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Have you ever been sexually harassed?

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    Like Kween once said, it feels like 1901 in here.
    Originally posted by Kaloki
    I don't understand why WBT still isn't at #1 tbh.


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      This is a sensitive topic that was always going to be tough to deal with on UKMIX. However if users could refrain from undermining or trying to belittle people's personal experiences that would be great. This topic should be a place where users feel comfortable sharing uncomfortable/tough etc experiences without fear of judgment or having their experiences invalidated.


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        Originally posted by Hejira View Post
        Thanks for deciding for me what my boundaries are. I really want to call you several things right now but I'll keep them for myself.
        He wasn’t deciding your boundaries for you though, just giving his opinion on the topic, the way people react over different world views and opinions on this site is so ridiculous, no need to take everything so deeply and personally, I’d rather that than be in an echo chamber where only people who think like me are allowed to post...shame I have to say it but that is my opinion. I know nothing I post makes me popular around here but I just wanted to say that.

        No not been harassed, they probably know what would happen if they did. No not catch herpes.
        My tits are made of silicone, just like the Earth and sea...