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  • Originally posted by thankfulforkelly View Post
    I’m travelling around the Balkans in June/July for 4 weeks! Anyone have any suggestions where I should visit?? General plan is to start in Slovenia and work my way through and probably end up flying back from Bulgaria
    I did a similar thing a couple of years ago but only 2 weeks and went to Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Albania.

    Slovenia is my favourite though - such a beautiful country.


    • Speaking about the Balkans, next weekend I'll be in Bosnia and Hercegovina for the first time. Somehow it always seemed an oriental and exotic place to me, let's see.


      • Just came back from Thailand. One of the most amazing trips ever.
        Such a beautiful country, friendly people and so much to see.
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        • I'm going to Kosovo this weekend - looking forward to seeing what it has to offer.


          • From Curaçao with love!


            • Oooooooooooooooooo, [MENTION=38563]Colbie[/MENTION]. Krijg gelijk heimwee.

              Love your pictures!
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              • I just came back from my trip to Ukraine and had a blast. Kyiv is a very interesting, modern and progressive city with a great mixture of fantastic architecture. Lviv feels more "Central European", the old town is a great mixture of Wroclaw and Vienna, tbh.
                Great cuisine and very safe and affordable. Highly recommended!
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                • Originally posted by JamesTheAlien
                  Travelling is one of the best things in the world.
                  Really loved it!
                  And also living in different countries all together
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                  • It's less than a week before my summer break.

                    Pride in Mexico City

                    First leg -
                    Playa del Carmen, Mexico to learn diving then dive in 2 cenotes

                    Second leg -
                    Nanamalcalpa, Mexico to see fireflies

                    Third leg -
                    Tapacula, Mexico to see the migrant caravans, some archiaelogical sites, and to get to the southernmost point of Mexico

                    Fourth leg -
                    Tijuana for the border, then to swim with great white sharks near Isla Guadalupe

                    Fifth leg -
                    The Chilean desert, the drying true desert in the world
                    Jujuy, Argentina and the surrounding area, to get to the antitope of Hong Kong
                    Fortaleza, Brazil to meet a friend
                    Surinami because that's one of the 2 countries in South America I haven't visited
                    Guyana for the waterfall + the last country in South America to complete the puzzle

                    Sixth leg -
                    Ciudad Valles, Mexico and the surrounding area for mostly nature stuff

                    I'm planning to see the northern lights either in Iceland or Alaska this autumn, then to complete all of mainland North America by visiting Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Will be my fourth continent to have visited all the countries on the mainland.
                    Originally posted by WhatTheHell
                    Voice of the truth here!! :(


                    • Just booked Sri Lanka (and Switzerland) for January. Super excited!


                      • Hey guys, just planning trip to New York trip in March. Do xou have guys any suggestions for ‘must see’ places, but I would love anyone to suggest me more hidden gems or interesting graffiti places.
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                        • A friend of mine was to go to Austria for a one week holiday with her parents, husband and children. But the area is closed down. Now she is off to France.

                          Any of you still travelling despite of the corona virus?
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