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  • Originally posted by dylonj View Post
    I always wanted to visit Ibiza but I hear it's not all it's cracked up to be. I'm definitely doing a few road trips when the restrictions ease.
    I went a few years ago and enjoyed it. Wouldn’t have it on my must-visit list but still nice. I stayed on the east side where the old town was. We ventured to the west side where San Antonio is (the clubbing centre) for a day and it was okay if that’s your scene.
    I do find all the Spanish islands almost mundanely similar though (Balearics, Canaries) but everyone’s travel experiences are so unique.


    • I did the Ibiza clubbing holiday five years ago and LOVED it - couldn’t hack more than five nights though, it’s exhausting being out till 8am every night. Visited Space, Pacha and DC-10 - the West End is quite chavvy and mainstream but very cheap.

      You can also do what Spartan did and have a much more chilled experience on the other side of the island. It’s quite a versatile island.


      • ^ Feeling the nostalgia seeing those pictures.
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        • I'd love to go back to Turkey. I had such an incredible time. Cappadocia and Istanbul changed my life.


          • Originally posted by Thriller View Post

            Such a beaut city, I've been three times.

            I'm meant to be holidaying in Majorca in July... holiday yet to be cancelled officially but I can't see how it'll go ahead.
            Hope you will be able to visit Malorca in about a month or so after Barcelona it is my dream destination #2 Have found a great article about moving to Spain after Brexit. Now I want to go there even more
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