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  • Small things that annoy you

    You know those little everyday general things that are so annoying? How many can you think of? For example...

    Waiting in the "10 items or less" queue in a supermarket and somebody has about 20 items.
    Discovering there's no milk left and you can't be arsed going to the shop.
    Being behind someone driving 30mph in a 60mph zone.
    Traffic lights that are on green for 5 seconds and then on red for 5 minutes.
    Perfectly capable singers (i.e. Girls Aloud) that constantly mime.
    Sitting down on the sofa to realise that the TV is switched off at the plug.
    Paying for a cheap item with a 20 note and being given a dirty look.


    Can you relate to any of these?

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    Re: Small things that annoy you

    Originally posted by Thriller
    Waiting in the "10 items or less" queue in a supermarket and somebody has about 20 items.
    I don't normally worry about people who do stupid but petty little things like that.

    One pre-Christmas lunchtime at Asda though, a couple were in the express lane in front of myself and a colleague.

    They had two trolleys stacked full!

    When somebody complained they refused to back down, the manager ended up being called. How pathetic.


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      People who just stop and start chatting in the middle of the pavement. Oh my god, that gets on my nerves so much. They don't even make an effort to move. :x

      And I hate people who throw strops in shops because they're overcharged by something tiny like a quid. Fair enough if you mention it, but don't get all huffy and nasty. :x

      And don't even get me started on tantrum throwing kids in shops. :evil:
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        Re: Small things that annoy you

        Originally posted by lars
        Originally posted by Thriller
        Waiting in the "10 items or less" queue in a supermarket and somebody has about 20 items.
        When you're due at work in 10 minutes it's crucial!

        I hate people who stand in the middle of pavements too, or walk really slowly and take up all the space. You go to walk around them and they go in the same direction :x


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          Peter Andre's penis!
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            Originally posted by Dazzle
            Peter Andre's penis!
            I knew it wouldn't be too long before someone turned the thread title into an innuendo


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              Barbara Windsor.

              And when I'm not quite so near the posting limit, I'll add a few more.
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                Geri Halliwell


                Harry Halliwell
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                  People who decide to charge up their bus cards on the bus and it takes forever.
                  Buses that don't turn up on time.
                  Paying with notes on the bus and the bus driver glares at you.
                  Slow bus drivers.
                  When all the seats are taken on the bus and the only seat left is next to some weird looking person who you'd rather NOT sit next to.
                  When somebody comes and sits next to you on the bus and you have to get off in a few stops and you can't be arsed asking them to move.

                  Look at that, all my annoyances are about the bus! And these all happened today...
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                    People with their mobile phones on that ring during a movie.

                    Kids who are constantly talking throughout a movie their parents/grandparents/some adults are trying to watch (this is what happened when I went and saw Love Actually at the cinema - to add to that, the kid starts wriggling around and crawling on the cinema floor :evil: and I told one of his grandmothers twice to control the damn kid, he still mucked up :evil: )

                    People who walk really slow (ok if they're hobbling along then that's ok, but for others, it's not acceptable).

                    Stupid parents who take their kids into libraries and then the kids don't shut up or they start throwing a tanty & crying (the latter thing happened today - I could've killed the kid - haha, so much for me wanting kids when I'm older ).

                    Train delays (got stuck in one the other day cos of a signal failure ).
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                      Bus drivers in general, they're all so bitter.

                      Teeny boppers who think they've got a great taste in music, and think they're "rockers" when they listen to The Rasmus, and 50 Cent. And that's it. :x


                      People who obsess over phones, like "My phone's better that yours, because it has a camera, and MP3 player, Java, bla bla bla" I don't care, I have a camera and an MP3 Player, so I don't need one on a phone.

                      Cars - not cars in general, but my best mate is so obsessed with them, it's unbelievable. According to what he's said, he wants about 60 cars when he's older, so yeah, I'll leave that one to him/
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                        In order of degree of annoyance:
                        1. Old people.[/*:m:1hdeisk2]
                        2. Really young people (children).[/*:m:1hdeisk2]
                        3. Young people (teenagers).[/*:m:1hdeisk2]
                        4. Everyone else.[/*:m:1hdeisk2]

                        That pretty much covers it.
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                          People who start talking to each other in stupid places like STAIRS(!) and I even saw 2 cars stop at the corner of a busy road so they could have a chat!!

                          Getting all settled to watch TV before realising that the remote is over the other side of the room

                          Couples that have been together 5 minutes saying 'oh shes the one we're gona be together forever' when you know they are gonna be the first ones to break up

                          'Friends' who only get in touch with you when they want something

                          Ill think of loadddds more later


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                            My parents' table manners.

                            My Dad eats loudly, eats with his mouth open and talks with his mouth full, I can't stand it, I have to go out of the room when he does that!

                            My Mum is more or less the same, just not as bad...
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                            There's more important things than hearing you speak.


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                              Hee hee, ranting, yay!

                              My ideas:
                              People who think Evanescense is real music.

                              Bad drivers (I know I wrote off a car but I'm a good driver normally!). Also slow drivers. Grannies usually. I tend to go as fast as I can right behind them to get on their nerves. Childish and dangerous yes, but they're SO annoying.

                              People I serve at work (I'm a waitress) who blatantly haven't read the menu properly.
                              Pleb: "I'd like the potato shells, please."
                              Me: "with cheese and bacon or salsa and sour cream?"
                              Pleb: "What?! Oh... um...."

                              I'll think of more soon.
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                              Tuesday - suffocation;
                              Wednesday - condescention;
                              Thursday is pathetic;
                              by Friday, life has killed me...


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                                Originally posted by Virgostar
                                People with their mobile phones on that ring during a movie.
                                That would be #1 in my list.

                                I can't stand any noise that will distract me from a movie I really want to watch. So I either

                                a. avoid going to the cinema
                                b. choose a film that I suppose only a few people will go to
                                c. choose some time when the cinema won't be crowded, after midnight or at noon
                                d. get involved in fights inside the theatre.


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                                  1. People who think that non-rock music can still be classed as proper music

                                  2. People who record programs on the SKY+ box and don't delete them after they have watched it and then moan when its 98% full

                                  3. People who won't watch shows/films again once they have seen it once

                                  4. People who go to watch Westlife in consert

                                  5. People who get in the left lane at a roundabout and turn right :evil: :evil:

                                  6. People who won't vote conserative becuase there a 'joke'

                                  7. Playing Hip-Hop on Kerrang TV/Kerrang Radio

                                  8. When your having a car boot sale, someone picking up and inspecting an item for ages asking the price putting it down and walking off

                                  9. People who 'can't follow' the matrix

                                  10. People who think Coupling/Bo Seltca/Father Ted/The Office/Im Alan Partrige is better than Only Fools & Horses

                                  11. People who can't rememember the channel numbers on sky, even tho they watch them every day still have to use the TV guide to get to them

                                  12. People who try and watch squels without seeing the 1st movie

                                  13. The flim makers saying how the fans will like how the Bewitched movie captures the 'Spirit' of the original show... does it b*********

                                  14. People moaning about a flim isn't 'Faithful' to the orginal book, show, movie etc... if you were a bewitched fan youd see what UNFAITHFUL is

                                  15. Other countries saying 'The english drive on the WRONG side of the road' becuase they clearly don't know what their talking about

                                  16. People on the atkins diet

                                  and finally

                                  17. Someone pointing out all the spelling mistakes I just made
                                  He's finally made a come back. I'm now offically a semi-professional comedian.


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                                    Originally posted by ManicFan2k
                                    1. People who think that non-rock music can still be classed as proper music
                                    and finally

                                    17. Someone pointing out all the spelling mistakes I just made
                                    LMAO at 17...

                                    However, there are far greater things to be annoyed by, than the fact someone thinks a pop song is "proper music". You really do need to get out a hell of a lot more if thats your number 1 gripe. How judgemental? :evil:


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                                      Originally posted by ManicFan2k
                                      1. People who think that non-rock music can still be classed as proper music
                                      Oh my god, how narrow minded!


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                                        Or how about people who are still attached to a 60s TV show and won't shut the f**k up about the movie version they don't have to go and see anyway?
                                        i know love doesn't change a thing