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  • Originally posted by aRat View Post

    Sis did we have the same high school experience LOL? I also don't remember much and I am really glad it just flew by real quick.

    All the fakeness, popularity contests and bullying culture in high school is not cute at all. As a ghey it's even worse coz it's that time where you are extremely confused and have an identity crisis on top of all the drama that is happening around you.

    It was a really rough time but thank goodness it was short.
    You can assume that all the high school bullies were bi or closet gays too. They just had the advantage that nobody could have known.


    • Lmao at everyone cheating their way out of PE class.

      I messed up my right leg pretty bad during my high school years, actually had to quit football (and tennis) because of that. It started with a broken ankle, followed by countless torn ligaments lol. So I also missed a good chunk of those 3 years. We usually did fun stuff like badminton or volleyball though, it wasn't bad.


      • I loved PE . Always liked sporting in general. The only meh thing was the combination of a national football obsession and being in a (white and elite) boys only school which resulted well... in a lot of football, which is one of the few sports I really dislike. That being said, high school in general was a hell and I was so relieved when it was over. The male gender norms were very strong and constant, among pupils but also among teachers. The whole image felt so off to me, I could never agree with it so I also refused to put in effort just 'to belong'. I had friends though, but more so in the outskirts of power.


        • At school, you're bound to hang around with the same kind of people, but at least now as an adult, you get the chance to choose your own friends. And considering you're good-looking, smart and not looking for trouble, you shouldn't have a hard time making friends ;) .
          Is it offensive to fall in love with you and everything you do
          and everything you stand for?
          Could I break through your invisible wall, could I hide my pride for once,
          just to tell you that I see more?


          • I hated elementary school, that was awful. High school was surprisingly fine for me, disliked PE but it wasn’t nearly as bad as for some people. Being in a small class of only around 20 people helped.

            I actually kinda miss high school, it felt like a bubble of unawareness of the world. Adulthood sucks.



            • Oh i don't miss it at all
              ​​​​​​Though i agree adulthood sucks too so....
              You drew stars around my scars