1) Make sure that any pictures you post have the permission of those who feature in them.

2) Pictures are posted at your own risk and it isn't anyone's duty to reply!

3) The usual rules about personal abuse still apply in here.

4) UKMIX is not an "adult site" and therefore please keep clothes ON in the pictures you post. Please no topless pictures, whether you're male or female.

5) While it is perfectly acceptable to compliment members on their pictures, this is not a dating site and any "chatting up" you feel the need to do should be done in private.

6) Please do not quote images to make them appear larger, if your images are too large to fit on the page, you may wish to consider re-sizing them or posting a link instead

While we are aware that evocative pictures of celebrities exist in certain topics, the rules are different for our own members as we have found in previous instances that it only encourages the flirting culture we are trying to avoid. Also we want the Picture topic to be a work-friendly location that others (eg. Which Celebrity Do You Most Fancy?) clearly are not.