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  • Anyone got a blog?

    Does anyone know anything about starting up a blog? I've been wanting to get one going for a while and I could really do with some help - especially in deciding which site to go for. I've done my homework and I've found 1and1 (if anyone wants to look), which seems straightforward enough and looks as though you don't need expert knowledge to do a decent job with it. Before taking the plunge, has anyone else used them before or is there something else I should be checking out?

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    Wordpress, BlogSpot and Weebly are a couple of decent sites.

    I run one called Too Much Music.
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      Due to a fault on Blogger pictures and images are vanishing and being replaced by a question mark (?) graphic.
      The Blogger TEAM are working on the problem, but no timeline of when it will be fixed is known yet.
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        While surfing the internet I notices that a lot of blogs are made on Tilda. As far as I understood this platform allows to make a blog without special knowledge so you don't have to be a programmer to make something worthy on Tilda. Correct me if I am wrong. A friend of mine, who is a fashion blogger, made a nice Tilda blog with different means of communication for readers/visitors. I mean that if even she managed to make it then almost everybody will be able to get the hang of it
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