andy Crane )
        (01) Madonna – “Like A Prayer” (video)
        (27) Bobby Brown – “Don’t Be Cruel” (video/credits)

        The Reynolds Girls opened the show, just as they did a fortnight earlier - but there was a bit more this time of
        the bigger Donna Summer hit on video, by far the best Stock/Aitken/Waterman production in this week's chart.

        The Pat and Mick hit was their second - and not their last - cover of a song that originally charted about ten
        years previously. This one would peak six places higher than the version by Gonzalez, which had reached
        number fifteen in 1979.

        Meanwhile, there was a future number one elsewhere in the breakers.....

        Counting down this week - the UKMixParade Top 200 of 2019


        • Coldcut and Lisa Stansfield the highlight of this weekend's episode for me, what a classic dance track.

          Oh wow, I'd never heard that Alyson Williams song before but I know the opening refrain really well from Hyperlogic's Only You which sampled it in 1995! Although all the versions on Spotify start in a different way.

          Horrible edit of Like A Prayer in the first episode, I know it's a long song but it was a jarring place to start the track.

          I'd never heard the Chanelle track either.

          Reynolds Girls' dance routine must be one of the most annoying ever.