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  • Season 10 has been the strongest season in a while for me, I especially really enjoyed the second half and the way things played out with Alpha, Negan and Carol.

    Shame they can’t air the finale because it’s stuck in post-production!

    Another spin-off is coming soon too, World Beyond.


    • Confirmed to be ending in 2022 with a 2 part season 11 starting in 2021. Spin off with Carol and Daryl confirmed.

      As much as I love this show, it makes a lot of sense to cancel it - the cast is too large and the constant cycle of ‘oh no, someone wants to fight us’ is very tiresome.

      With the bulk of the (best) main characters already away from the show, it makes a lot of sense to end the main show and focus on the characters people already ready care about.

      We already have Rick and Michone doing the three movies (with more faces due to pop up I believe), Morgan and Dwight have Fear The Walking Dead (which is fundamentally two different shows, season 1-3 and 4-6), we already have an upcoming spin-off (World Beyond) and now the Carol and Daryl one in 2023.

      Carol and Daryl (presumably) going off on their own also frees the actors up to appear in one of the movies too, so rather than TWD ending, it actually feels like they’re just ending one story and branching out into many others
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