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    HONOUR Man

    So I just spent a fortune on two 6x 7.5ml miniature sets of Amouage fragrances for men. Each of them retail for €235 because I was so impressed by my full size bottle of FATE MAN. I remember smelling Fate in 2015 when I was a teenager and entered this really expensive perfume store for the first time and asking for a spicy fragrance and if possible an eau de Parfum - i like their intensity. They pulled out three for me to blind test and Fate turned out to be my favorite. When they announced the price (€313) I still kept my cool and acted like a rich kid or sth. Must have worked because they decanted me a 3ml sample for me to try the juice out at home. And I did. And I kept it for five years. And two months ago I fulfilled this dream of mine to own this fragrance and it felt amazing. (I got it cheaper... but still expensive)
    After wearing it out a lot and loving it, i decided that i wanted to explore more Amouage fragrances. So I went back to the same fragrance store (I went there a few times in between and always received free decants without asking) and specifically asked for amouage.
    One of them was Honour Man.
    It opens up EXTREMELY peppery. Almost unpleasant on first sniff. But after a couple of minutes the still incredibly potent scent reveals more and more layers and becomes super refined on my skin.
    It is a spice bomb, just like fate. But unlike fate, which has predominantly Cumin and Safran as prominent notes, Honour has all kinds of pepper as dominant notes. Black pepper. Pink pepper. A lot of pepper.
    I love it.
    The performance is excellent - it lasts a really long time. Even longer than Fate in my opinion. I think it is also a lot more wearable for most people. And the projection when you enter a room - at first actually a little TOO strong for everyday wear - dies down a little after some time. It still is amazing.

    Definitely my scent of the day.
    Simply incredible and I cannot wait to try more of my amouage miniatures and possibly buy a full size bottle in the future.

    After smelling so many Amouage fragrances, i feel ready to rate this one. I give it a 4.5/5. for me, it is bottle worthy. I know I would get a lot of use out of it. (unfortunately I cant afford that many amouage fragrances at once... but someday. it is on my list!!) The only reason I dont give this one a 5/5 is because the various pepper notes could seem a little one-dimensional. In my opinion that is not really the case - its just the direction they went in when creating this fragrance. But the pepper notes are definitely very prominent.
    I find them less "In your face", daring and potentially offensive than the heavy cumin and safran notes in "Fate" which could, while I love them, potentially offend people.


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      So far my fragrance additions in 2018 were:

      1. Amouage Fate Man (Edp) (men)
      2. Tom Ford Vert Des Bois (Edp) (unisex)
      3. Hermès Terre d’Hermès Pure Perfume (Edp) (men)
      4. Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’Homme Eau Electrique (Edt) (men)
      5. Hermès Bel Ami Vetiver (EdT) (men)

      And as miniatures or free samples I have tried
      1. Tom Ford Black Orchid (Edp) (unisex - recommended for women)
      2. Tom Ford Noir anthrazite (Edp) (unisex - recommended for men)
      3. Tom Ford Noir extreme (Edp) (unisex - recommended for men)
      4. Penhaligon’s Agarbathi (Edp) (men)
      5. Amouage Epic Man (Edp) (men)
      6. Amouage Honour Man (Edp) (men)
      7. Amouage Gold Man (Edp) (man)
      8. Oajan (Edp) (man)
      9. Orto Parisi Berga’mask (Edp) (men)

      I have these (as miniatures or samples) but have not tried them yet:
      1. Amouage Lyric Man (Edp) (men)
      2. Amouage Beloved Man (Edp) (men)
      3. Amouage Silver Man (Edp) (men)
      4. Amouage Dia Man (Edp) (men)
      5. Amouage Jubilation XXV (Edp) (men)
      6. Amouage Reflection Man (Edp) (men)
      7. Amouage Interlude Man (Edp) (men)
      8. Amouage Memoir Man (Edp) (men)

      I am trying to get a sample of these:
      1. Amouage Bracken Men (Edp) (men)
      Never smelled
      2. Amouage Figment Man (Edp) (men)
      Smelled kinda unpleasant but I cannot get it out of my head and I wanna see how it wears on me after two hours)
      3. Amouage Beach Hut Man (Edp) (men)
      Never smelled
      4. Amouage Sunshine Man (Edp) (men)
      From the top notes not what I would go for but I realized that most amouage perfumes develop very differently on my skin after a few hours so I would like to see how this one does on me)
      5. Amouage Journey Man (Edp) (men)
      Never smelled
      6. Amouage Myths Man (Edp) (man)
      Exact same experience as with Figment

      Would also like to smell the now discontinued Ciel Man... just because I am curious

      I plan to buy actual bottles of:
      1. Tom Ford Oud Wood (Edp) (unisex) (I want the 30ml)
      2. Amouage Honour Man (Edp) (men) (I wanna but the 100ml bottle)
      3. Who knows what but probably another amouage

      So basically I will have to work my ass off and will have nothing to eat for a long time BUT I will smell good !!


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        Scent of the day


        LYRIC MAN

        A masculine rose scent...

        Evoking the sombre sound of eternity this spicy oriental fragrance is a dedication to the rose infused with angelica. Created for the confident gentleman who dares to desire.

        I really like this one. Very very different to my other perfumes and very different to the other Amouage scents. It has a feminine touch and is very rose-y. But it’s still a men’s fragrance. But a woman could definitely get a way with it... it smells very unisex


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          Scent of the day


          GOLD FOR MEN

          Amouage Gold pour Homme by Amouage is a Woody Floral Musk fragrance for men. Amouage Gold pour Homme was launched in 1998. The nose behind this fragrance is Guy Robert.
          I rate this one a 3/5. Glad I've smelled it and had the opportunity to wear this. But this fragrance simply is not for me. A little too "old" and dated imo. It is their oldest fragrance (+20 years) so maybe that is one of the reasons, too.
          I find this to be a little feminine as well. Definitely smells very unisex. Not what I like to wear on a daily basis.


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            Scent of the day


            FIGMENT MAN

            I don’t even have a sample of this
            But I got it sprayed on my skin at that fancy parfumery and damn I loved it. I swear If I had a spare 295 bucks right now haha

            With Figment Man, Christopher Chong plays with contrasts and illusions. The fragrance fantasy begins with a fresh and floral revelation of lemon and geranium, seasoned with pink pepper. In the heart of the perfume sandalwood joins forces with animal notes and vetiver.
            Figment Man finally ends up in a woody-balsamic base of labdanum and guaiac wood, which is grounded by an earthy chord and a touch of mus
            I can't rate this yet as I have only smelled this once so far. I cannot get it out of my head. I am mesmerized by the notes I smelled this last thursday. I ordered a 2-3ml sample from a fancy shop and I am currently browsing online retailers for full bottles. I really could see myself wearing this one a lot. MAYBE bottle worthy? I certainly am thinking about getting a full size a lot. The bottle looks amazing as well.
            fun fact: I've experienced that my opinion regarding amouage fragrances differs a lot from what seems to be the overall consensus. People DESPISE Fate and Figment - yet these are the ones I seem to love the most so far. Yet I can't get on board with Interlude, Reflection and Lyric which are universally acclaimed.


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              Scent of the Day


              REFLECTION MAN

              Reflection for Man embodies the spirit of refinement and is compelling, distinctive and unmistakably masculine with a timeless appeal. Top Notes: Rosemary, Red Pepper Berries, Bitter Orange Leaves.
              dont really like that one... and I think its not that masculine either. pretty feminine if you ask me! has a strong powderiness to it.

              I am rating this one 2/5. I dont really get the hype around this one. I feel like a masculine man could get away with it easily - but this one surely isnt for me. definitely not bottle worthy. For such a hyped Amouage fragrance, I expected it to be a bit more complicated too. A little more dimension and layers.


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                scent of March 30:


                MEMOIR MAN

                About Memoir Man
                Memoir Man is a masculine fragrance by Amouage. The scent was launched in 2010 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Karine Vinchon-Spehner
                Memoir Man fragrance notes

                Top Notes
                Absinth, Wormwood, Basil, Mint
                Heart Notes
                Rose, Frankincense, Lavender Absolute
                Base notes
                Sandalwood, Vetiver, Guaiac wood, Amber, Vanilla, Musk, Oakmoss, Leather, Tobacco
                Amouage – Memoir Man - EdP

                Leave you ensnare again from the female black swan.

                Topic from this fragrance by Amouage is the awareness of life of the Paris Bohème at the time of Charles Beaudelair. Baudelaire picked „Les Fleurs du Mal“ (the flower of the evil) with 36 years. These poetry book with its cryptic poetry, reflects the human being of the 19th century in Paris. Their inner disruption between good and evil but also the dark romance and sweet melancholy of this time. This awareness of life is represented by a Flaneur.
                It is deep night shortly before midnight the Flaneur roams across in mysteriously dark wrapped narrow roads and close lanes. He feels its senses anaesthetized by absinth and opium. He follows a black fog the target of this journey remains however unknown for the Flaneur.
                It is deep night shortly before midnight the Flaneur roams across in mysteriously dark wrapped narrow roads and close lanes. He feels its senses anaesthetized by absinth and opium. He follows a black fog the target of this journey remains however unknown for the Flaneur.

                The way leads into an unreal and dark world. A Déjà Vu! This unknown world reflects his alter ego - his memoirs of another person written long before his birth.
                Midnight - with the stroke of the church tower bell the black fog transforms into a female black swan. In fear of the black swan the Flaneur must follow him into the unknown. He must find out who it is.
                Midnight - with the stroke of the church tower bell the black fog transforms into a female black swan. In fear of the black swan the Flaneur must follow him into the unknown. He must find out who it is.

                The Scent

                The fragrance is inspired by the attitude of life of the Paris Bohème in the times of Charles Beaudelair reflecting by the odor of la Fée the Verte the Absinth.

                The World of Shadows is been opened by the compelling chords of spearmint, wormwood, basil, vanilla, mint and rose. Dark and woody chords as sandalwood, vetiver and guaiacwood emphasize this mystery mood. She prepares the way for the exhilarating combination of absinth
                and wormwood. Like a memoire the odor is composed out of different chords and fragments as sandalwood, vetiver and guaiacwood that combines itself to an amazing overall picture.

                The Flacon

                The flacon of Memoir of the Black Swan is black – black as the fog which gathers through the small and winding streets and alleys.
                A slight glance covers the precious black flacon like a glimmering drop of water from the fog. The packaging is inspired from the black fog which gathers through the street of the sleeping Paris.

                I find this to be a the little more wearable brother to "INTERLUDE". The incense is there but it isnt AS prominent as in Interlude. I much prefer Memoir over interlude. It's not one of my faves but I find it wearable and enjoy it. Unlike Interlude which is so rich in incense that it smells like a bomb of ash, this has a lot more layers and there are more notes allowed to shine than just that one strong incense note in Interlude.

                To me, this is a 3/5. not bottle worthy but I'm glad that I had the opportunity to smell it and wear it! will surely wear it again


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                  Scent of March 31.


                  MYTHS MAN

                  Myths Man is a fantastic journey into the realm of the Chinese dragon. The Chinese Dragon is a symbol - for power, for strength. For the male. The Chinese Dragon represents the most powerful of all men in ancient China - the emperor.

                  THE FRAGRANCE

                  The adventurous ride on the back of the Chinese dragon starts with hints of roses and orris. A dark red rose pulsates in the heart of this oriental perfume. Caressed by Elemi, vetiver and a whiff of rum, it exudes intoxicating aromas - highlighted by labdanum and leather nuances in the base note.
                  I do like this one. The heavy leatheriness is limbered by the florals. And the florals don's smell too feminine because of the leather. Very interesting combo. Very clever, too.
                  Another reviewer once described this as the smell of a women's leather purse with flowers inside. Sounds very feminine but if you smell Myths, you will get what the person means.

                  It's an amazing frag but the sweetness of the florals is not something I enjoy wearing all the time. It can get a little headache-y over time for me.
                  Not yet bottle worthy for me.
                  However, this is one of the cheapest Amouage frags because it seems to be universally hated by the fragrance community. Many people find it to be unwearable and very daring.
                  I disagree - on the right person this would be marvelous. Just not on me. And not on many many perople. But that is why we have niche fragrances, am I right?
                  4/5 rating from me.


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                    Scent of yesterday:


                    BEACH HUT MAN

                    An olfactive escape to a place of freedom and oblivion where nature overpowers all senses.
                    Topnotes: Mint, neroli, galbanum
                    Heartnotes: Vetiver, moss, ivy
                    Basenotes: Patchouli, myrrh, dry wood
                    I love this one. So summery. Could see myself wearing this a lot. Might get a bottle!!
                    I dont like the name though. You have epic names like MEMOIR, HONOUR, FATE, MYTHS and the Beach Hut? ok.
                    but the name makes sense.
                    while this one certainly is a lot more crowd-pleasing than some of the other amouages, it is definitely still NOT basic in the slightest.
                    If I had to describe this scent in one word it would be beautiful. I have never smelled something so fresh, young, old, green, deep yet light before. I think this can be worn as a unisex fragrance as well!


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                      Scent of today:


                      JUBILATION XXV

                      (Jubilatio 25 Man)

                      With the grandeur of a great epic, Jubilation XXV for men opens majestically with notes of the finest frankincense from Oman.

                      At its heart are elegant notes of rose, orchid and smoky gaiac wood,evoking the philosophy of the enigmatic man carrying the essence of his sophitication across all eras and cultures.

                      Like the magic of a spellbinding epiphany, notes of musk, myrrh, cedarwood, ambergris, patchouli and immortelle resonate in the depth of the fragrance expressing his longing to travel far, across all continents, to find the ethereal unknown.
                      Topnotes: labdanum ciste, coriander, orange, davana, frankincense, blackberry
                      Heartnotes: honey, bay, cinnamon, orchid, rose, clove, celery seeds, gaiac Wood
                      Basenotes: patchouli, opoponax, myrrh, atlas cedarwood, musk, moss, ambergris, oud wood, immortelle
                      The listing of notes is ridiculous. you can't smell more than 8 out of this MASS of notes.

                      however, I do like this one a lot.
                      The incense is there but at first not super noticeable. At first, light fruity scents (blackberry!) and orange dominate. Super interesting and lovely, yet masculine.

                      The dry down has a dominent incense note, but it is not unpleasant. I find the blackberry and orange notes from the beginning that make this one for me fade rather quickly and while the dried down scent is certainly not bad, it doesnt have the desired effect (to me at least.)
                      I therefore find myself re-applying this one rather frequently for an eau de parfum. Not because the longevity is not there but the important notes fade to the background and in order to get that first sensation again, this one has to be touched up.
                      It's fine though!
                      4/5 would be my rating of this one.
                      I find myself smelling my wrist and wanting to re-apply this now that I have worn it about 2-3 hours. It is still there and it is still strong but I need those top notes back! DANGER: fear of overspraying in the long run - might offend some people when in public because of the great projetion and sillage these perfumes have!


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                        messssssssssssss what is this thread? Perfume Addicts unite

                        How do you have the money to buy all of these?



                        what a trashy bop from Myah Jean.
                        COMMON LOVE ISN'T FOR US...


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                          Re: Scent of the Day

                          I explained it earlier
                          I got like 6-8 amouage samples (2 or 3 ml) as well as two miniature box sets which combined have 12 scents. I also have one full size

                          Of course I can’t afford all these in full size nor do I want to. I don’t like all of them!
                          It would be foolish to spend upwards of 200 or 250 bucks on a fragrance you don’t truly love

                          So in total the frags are worth about 750 bucks still but only one full size


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                            Oh and I despise that song hahahahha

                            But I actually enjoy the uptempos from BJ
                            So trashy but perfect for drunk hoe mood

                            The shade you call her Myah Jean ahahahhahaha
                            Didn’t Myah Marie apologized for saying she sung 100% of the album later on?


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                              Originally posted by MrDiva
                              Oh and I despise that song hahahahha

                              But I actually enjoy the uptempos from BJ
                              So trashy but perfect for drunk hoe mood

                              The shade you call her Myah Jean ahahahhahaha
                              Didn’t Myah Marie apologized for saying she sung 100% of the album later on?

                              yeah but I think she was forced to apologize.
                              COMMON LOVE ISN'T FOR US...


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                                Originally posted by ThaInfo1
                                Scent of the day: ass


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                                  Update: I've gotten the Figment full size. I am in love with it. really amazing. I've noticed that if you let people actively smell it on your skin they often find it weird or too much but when I walk past them I get TONS of compliments. it is amazing and right up with Fate Man for me. Maybe even better? remains to be seen


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                                    Scent of the Day...

                                    AMOUAGE - BRACKEN MAN

                                    The second Amouage I am trying from the Midnight Flower collection... (after Beach Hut Man which was a winner for me. I did not like Sunshine the two times I have tested it on my arm in the store.)

                                    Amouage - Bracken Man

                                    The majestic eagle fern (also known as "bracken") was the inspiration for Amouage’s fragrance Bracken Man. The elegant Fougère perfume exudes a subtle and mysterious masculinity.

                                    THE FRAGRANCE

                                    Vibrant notes of lavender, nutmeg and clove reveal an aromatic freshness. Like beams of light falling through the thicket of the forest, lemon and bergamot saturate the perfume with its brightness. Geranium, cinnamon, cedar and sandalwood merge in the base with earthy notes of musk and patchouli - a seductive aura that gives the perfume its fascinating retro charm.
                                    I like this one.
                                    It opens up quite fresh and lively. It smells quite literally what the name suggests... fern. Not everyone's cup of tea. I personally like it and find it very interesting but I don't know if I constantly wanna smell like fern. While the top notes are very fresh, the fragrance becomes very very "green" in the middle. You might literally find yourself smelling like a plant. In the dry down (base notes), the fragrance becomes extremely woody, musky and kinda spicy. It becomes almost a little piercingly spicy. The green fern-like notes are a little more in the background now. Definitely an interesting fragrance and worth a sample. If this didn't cost an arm and a leg I would even say it's bottle worthy but i'll have to try it more to decide whether I like taking this scent out into the world on my own body. For now I would give this 3/5


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                                      scent of the day...

                                      AMOUAGE - SILVER MAN

                                      Amouage - Silver - Eau de Parfum

                                      Amouage Silver Cologne is a classical, timeless fragrance for the dynamic sporting man of today.

                                      Silver Eau de Parfum conjoins the spicy nuances of mandarin, orange blossom and plum.
                                      I don't really get the notes from this one tbh...
                                      I don't like it.... Smells way too feminine for me personally. It kinda reminds me of the Chanel No 5 EdT which is a women's fragrance....
                                      The only occasion where I could maybe see myself wearing this would be wearing a suit because of the masculinity and elegance of wearing a suit. Otherwise I simply wouldn't feel comfortable wearing this flowery perfume tbh.
                                      I'd give this a 2 out of 5
                                      I'm getting headaches from that mixture


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                                        Scent of the day

                                        Terre d’Hermès

                                        Pure Parfum

                                        Compared to the EDT, the pure Parfum is supposed to last longer
                                        It definitely has a rounder orange note than the EDT

                                        Terre d`Hermes Parfum by Hermès is a Woody Chypre fragrance for men. Terre d`Hermes Parfum was launched in 2009. The nose behind this fragrance is Jean-Claude Ellena.

                                        My signature scent...

                                        I love it!
                                        And after years and years I still am not sick of it
                                        My first ever real higher end perfume after the times of puma and Axe haha

                                        4.5 out of 5 for me!


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                                          My scent of the day was...

                                          Bench Body Spray


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                                            Hey friends, do your kids use same deodorant which you are using? I am showing you some of the best deodorants for kids here


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                                              have you guys ever heard of Clive christian's fragrances? they're amongst the most expensive in the world... its pretty insane what he's charging bc you don't get 100ml 3fl oz but 50ml 1.6fl oz. its nuts! 350EUR for 50ml


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                                                Jaipur Homme EDP