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    Update: I've gotten the Figment full size. I am in love with it. really amazing. I've noticed that if you let people actively smell it on your skin they often find it weird or too much but when I walk past them I get TONS of compliments. it is amazing and right up with Fate Man for me. Maybe even better? remains to be seen


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      Scent of the Day...


      The second Amouage I am trying from the Midnight Flower collection... (after Beach Hut Man which was a winner for me. I did not like Sunshine the two times I have tested it on my arm in the store.)

      Amouage - Bracken Man

      The majestic eagle fern (also known as "bracken") was the inspiration for Amouage’s fragrance Bracken Man. The elegant Fougère perfume exudes a subtle and mysterious masculinity.


      Vibrant notes of lavender, nutmeg and clove reveal an aromatic freshness. Like beams of light falling through the thicket of the forest, lemon and bergamot saturate the perfume with its brightness. Geranium, cinnamon, cedar and sandalwood merge in the base with earthy notes of musk and patchouli - a seductive aura that gives the perfume its fascinating retro charm.
      I like this one.
      It opens up quite fresh and lively. It smells quite literally what the name suggests... fern. Not everyone's cup of tea. I personally like it and find it very interesting but I don't know if I constantly wanna smell like fern. While the top notes are very fresh, the fragrance becomes very very "green" in the middle. You might literally find yourself smelling like a plant. In the dry down (base notes), the fragrance becomes extremely woody, musky and kinda spicy. It becomes almost a little piercingly spicy. The green fern-like notes are a little more in the background now. Definitely an interesting fragrance and worth a sample. If this didn't cost an arm and a leg I would even say it's bottle worthy but i'll have to try it more to decide whether I like taking this scent out into the world on my own body. For now I would give this 3/5


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        scent of the day...


        Amouage - Silver - Eau de Parfum

        Amouage Silver Cologne is a classical, timeless fragrance for the dynamic sporting man of today.

        Silver Eau de Parfum conjoins the spicy nuances of mandarin, orange blossom and plum.
        I don't really get the notes from this one tbh...
        I don't like it.... Smells way too feminine for me personally. It kinda reminds me of the Chanel No 5 EdT which is a women's fragrance....
        The only occasion where I could maybe see myself wearing this would be wearing a suit because of the masculinity and elegance of wearing a suit. Otherwise I simply wouldn't feel comfortable wearing this flowery perfume tbh.
        I'd give this a 2 out of 5
        I'm getting headaches from that mixture


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          Scent of the day

          Terre d’Hermès

          Pure Parfum

          Compared to the EDT, the pure Parfum is supposed to last longer
          It definitely has a rounder orange note than the EDT

          Terre d`Hermes Parfum by Hermès is a Woody Chypre fragrance for men. Terre d`Hermes Parfum was launched in 2009. The nose behind this fragrance is Jean-Claude Ellena.

          My signature scent...

          I love it!
          And after years and years I still am not sick of it
          My first ever real higher end perfume after the times of puma and Axe haha

          4.5 out of 5 for me!


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            My scent of the day was...

            Bench Body Spray


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              Hey friends, do your kids use same deodorant which you are using? I am showing you some of the best deodorants for kids here


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                have you guys ever heard of Clive christian's fragrances? they're amongst the most expensive in the world... its pretty insane what he's charging bc you don't get 100ml 3fl oz but 50ml 1.6fl oz. its nuts! 350EUR for 50ml


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                  Jaipur Homme EDP