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What hobbies have you revived during lockdown?

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  • What hobbies have you revived during lockdown?

    For me, it's been Rubik's type puzzles. There are now a staggering variety out there! Back in the 80's there were pretty much only 3 types, the 3x3, 4x4, and the Pyramid.

    I've no pretence to be able to solve them really fast, but has anyone here solved the 3x3 in under 60 seconds, or even 30 seconds?

    At least nowadays there are tutorial videos on YouTube, but some people might consider them 'cheating'?
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    i haven't really revived any hobby from the past but instead I took the time to look through my music collection, categorize it,write down the stuff that I own and that I still need to post on Instagram.

    I then decided to change my Instagram feed to not only showing the record itself but rather me posing with the respective record. And it's become so much more fun now.


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      Spending too much time on my phone
      Fiat 500


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        I am writing like crazy.

        As a matter of fact, my job is offering a "Volunteering Leave" packet and I am starting to consider it due to how well my writing is coming along.