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    • Every time name TIDAL pops out I'm surprised to hear they still exist. They literally have 0 territories to fall back upon. Deezer at least has like half of France and a lot of visibility in Europe.
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      • Originally posted by beredy
        Every time name TIDAL pops out I'm surprised to hear they still exist. They literally have 0 territories to fall back upon. Deezer at least has like half of France and a lot of visibility in Europe.
        I was about to say the same. How are they managing to stay afloat?
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        • TIDAL claims to have over 3 million paying subscribers, so each month they are generating $30 to $60 million dollars if the pricing structure is $9.99 to $19.99 a month. A lot of subscribers use TIDAL solely for the more expensive high quality premium tier.

          Now out of that $30 million + monthly revenue they pay out 70%? to the rights holders and keep the rest. So at least $9 million dollars a month to pay staff and keep investors happy. That seems like a lot of money to me but I don't know how many people they have to pay. They should be fine.


          • Is that 3m paying subscribers number accurate?

            The statement sounds like a stab at DN's report disputing Jay-Z's updates on Tidal's subscriber numbers just days before Sprint's investment. In September 2015, Jay-Z tweeted that Tidal had hit the 1 million member milestone, but the newspaper claimed internal payments to record labels revealed it to be closer to 350,000. Around six months later he claimed it had reached the 3 million member mark, whereas the number was 850,000. Meanwhile, Tidal had internally circulated a figure of 1.2 million subscribers. Since then, the company has kept quiet about user numbers.

   ... l-trouble/
            Also read this:

            In numbers shared with The Verge, MusicWatch estimates that Tidal today has around 3 million subscribers globally — including trial accounts — and around a 10 percent “aided awareness level” in the US. “That means if you show people a list of paid streaming services, 10 percent say they know about Tidal,” Crupnick said. “It’s about 50 percent for Spotify Premium or Apple Music.”

   ... pple-music
            The company would be screaming publicly if it was in profit, given the sheer amount of bad press it's had over the years - assuming the 1.2 million number to be accurate, that would equate to between $12-$24 million per month.

            Spotify has 180 million users with 83 million of those people paying for the service (around 46%). Assuming the 3 million number to be correct for TIDAL, that would equate to around 1.4 million paying subscribers (so, 1.2-1.4 million might be the more accurate figure).


            • Re: TIDAL

              Tidal needs to fold so Lemonade gets added to Spotify.
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              • Tidal Launches Unplugged, $1 Million Program to Support Emerging Musicians

                Tidal, the streaming platform headed by Jay-Z, today announced the launch of a million-dollar artist grant program intended to support emerging musicians. Called Tidal Unplugged and funded by a donation from venture capitalists and philanthropists Mark Lampert and Robert Nelsen, the program will kick off March 1 in Detroit, where Lampert’s grandfather started his musical career. Local artists will have the opportunity to submit their music through Tidal to receive part of the million dollar grant.

                According to the announcement, the selected artists will each work with the Tidal Unplugged team to create a personalized program aimed to cover resources needed to further their musical career. The grant can cover living expenses, equipment, studio time, and more as well as access to expertly guided recording and creative resources.

                Beginning March 1, 2019 Detroit residents can apply on According to the announcement, “artists from all genres are encouraged to submit, but music must be performed acapella or acoustically and must not rely heavily on digital elements.” The finalists will be announced in May. Following a pilot run in Detroit, Tidal aims to expand the program into other markets.

                “We recognize the power of streaming and the importance of supporting and encouraging emerging musicians,” said Jason Kpana, Tidal SVP of artist relations. “Being able to expand the program to support musicians in an authentic and substantial way is truly an honor.”

                Working with Tidal and utilizing the resources provided, the finalists will develop and finish four songs for distribution. Once the tracks are complete, they will exclusively premiere on Tidal and receive promotion through the platform’s Tidal Rising program; finalists will perform their songs at a showcase in November. Artists will maintain 100% ownership of recording masters.

                I know some of ya'll are going to have a field day with the name of the program.
                But. They might not get the Spotify numbers, but I'm glad they're pushing it for artists.
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                • I think those are the types of programmes they should've focused on from the get go instead of the elaborate rollout which, in my opinion, set a very negative outlook for them
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                  • Tidal Adds Music, Video Sharing Social Features

                    Tidal is becoming more social.

                    From today, the streaming platform is unveiling upgrades which will allow its members to share music and video content via Instagram Stories, and tunes from Facebook Stories.

                    For Tidal users on iOS and Android devices, the new sharing option will become visible when clicking the three-dot menu and selecting “share,” a statement explains. Music content, including playlists, will share to Instagram and Facebook Stories as an image, while videos will post with a brief preview to Instagram Stories and as a still to Facebook Stories.

                    The Jay-Z owned streamer launched in March 2015 and today boasts a licensed library of 60 million songs, and more than 250,000 music videos. The company, however, wants its users to share the glory.

                    “We see members every day sharing their favorite Tidal’s content across social media,” comments Tidal COO Lior Tibon in a statement announcing the changes. “With Tidal’s leading video catalog, it became a priority to better showcase the content and assimilate into other popular apps – we’re proud to continue leading the way for video content amongst our peers.”

                    Tidal's main rivals, including Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer, have all made plays in the social space. Almost one-and-a-half years ago, Spotify and Instagram announced a new partnership that would enable users to share what they're listening to via their Instagram Stories. And in June of this year, Deezer launched lyric sharing on Instagram Stories.

                    The new Tidal feature is currently being rolled out with members in the 53 markets it operates in, with updates going live throughout the week.

                    It’s the second major revamp in as many months for Tidal, which in July added credit pages, highlighting the work of behind-the-scenes creatives.
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                      • Norwegian Court Approves Data-Fraud Investigation of Tidal

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                        • expected tbh