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    I thought I started a thread for this when it was on BBC4 last year but seems not...

    Anyway, it stars Jo Brand as a nurse in a ward for ill and often dying old women. It's filmed in a fly-on-the-wall way similar to The Office.

    Being repeated on BBC2 at the moment, the second episode was on last night so should be on iPlayer - the series was actually only 3 episodes long! I highly recommend it, it's really subtle but often funny - the episode from last night is hilarious, a rancid foul-mouthed old woman gets admitted and causes chaos on the ward, some of the things she comes out with are brilliant!

    Jo Brand's character is great with her "couldn't really give a sh*t" attitude.

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    But Nurse Jackie is a completely different show! (Which I do like).

    A second series has been commissioned anyway so I'm happy.


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      Yeah I was sure there was a topic but searched the other day to no avail!

      LOVE this show, have been re-watching (had only seen eps 2 and 3 before) and it really makes me laugh, Jo Brand is just great. When that old woman was saying about how all her admirers might see her and Jo's character goes (really deadpan) 'oh yeah sorry, that hadn't occurred to me' - so subtle but so funny!

      Loved that woman bullying Hilary and swearing away!
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        Apparently a lot of it is ab-libbed! I love Jo's deadpan delivery too - "yeah we're kept quite busy us fat lezzas".

        I loved when Ivy lit up a fag and Kim (Jo Brand) tackled it off her and ran to the flower pot, but made sure she had a few drags herself before putting it out.

        Ivy's lines were great, the first thing she says is; "has that nig-nog gone" And then when she just spontaneously vomits down herself "I've been f**kin' sick". Plus her outburst at Hilary!! Kim and Den's faces are a picture watching him try to deal with her.

        Ivy: Matron? But he's a fella though... are you a f**kin' poofter are ya? I 'ate poofs.
        Matron: Can I share my feelings with you and in return...
        Ivy: What the f**k are you goin' on abaht?! I don't understand!
        Den: Ivy this man is a nurse...
        Ivy: He's a f**kin' poofter! I hate them! He's a filthy sh*t stabber, turd burglar, a filthy f**kin' c*ck squeezer!

        After Hilary storms off you hear Ivy say "poor soulll" and Kim goes "he sorted that out well".

        Ivy should come back for the next series, she's one of my favourite TV characters in ages!


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          I LOVE how she says 'I don't understand!!'
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            This show is the highlight of my summer (on TV)
            Jo Brand is just amazing and the little tribunal tonight was hilarious. I am so glad there will be another series of this


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              Aww so glad it's coming back, loved last night's episode too.

              I actually love Dr. Pippa Moore too, the way she was arguing with Den over the raffle prize!

              "Kim's been eating ginger thins all morning..."
              "Ohhh I've only had about 11!"

              LOL at Kim at the end stealing everything out of it; "we have sugar in our house!"

              And the crisis management strategy resolution meeting (or whatever it was called):

              Matron: "Can I just say I think this whole meeting has been homophobic"
              Union Rep: "Are you suggesting this is a gay meeting?"
              Kim: "Well I'm not gay, I'm married!"

              Oh and changing faeces to "plop-plops" on Dr. Moore's study


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                Series 2 started last week on BBC4, still loving it!

                Jo's character Kim Wilde steals the show, in last week's one of the first lines from her was about how the tramp they'd had brought in smelt like an "every orifice cocktail"

                This week's was hilarious especially the cranky old woman Peggy Lowe in the hospital bed shouting about the noise of the builders and how she hates the Queen. Then ranting at Den "she stole my egg!" and Dr. Moore's like "well can we just get her an egg?" Then when Kim was bathing her and dropped her in the chair making her bang her chin; "she was gonna sh*t in the bath!"


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                  Originally posted by Thriller
                  Then ranting at Den "she stole my egg!" and Dr. Moore's like "well can we just get her an egg?"

                  This is the funniest thing on TV at the moment!
                  And at the end when the son was 'the man in the red coat'

                  Everything about this show is amazing!!


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                    3rd episode tonight! for the 4 people who watch it


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                      LOL Kim; "I think she was trying to tell me she was pregnant cos she kept saying "prego" all the time"

                      And when Hilary walked in; "oh gotta go, a canary's walked in".

                      It wasn't a very funny episode this week, a bit slow.


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                        I p*ssed myself when the "agency nurse" aka a drunk Den walked down the corridor with her boobs hanging out

                        The whole drunk Den thing was the best thing about this episode!


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                          Originally posted by Charmbracelet
                          I p*ssed myself when the "agency nurse" aka a drunk Den walked down the corridor with her boobs hanging out

                          The whole drunk Den thing was the best thing about this episode!
                          And i was like wow I loved that scene


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                            "That'll teach you for taking it up the Cadbury"

                            I loved how they put the two Greek ladies next to each other so they could chat and then they ended up falling out and when they locked Pippa in the room at the end and ran away.


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                              Originally posted by Blondini
                              Didn't like it, Nurse Jackie is better. Though Brand can act.

                              But Nurse Jackie is completely different from it.


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                                Jo Brand confirmed it's been renewed for a third series!


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                                  Yesssssssssss this was hilarious in spite of being very depressing! And I am so happy Jo Brand won the BAFTA!


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                                    The new series begins tonight at 10pm on BBC4!


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                                      Result, saw the adverts and got so excited
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                                        Loved when Pippa put her shopping behind the desk and Kim was like; "can't we just set fire to them?", then gives them away to another ward

                                        Den using a dying woman's hospital room as her temporary office!

                                        "I love cultural diversity, I've been out with loads of black guys, always fun".

                                        Pippa: how's your appetite?
                                        Old woman: it's very poor
                                        Den: well she did manage three cupcakes...