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    I've finally got back into my jogging routine again after 2 years of utter laziness! I used to be up at 5am every day, go running for an hour, get showered and sleep a little more. Really wish I hadn't given up as I'm finding it a big struggle to do even the smaller runs I used to do.

    Anyone else here into running and marathons and that? I've done loads of 10k's and also did the Reading half marathon a couple of years back. My goal is to get back into it and hopefully run the Cardiff half marathon this October, really looking forward to it!

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    Re: Long-distance Running

    Originally posted by RobW
    I used to be up at 5am every day
    No, you used to beat up yourself 5am every day, because it is impossible to wake up so early.


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      Just got back from the Reading Half Marathon 2008, slightly regretting it now! I'm always amazed at the old people that get back with times of under 1:30, nuts!


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        Wow, congrats to you for the commitment.
        I think about running. Early morning is such an ideal time really, just I can never be bothered at that time to do anything other than collapse back to sleep.

        I am mighty-lazy.


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          Had the day off, do most of my running in the dark so took the time out for a nice long run in the light

          I have managed to get to a point I feel I can control my breathing but need to sort the diet out to ever stand a chance of doing a half marathon.

          Thing is, I like my food to much :(


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            Well my school has a Cross country every year and thats tiring enough! although i did finish well in the first two years but was off this year! :( I never really go long distance running although normally go to athletics in the summer term!


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              Does anyone else here have Nike+ Running App? I think it's way better than the Runtastic app which seems to be more popular here where I live.
              Anyway, 9 activities for me in April, 76,91km in total. Trying to have more 10km runs in May, I reached that goal three times this month.
              My longest run so far were a little above 16km (last November).

              Add me so we can compare our monthly statistics:


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                No one? :( My total distance for May 2017 were 101,9km with 'only' nine runs. I hope June can be another great month for my stats.


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                  I got an Apple Watch cause I hated carrying my phone while running, but I used to use the Nike app before that. Now I usually run half an hour 5-6 times a week unless I'm extremely busy or tired.


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                    ^i've got a bum bag for that, it's really better to have your phone somewhere else and not in your pockets (that's really annoying)
                    i've also seen lots of people hanging it on one of their arms, that'd be too annoying for me, though probably.
                    tomorrow i'll have my next run. i hope i'll manage at least 12km, because that was the distance of my last run. still only 2 runs so far in June, my goal is to achieve at least 9 again and at least 100km in total..


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                      Cool thread!

                      I also use the nike+ running app. I will try to add you later today if I not forget .

                      I ran my first marathon in april. I did it in 3 hours and 50 minutes. My next one will be in october. I got a little mental dip after running it though, but now I'm slowly getting back to it and enjoying it immensely again! I try to run 50 km in a week, with a long distance (20+) run in the weekend, but yeah it really depends on my work schedule, other responsibilities, etc. I'll be happy with 175 km this month, slowly getting back to 200 km.

                      I run with my phone hanging on my arm and a watch just for chrono. That's it. And good shoes of course . When I go for 20+ km runs I use a backpack for water and energy gels etc.


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                        ^Amazing! There's a marathon (and a half-marathon) in my city on June 24, "unfortunately" I won't be participating because I am not here this day. However, next year I really want to take part.


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                          I love running, furthest I’ve done was half a marathon’s in my list to do a full one
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                            I used to run for like 10 - 15 km (2-3 times in a week)
                            Never did a marathon but I would LOVE to do at least one.

                            But now I prefer more HIIT running. Coz it gets you faster in shape.
                            Last FM <3